President Obama Meets With President-Elect Trump

President Obama: Well I
just had the opportunityto have an excellent
conversation withPresident Elect Trump. It was wide ranging, we
talked about some of theorganizational issues in
setting up a white house,we talked about foreign
policy, we talked aboutdomestic policy. And as I said last night
my number one priority inthe next two months is
to try and felicitate atransition that ensures
our President Electis successful. And I have been encouraged
by the, I think interestsin President Elect Trump’s
wanting to work with myteam around many the
issues that this greatcountry faces and I
believe that’s importantfor all of use regardless
of party, regardless ofpolitical presences to now
come together, to worktogether to deal with any
challenges that we face. In the meantime Michelle
has had a chance to greetthe incoming first lady
we had anexcellent conversation
with her a well. And we want to make sure
they feel welcome as theyprepare to make
this transition. And most of all I want
to emphasize to you,Mr. President Elect that
we now are going to wantto do everything we can to
help you succeed becauseif you succeed then
the country succeeds. Please go ahead. President Elect Trump:
Well thank you very muchPresident Obama. This was a meeting that
was going to last formaybe ten to
fifteen minutes. We were just going to get
to know each other, we hadnever met each other. I have great respect, the
meeting lasted for maybean hour and a half and it
could have, as far as I’mconcerned, could have
gone on for a lot longer. We really, we discussed
a lot of, differentsituations, some wonderful
and some difficulties. I very much look forward
to dealing with thepresident in the future,
including council, he’sexplained some of the
difficulties, some of thehigh-flying assets some of
the really great thingsthat have been achieved. So Mr. President it was a
great honor meeting withyou and look forward to
being you many many moretimes in the future. Thank you sir.

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