Eat More Mushroom on Keto

so i’m going to talk about why you should  probably add more mushrooms to your diet okay there’s several reasons first of all is a mushroom  a vegetable no it’s not it’s a fungus okay it’s a fungi and fungus and mushrooms are very very keto  friendly let’s break it down we’ve got 92 water okay in mushrooms four percent carbs two  percent protein and less than one percent fat so in one cup of mushrooms we only have two grams  of carb and one gram of fiber so really we only have one gram of net carb so again mushrooms are  extremely uh keto friendly but it’s not just the low carbs that we’re interested in they have a  lot of other things very rich in the b vitamins especially b2 b3 b5 folate very high in selenium  which is a powerful antioxidant that is vital for your thyroid and a precursor for glutathione for  the liver which is the most powerful antioxidant also loaded with zinc which i’ve done a million  videos on that great copper source okay copper is part of the vitamin c complex which is important  in making collagen and also in your immune system and it has a good amount of potassium also if  that mushroom is exposed to uv light there’ll be some vitamin d in a in a form that’s like  a pre-vitamin d that has to be converted but there’s some vitamin d in that mushroom but  i think the biggest benefit of mushrooms go way beyond just the nutrients it goes into the  antioxidants the chemicals in these mushrooms are incredible i mean it has beta glucans which are  anti-tumor there’s many many different chemicals in mushrooms that give some very cool effects  to support your adrenals for stress to support vitality to support your immune system to help you  reduce inflammation and the list goes on and on funguses have been around for a very long time  even before plants and funguses are more related to animals than they are to plants fungus even  has the ability to break down plastic in our environment not in years but even by weeks so they  have adapted to many different harsh environments in their survival and have created different  compounds that can benefit us as well and on the spectrum you have mushrooms that are poisonous  that can kill you yet you have mushrooms that can heal you and are used for medicine and there’s  a couple other very interesting things about fungus number one you probably heard of good  friendly bacteria it’s called the microbiome or probiotics or flora well you actually have  friendly fungus you have friendly yeasts which are a type of fungus that greatly benefits  your immune system helps you make vitamins helps make nutrients more soluble to be absorbed  in the soil we also have a tremendous amount of fungus that’s not researched as much as  bacteria but fungus and bacteria work together to take the rocks in the soil to take the  clay to take the sand and to break it down into certain minerals that the plant can then  uptake and in exchange the roots of that plant give off certain things like even sugars and  other types of carbohydrates and amino acids to the fungus and the bacteria so they  can work back and forth and so it’s a very interesting topic especially for someone that’s  creating a garden and wants to make sure that plant is very very rich in nutrients you really  need the fungus not just the bacteria so those are just a few reasons why mushrooms are  very uh not just keto friendly but extremely healthy for you hey before you go real quick  i have a course entitled how to bulletproof your immune system it’s a free course i want  you to take it and here’s why here’s you here is your environment everyone is focused on  this over here avoiding your environment but what about here what about strengthening your immune  system that’s what’s missing this course will show you how to bulletproof yourself and so you can  tolerate and resist your environment much better by strengthening your own immune system i put  a link down in the description right down below check it out and get signed up today

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