Mooshroom & Mushroom Island | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

– You know what I love most about survival? We get to explore all sorts of different biomes. Look at this luscious forest, and a lava pit. Hey, watch this. (water splashes) (fire sizzles) I don’t know how to do this. – Hey, check out that island. – [Stan] What the heck? – [Chick] It’s an island of crap. – There’s no trees, just mushrooms. – Not a problem. I brought some oak saplings. – Those are just seeds. – Gimme those. – This is our wood now. Help me craft some fungus sticks. – What are we supposed to eat? There’s no animals in this biome. – It’s time to toss Porkchop in the furnace. (cow moos) – Sounds like there’s a cow behind us. Hello, Mr, oh my God. – [Porkchop] It’s a mushroom cow! – Oh my gosh. There’s a ton of them. – They’re actually kind of cute. Hello, My little mooshroom. – Okay. We came, we saw the freaks. Let’s dip. – Wait a second. This is an island free of mobs. We’re living here now. – What? What are we gonna make our house out of? Oh, great. A dirt shack. – We can live off the milk from these cows. Come on, moosh. Time for some milkin’. (cow moos) – [Stan] Oh, it’s mushroom stew. – Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick. – Oh, it’s actually pretty good. – Yeah, it’s good, but will it be enough to sustain us? And we get hungry like every five minutes. What if we use these sheers to clip some of the mushrooms off? – Stand still mushroom moo cow. Just gonna give you a little snip! – [Porkchop] Oh wow. We cured him! – So you’re telling me all these cows just have severe fungal infections. – Hmm. I guess so. – Let’s cure all of them! (upbeat music) – Well, three full days with no sleep. We cured every cow on the island. – There were only 12. – Honestly, I don’t think we could have survived all those nights in a regular biome. Luckily, no mobs can spawn here. – Yep. On our stinky fungus island, we are the rulers of the night. (creature growls) Oh God. Get under the mushrooms. (upbeat music)

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