Mushroom Walnut Nut Loaf

– Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone and in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to make a wonderful, sort of the classic version of a, nut loaf. This one’s really, really tasty. Really tasty. It’s not hard to make. It has quite a few ingredients, but if you’re looking for a hearty sort of comforty food for the holidays or just because it’s fall and you don’t wanna go outside, this is the perfect recipe. Packed with mushrooms, packed with brown rice, super tasty, not that hard to make, and it’s wonderful with so many things. You could put mushroom gravy over it, you could have it with some mashed potatoes, you could serve it with a nice steak sauce. It’s wonderful. This classic nut loaf is definitely worth checking out. So let’s get to making it. (sizzling) To start making this recipe, we’re just gonna saute our mirepoix over a medium heat with just a little bit of olive oil. Mirepoix by the way is just a ratio of carrots, onions, and celery. It’s one part celery, one part carrot, two parts onion. Just go ahead and saute that. And we’re just gonna do that until the carrots are just about getting tender. Okay, so now that the carrots are tender I’ve added in my mushrooms. (sizzling) Just chopped mushroom here. I’m gonna cook this down for a very long time. Okay, now the mushrooms have cooked down a little bit, still gonna cook it down more, but I wanna get some flavor going on in these things. So I’m gonna add in my seasoning. Add in some garlic. And just stir that together and get that all mixed in and cooking. Smells so damn good. And I’m just gonna keep cooking down these mushrooms. Okay, this is cooking down nicely. Liquid’s almost gone. Now I’m gonna add in some red wine. (pouring) And just cook that off into the mushroom mixture. And maybe have a glass for myself while that’s going on. Okay, once the moisture has cooked off, but the mushrooms are still wet, that’s when it’s ready. See there’s no liquid here, but the mushrooms and the carrots and all that stuff still have a wetness to them and not burned or dried out. So let’s go make our nut loaf. Okay, so now we’re gonna mix together our other ingredients. We have some cooked brown rice, some shredded cheese, I’m using a gruyere here, but you can use whatever your favorite cheese is, some chopped up parsley, some chopped up walnuts, and some cottage cheese. I’m just gonna mix this all together. Okay, there we go. This recipe is very versatile. So like I said, you can use your favorite cheese if you want. If you had another herb on hand you could use cilantro instead of parsley. You don’t have to run out and buy all the ingredients if you have things that’ll work, it’s very flexible. Now we’re gonna fold in the sauteed mushrooms, ’cause it’s not a mushroom nut loaf if you don’t add the mushrooms. Not sure why I said it like that. Okay, so this is a good time to actually taste the mixture, because if you wanna add in more salt or pepper it’s your last chance to do so. And you definitely wanna do it before we add in the raw egg. So I’m just gonna take a little nibble here and see how it tastes, not that piece. That’s pretty good. Okay, now for the last ingredient. Some beaten eggs. And just go ahead and work that into the mixture here. This is such a lovely winter dish. Let’s go and put this in a loaf pan. And now we’re just gonna fill up a loaf pan with the mixture. I’ve lined it with parchment paper so that way it’s a lot easier to get the nut loaf out of the pan. Just get it all in there. And now we’re gonna bake it at 350 degrees for about an hour. Okay, so we’ve baked our nut loaf, remove it from the pan. How great does that look? Just cut in there and see what this thing looks like. This is really great with a mushroom gravy or even a steak sauce. Just a wonderful, wonderful dish. What did you think? Not too bad, right? Like i said, there’s a lot of ingredients that go into it, but it really is worth it. I highly recommend trying this. It’s a wonderful thing just to have for leftovers. Like I said, great for a holiday meal. So if you have vegetarians that are coming to your, like if you’re not vegetarian and you have vegetarians coming over for the holidays, this is a great thing to serve. If you are vegetarian this is also a great thing to serve. And I will see you guys next time, but if you haven’t yet, please subscribe. Give me a thumbs up if you like this video and drop a comment and say hey. Alright? (“Dio e Zingaro” by La Municipale Balcanica)

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