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Welcome. Today we’ll be making a  Steak and Mushroom Pie with Colcannon. I’m Chef Anthony, and you’re watching  Publix Aprons Cooking School Online. [Music] So before we begin, you want to preheat a large  sauté pan over medium heat. Then we’re going to take our salted butter and add it to that pan  and just let it melt. If it browns a little bit, that’s okay. You can lower the heat, or you  can let it can let it toast and it’ll give it a really nice nutty flavor. So I’m just going to swirl this around to let it melt evenly, and we want to let it heat until the foam subsides. So once your butter is melted, we’re going to start adding our vegetables. So I have some diced onion, sliced carrots;  going to add some minced rosemary, thyme, and sage. We’re going to stir that around. And then once I have that all stirred together, I’m going to put in a little bit of garlic paste and stir that. So this is going to cook over  medium heat for about four to five minutes, and we just want to bring out the flavor of all  the ingredients in the pan and soften them up. We’re not looking to caramelize anything; we  just want to bring out their full flavors. So once our vegetables soften up,  we’re going to build our roux. So the first thing we’re going to do is  sprinkle in some all-purpose flour. And this is going to help thicken up the gravy for our steak and mushroom pie. So when you add it, you want to cook it until you get a really nice baked bread or cooked flour aroma. And this will take about one to two minutes to get that flour cooked. So once you have your roux made, we’re going to add some stout. Now, it’s really important not to add it all at once or you’ll have clumps of roux in your sauce. So we’re going to just put a little bit. And you’ll see—it’ll start taking on the consistency of wet sand. And once you smooth that out, then you can pour in a little bit more, and I’m gonna do this in three increments, so I know that I don’t have any lumps of flour floating around in the pan. You can see that it’s really nice and smooth, almost a paste consistency. So now I can add the remainder of my stout. Once I have this really nice and smooth and I see that all of the stout has been incorporated, I’m gonna pour in some bone broth. And we’re going to stir that. Now in order to activate the roux and bring it to its full thickening ability, you do have to bring this to a boil for about one to two minutes until that roux is fully thickened. Now that our gravy has come to a boil, pull it off the heat. Now I’m gonna grab the rest of my ingredients. I’ll be right back. So now we’re going to finish this steak and mushroom pie. So I’m going to take my portabella mushrooms and we’re going to cut them into bite-size pieces. Try to keep them about the same size as the beef so we have a nice uniform bite throughout the pie. Now we’re ready to finish our pie. So we’re going to stir our beef into the gravy. Get that nice and coated. Once that’s incorporated, we are going to add our portabella mushrooms, our seasoned salt, and some black pepper. Give that a good stir. Get everything coated with that gravy. Now we’re using a nice cut of sirloin steak here. As it bakes in the oven, all the juices, all those great hearty flavors are going to come out into the gravy. So now we’re ready to build our pie. So we’re gonna start with a 9-inch baking dish on a parchment-lined baking sheet. It’s really important to put an under liner under the pie dish just to prevent any drippings from ending on the bottom of your oven. We’ll take our filling; we’re just going to put it right into the dish. There’s no need for a bottom piecrust because we want to keep this nice and rustic. So now I’m going to level it off and we’re ready to top it with our piecrust. So there are two piecrusts in this box, and you can save the other crust for another dish. We’re going to unroll it right over our filling. See, it’s that easy. You don’t want to get really fancy with this, so we’re just going to push the crust right down around the filling. No need to get fancy and do any crimping. And it’s really important to make some slits on top for venting. And this will allow some steam to escape as it’s baking. And now I’m gonna transfer it to my preheated 400-degree oven. So while our pie is baking, we’re gonna start our colcannon. Now colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made of mashed potatoes, kale, or cabbage. The first thing we need to do is start off with cold water, and we’re going to season our water with some salt. Then we’re going to add our potatoes, about a pound and a half for this recipe. And we’re gonna turn it up to high, put the lid on, and bring it to a boil. We’re gonna let it do its thing. So it looks like our potatoes are about done. We’re gonna carefully remove our lid and remove our potatoes from the boiling water. Set them aside to let them cool. Now I like to cook the potatoes with the skin on because that retains the starch and a lot of flavor in those potatoes. But while those are steaming and cooling down, we’re going to prepare our kale. So I like to remove the coarse part of the stem and just keep the leaves. As the stem goes up to the top of the leaf, it becomes a little bit more tender. So once all the stems are removed, you can discard the stems. And now we’re going to give this a real nice rough chop. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Now once chopped, we’re going to add this to our boiling water and blanch it for about four minutes. It’s going to bring out some flavor and make it a really nice bright green. So it looks like our kale is just about ready. Now we’re going to strain that. And look at that—it’s really nice and bright green, and I can tell it’s tender. So now I’m going to set this aside and while that’s cooling, I’m going to drain this water and get the rest of my ingredients. So now we’re ready to finish our colcannon. So first we’re going to take a half-cup of milk, salted butter, and some black pepper. I’m going to put this in the microwave for about a minute just to melt the butter. We’re going to start peeling our potatoes. And they’re still a little warm, so be careful. And we’re just going to peel the skin off. Because this is a rustic dish, it’s okay if some of the skin stays on the potatoes while you’re mashing them. So now that our potatoes are peeled, we’re gonna place them in the pot. So now I’ll begin to mash the potatoes. So you want to get it started, and then we’re going to incorporate our melted butter, milk, and black pepper. So I’m going to pour a little bit in and start mashing. And it’s okay if these stay nice and coarse; it doesn’t have to be a creamy mashed potato. I’m gonna add the rest of my seasoning. Now we’re ready to add our kale. We’ll stir that kale in there, incorporate it into the potatoes, and because we blanched this perfectly, the kale is still going to have a little bit of texture and crunch. So our colcannon looks perfect. It’s ready to go. And just in time to get our pie out of the oven. So our steak pie is done and ready to serve. I’m gonna take a little bit of the finished colcannon and steak pie. Now, be careful because this is very hot. You may want to let it set for a few minutes before serving. So now let’s eat! You can feel that crunch on the kale, you can taste all that creamy butter and milk in the potatoes, and it’s seasoned perfectly. Now let’s go over to the steak and mushroom pie. Make sure you get a little bit of everything on that fork. Mmm, that’s delicious. So remember, that steak went into the pie raw, but it cooked perfectly and evenly and it’s so tender and all the flavor from that beef is now in the gravy. I can taste hints of sweetness from the carrots and the onions, and then that buttery crust on top just brings it all together. This is how easy it is to create an authentic Irish dish in your own kitchen. Click the link below for this full recipe and exact measurements. Subscribe for more Publix Aprons Cooking School Online videos and other content from Publix. Happy cooking!

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