How to start a Mushroom Farm in your Garage

jack i want you to draw me like  one of your mushrooms, all right oh hi, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to  the mushroom farm. I mean it ain’t much but it’s mine. You may be asking the question,  can you start a mushroom farm like i have and make profit? absolutely! it’s  actually not as hard as you might think. So follow me on adventure and let’s see  just if you can do what i do in my garage. We’re going to break this down into  three different methods. The easy method, The medium method, and the most in-depth  method. The easiest is the least laborious and time-consuming, requires minimal  setup, but is the least profitable. The medium method involves a larger setup, more  labour, but gives substantially more profit. And the final method involves the most labor, the most  time, the biggest set up, and the highest profit! so what is the easy method and just  how easy is it? well let me show you. That is the easy method. All you need to do is  build a mushroom fruiting chamber. Just build one! Once you’ve built a fruiting chamber you can then  buy realdy fruit blocks from a supplier. What is it ready to fruit block? Well this is one right  here. You can buy them just like this, a lot of countries have them, I sell these in new zealand,  there’s a lot of suppliers in America, the hard work has been done. The substrate’s in there it’s  fully colonized it is ready to grow mushroom. So we simply buy these get them  into a fruiting chamber like so. And after a few days you’ll have mushrooms  growing! Stop for a minute, what exactly is a fruiting room? that’s a question you might  ask. Well a fruiting room is something quite simple really. Let’s have a look. A fruiting room  needs a couple of things, it need some lights like my led strips up here, it needs ventilation  and extractor fan like what i have here, and it needs a humidifier to keep the humidity  nice and high. This is my homemade humidifier this has been working for well over a year now  without fail. Now i know what you’re asking, what is the medium method? well it is the biggest jump  and setup. We need a preparation area like this, We need an incubation area like this, so we can  grow our mycelium from its infancy to its teen years, or it’s teen weeks, or it really  only needs two weeks to grow. And a lab! So what does the preparation area need and what  is it used for? What you’re going to be doing out here is mixing your substrate. I use soy hulls and  soft wood fuel pellets. These are pine pellets, mixing them into bags, and you’re putting the bags  in a sterilizer here. I’ve got a video about my sterilizer build up in the corner.All we’re doing  out here is mixing those together getting them in here and sterilizing them. After they’re  sterilized we move them through to the lab. So we need the outdoor preparation  area, and we need the sterilizers, and we also need the lab. The difference between  the medium method and the most in-depth method is for the medium method we’re simply going to  be buying our spawn, not making it ourselves. The reason we do this is spawn can be tricky  to make, and having to make it on your own when you’re just starting out can be a challenge. So  we buy this from a reputable vendor. So we have our preparation area ready with our sterilizers,  we sterilize our substrate, we move them here to the clean room which we have built, and then  we use spawn to inoculate our mushroom blocks. From here they go out to our incubation area  for about two weeks. hang on hang on hang, on what exactly is a clean room or a mushroom lab?  Well it’s simply a room like this that has one of these set up inside it. This would be called  a laminar flow hood. Well technically it’s not really a laminar flow hood, i believe those are  the ones where these are mounted horizontally above you and the air flows down. these ones the  air flows out. Now that’s a clean flow of air to work in front of, and this takes all of the  dust and all the contamination out of the air. So when you get your sterilized bags out of  here and you open them up they are opening up in front of a clean flow of air and they won’t  get any bacteria or contamination in them. Now for a mushroom lab that’s pretty much the only  thing you need. There are a couple other things like a pressure cooker if you’re making your own  spawn, you do need a good impulse sealer like mine, but the main thing is the laminar flow. And  that’s your lab! I made my lab here in my garage you can actually see where I’ve built the walls  myself, and just used giant polystyrene sheets as wall panels. It’s really simple but really  effective. So we need an incubation area it’s really easy to do. You could use a wardrobe  in your house you could use a hydroponic tent or you could use a room specially built for it.  All you need to do is keep the incubation room at a pretty constant temperature and then after  we’ve inoculated the bags we created we simply bring them out here to sit for about two weeks,  and after that they go to the fruiting room. So by doing that you no longer need to buy  ready-to-fruit blocks and you’re going to save yourself a lot of money and that money saved  is going to be profit down the line. So the easy method involves building a fruiting chamber and  buying ready to fruit blocks, the medium method involves setting up a preparation area, setting  up a lab where you can inoculate, and having a space where you can incubate your blocks, that way  you’re making your own blocks that will then go in to your fruiting chamber you’ve already made.  And what’s the most in-depth method? well the last step you have to take is to make your own  spawn so making your own spawn is it hard it can be challenging there’s lots of videos out there.  I recommend getting a proper autoclave for this like an All-American what I have here. Once  you get your spawn creation right you’ll make consistently high quality spawn like what i do  this is going to save you money in the long run, especially if you’re using quite a large amount  of spawn. But you don’t have to make spawn there are reputable spawn providers out there. If you do  go from the medium method to the most in depth you don’t actually need that much more equipment you  just need to set up a process to make your spawn. And remember if you are growing edible mushrooms  you’re going to want to keep them in a good fridge until the point of sale. This  fridge is at 1.5 degrees right now I recommend getting a commercial fruit household  fridges just don’t really cut the mustard.

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