Cancer-Fighting Recipe: How to Make Shiitake Mushroom Pho with NFCR

hi i’m dr michael juan eating healthy food is  very important to help you preventing cancer and living a healthy life today i will show you  how to make a healthy and delicious vegetable fall and tell you why the shiitake mushrooms in  the recipe are wonderful cancer-fighting food this is the recipe for you to keep and  let’s start to prepare the vegetables while the cooking is going on let’s look  at some research without showing the cancer fighting effects of shiitake mushroom shiitake  mushrooms are also called turkey tail mushrooms they are not only nutritious but also packed  with cancer-fighting molecules psk and psp this is the partial chemical structure of psp the  cancer-fighting molecules in the shiitake mushroom a recent scientific paper published on the journal  applied microbiology and biotechnology showing that research results from around the world  including the clinical trials on human beings demonstrate that psk and psp in shiitake  mushrooms are active anti-cancer compounds they have multiple ways to fight cancers  including boosting functions of our immune system inhibiting the growth and accelerating the deaths  of cancer cells reducing the symptoms caused by cancer chemotherapies and can even prolong the  survival time for patients with several types of cancer so shiitake mushrooms are really good  food not only for healthy people to prevent cancer but also helping cancer patients to receive better  treatment outcomes okay coming back to our cooking hope this recipe and the research about shiitake  mushroom is interesting and helpful if you like this video please give us a sum up so we  can show you more cancer-fighting recipes to get more cancer-fighting recipes visit our  website showing on the screen you can also scan this qr code with your mobile phone enjoy  the shiitake mushroom fall see you next time

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