🍄 First MAGIC MUSHROOM Trip | More Quick Tips & Advice 🍄

hey y’all! it’s Chrysantilus, welcome  back to the realm and thank you so so much for joining me today. here are some  other quick tips for your first trip… one: set and setting. i’m gonna say this in  probably all of my videos but it’s extremely important that you have the proper mindset, a  good mindset and a good setting, a clear space, not about to knock things over and break things,  you’re able to get up and move around and dance. a setting, a setting that makes you feel good,  a setting that you want to be in that could be outside as long as it doesn’t require  anything with a lot of maneuvering like rock climbing or cliffs or anything dangerous.  your depth perception can leave you at times, i know friends who have had experiences with  going to places that have drop offs and cliffs. and journeying and those things just don’t mix  y’all, don’t mix them and then mindset. so what i’ve heard this defined as in the metric i use  is this: have you been in a solid head space for two weeks? no breakdowns nothing major happened  in your life, majorly bad, you’ve been at peace harmonious with the world are you in a good  place? have you been in a good place for the past two weeks? if the answer is yes  and you’re still feeling in a good place by all means proceed ahead, but if the answer is  no you might consider working your way to having a solid past two weeks and then journeying once you  hit that point. now i know this piece of advice is probably gonna feel super unfair for y’all. i know  it feels relatively unfair for me because for some folks having a solid mental health past two weeks  is nothing or they’re just about always there, i know for myself that it’s not the case and a  lot of the times it requires a solid amount of self-work to get to a place where i’ve had a solid  past two weeks but for sustainability, for safety, for harm reduction it is important that we  wait and sometimes that can look like waiting a while until we’re able to journey and that  sucks and i just want to acknowledge that, but the things that you can dredge up from the past  two weeks especially feelings, emotions, events, not all of that might be conducive to having a  solid trip and it could even hurt you more than help you plan ahead. if you’re going to be out  do you have a proper amount of water? especially if you’re going to be somewhere without a water  source are you bringing water with you? staying hydrated is extremely important, you want to stay  hydrated this entire time, drink lots and lots of water. are there bathrooms nearby or anywhere  that you’re going to be able to make a number one or number two both of which are extremely common  when journeying? are you with people you trust? are you with friends? the less experienced  you are with this medicine the more likely adverse experiences are. there’s a direct  correlation with the lack of experience with this medicine and the increased likeliness of  adverse events and because of that it’s extremely important to have a friend around who is sober  who is not tripping who can hold space for you in the event of one of these adverse events. do  your research which, you have done quite a bit by watching this, and being on this part of youtube,  but know this medicine. Know the side effects, again know your own family history, do your  research, be prepared for those side effects. for more on family history risk peep these videos.  this i think is part of having reverence and respect for the medicine and that would be my next  tip, have reverence and respect for the medicine, know that these children will humble you. you  might feel like, you know, your ego’s butt is absolutely kicked and demolished and obliterated  while you’re experiencing this and that’s all good, but have reverence for that humility, expect  it. next up tea! i like to say tea is key. i recommend everybody try eating magic mushrooms at  least once, but if you’re someone with a history of anxiety especially, i will recommend that  your first trip is done with tea. tea extracts the psilocybin in a different way than just  depending on our digestive system to do it and you have more control over the situation, you  have more control over how much you’re drinking. when and if you need to bump up later you can eat  the mushrooms, like it’s all good. it usually, for me, takes anxiety completely out of  the come up and an anxious come up can really taint the rest of your trip because you’re  recovering from it. lastly integrate afterwards, i’m putting out a new video about magic  mushroom integration, please look out for that, it will be how to integrate after your first  mushroom trip, you might feel like a totally new and renewed person after you trip but to keep  the trip alive it’s a good idea to integrate, it’s a good idea to have an integration practice  to bring the trip into your mindfulness practice, to reflect on your trip. there are a bunch  of things we can do to integrate and it’s a good idea to integrate. thank you all so much for  watching this video i am chrysantilus on instagram and tiktok, i designed this dope ‘keep it trippy’  shirt that’s up on my threadless right now. i do all of these videos and all of this channel and my  tiktoks and all that kind of stuff alone. i am a one woman band and my channel is not yet monetized  so this type of financial support means a lot and i really appreciate y’all who rep the realm in  real life. if you feel even a little bit more ready for your first magic mushroom trip after  watching this video please consider subscribing to this channel. i’m working on and i’ve put  out a bunch of other magic mushroom videos and there are more resources here for you and you are  welcome, you are welcome to be here thank you for being here, you can also check out this playlist  ‘the trippy stuff’ if you just want a fast track to my magic mushroom videos. thanks again so  much for watching and be sure to keep it trippy!

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