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-All this talk about mushrooms is really tripping me out, man. Whoa. Let’s make some cream of mushroom soup. And we’re gonna take that homemade cream of mushroom soup and we’re gonna make a really delicious chicken and rice casserole. ♪♪ We’re gonna play some mushrooms today. These are dried shiitake mushrooms. Damn, they got a lot of flavor. So, I’m gonna take a veggie stock and I’m gonna heat it up with these shiitake mushrooms. It’s so crazy how dark this veggie stock is, but that’s what we’re doing. Heat this up. Bring it to a boil, and then I’m gonna add my mushrooms. One thing about dried mushrooms is that they add a lot of umami, so we’re gonna add some umami to this stock. Ooh-mami. [ Laughs ] Our stock’s boiling. I’m gonna add the mushrooms, and then I’m just gonna to turn this off, put the lid back on, and let it infuse for 30 minutes. We’re working today with crimini mushrooms and button mushrooms. We’re gonna cut them not too thick and not too thin. You could use other varieties of mushrooms if you wanted to. There’s over 50,000 different species of mushrooms, so use makes you happy. I grew some mushrooms. I grew, like, lion’s mane and something else, cause I was gonna try to save them for this video, but I didn’t. ♪♪ Alright, that is done. We’ll cut up some onion. [ Sniffs ] Whew. Who was taking bets on me crying while cutting an onion? And did you know that one portabella mushroom contains more potassium than a banana? I know. Now we’re gonna put some thyme in there, some garlic, some butter, some white wine — Sicily. Got all of our stuff ready to make our cream of mushroom soup right now. You can smell the mushroom. So, we’re gonna strain it… …right back on in. And you can use these mushrooms, like, we can mince these up and add them into the soup as well. I’m not gonna add them the soup right now, but you can. Like, don’t throw these mushrooms away ’cause now they’re hydrated. They’re delicious. Maybe I should just add them to the soup. Should I add them to the soup? I will. Phew. They’re hot. Little tray of mise-en-place. Okay, melted our butter. We’re gonna add in the onion and just soften our onion in here. This is gonna, like, let so much liquid out, and I want that liquid, ’cause part of liquid that comes from the mushrooms is gonna be part of the soup base, you know what I mean? [ Sizzles ] Alright. Season them a little bit. When I was a kid, mushroom were my favorite topping on pizza. Less is more on pizza. You need, like, not too many toppings, Like, a supreme pizza? Go fuck yourself. I’m cooking half of them, letting the moisture draw out, and then I’m gonna cook the rest of them in there, too. Oops. It’s crazy how much mushrooms are like sponges, like, they literally absorb everything. When you put, like, butter or oil in the pan when you have mushrooms, it absorbs everything, and then they cook, it kind of just like leeches it all out. Mushrooms, man. Let’s get deep on mushrooms right now. We’re gonna let it keep on cooking, let the moisture kind of come out. It’s all good, like, brothy stockiness. I’m gonna add the dried mushrooms back on in as well. We’re gonna add in our thyme and our garlic. Getting a mushroom facial while I’m at it. We’re gonna add our white wine. White wine and mushrooms go together like peas and carrots. Like peanut butter and jelly, or like me and Pete Davidson. That’s what white wine and mushrooms go together like. Let the alcohol kind of cook out a little bit. ♪♪ That’s my Pete Davidson dance. I’m gonna sprinkle the flour over the top, let it cook. I’m gonna slowly add in my stock. If you add it all at once, it kind of gets too clumpy. Now we’re gonna let this simmer for about ten minutes and then we’re gonna start on our cream and parsley, and it’s done. The mushrooms have been simmering. I’m gonna add this cream. Hence the “cream of mushroom” soup. Look at that. Season it with some salt and pepper. ♪♪ There’s a new can of soup in town. Or freezer soup, whatever. New cream of mushroom soup in town. That’s good to go. Eat it just as is. But now, we’re gonna make a casserole with this. My great Aunt Lorraine is gonna be 94 in November. Still kicking it out there in Portland, Oregon. And she’s just the best, and I’ve talked to her on the phone all the time, and I’m like, “What do you like to cook?” And this is what she cooks. So she usually takes white rice, I’m gonna use this, like, mixed-grain wild rice, We’re using two cups of chicken stock, right on in there, and two cups of the cream of mushroom soup. Okay. She has canned cream of mushroom soup in there. 100 percent, you can do that. We have now this beautiful cream of mushroom soup, so we’re using homemade cream of mushroom soup in here. We got the rice. We’ve got the chicken stock. She puts chicken on top, so we’re gonna do that also. Season the chicken all over with salt and pepper. We’re gonna put the chicken on top. I use six pieces. It’s about two pounds of chicken. We got paprika right on the top of that. And we’re gonna dot it with some butter as well. And my Aunt Lorraine cooks this at 350 degrees, for like two hours, uncovered. I thought that was a little bit insane, so we’re gonna cook at 350, covered, for about an hour, and then we’re gonna uncover it and let the chicken kind of brown up and stuff. ♪♪ Lid on. Okay. Okay. Ooh, it’s looking good. Alrighty. Whew. We put some parsley on top, ’cause it looks kind of ugly right now. We got our cream of mushroom soup, homemade, made this beautiful rice and chicken casserole that my Aunt Lorraine, 94 years old, God bless her, will be so proud of. Let’s dig in and see how it is. Oh, my gosh. Look at this. Yum. Onto the plate. Okay, the paprika, I think, really goes a long way on this, too. ♪♪ Mm. ♪♪ It’s just delicious. It’s falling out of my mouth. The wild rice is so nice, taste that cream of mushroom. Cream of mushroom, it’s like a secret ingredient that our mothers always used to make things a little bit better, and I think that this does make it a little better. Please, for the recipe, click below. Goodbye. ♪♪ -Today, I’m gonna be making… [ Laughs ] I’m gonna make me a chicken and mushroom casserole, but not just any — [ Laughs ] ♪♪ Mm. It’s just delicious. It’s falling out of my mouth. The wild rice is so nice. Taste that cream of mushroom Cream of mushroom, it’s, like, a secret ingredient that our mothers always used to make things a little bit better, and I think that this does make it a little bit better. Please, for the recipe, click below. Goodbye. ♪♪

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