Selecting a Brand new Toilet For The Bathroom

One of the most regularly used fittings in the bath room are toilets, and a well-made one could continue for plenty of years. As they are such an important element of any bathroom, taking your time when choosing the best one is key. You have many choices with regards to picking a toilet – there are numerous producers, styles, sizes, colors, heights, and even functionality toilets for the conservative-minded.

If you plan to purchase a brand new toilet, below are a few ideas to consider while shopping:


Other than functionality, color is probably the most important factor of the brand new toilet. When you have a specific scheme in your bathroom, certainly you would like the toilet to fit. Standard white is considered the most widely used because it coordinates with any kind of theme or color. However, if white is only a bit too boring for your own tastes, choosing a commode in any different color can certainly enhance the room.


Toilets can be found in a few different styles. Based on the theme and also the amount of space you have for the bathroom, you might like to forget about the traditional two-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets (comprised of a bowl and tank) are generally the least expensive and replacement parts are normally simple to find.

One-piece toilets combine the tank and the bowl into one full unit. Such toilets are generally more appealing in comparison to their two-piece counterparts plus they are simpler to maintain since there are no small crevices to clean up in between the bowl and the tank. Nevertheless, plan to invest a little more for a toilet of this design.

Wall-mounted toilets offer the most flexibility of all the toilet styles. Without having stand base or heavy tank, they occupy less space. Wall-mount toilets work nicely inside small bath rooms, and those that utilize wheelchairs or walkers find them easier to utilize. In this specific design toilet, you must have a strong wall to mount it to, and also a drain in the wall instead of the floor.

Shapes and Height of the Bowl

Toilet bowl forms are typically elongated or round. Elongated toilet seat designs might be better looking and provide a far more comfortable seat, but they also occupy just a bit extra space than round bowls. In case you are limited on space inside your bathroom, you may want to choose a circular bowl design.

Toilets have standard heights of around 15 to 14 inches. Individuals who find it difficult to get down that low might want to go for the ADA-sanctioned toilet, which has a height of 16.5 inches. Those toilets can easily accommodate wheelchairs, also.


toilettes classiqueOn this time period in which we face many environmental issues, toilets are typically designed to use water more efficiently. Low-flow toilets are meant to utilize less water when flushing as compared to traditional toilets, and can even use less electricity. A number of low-flow toilets even offer the end user a choice as to the amount of flushing water to use according to whether the waste is solid or liquid.

Check with an expert remodeler or perhaps your water district authority when you buy a new efficient toilet because you could be eligible to a rebate from the community for setting up an eco-friendly commode.

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