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[john] hey guys it’s john. [lauren] and lauren from hot for food. [lauren] aand we’re so excited today cos we’re part of a collab with [lauren] Entertaining with Beth. [lauren] it’s part of her New Year, New Dinner series and we’re both showing you [lauren] how to make two really easy, creamy soups that are both vegan. [lauren] now we love Entertaining with Beth’s channel because it’s gorgeous, [lauren] plus she’s got so many ideas for entertaining, [lauren] gardening, how to host a party, [lauren] she’s got party themed playlists. basically theres is endless ideas [lauren] relating to food and entertaining and just because she is not a vegan channel, [lauren] does not mean we don’t love her. [lauren] uh, just cos we’re vegan, doesn’t mean we only watch vegan channels. [lauren] i would like to make that very clear and i think it’s important to get inspired by [lauren] food porn of all kinds. [john] not only are you guys getting two of our videos in one week, [john] but if you stick around till the end of this video, [john] Beth’s got a creamy broccoli soup for you too and it’s vegan and you should check it out [john] and it’s delicious. [lauren] today we’re gonna show you how to make vegan cream of mushroom soup, [lauren] and we’re just getting everything ready, this will only take you about ten minutes [lauren] to chop up the mushrooms, chop up the onions, [lauren] and open up the bottle of wine that you’re gonna drink while you make this [lauren] there’s a little bit of wine in the recipe which you can omit if you want. [john] we’re doing six cups of mushrooms for this [lauren] six cups of diced cremini mushrooms. [john] and the stems and all that goodness. [lauren] yea, never cut off the stems! [lauren] they’re perfectly fine. [lauren] so you’re gonna heat up a big saucepan over medium heat, [lauren] and add one tablespoon of coconut oil. [lauren] you’re gonna sauté the onions for about two minutes until soft and fragrant. [lauren] and then add all of the mushrooms. [lauren] now you’re gonna cook the mushrooms for about six minutes, [lauren] stirring occasionally. [lauren] until they get soft, [lauren] they’re shrunken and they start to release some moisture, [lauren] and now at this point you’re gonna add thyme, [lauren] and garlic. [lauren] just take the thyme off the springs like this, [lauren] and put the leaves in. it’s about one teaspoon. [lauren] and then stir this round for another 3-4 minutes. [lauren] at this point you’ll also probably need to lower your heat to medium low. [lauren] so that the garlic doesn’t burn. [john] once most of the moisture is gone from the mushrooms, [john] you’re gonna add about three quarters of a cup of dry white wine. [john] stir in the wine and then simmer for five minutes. [john] now add salt and pepper. [john] a can of coconut milk, [john] and a cup and a half of vegetable stock. [john] stir in, and bring the mixture back up to a simmer. [john] once it’s simmering, reduce the heat, cover, and cook for about 20 minutes. [lauren] you can really do whatever you want, you can cover it if you’re gonna like, [lauren] let it sit on the stove for a little while till dinner’s ready. [lauren] or you can take the lid off, simmer it for less time, reduce it a little, it will thicken. [lauren] you can leave it as that, or immersion blender the whole thing. [lauren] it’s really up to you, cos it’s your soup. [john] in the comment section below, #thicksoup or #thinsoup. [lauren] but all the flavour’s there so it really doesn’t matter what you do, [lauren] thick or thin, it tastes delicious. [john] we’re gonna make some cheesy baguettes, [john] and then we’re also gonna have a little bit of spinach that we’re just gonna toss on the soup at the end [john] and that will be our meal [lauren] yea. [lauren] spinach isn’t really, i guess traditionally in mushroom soup [lauren] but that’s the glory of making your own food from scratch as you can do whatever you want. [lauren] and we always like adding some green into the mix [lauren] cos it looks pretty and it’s healthy. [john] there you have it, kids. vegan cream of mushroom soup. [john] and it’s freaking delicious. [lauren] it is. it’s creamy, it’s easy, it’s a good week night meal. [lauren] now this serving that we made makes about like, [john] i would say, four side servings if you have it, like the appetizer [lauren] yea. [john] or two meal sized servings for two people. [lauren] yea, so you can double the recipe, no problem. if you want more. [john] or quadruple [lauren] yea, you could freeze it too in jars, whatever you wanna do. [lauren] we’ll see you guys next wednesday, make sure you subscribe to our channel if you like what you see [lauren] share, and follow us on twitter and instagram [lauren] and snapchat, [lauren] you can find us, we’re @hotforfood. [lauren] thank you so much, Beth for having us join in on the collabo, this was really fun. [lauren] and click the link that is coming up right now to head on over to Entertaining with Beth’s channel [lauren] she’s gonna show you how to make a vegan creamy broccoli soup.

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