Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 (HONEST REVIEW)

– After watching this
Wealthy Affiliate review,you’ll know exactly what
Wealthy Affiliate really is,the two ways you can make
money with Wealthy Affiliate,and if this platform is really
the right thing for you. So I’m really skeptical when
it comes to joining a programthat should teach you
how to make money online,especially when I know that this programis paying out big commissions to peoplewho promote it to others. There are so many so-called
business opportunities out therethat sound great at first,but when you take a closer look at them,it almost always turns outthat the only way to make money reallyis to first pay a big
amount of money up front,and afterwards, the only thing you learnis how to sell that same
business opportunityto other people in order
to make a big commission. This just seems really
wrong and stupid to me,and I don’t want to be the guywho invests time and money
in these kind of programs,and I also don’t want to be the guywho promotes these kind
of stuff to other peopleand make them lose money eventually. And that’s what my first thought waswhen I first heard
about Wealthy Affiliate. Nevertheless, I did go to the website,and I did sign up for a free membershipto see for myself what this
website is really about. And I was actually surprised
to see that their websitelooks quite legit compared
to other websites I saw. Like there’s no video playing immediatelywith a guy talking about
how they can make you richin 30 days or stuff like that. They say on their website
that Wealthy Affiliateis a platform for affiliate
marketers of all levels. And when you read a bit further,
you get a pretty good ideaabout what Wealthy Affiliate really is. It’s basically a training platformthat teaches people how
to make money blogging. Now, they don’t use the word
blogging on their website,but that’s really what they teach. It’s a method to make money onlinethat’s been around for a long time,and here’s how it works. First, you choose a topic
that your blog will be about. This is called your niche or your niche. This could be anything really,but the more specific your niche is,the easier it’ll be to make moneybecause there’s less competition. Then you set up your websiteand start writing articles
about questions and topicsthat people are searching for online. You’ll try to optimize your
articles for certain keywordsso that search engines
like Google, Bing or Yahoowill rank your articles high in search. That’s how people find your blog,and how your website will
actually get traffic. In order to make money with your website,you’ll have to include
so-called affiliate linksin your articles. What you do is you start
looking for productsthat relate to your articles,like for example, diet programs,
cookbooks or supplements. Then you sign up for the affiliate programof these products,and you’ll get a special link,
so-called affiliate link,that you can include in your articles. Then when somebody clicks
your affiliate link,and buys the product behind it,you will get a commission. And that’s actually what
Wealthy Affiliate teaches,and it’s the first way you can make moneywith Wealthy Affiliate,by actually going through their program,and implementing what they teach. The basic training
consists of five courses,and each course has 10 lessons. These lessons consist
of explanations, videos,and step-by-step instructions. There are also tasks given in each lesson,so you can implement what
you learned right away. After you complete a task,
you can mark it as complete,and move on to the next one. Under each lesson, there
is a discussion sectionthat you can use to ask questionsand get help from the
Wealthy Affiliate community. You’ll quickly notice that
the whole platform is designedso that people can help
each other out easily. It does have a sort of
Facebook social media feelto it sometimes, in a good way though. You can add people as
friends, join discussions,or write blog posts for the
Wealthy Affiliate community. There is also a live chat boxthat you can use to ask questionsand get instant help
from experienced members. They also have their own website
hosting, website builder,keyword research tools,thousands of themes for your website,and a lot more that you can use for freeas a Wealthy Affiliate member. So again, the first
method you can make moneywith Wealthy Affiliateis by actually going through the training,building your blog, ranking
your blog in search engines,and monetizing it by
promoting affiliate productsin your articles. If you like to write articles,and you’re in it for the long term,this is a great way to make money online,and Wealthy Affiliate is a great placeto start learning this step by step. They also provide youwith pretty much every tool
you need to build your blogso you can save some moneyby not paying for third party softwaresand services like hosting,keyword research, or website builders. Now I don’t want to go
too much in detail now,but if you want to have a
more details walkthroughof the entire program and platform,I’ll leave a link down
below in the descriptionof a video from Kyle, the
co-founder of Wealthy Affiliatewho will walk you through the
entire platform and program. So when I started to go
through the training,I was like wow, this is actually
what I’ve been looking fora long time. A step-by-step guideon how to build an
affiliate marketing businessfrom start to finish,that also comes with a communitythat can answer my questions
at any point of my journey. So after the first few lessons I took,I lost all of my skepticism that I hadwhen I first signed up for this platform,and I realized that it’s
actually really awesome. However, I still didn’t
quite have an understandingof how long it would take meto make money with what they teach. After all, the goal of
anyone joining this platformis to make money, right?So I looked at some success storiesto get an idea what is possible here,and there are quite a
lot of these stories. Some of them are making
over $10,000 per monthwith their websites,others have been able to
quit their nine to five job,and stuff like that. I’ll leave some links
to some of these storiesdown below in the description,so you can read them for yourself. What I think is important
to be aware of though,is that these results
took months or even years,and certainly didn’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking to get rich quick,I don’t recommend you
join Wealthy Affiliate,because what they teach
is how to build a longtermand sustainable online business,and that takes work and time. If you need to make money
as fast as possible,you should rather get a jobinstead of starting an online business. Now before I go and talk
about the second wayyou can make money with Wealthy Affiliate,I want to quickly talk about
the two membership optionson Wealthy Affiliate. There’s the free membership
and the premium membership. When you join Wealthy Affiliateby signing up with your email address,you’re automatically a free member. And you have access to
the first 10 lessonsof the main course. You can also start
building your first websitewith this free membership. In the first seven days, you
have then the possibilityto upgrade to a premium membership for $19instead of $50 for the first month. The second month, will then be
$50 for a premium membership. With this premium membership,you unlock all the rest of the training,and you have access to
live and instant support. You also get a lot more tools
and services for your website. However, it’s completely freeto start with Wealthy Affiliate,and you don’t even have to give themany credit card information. So what I recommend is to
sign up for a free membership,and then go through the
first couple of lessonsto get a feel for the
community, for the platform,and most importantly, for the training. If you use the link below this videoto sign up for a free membership,you’ll also get $500 worth
of training for free,once you sign up for a premium membership. At the end of this video,I’ll tell you more about the trainingthat I’ll give you for free,if you use the link below this video. Now the second way you can make
money with Wealthy Affiliateis by promoting the
platform to other people. Wealthy Affiliate has one of
the best affiliate programsthat pays you almost 50% commissionrecurring revenue each month. So here’s why Wealthy Affiliatehas one of the best affiliate
programs in my opinion. Number one, it’s actually
an amazing platformthat’s been around since 2004,and the training inside of this platformis really good and up-to-date,so the people that you
refer to this platform,are actually gonna be thankfulbecause you’ve showed them
that this program exists. Number two, it’s very
easy to get referrals. Because you’re promoting
a free membership,all you have to do is
send them free members,and you’ll earn a commissiononce your free members upgrade
to a premium membership. And number three, their
conversion rate is one in eight,which is extremely high compared
to other similar programs. It means that for every eight
free members that you refer,one of them will sign up
for a premium membership,and the average commissionfor a premium member
over time is over $100. They actually have a
calculator that you can useto find out how much you’ll earnfor how many free members you refer. So for example, if you refer
five free members per day,12% of them upgrade to a premiumand stay with Wealthy Affiliatefor an average of four month,you’ll earn over $1,400 per month. If you refer 50 free members per day,and 12% of them upgrade to a premium,and stay with Wealthy Affiliatefor an average of six month,you’ll earn over $22,000 per month. Sounds pretty crazy, right?And you don’t even have
to be a premium memberto start earning commissions
by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can also do that
with a free membership. However, the commissions
will be double as muchwith a premium membership
as with a free membership. Also Wealthy Affiliate
has a training programincluding 70 lessons that
will teach you step-by-stephow to start promoting Wealthy Affiliateand start earning commissions. When you reach 300 premium referralswithin one calendar year,Kyle and Carson, the founders
of Wealthy Affiliate,will invite you to a four-day
super affiliate conferencein Las Vegas, all expenses paid. So I did the math on that
with 12% conversion rate,and you need seven free
memberships per dayin order to get to the 300
premium referrals milestone,so that next to your commissions,you also get to go to Vegas for free. At the end of this video,I’ll show you how to
get some free trainingand learn traffic methodsthat you can use to promote
Wealthy Affiliate for free,and start earning commissions
as fast as possible. So can I actually
recommend Wealthy Affiliateto someone who wants to
start making money online?Absolutely. In my opinion, it’s one of the very fewlegit programs out there
that actually teach youhow to build a sustainable
online business. And compared to almost every
other course out there,it’s completely free to start,and see for yourself if this
is the right thing for you. For almost every other course,you have to pay hundreds or
even thousands of dollarsto even see the first
part of the training. One of the biggest mistakes
that most people makewhen starting an online businessis that they jump around
from one thing to another. There’s actually a term for thatwhich is shiny object syndrome. That fact of the matter is that
building an online businesstakes time and patience is very important. Now don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying you should sit aroundand just be patient and wait for success,you do need to work hard and focus,and when something doesn’t work,you have to find another wayand not just say I have to be patient. I guess what I’m trying to say
is that big things take timeand the ones who won’t give upare the ones who will be
successful eventually. I know that sounds really
corny, but it really is true. And what you get with Wealthy Affiliateis a step-by-step training and a communitythat will keep you focused on one businessthat has longterm potentialto make you a full-time income online. It doesn’t matter if
you want to make moneyby creating a blog, by
promoting Wealthy Affiliate,or by doing both. In fact, if you decide to
join Wealthy Affiliate,and use the link below this videoto sign up for the free membership,I’ll give you $500 worth
of training for free,once you upgrade to a premium membership. You don’t have to upgrade right away,you can upgrade to premium
whenever you want to,and once you do, you’ll
get a message from meinside of Wealthy Affiliate,and I’ll give you access
to all of the training. You’ll get access to four coursesand all of them include
free traffic methodsthat you can use to promote
Wealthy Affiliate for free,and start earning commissions
as fast as possible. The first one is the Clinkbank
Marketing Secrets course. When you go through the
Wealthy Affiliate trainingand build your blog,at some point, you also
want to look for productsthat you can promote with your blog. And the products that give
the highest commissionsand make you the most
money, are digital products. Clickbank is one of the
biggest affiliate networkswhere you can find digital productsthat give a very high commission,and what you’ll learn in this courseis how to find the right productsand how to promote them correctly. It also includes some free traffic methodsthat you can use to
promote Wealthy Affiliateand start earning commissions. The second training you will get access tois the Modern Affiliate Marketing course. This is probably my favorite
one of these four coursesbecause there are quite a few
free traffic methods in therethat I personally use to
promote Wealthy Affiliate. The third course you’ll getis the Modern Instagram Marketing course,where you’ll learn how
to leverage Instagramto get traffic to your blog or
to promote Wealthy Affiliate. And the last course you’ll getis the YouTube Authority coursethat teaches how to
build a YouTube channeland use the traffic to grow your business. In my opinion, YouTube is
one of the best platformsto promote affiliate products,so if you want to promote
Wealthy Affiliate on YouTube,this is the perfect course for you. So again, I’ll send you all
of these courses for free. All you have to do is use the
first link in the descriptionto sign up for a free
membership in Wealthy Affiliate,and once you upgrade to premium,you’ll get a message from mewith a link where you can
access all these courses. So go ahead and get your
free membership right now,and once you’ve signed up,
I’ll shoot you a quick messageto help you get started
with Wealthy Affiliate. And as always, leave me a comment
if you have any questions. I read all the comments I get,and I try to answer any
questions that you havethe best I can. Also, leave me a thumbs up
if you enjoyed this video,and subscribe to the
channel for more videosabout online business,and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video.

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