How to Write Content for an Affiliate Site (Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites)

how do you write content for an
affiliate blog that’s what we’re gonnatalk about today I’m Doug Cunnington and
I specialize in Amazon affiliatemarketing and I’m also a project manager
so I sprinkle in some project managementideas along the way too if you’re new to
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you see today let’s get into thiscontent stuff now let me tell you about
the first piece of content I wrote backin 2013 I started my first niche site
now this was after I found the smartpassive income blog and podcast by Pat
Flynn it was the podcast I love podcastI don’t listen as much now but I got
started with a smart passive incomepodcast I just loved it I got obsessed I
listened to every single episode that Icould I took maybe like a week or two
and I listened to like 50 plus episodesprobably more than that but it was a lot
I really like the concept of niche sitesso I decided hey I’m gonna go to
Bluehostget a hosting package I’m gonna learn
about WordPress I’m gonna launch my blogand I’m gonna put content on I’m gonna
put useful content on the blog and thenthe trouble started how do you write
content for a blog or a niche site and Iwas at the time trying to create like an
Adsense site would show like Adsensebanners on the site and I just didn’t
know what to write about so I had acouple keywords that I knew I wanted to
you know put into blog post but I wasjust like how am I gonna do this I don’t
know the topic I don’t understand theniche I literally know nothing about it
the idea is I’m going to tell you aboutwill be useful if you’re brand new to
niche sites but also if you’reexperienced so if you’re experienced be
sure to stick around like it could bevery useful for you and the thing is
like when you start working with saylike a new VA or maybe you’re just
trying to explain to your friends andfamily and just other people that don’t
understand anything about these nichesites these kind of answers can help you
explain it in a simple way first of allthe key thing you have to understand is
you don’t want to copy anything verbatimI get a lot of questions
can a copy information from otherwebsites can a copy information from
Amazon anything that you’re trying tocopy verbatim is probably not a good
idea now where are there exceptionslet’s say for example you take a small
quote couple lines or something fromsome one site and you quote them
specifically you give them credit andyou link back that’s probably going to
be okayparticularly if it’s a small sort of
percentage of the overall piece ofcontent but in general copying things is
a bad idea another common question I getis around using sort of like a content
spinner where it gathers different likesources from the internet all over the
web like Wikipedia or CNN or other nichesites and then it sort of mashes them
together and uses it like a thesaurus tosubstitute words so you end up with
something originalbut usually it doesn’t make sense it’s
very poorly written because it’s done bysoftware so no copying and no spinning
so that’s fairly straightforward I hopea lot of people weren’t thinking that
anyway but depending on where you werelooking and maybe referenced in fact
when I first started Pat Flynn on smartpassive income you know referenced using
article spinners and stuff like that andit was common practice back in the day
you know Pat Flynn used to do gray hatsort of activities I’ve moved over to
white hat stuff myself but the point isanywhere where you’re trying to take a
shortcut where you’re trying to dosomething easier or cheaper or you’re
trying to do it faster it usually isn’ta good idea not always but usually it’s
not a good idea to try and take ashortcut
if the shortcut worked then everyonewould take the shortcut and it would
just be the normal route so just keepthat in mind that applies for content
for niche sites it applies for like mostthings in life as well so shortcuts
usually don’t work okay let me take youback to what it was like writing that
first piece of context I happen to behouse-sitting my wife and I were
house-sitting for some of our friends Iremember sitting down in the office it
was a really nice workspace and I hadlaptop on the desk and I was staring at
a blank wordpress post and i was likehow am i going to write this so I
started you know doing what I assumedwas the right thing to do so I tried to
look up other resources out there andsee what they wrote about the topic
unfortunately I did such poor keywordresearch that there weren’t even that
many sources and it was sort of anobscure topic so I couldn’t find much in
the file it took me so long to write theproblem is I didn’t write much in
general sure I wrote emails at work andsome documents at work because it’s
fairly technical business writing so Inever had to like sort of put ideas
together from different sources andreally that’s what we’re doing when it
comes down to it we’re gonna do researchin different areas and we’re gonna try
and present information in our own wordsnow I’m gonna tell you a couple ways to
do it with very specific methods so youwon’t have to like recreate the wheel or
anything I’ll tell you what to do so asI’m sitting there trying to write I was
frustrated number one it was a littlenervous and scared for number two and
three I was taking forever because Ikind of have this perfectionist attitude
which I am trying to keep it BAE it’suseful in some areas but when you’re
writing content for your niche site oryour affiliate site being a
perfectionist will really slow you downand here’s what would happen I would
look up these sources and then read theinformation and then I’m like okay I
kind of understand what’s going on letme write some things out I felt like I
was almost copying it even though I wasputting it into my own words so I felt a
little bad about the content but I knewthat I was actually putting it into my
own words so that was ok so I wouldwrite say two sentences and then it
would go back to the beginning and I’mlike is that does that make sense and
then I would write the third sentenceand then go back to the second sentence
and do the same process again for a 500word post it probably took me four hours
two days in a row so it took me likeeight hours total I was writing so slow
sofrustrating but at the end of the day I
got it done and I published it it endedup getting like a lot of traffic over
time through decent backlinking andstuff like that
even though wasn’t highly searched forit ended up getting some traffic so
fast-forward like three years where Iessentially did the same process it’s
called the RPM it’s the research papermethod and it goes back to when we used
to do research papers in middle schoolin high school and college and so on
where maybe you went to the library oryou look stuff up online you gathered a
bunch of resources you read thatinformation and then put it together
into your own idea potentially likerepackaging some other ideas too and
then hopefully inserting your own ideasinto it now you don’t always have to
place your new ideas and arrive at likethe new conclusion or anything there’s
value in pulling information togetherfor example look at Wikipedia that’s a
great example where the sources arelisted at the bottom there’s references
at the bottom that you can go checkbasically get an idea of how they
arrived at the Wikipedia article sothat’s a great sort of specific example
of rpm now if you’re interested inseeing like a real rpm process happen I
have a couple videos so one isdescribing the RPM in detail so I’ll put
a link for that in the descriptionadditionally I have a workshop where I
like did the RPM method so I’ll put thatinto the description as well so that’s
number one you can use the RPM methodand literally place things into your own
words by referencing different sourcesanother great way to get like ideas to
write content FAQ method frequentlyasked questions again I have a demo of
this in any greater description I’ll puta link in the description below but
basically this is great if you don’tknow anything about the topic now I wish
I would have done this for the piece ofcontent I was telling you about
essentially you asked questions so asyou’re you’re brainstorming you just
write out questions that you have goback you look up the answers to the
questions that’s your contentturns out it’s a very natural way to
write the contentand people enjoy reading that because it
walks them through common questions theymay personally have anyway so it’s a
great way to do it again check out thelinks below if you aren’t familiar with
the method or if you want to see a demoof me doing that live so this third way
is super useful for product reviews alot of us will be writing product
reviews at some point on our affiliatesites that’s the primary way to sort of
get people engaged get them ready to buysomething but one of the best things you
can do is go read reviews all over theinternet so I think it’s obvious to
probably go over to Amazon and check outthe reviews there if it’s a popular
product you may find hundreds of reviewsthousands and tens of thousands of words
of content now you can’t copy it exactlybut you can get a really good idea of
you know what’s good about a productwhat’s bad about a product and just what
users think of it what real owners thinkof it and you could pay very close
attention to the vocabulary that peopleuse you can use the right terminology
and you could kind of get in the mind ofan owner which is very powerful when
you’re trying to write a reviewespecially a well-informed review
further right there are other areas thatyou can do this research so forums you
may be able to check out a forum and seeagain common questions there may be
product reviews stuff like that ifthere’s not forums active you can go to
maybe like a Facebook group or whereverthe people that hangout congregate
online so it may be Goraand maybe Facebook groups it could be
Pinterest maybe it’s Instagram but youcan get an idea about different products
if you just find where those people arehanging out and believe me they’re out
there somewhere you just have to findthem and lastly the biggest tip I have
is really go out and find the sources ofinformation the original sources of
information so I mentioned a few alreadyit could be you know the Amazon details
page it could be the reviews on Amazonmaybe it’s forums maybe it’s a Facebook
groupmaybe it’s the manufacturer site maybe
it’s the manufacturer of the product youcould take a look at the information on
their website you can look at themanufacturers user’s manuals the user’s
manualsreally highly valuable there’s so much
detail about specific products andusually there’s like a troubleshooting
section frequently asked questionssection there’s like safety warnings and
health warnings and stuff like that allthat information is something that you
can go out there and consume now themagic thing that you do is you get all
these resources together and you sort ofcurate them and put them together and
hopefully you’ll be putting togetherstuff that was never sort of curated
before so if you can curate it you canplace in your own words you end up
creating a like superior piece ofcontent and that’s fantastic now don’t
be afraid to link out to the other sitesthat you used as references in fact if
it’s not like common knowledge right soif it’s not something that everyone
knows it’s probably your job to link tothe sources so people can go read that
original information themselves likefurther advanced tip is if you go find a
good resource online if they putreferences in there you should go follow
those original references and then keepdigging right keep trying to find the
original source of the informationbecause then it’s not interpreted you
really can put together a better pieceof information now I hope you realize we
went from the very beginning of notknowing how to write content to
researching it pulling resourcestogether and now I’m telling you go deep
like find the original source of theinformation if you can you may end up
going to Wikipedia finding referencesthat they list and then following those
references and then following thereferences of the references and again
you may end up on like an academic paperwhere you actually can provide new
insights based on all the researchyou’ve done so when you put that all
together you end up creating somethingthat’s useful something that should be
interesting and all of a sudden youdidn’t know how to write this piece of
content and now you’re able to createsomething that’s really valuable for
that specific topic question of the dayhow do you write context now I know
everyone doesn’t write their own contentmaybe you have a writer working for you
so let me know number one do you writeyour own content saying whether you
write your own content or if you hire awriter and then in either case let me
know how you have that content writtenso if you hire someone like what info do
you give them you give them anything togive them references and if you write it
yourself how do you get started do yououtline it you just write from scratch
let me know and be sure to check out thecomments below some of the best ideas
are from you I want to learn somethingtoo I read all the comments so I
definitely want to hear what you thinkhey if you’re still watching you must
like the channel so go ahead andsubscribe like the video I’d really
appreciate it thanks

10 Places for Affiliate Links in Amazon Affiliate Sites

affiliate links we’re gonna look at ten
places you could put affiliate links forAmazon affiliate niche sites I’m gonna
try to show you specific places we’relike really good web sites are using
these as much as I can so I can’t showevery single example but I’ll do as many
as I can so that you can see like inreal life where people are putting links
my name is Doug Cunnington and thefounder of niche site project I talked
about Amazon affiliate marketingproductivity and project management
before we dive in I want to mention thatI do full tear downs for many of the
sites so I’ll place links to thosevideos so you can see the tear downs for
the various sites we’re gonna take alook at I look at different products and
it kind of gives you an overview of youknow different things that are good and
or bad for different sites so withoutfurther ado let’s take a look at the ten
places you could put affiliate links foryour Amazon affiliate site number one
we’re gonna look at the wire cutter inthe first place you can put affiliate
links is in your first paragraph so thewire cutter is a New York Times Company
as you can see at the top this is one ofthe sites that I’ve reviewed a couple
times so thing that we see right off thebat is I just arbitrarily chose this
review the best sheets and you see theyhave not one but two affiliate links
right here and that’s just in the firstparagraph so that is a great place to
catch the people that are in a hurry nowsure this is a long review many many
thousands of words but some people justwant to see the top couple picks and
they don’t want to read the whole thingso the first paragraph it’s a great way
to serve those visitors number two iscaptions so we’re gonna take a look
again same review just further down thepage we can see that the wire cutter has
some captions they have basically afeatured product box here it’s their own
custom box you could come up with yourown if you want to but basically they
have a text link we can sort of think ofthis as a caption and this is an
affiliate link now quick note this is anaside not part of the caption links but
this button is a link the image is alink so just in this featured called out
area they have you know captions theyhave different colors they have a blue
box red text buttons there’s many thingscalling things out here there’s many
areas to call things out here but Ithink captions are underutilized and
personally I don’t use buttons but Ioften will put an affiliate link in the
caption not unlike the wire cutternumber 3 we’re gonna jump over to
another site called thank your skin andagain this is another site I’ve reviewed
so be sure to check out the link where Igo deep and as you can imagine you know
check out this beautiful shiny head Idon’t use shampoo so I thought it’d be
funny to look at the best shampooarticle here and look at tables so there
are a couple things as we scroll downthat we could point out here so you can
put in your table affiliate links andthis is a great area to put affiliate
links now these specific areas thatjumps down to you know the different
posts and stuff but basically this tableis a way to put an affiliate link so you
could place a button if you want to tocheck the price of course this is a
great way to entice someone to go clickthis link get cookie go over to Amazon
because there’s intrigue there right youwant to know there’s curiosity you want
to know how much it cost additionallyanother cool thing here is they don’t
put an image right so thank your skindoesn’t put an image here and that means
that you may be curious on what it lookslike so they don’t do this here but
number 4 the fourth tip is if you placethe column in here or even in the awards
section if you just had a little call toaction that says see image on Amazon
again it serves the curious visitor thatwants to know what it looks like sure
Shampoo it’s probably in a bottle whoreally cares what it looks like but if
it’s something else like sheets or apair of shoes or a digital camera or
something people care what it looks likeand they want to see the image so if you
put a call to action that serves thatit’s a great way to make someone click
that link and really be curingabout what it looks like number five
images so we’re gonna look at footballsnack helmets again a very popular
review this is actually a public casestudy so if you want more information on
it be sure to check out the full teardown and potentially some more
information about this site we’ll take alook at the Cleveland Brown snack helmet
which is my wife’s favorite team youknow it’s just a family team that they
follow so as we scroll down this link orthat sorry this image over here isn’t a
affiliate link but they do have thisfeature box down here this is an
affiliate link even though the image iscut off that is a place you can put an
affiliate link now me personally I don’tusually make an image the affiliate link
but it is an option some people clickthem number six is to place a call to
action sort of at the end or beginningof a section that is what this is again
on the cleveland browns snack helmetreview page this is a call to action get
your cleveland browns snack helmet onamazon and it’s in a larger font it’s i
would maybe make it a different color tomake it stand out a little bit more but
it’s larger and you could tell that it’sa link so that’s a great way to place
the affiliate link number seven is toplace your affiliate links in the
sidebar so this is another reallybest-in-class
type site outdoor gear lab here and youwill see a specific review for the
mountain hardwear cloud seeker jacketthere are affiliate links in the sidebar
here so they have a price listed fordifferent affiliate programs that
they’re part of and you can see thetheir affiliate links so you can compare
the prices take a look they obviouslyhave an api or some sort of programmatic
way to pull the pricing here to adhereto the Terms of Service for the
different programs but the sidebar is agreat way to you know place it
especially you know this is a prettylong review thousands and thousands of
words but maybe you’re just interestedin seeing the best price and you can get
to it quickly right here number eight isan end
post call-to-action or widget so againwe’re on outdoor gear lab or on a
different jacket but this specificreview I won’t scroll through the whole
thing basically there are not manyaffiliate links on these reviews for
specific products there’s a link in thesidebar like I was showing you before
but they don’t put too many affiliatelinks and what they do instead is they
have this box at the bottom and youcould check out again different
retailers and this is an affiliate linkhere you could also like go using this
button to see it right quick call toaction you could place your affiliate
links at the end of the post theadvantage is you know if someone read
this multiple thousand word post on aspecific jacket or whatever the product
is you know they’re really interested init so if they make it all the way down
here they’re probably interested inbuying the product somewhere great place
to put it I would maybe put a coupleother affiliate links like in the places
were mentioning such as you know at theend of a section just to give people if
they’re sold on it they can get over toit easier these are really long reviews
so I think outdoor gear lab knows whatthey’re doing they have an early call to
action up at the top like I was showingand then they have one at the bottom to
number nine is back to football snackhelmets and they are utilizing this
right here so this is pretty cool thisis an Amazon native and you can see it’s
really well formatted they’re using youknow the stock image from Amazon the
price is listed you can see if it’sprime or not and you also see the number
of reviews so all this information ispulled through an ad system that’s
created by Amazon so you know it’sadhering to all the policies with Amazon
Associates that’s one of the big fearsthat people have that they are listing
the price and they’re not supposed to orusing an image that they’re not supposed
to or listing the number of reviews orsomething like that this takes care of
it and you can see ads by Amazon righthere you can tell it’s a native ad and
these are responsive they work reallywell you always know that you
not violating any Terms of Service theselittle pieces of code these little ad
segments that you could put in here youcould place those anywhere you want and
they’re responsive and look good on amobile device or an iPad or a tablet or
whatever so you know they’re gonna lookalright no matter what the person is
viewing the webpage on number ten issomething I couldn’t find anywhere so
let’s go to like big screen again numberten is a rarely used technique but super
effective to get a high click-throughrate you put a call to action somewhere
in your review that says see realreviews on Amazon and you can link
directly to the Amazon review page forthat product and that’s one of the huge
values with Amazon is you could actuallysee like reviews from actual owners
verified owners too so that’s a verypowerful call-to-action so I’d like to
put this in my user impression sectionand you know you can’t quote or copy the
information from Amazon reviews but youcan link to it and that’s a again a
great call to action I couldn’t find itanywhere specifically on websites to
show you but that’s a great way to getpeople over really high click-through
rate on those kind of links and it’s agreat way to add an affiliate link to
your post again my name is DougHuntington if you’re interested in
learning more about Amazon affiliatemarketing and productivity and project
management please subscribe to thechannel question of the day where do you
put your Amazon affiliate links anythingthat I missed any tips and by the way be
sure to take a look at the commentsbelow some of the best ideas come from
the community that’s you and yeah justcheck it out thanks for watching

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial| A Beginners Step By Step Guide

– Hey, what’s up. Welcome back to another
episode of Boss Tip Thursday,where I share weekly tips and tutorialsto help you get stuff done. And today it’s all about
Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If you’re new to affiliate marketing,if you have no clue how
to even get started,this tutorial is for you. We’re going to be going over:what exactly is this?What is Amazon affiliate marketing?Then I’m going to be showing youhow to create your own
account with Amazon,your own Associate’s account,so you can start getting into this. I’m going to be showing
you an in-depth tutorialon how to read your dashboard,where it shows your sales, your clicks,and exactly what’s going
on with your account. And lastly, we’ll end this video with somefrequently asked questions
about this program. So if you’re ready to learn
about all these things,then keep watching. An Amazon Affiliate is a personwho is partnered up with Amazon. The idea is that you bring
customers to their site,to their store, and if they buy
you get a commission for it. So you’ll be getting special
links for each productthat you want to refer,and Amazon will know when
they click that link,and you’ll get that commission
for the product they buyor anything else that they buyalong with the product you referredas long as they clicked your linkand your referral link
brought them to Amazon,you get paid for anything they buywithin the next twenty four hours,and it doesn’t cost the
customer anything extra,it doesn’t change the buying
experience in any way,you just get a small commissionfor bringing them there to Amazon. And this is a fabulous wayto fund your business in the beginningbecause as you know,
with YouTube and AdSense,it takes a long time
to start making money,and yet these videos take
time and effort and moneyto make them better. So this is a great wayto start funding your business early on,and with the blog as well. The only way to make money on a blogis to do affiliate programs
like this Amazon one,or to create your own
products or services,but out of all those three ways,the easiest thing to get started withis this Amazon Affiliate Program,because everyone knows Amazon,everyone trusts and loves
them, it’s a huge store,it’s known worldwide. And to create your own
products and services,you have to start at the
bottom and build your trust,build your authority,
build your blog with SEOand all this other back stuff. So meanwhile, you work on that. You can supplement your income
with a program like Amazon. Okay, so to create your account,hop onto Amazon. com, scroll
all the way to the bottom. Here you will see this
little section that says,Make Money With Us. And there’s so many different
ways to make money on Amazon. Today we’re gonna be focusing
on becoming an affiliate,so click on that, then click
on this Join Now for Free,and now you can either sign
in with an Amazon accountyou already have, an account
that you use to make purchases,or you can go ahead and
create a new Amazon accountif you want to keep things separate. I already haven’t account,so I’m gonna be creating a new onejust to show you the process. Then you’ll be directed to
the application process. For the top here you want
to put your Payee Nameexactly should appear on your paycheck,or when they direct deposit your money. You should put your address,
along with your city,your state, zip code, your phone number,and who is the main
contact for this account. For most of us it’s gonna
be the payee listed aboveunless you have a VA
who’s doing this for you. So then you’d need to click someone else. The next part you have to fill out,the websites that you own,the websites that you’re going to be usingto promote affiliate links. And this is the part thatit gets a little bit
tricky for some people. Unfortunately you do
need an active websiteor other platform that has
enough high quality contentto be accepted. They just wanna make sure
that you’re going to bepromoting their products properly. Amazon doesn’t say preciselywhat the actual requirements are,so if you do have like, a
website, a YouTube channel,or any other sort of,
like, social media pagewith some content, add all of those here. When I signed up I only had
about four or five blog postson my website with not that
much engagement at all,so I still got accepted. So give it a try. Whatever you have going on
that has some sort of contentwhere you’ll be sharing
the affiliate links,just add it here. You never know, just go ahead and try it. The worst thing that can happenis that they won’t accept
you, they will tell you why,and then you can reapply. And if you happen to
have any sort of apps,you can go ahead and add
the URLs for that here,then let’s click Next. This bottom little portion
basically just says thatyou’re not allowed to use affiliate linkson any websites that are
aimed towards teenagers,13 years and under,
that’s just not allowed. So you just have to
confirm that your websiteisn’t directed towards
13 year olds or younger. So go ahead and click
No if that’s the case. All right, and now we’re
onto this next partof the application, I’m
just gonna go over eachof the fields and explain what they mean. The first field here is
the Amazon Associates ID. This is just the nameyou want to give to
your affiliate account. You can put your real name,
your business name, or nickname. It doesn’t really matter,
it’s not a big deal. Just put any sort of name here. Here’s your websites that you listedat the beginning of the application. And then here you have to explainwhat your website is all about. One word won’t cut it here. This is your chance to explain
why you’re a good candidatefor the Amazon program. So say what you do, who it’s for,what kind of Amazon products
will you be sharing,and stuff like that. Just make it sound convincing. Then after that we’re going
on to the topics that describewhat you’re doing best. So they have a primary
and a secondary topic,so just go through those and
click what describes you,your business, your website, the best. What type of Amazon items
do you intend to liston your websites and mobile apps?Go ahead and click any
and all that apply here. And then next,we’re going to the type of
websites or mobile apps. Our options are comparison
shopping engines,content, or niche websites,
coupon deals, or search. For most of us,it’s going to be just
content and niche websites. Next, Traffic and Monetization section. You have to declare how
you will drive trafficto your website. Will you be driving
traffic to your websitethrough email, maybe through advertising,through other social media, SEO, blogs?Click any and all that apply here. How do you utilize your website and appsto generate income?Here there’s different
other affiliate programsthat you may be part of. So go ahead and click the ones that apply,or if Amazon Associates
will be the only waythat you’re going to
monetize your site for now,just go ahead and click that part. Next, how do you usually build your links?Most of us build our links
through a WordPress website. Not many of us are using
HTML editors or any of that. So I think the best
option for most of us hereis blog editor. Next, how many total unique visitorsdo your websites and apps get per month?So all of the website that
you listed in the beginningthat are here, all of those combined,all your social medias,
all your websites, emails,all of that, how much trafficdo they get per month combined?So make your best estimate,
and select that answer. And then your reason for
joining the Associates program. Do you want to get rich
content for your sight?Maybe you want to make sure
that you’re linking outto products you’re talking about. Or do you want to monetize your site?For many of us it’s both of these answers,so I guess just pick the onethat best describes you right now. Next, how did you hear about us?Just click the one that
makes the most sense for you. Were you searching online?Did you hear by word of mouth?Someone tell you about it?Or did you hear about it
from the Amazon website?And lastly, all you have to
do is type in the characters,and click Next. So let me go ahead and fill this form out,and I’ll be right back. And that’s the end of
the application process. Now all you really have to
do is verify your identityby inputting your phone number here. And make sure that this code up frontis the one that you need to be using. For most of us, I think
it will be this plus one. Just make sure that this is correctso that they will be able to call youand give you your PIN so that
you can access your account. –
This is an automated callfrom Amazon. com. Using the touchpad on your phone,please enter the four digit PIN numberthat is displayed on your screen. – Okay, so now
you just have to agreeto the terms and condense,
and click Finish,and that is everything, you’re all done. The only thing that will be pending nowis your tax information. If you’re from the United States,you’re going to be filling
out your typical tax form. If you’re from a different country,or you’re exempt from paying
taxes for some reason,they do have an exempt form for youwhich I know nothing aboutbecause I do live in the United States. But Amazon is always there to help you,just email them and they will respond,or you can always just
click this Later optionbecause you’re technically not acceptedto the Amazon program yet. You still have to make your first sale,and they have to go review
your application still. So you’re technically not accepted. You may wanna wait to
go through the hassleof doing all this tax
information until later. And a couple things to talk
about from the top box hereis that this is your Amazon Associates ID,so make sure that you
know this and you keep it,’cause you may need it in the future. And as you see down herethat if you have not
made any qualified saleswithin 180 days, your
application will be canceled,and you won’t have access
to the Associate Centralor any of that. So that’s just something to keep in mind. So now I’m just gonna click
Later for this tax information,and show you the dashboard. Here will always be your notifications. If Amazon has something new going on,or their policy changes,they will always let you
know via these notifications,or via email, so make sure
you check your emails. Here in this dropdown menu
below your email addressyou will find all sorts
of important information,like your account settings,
your payment history,managing tracking IDs, which
we’ll get into in a second,and just signing out. In Account sets,you go there to change
stuff about your profile,or if you ever want to
add or delete websites,this is where you will go. For example, if you didn’t
have a Pinterest accountwhen you started your application process,but now you do, and you’re going to besharing affiliate links there,it’s important to come back
here and edit that information. Go ahead and add the website here,because this just keeps you
in good standing with Amazon. This navigation bar is filled
with all sorts of cool links,logs, and discussion
boards, so many cool things. So look through all of thisjust so you know what’s up there. Down here is your overviewof the last 30 days of
your sales, and clicks,and everything that’s
going on with your account. If you want a more detailed reportof exactly what’s going
on with your account,click on View Full Report Here. In this detailed report section,you can customize it however you want. You can have a look at
just today, yesterday,last seven days, last 30
days, or do a custom range. Bounties are a one-time
flat rate that you get paidfor Amazon programs,
such as Baby Registry,Amazon Prime, if someone
signs up via your link,you get paid a one time fee,
and that’s what bounties are. Fees are what you actually get paid,the percentage commission you get paidfor referring Amazon products. And then these summaries,
just both of these combined. Furthermore, down here we
have different summaries. We have clicks, orders, shipped,
conversions, and earnings. So these are just the
clicks you got but no sales,how many people actually ordered,and the things that have been shipped. You don’t get paid for anything
until it’s been shipped. And then the conversions are
just the click to buy ratio,so out of the people who
did click on the link,how many people actually bought?And all this is important informationto keep a close look at so
that you know what’s workingand you can do more of that,
and you know what’s not workingand what you should stop
wasting your time on. And the last thing we’ll
talk about in this dashboardis how to create and
manage your Tracking IDs. So to do that you go under your email,this dropdown menu here, and
click on Manage Tracking IDs. And Tracking IDs are just
a way for you to trackwhere your traffic is coming from. If you’re going to be
promoting affiliate linkson Instagram, Facebook,
your website, YouTube,it’s a good idea to know where
your traffic is coming fromso that you can zero in on what’s working. Click Add Tracking ID, for example,say I wanted to create one for Instagram. So I’ll just go here and click Instagram,click Create, and then
if that one is taken,they’ll give you some
different options here. Now when you come back to your dashboard,you can always see all
of your links together,or you can just see the Instagram one,just see if what sales came
from this link specifically. And the easiest way to create
an Amazon affiliate linkis to log on to Amazon
using the informationthat you used to create
your Associate’s account,look for your product here,and then click on this stripe on top. You can use the affiliate links
in so many different ways. You can share it directly to
Twitter, directly to Facebook,or you can have a text and a imagethat you may wanna embed into a website. You can have just the
image that’s clickablestraight to this product page,
or you can use just text. Here normally, you would see a listof all the tracking ideas
you’ve created in the past. You select the one you wanna usewith this particular
affiliate link, and that’s it. All of that is embedded into this link. When someone clicks on it,Amazon knows that it
came from your account. All you have to do is copy
and paste it wherever. Now I’m going to be answering
frequently asked questionsthat I get all the time. The first one is, how
much money would I makewith Amazon Affiliate Marketing?So you get paid 4%, up to 4%for the products people buy
from your referral links. This percent can go all the way up to 10. I believe it’s just the more you sell,the more percentage you get paid. But a specific number, it’s hard to say. Because it varies from person to person,and it varies from month to month,depending on what you sell. It all comes with different percentages. I will say this. You can use this program
just to make extra money,to supplement your income, as I said. You have other things going on,but this is just a little bit extra. And that’s kind of the way I use it. I just create videos, create blog posts,and share books that I’d recommend anyway. Content that I would create anyway,and link to affiliate links when possible. And that’s the way I’ve been doing it. I just do business as usual,and recommend when possible. Which thank you, by the way,if you use my links to make purchases. I really appreciate your support. But another way to do it is to go all in,like literally create a whole websitearound a specific product from Amazon,say cameras for example. You can do camera reviews
and link to these cameras,and equipment, and everything
you’re using from Amazon,and make a niche website, and
that’s how you can make thisa full time income. But there’s really so much
to do with this program,it’s really up to you. But the more you learn, the
more effort you put into it,the more you will earn. How and when do I get paid?You get paid once a month
towards the end of the month. Once your tax information is filled out,you will get this money in
your bank, direct deposited,or you may get a check,
depending on where you live. They have different
rules for each country,so you’ll have to check on that. But for direct deposit,you do have to meet a
threshold of only $10,and for checks you have to
meet a threshold of $100. So once your tax, and your
threshold is good to go,you will get paid towards
the end of the month. Where can I share my affiliate links?You can share your links
pretty much anywhere. On your website, on most
social media’s will allow it,like Pinterest, and Instagram, Facebook,most of these sites do allow it,but there are a lot of
rules behind all this,so I really recommend that
you read Amazon’s policyand really learn more about itso that you can make sure that
you’re following the rules,and you’re not kicked out of the program. How do I get clicks and sales?It really is going to take time. You can’t just publish two
articles, make two videos,and link up affiliate
products that you’re using,and expect to get a lot of sales. It doesn’t work that way. Like everything else that I talk about,like in the video of Nine
Side Hustle Ideas, it’s easy. Like I just showed youhow to set up your account in minutes. It’s easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Everyone can do it. But it does take time,
and effort, and patience,and testing, and sticking it out, really. So do your best to keep
learning, see what works,and then try to do more of
that, try to experiment,and find different ways. There’s really so much
information out therefor you to continue to
learn about this program. But you really never get
something for nothing. You must put in your time, your effort,great, valuable content
to build an audience. And that’s how you will bring inthe clicks and sales eventually. All right, and that sums up this tutorial. I really do hope that I covered it all. I tried to make it as
condensed as possible,and put in as much information,and answer as much questions as possible. But if you have any more
questions about this,leave it in the comments down below. I will try to answer and help
you out as much as I can. And if you have any other
requests for future tutorials,then make sure to leave thatin the comments down below as well. And if you did find value in this video,do me a favor, and hit
that Thumbs Up for me,and hit that Share button down below,send this video over to a friend. You’ll be helping them,and you’ll be supporting
this channel as well,and I truly appreciate you for it. Don’t forget to subscribe on your way out. We’ll be back here every
Monday and Thursday,and I’d love to have you for the next one. So make sure to subscribe,
and that’s all for today. I thank you so much for watching,and I’ll see you next time.

How I Make Over $10K a Month with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

– Hey what’s up, Sean
Cannell here with Think Mediabringing you the best tip and toolsfor building your influence
with online video. And recently, I was just onthe Creative Disruption podcastwith Derral Eves and Ricky Ray Butler. Talking all about how to make more moneywith affiliate marketing here on YouTube. And one of the big
strategies we really unpackedwas how here at Think Media
sometimes we’ve producedas many as 29 videos in just a few days. It’s batch producing. And so in the interview I break downsome of my advanced tips
for affiliate marketing,the biggest mistakes people make,as well as some YouTube tips. So let’s just dive right
into the interview right now. – You have a couple YouTube channelsso one’s Think Media, the
other one’s Video Influencers. Think Media, let’s talk about that. So we are here in Vegas. – Yep. – And there are some really
really really big exposthat actually come every year. And I would notice this as afarand I’d go to these expos tooand I’d see that you bring a crew in,and you’d knock out 20, 30
videos in a couple days. And I was like “Wow!”Let’s talk about that for a minute too. Like what the process that
you actually go through. And I noticed that you’re
releasing multiple videos a daywhen the show’s actually going on. And then you have this huge spikein not only viewership,
but also subscribers. – Yeah, absolutely. So for me,I moved back to Vegas in
2011 to work at a churchand discovered, I mean I
didn’t really know aboutCES, the Consumer Electronics Showthat happens right in January
of every year here in Vegas. And then mid-year is NAB,National Association of Broadcasters. And there’s a few other shows,
but those two are major showswhere all this tech floods into the city. So I was, because I was the
director of communicationsat my church, I would start
visiting those events. And then I started getting ideas. And even before this
all started I thought,okay, I used to one man show it. So I mean maybe to give
those young hustlers,you know, that are trying
to build their thing. I would go down with like a Zoom H1,just a little portable recorder. Just kind of a mic— The resolution
on that was horrible right. – Just like a camera micand I would hold my own monopod or tripod. And I would sit with
the reps at the booth. And I just realized though becauseall of this tech was in one place,and a lot of people do this
on different YouTube channels. But it’s great because
you get the newest stuff,it’s all in one place so you
can batch multiple videos. And then you also, because
you’ve got the reps,you kinda have someone helping you. You don’t have to do all the research. ‘Cause when you’re doing tech videos,you kinda wanna really go deep. – Exactly. – But you’re scaling it fasterbecause you can just bang
through these videos. So even a solo creator I started realizingI could do eight to 16 videos. And I’d go down there and,man I feel like, you know
I’m a little bit older now. ‘Cause even as I look back a few yearsI’m like, “How did I do that?”‘Cause I would get up super
early, shoot the videos. I would edit at night,
and I would literallytry to get one or two out. And then I’d release ’em the
next morning and go back down. Today that whole process is just scaled. You know as we started being ableto get help and get a team. But even in the hybrid time
I’d kind of have local people,Ron Starling lives here,
kinda intern for me. And so if you decide like one person. And the most notable was this past CES. We ended up with 29
unique videos in the can. And we did everything from tech reviews,to also treating the show. Like we did some that
went pretty in depth. We’d get our hands on a lens,
borrow it for a few hourswhile we were there, go
shoot some photographyand truly test it. And then kind of bring it back. And then of course connecting thatto a business model of
affiliate marketing. The impact of the brand build— Exactly. – Hopping on the trend, even revenueand then just awareness
to what we’re doing. It’s been massive, so year over yearwe’re compounded momentum
by covering these events. Hey, I hope you’re getting
value out of this video so farand if you are, can you
smash the ‘Like’ button?All right, let’s dive right
back into the content. – How did you incorporate
affiliate marketing?- So a lot of times the
products are not out,so in the case it’s just
kind of an awareness thing. But it’s pretty linear, just,”Hey, if you want to see everything that”we’re talking about in this video,”there’s links in the description below. “And those are Amazon links. – Oh wow, oh so you just
give those yourselves. Oh wow that’s amazing. – Yeah. – Have you ever looked at like becominglike a super affiliate?Where you go to like the
brand directly and say,”Okay look, I’ve brought
this much revenue,”you need to give me a
much bigger percentage. “- Well I would love to do— Amazon won’t do that first off. – Oh no, not Amazon, but you know likeif the product like had more
of a direct way of purchasing. – You know, it’s interesting and I wonder. For instance, we’ve done
a deal with Canon beforewhich was kind of a proper brand deal. But we haven’t, and lately I haven’t beendoing as many brand deals. But on our Amazon, just Amazon alone,I think we’re doing over a million dollarsin top line sales of Canon
cameras right now, every year. – That is amazing. – Trackable. – Yeah. – That’s amazing. – It’s insane. – So I guess it’s one
of those things whereif it is, you know, an
Amazon affiliate link,you just really do it
when you wanna do it. – Well and the great thing about it toois when they go and buy one thing,they can go buy something
that’s completely opposite. So you can do a Canon camera,
but the might buy a fridge. Or they might buy something else,because you know it’s
so easy to buy on Amazonand then you get that percentage too. – It’s because they go through the link,you get a percent of that. – And actually, tech a lot
of the times is four percent. And I’ve got a friend who has a storethat is kind of like third
in line to B & H Photo. And when he heard four
percent he was like,”Wow! When I think about my margins,”that’s actually pretty aggressive. “Still, and Amazon is the
machine when it comes to that. So I think there’s, you know,when I think of a brand deal,you kind of get all the money upfront. But when I think about the one other piecethat makes this work isI’ve really gotten
great at ranking videos. So they’re viewed for weeks,
months, years to come— So they do long tail. – So it’s the long tail of that trafficthat keeps our affiliate
account like, producing. So you can probably
tell from the interviewthat I am super passionate
about affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it’s one of the best waysto start making money on YouTube. As well as scale your incomeeven to really significant numbers. And if you actually wanna learn moreabout the things I’ve learned,all the mistakes I’ve made,as well as some of my successes. I actually have a one hour masterclass outbreaking down how to get views on YouTubethrough ranking videos,
and how to monetizein different ways including
affiliate marketing. So if you wanna watch that,just go to thinkmasterclass. comor I’ll put a link to it
in the description below. And just click that link
it’ll take you over,you enter your name and email,and then I will send you
access to the free masterclass. It’s actually a part of our academy. It’s called Video Ranking Academy,it’s some of our advanced
YouTube training. But for a limited time you can watchthat one hour training entirely for free. And so, I just wanna serve you. If you wanna learn more about this processand build a business and a life and incomeon your own terms from
someone who’s done itand who’s gotten the results. So check that out: thinkmasterclass. comIf you got value out of this
video smash the ‘Like’ button. And, Question of the Day:Have you already started
making money on YouTube?What’s your favorite way to do it?You know, some channels
AdSense and YouTube adsis a big deal for them. Maybe it’s brand deals for you. Maybe you haven’t
started making money yet. Let me know in the comments section belowand I will see you in the next video. Peace.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 (HONEST REVIEW)

– After watching this
Wealthy Affiliate review,you’ll know exactly what
Wealthy Affiliate really is,the two ways you can make
money with Wealthy Affiliate,and if this platform is really
the right thing for you. So I’m really skeptical when
it comes to joining a programthat should teach you
how to make money online,especially when I know that this programis paying out big commissions to peoplewho promote it to others. There are so many so-called
business opportunities out therethat sound great at first,but when you take a closer look at them,it almost always turns outthat the only way to make money reallyis to first pay a big
amount of money up front,and afterwards, the only thing you learnis how to sell that same
business opportunityto other people in order
to make a big commission. This just seems really
wrong and stupid to me,and I don’t want to be the guywho invests time and money
in these kind of programs,and I also don’t want to be the guywho promotes these kind
of stuff to other peopleand make them lose money eventually. And that’s what my first thought waswhen I first heard
about Wealthy Affiliate. Nevertheless, I did go to the website,and I did sign up for a free membershipto see for myself what this
website is really about. And I was actually surprised
to see that their websitelooks quite legit compared
to other websites I saw. Like there’s no video playing immediatelywith a guy talking about
how they can make you richin 30 days or stuff like that. They say on their website
that Wealthy Affiliateis a platform for affiliate
marketers of all levels. And when you read a bit further,
you get a pretty good ideaabout what Wealthy Affiliate really is. It’s basically a training platformthat teaches people how
to make money blogging. Now, they don’t use the word
blogging on their website,but that’s really what they teach. It’s a method to make money onlinethat’s been around for a long time,and here’s how it works. First, you choose a topic
that your blog will be about. This is called your niche or your niche. This could be anything really,but the more specific your niche is,the easier it’ll be to make moneybecause there’s less competition. Then you set up your websiteand start writing articles
about questions and topicsthat people are searching for online. You’ll try to optimize your
articles for certain keywordsso that search engines
like Google, Bing or Yahoowill rank your articles high in search. That’s how people find your blog,and how your website will
actually get traffic. In order to make money with your website,you’ll have to include
so-called affiliate linksin your articles. What you do is you start
looking for productsthat relate to your articles,like for example, diet programs,
cookbooks or supplements. Then you sign up for the affiliate programof these products,and you’ll get a special link,
so-called affiliate link,that you can include in your articles. Then when somebody clicks
your affiliate link,and buys the product behind it,you will get a commission. And that’s actually what
Wealthy Affiliate teaches,and it’s the first way you can make moneywith Wealthy Affiliate,by actually going through their program,and implementing what they teach. The basic training
consists of five courses,and each course has 10 lessons. These lessons consist
of explanations, videos,and step-by-step instructions. There are also tasks given in each lesson,so you can implement what
you learned right away. After you complete a task,
you can mark it as complete,and move on to the next one. Under each lesson, there
is a discussion sectionthat you can use to ask questionsand get help from the
Wealthy Affiliate community. You’ll quickly notice that
the whole platform is designedso that people can help
each other out easily. It does have a sort of
Facebook social media feelto it sometimes, in a good way though. You can add people as
friends, join discussions,or write blog posts for the
Wealthy Affiliate community. There is also a live chat boxthat you can use to ask questionsand get instant help
from experienced members. They also have their own website
hosting, website builder,keyword research tools,thousands of themes for your website,and a lot more that you can use for freeas a Wealthy Affiliate member. So again, the first
method you can make moneywith Wealthy Affiliateis by actually going through the training,building your blog, ranking
your blog in search engines,and monetizing it by
promoting affiliate productsin your articles. If you like to write articles,and you’re in it for the long term,this is a great way to make money online,and Wealthy Affiliate is a great placeto start learning this step by step. They also provide youwith pretty much every tool
you need to build your blogso you can save some moneyby not paying for third party softwaresand services like hosting,keyword research, or website builders. Now I don’t want to go
too much in detail now,but if you want to have a
more details walkthroughof the entire program and platform,I’ll leave a link down
below in the descriptionof a video from Kyle, the
co-founder of Wealthy Affiliatewho will walk you through the
entire platform and program. So when I started to go
through the training,I was like wow, this is actually
what I’ve been looking fora long time. A step-by-step guideon how to build an
affiliate marketing businessfrom start to finish,that also comes with a communitythat can answer my questions
at any point of my journey. So after the first few lessons I took,I lost all of my skepticism that I hadwhen I first signed up for this platform,and I realized that it’s
actually really awesome. However, I still didn’t
quite have an understandingof how long it would take meto make money with what they teach. After all, the goal of
anyone joining this platformis to make money, right?So I looked at some success storiesto get an idea what is possible here,and there are quite a
lot of these stories. Some of them are making
over $10,000 per monthwith their websites,others have been able to
quit their nine to five job,and stuff like that. I’ll leave some links
to some of these storiesdown below in the description,so you can read them for yourself. What I think is important
to be aware of though,is that these results
took months or even years,and certainly didn’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking to get rich quick,I don’t recommend you
join Wealthy Affiliate,because what they teach
is how to build a longtermand sustainable online business,and that takes work and time. If you need to make money
as fast as possible,you should rather get a jobinstead of starting an online business. Now before I go and talk
about the second wayyou can make money with Wealthy Affiliate,I want to quickly talk about
the two membership optionson Wealthy Affiliate. There’s the free membership
and the premium membership. When you join Wealthy Affiliateby signing up with your email address,you’re automatically a free member. And you have access to
the first 10 lessonsof the main course. You can also start
building your first websitewith this free membership. In the first seven days, you
have then the possibilityto upgrade to a premium membership for $19instead of $50 for the first month. The second month, will then be
$50 for a premium membership. With this premium membership,you unlock all the rest of the training,and you have access to
live and instant support. You also get a lot more tools
and services for your website. However, it’s completely freeto start with Wealthy Affiliate,and you don’t even have to give themany credit card information. So what I recommend is to
sign up for a free membership,and then go through the
first couple of lessonsto get a feel for the
community, for the platform,and most importantly, for the training. If you use the link below this videoto sign up for a free membership,you’ll also get $500 worth
of training for free,once you sign up for a premium membership. At the end of this video,I’ll tell you more about the trainingthat I’ll give you for free,if you use the link below this video. Now the second way you can make
money with Wealthy Affiliateis by promoting the
platform to other people. Wealthy Affiliate has one of
the best affiliate programsthat pays you almost 50% commissionrecurring revenue each month. So here’s why Wealthy Affiliatehas one of the best affiliate
programs in my opinion. Number one, it’s actually
an amazing platformthat’s been around since 2004,and the training inside of this platformis really good and up-to-date,so the people that you
refer to this platform,are actually gonna be thankfulbecause you’ve showed them
that this program exists. Number two, it’s very
easy to get referrals. Because you’re promoting
a free membership,all you have to do is
send them free members,and you’ll earn a commissiononce your free members upgrade
to a premium membership. And number three, their
conversion rate is one in eight,which is extremely high compared
to other similar programs. It means that for every eight
free members that you refer,one of them will sign up
for a premium membership,and the average commissionfor a premium member
over time is over $100. They actually have a
calculator that you can useto find out how much you’ll earnfor how many free members you refer. So for example, if you refer
five free members per day,12% of them upgrade to a premiumand stay with Wealthy Affiliatefor an average of four month,you’ll earn over $1,400 per month. If you refer 50 free members per day,and 12% of them upgrade to a premium,and stay with Wealthy Affiliatefor an average of six month,you’ll earn over $22,000 per month. Sounds pretty crazy, right?And you don’t even have
to be a premium memberto start earning commissions
by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can also do that
with a free membership. However, the commissions
will be double as muchwith a premium membership
as with a free membership. Also Wealthy Affiliate
has a training programincluding 70 lessons that
will teach you step-by-stephow to start promoting Wealthy Affiliateand start earning commissions. When you reach 300 premium referralswithin one calendar year,Kyle and Carson, the founders
of Wealthy Affiliate,will invite you to a four-day
super affiliate conferencein Las Vegas, all expenses paid. So I did the math on that
with 12% conversion rate,and you need seven free
memberships per dayin order to get to the 300
premium referrals milestone,so that next to your commissions,you also get to go to Vegas for free. At the end of this video,I’ll show you how to
get some free trainingand learn traffic methodsthat you can use to promote
Wealthy Affiliate for free,and start earning commissions
as fast as possible. So can I actually
recommend Wealthy Affiliateto someone who wants to
start making money online?Absolutely. In my opinion, it’s one of the very fewlegit programs out there
that actually teach youhow to build a sustainable
online business. And compared to almost every
other course out there,it’s completely free to start,and see for yourself if this
is the right thing for you. For almost every other course,you have to pay hundreds or
even thousands of dollarsto even see the first
part of the training. One of the biggest mistakes
that most people makewhen starting an online businessis that they jump around
from one thing to another. There’s actually a term for thatwhich is shiny object syndrome. That fact of the matter is that
building an online businesstakes time and patience is very important. Now don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying you should sit aroundand just be patient and wait for success,you do need to work hard and focus,and when something doesn’t work,you have to find another wayand not just say I have to be patient. I guess what I’m trying to say
is that big things take timeand the ones who won’t give upare the ones who will be
successful eventually. I know that sounds really
corny, but it really is true. And what you get with Wealthy Affiliateis a step-by-step training and a communitythat will keep you focused on one businessthat has longterm potentialto make you a full-time income online. It doesn’t matter if
you want to make moneyby creating a blog, by
promoting Wealthy Affiliate,or by doing both. In fact, if you decide to
join Wealthy Affiliate,and use the link below this videoto sign up for the free membership,I’ll give you $500 worth
of training for free,once you upgrade to a premium membership. You don’t have to upgrade right away,you can upgrade to premium
whenever you want to,and once you do, you’ll
get a message from meinside of Wealthy Affiliate,and I’ll give you access
to all of the training. You’ll get access to four coursesand all of them include
free traffic methodsthat you can use to promote
Wealthy Affiliate for free,and start earning commissions
as fast as possible. The first one is the Clinkbank
Marketing Secrets course. When you go through the
Wealthy Affiliate trainingand build your blog,at some point, you also
want to look for productsthat you can promote with your blog. And the products that give
the highest commissionsand make you the most
money, are digital products. Clickbank is one of the
biggest affiliate networkswhere you can find digital productsthat give a very high commission,and what you’ll learn in this courseis how to find the right productsand how to promote them correctly. It also includes some free traffic methodsthat you can use to
promote Wealthy Affiliateand start earning commissions. The second training you will get access tois the Modern Affiliate Marketing course. This is probably my favorite
one of these four coursesbecause there are quite a few
free traffic methods in therethat I personally use to
promote Wealthy Affiliate. The third course you’ll getis the Modern Instagram Marketing course,where you’ll learn how
to leverage Instagramto get traffic to your blog or
to promote Wealthy Affiliate. And the last course you’ll getis the YouTube Authority coursethat teaches how to
build a YouTube channeland use the traffic to grow your business. In my opinion, YouTube is
one of the best platformsto promote affiliate products,so if you want to promote
Wealthy Affiliate on YouTube,this is the perfect course for you. So again, I’ll send you all
of these courses for free. All you have to do is use the
first link in the descriptionto sign up for a free
membership in Wealthy Affiliate,and once you upgrade to premium,you’ll get a message from mewith a link where you can
access all these courses. So go ahead and get your
free membership right now,and once you’ve signed up,
I’ll shoot you a quick messageto help you get started
with Wealthy Affiliate. And as always, leave me a comment
if you have any questions. I read all the comments I get,and I try to answer any
questions that you havethe best I can. Also, leave me a thumbs up
if you enjoyed this video,and subscribe to the
channel for more videosabout online business,and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video.

Affiliate Marketing

Hey everyone, it’s Jessica with Oberlo. Today we’ll talk about what affiliate marketing
is, and how you can use it to grow your dropshippingbusiness. Plus, we’ll share 3 awesome tools that you
can use to set up your own affiliate program. Let’s dive right in. What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning
a commission by promoting other people’sproducts. “You find a product you like, promote it,
and earn a piece of the profit for each saleyou make. ”Dropshippers can take advantage of this marketing
tactic by creating their own affiliate marketingprograms. To do this, you ask affiliates to promote
your product in exchange for a commissionon the sales they make. To see this in action, let’s take a look
at how MVMT uses an affiliate program to promotetheir watches and sunglasses. They have an affiliate program page on their
website, detailing the key information affiliatesneed to know. They show the commission affiliates can expect
to earn on each sale they make for the watchbrand — in this case, 10% of the sale. And, they tell you that the referral period
is 15 days. This means that after a customer clicks an
affiliate’s link, they need to buy within15 days for the affiliate to collect their
10% commission. Also, MVMT clearly details the money affiliates
can expect to earn promoting their products. This can help entice affiliates to get involved. We can tell from this information that if
an MVMT affiliate were to sell one producta day, they could make $405 per month. But, if they sell 100 products per day, they
can make a whopping $40,500 each month. With all this in mind, let’s talk about. . . How to set up an affiliate marketing program
for your dropshipping business. First things first…You need an app to help you create and manage
your affiliate program. Let’s run through 3 great options. First up:
Option 1: RefersionThis Shopify app allows you to build a custom
affiliate program, register affiliates ina few simple steps, and easily review affiliate
performance. And, you can set up automatic payments through
PayPal. Each of your affiliates has access to their
own unique dashboard, where they can downloadaffiliate links and banners to add to their
websites. There’s also a handy email channel you can
use to communicate with your affiliates. In addition, Refersion makes it easy to find
new affiliates. It enables you to set up campaigns to turn
new customers into affiliates. And, the app lists your affiliate program
in the Refersion market directory. Refersion is free for 14 days, so give it
a try to explore its features. Option 2: FriendBuy
This affiliate marketing tool helped popularizethe ‘Get $15’ section that you may have
seen on ecommerce sites. It’s used by established ecommerce brands
like Warby Parker, Birchbox, and the DollarShave Club. FriendBuy has all the features you need to
set up an affiliate program, but it is moreexpensive than Refersion. FriendBuy’s price tag may be fairly steep
if you’re just getting started. Option 3: ShareASale
This tool is for more developed dropshippingstores. You need to pay a few hundred dollars to access
the ShareASale network. On top of that, you’ll also need to pay
a 20% transactional fee, and at least $25each month. But, unlike many other affiliate networks,
ShareASale’s affiliates are all pre-screened. That’s why ShareASale is a great way to
find high-performance affiliates who can drivesales for your business. Okay, so you’ve chosen an affiliate marketing
app. Next, you need to…Set the parameters of your affiliate program. First up?Decide how much commision you’re willing
to offer. How much you offer is up to you. A higher rate will obviously attract more
affiliates. But it’ll also eat into your profit margins. Still, making less profit on that first sale
isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why?Because affiliate marketing isn’t just about
making sales. It’s also a great way to hook in new customers. And this is important. Repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers!And what’s more, a 5% increase in customer
retention can increase company profits by95%. So, if you can turn those new customers into
repeat customers, consider giving your affiliatesthe lion’s share of that first sale. Plenty of businesses actually lose money in
the short term by paying affiliates a highcommission rate. They do this because they know that in the
long run, they can turn a profit resellingto those same customers. So, start by working out your current profit
margin. To help, there’s a link in the description
to Shopify’s Profit Margin Calculator. Research how much commission your competitors
pay their affiliates — most businesses clearlystate their affiliate commission rates on
their website. With this information, you can then set more
competitive rates, or add bonuses and incentives. Now, it’s time to…Find affiliates to promote your products. If you use a service like Refersion, or ShareASale,
your affiliate program will be available toaffiliates in their network. But, you can also grow your affiliate network
yourself. The easiest way to get started is to…Get your customers involved. To do this, encourage customers to refer a
friend to your store for a cash incentive. You can also promote your affiliate program
on your website, on social media, and in youremail marketing campaigns. Also, each time you make a sale, promote the
details of your affiliate program in yourpurchase receipt email. Remember, existing customers are already familiar
with your brand. And after they’ve had a positive experience
with your business, it’s likely that they’llbe happy to tell their friends and family
about it. To sweeten the deal further, provide them
with a discount code to share. Next…Reach out to influencers in your niche. It can be tough to find partners who have
an existing online audience, and are interestedin what you have to sell. But — just like when trying to find new
customers — the more niche your productis, the easier it is to cut through the noise,
and connect with affiliate partners. Another benefit of niche marketing is that
influencers in an industry tend to know eachother. So, once you’ve developed a relationship
with one influencer, it’s often easy toexpand your network partnerships. To reach out to influencers, browse popular
Instagram hashtags in your niche. Then, identify accounts with at least a few
thousand followers and high engagement. These are the influencers who are most likely
to benefit from becoming an affiliate. Then, check to see if they’re an affiliate
for other brands already. Why?Because if an influencer repeatedly promotes
the same product, that’s a good sign thatthey’re doing well with affiliate marketing
— and so, might be interested in your products. Often, influencers will have an email address
in their bio, or on their website, specificallyfor business enquiries. So reach out to them personally. In summary, affiliate marketing is an incredible
opportunity for dropshipping stores. So choose an affiliate platform, create your
offer, and start partnering with affiliatesto grow your business!What do you think–would you try affiliate
marketing?Why or why not?Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll
reply with my thoughts. Thanks for watching, and if you’d like to
see more videos like this, be sure to hitthe subscribe button, and turn on the notification
bell. And until next time, learn often, market better
and sell more.

5 Types of AFFILIATE MARKETING website with examples

– In this video I’m going
to be sharing with youfive different types of
affiliate marketing website. So if you’re currently
thinking about setting upyour very own affiliate marketing website,but you’re not too sure
about the sort of siteyou want to create,keep watching and hopefully this videowill give you a bit of clarity. Let’s go. Hello it’s Alex here from WP Eagle. Hope you’re all well, thanks for watching. So yeah in this video
we’re gonna be exploringthe different types of
affiliate marketing websitethat you can create and are
out there on the internetto give you some
inspiration and some ideas. So that you can go out and
create your very own site. Now, I’ve got a number of
tutorials on my channelwhich show exactly how to createan affiliate marketing website. And I will be adding links to themas we go through videoin the relevant spots. So be sure to check them out. And if you miss the cards
you can always find themin the description below. By the way I’ve also got
a number of other videosin the pipeline which I’m hoping to uploadover the next few weeks. All about, again, creating
your own affiliate marketingwebsite, so be sure to subscribeby clicking on the button belowand click the little bell icon,
so that you don’t miss outwhen I do upload those. But anyway let’s get started
and let me tell you abouta few of the different
affiliate marketing websitesthat are out there. Great the first one I want
to mention is a blog site. So this is your kind of basicvanilla sort of affiliate
marketing website. When I say basic that
doesn’t mean you can’tearn big money off
them, you certainly can. A blog is basically just
a collection of content. A good example of this
is an affiliate sitecalled BabyGearLab. com. On here you’ll find loads
of articles and how-tosand reviews, just basically
loads of content all around. Baby Gear, so it really
helps people that are lookingto make a purchase in the baby niche. They’ve got articles for example on howto choose a stroller, the best nappies. All sorts of things, everything a parentneeds to know really when
their gonna have a baby,or they’ve already got a baby. The great thing about this site is thatthey actually purchase all the productsthat they’re gonna be talking about. Now that sounds quite excessive I knowand obviously not every
affiliate needs to do that. You can created your contentwithout buying all the products. But this really gives them
an extra bit of credibilityand it allows them to churn
out lots and lots of reallyhigh quality content. The second sort of
affiliate marketing websiteis an ecommerce site. Now I do have a number of tutorialson how to create one of
these on the channel,so be sure to check out the
card and the links below. But the benefit of
having an ecommerce siteis that you have a blog, just
like the first sort of site. But then you also have
a selection of productson your site as well and it kind of lookslike a traditional ecommerce site. This allows people to
kind of browse aroundand add products to their cart. And then when they check out they thenget redirected off to the merchant,for example Amazon. And when they make their
purchase you get the commission. You do still need blog content
in order for these to work. But the benefit of having
lots of products on your sitemeans that you often get
found for long tail searches. So when people are searching forthings that are very particularand they’re typing in long
product names and codesand that sort of thing,there’s a good chance
that your product pageswill come up for those searchesand you’ll get traffic that way. You will need a plug in or
some other sort of softwareto help you manage this and
kind of pull products invia an API. But yeah they’re a good
site to have and as I saythey allow you to pick up
a lot of long tail searchesas well as getting traffic
to your main contentlike you would with a blog site. Third sort of site I
want to talk about is areview focused site, so it’s
very similar to a blog site,but it’s geared towards
just offering reviews. So an example of this would be a websitethat I may awhile back
which was all aroundWordPress themes,where I add a load of content
and added loads of reviews. And it had kind of star
ratings, that kind of thing. I’ve put a link up to the video tutorialon how you can make a site just like that. But yeah, it’s a site that
very focused on reviews,that’s the kind of main contentthat you’re gonna be offering. And you’re helping people
buy by reviewing products. And then obviously liking off
with your affiliate links,so that people can make the purchase. The fourth sort of site
that I want to talk aboutis a voucher code site. Now I’m sure you’re familiar with these. A big one is vouchercodes. co. uk in the UK. There’s a tonne of sites out
there to offer voucher codes. And it is a very competitive niche,especially the more general sites. A way that you could
possibly enter this marketwould be to have a
niche voucher code site. So maybe you just, you know voucher codesfor health products or baby products,or some very specific niche. But basically this way this
works is you create a siteand you offer a lot of sort
of voucher discount codes. And in order for someone
to access those codesthey have to click a button
or something like that then,sends them off to the merchant sitevia your affiliate links
in the gate cookied. Or indeed you’d create some voucher codesvia your affiliate campaigns that you havewith these merchants. And then when someone uses that codethey’re then able to track
that sale back to youand you get your commission. So again, fourth type of
site is a voucher code site. Number five is a comparison site. Now I’m currently in the
process of actually makingmy own comparison site. But as the name suggest
a comparison site is justa place where people can gowhen they’re looking for
a certain type of product. And it allows them to compare pricesand stock available to you,
that kind of thing, very easily. Now I’m creating one all around trainers,or sneakers as you say in the States. And it’s gonna be you know, very specificin a very specific niche
and it allows peopleto find the cheapest price of trainer. The way you do this is use a plug in,for example Content Egg, or
something similar like that,Where you can pull in
lots of prices via an API. I’m using Affiliate Window,Commission Junction and Amazon. And you’re pulling all the
data from all those guysthen laying it out really nicely,so people can clearly seewhere they can get the product
for the cheapest price. If you’re thinking of
doing a comparison site,again similar to the voucher codes,I’d make sure that you
go into a specific niche. That way you’ve got a good
chance of getting ranked. And again kind of all these sitesthey are gonna need content. So you are gonna need a
blog somewhere within therewhere you can serve up some good contentand help people make a purchase. That brings us to the end of this video,I hope you’ve found it useful. I hope it’s inspired youand kind of given you some
clarity in terms of thesort of site that you want to create. As I said I’ve got tutorials on a numberof these different types of sites. So I’ve got tutorials on how to createan ecommerce type site,
how to do the review site. And as I say in the pipeline I’ve gota video coming through on
how to create the blog siteand the comparison site. So yeah. If you haven’t done so
already please do subscribe. You can click the little bell to make sureyou get notified and join
the notification squad,as I hear other YouTubers
saying. Here’s a video from the past
which I hope you’ll enjoy. And there’s a couple
more channels that I’m onthat you might like. Until next time, bye for now.

Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? I
am going to answer that question in thisvideo. And I’m going to show you what does
work. And I’ll be showing you a fewexamples of products you can sell and
make insane Commission’s using Amazonaffiliate marketing. Let’s get it. Amazon
affiliate marketing it’s the biggestaffiliate network out there. It’s also
one of the ones that offers the lowestcommissions. Now, I personally advise
people get started with affiliatemarketing on Amazon just to understand
how it works. But you might be wondering,”Does it actually work to make you a lot
of money?” Most cases, no. Okay? And I’mgoing to go over what does not work in
Amazon affiliate marketing. But it doeswork and there are people earning
full-time substantial millions ofdollars a year income from Amazon and
I’ll explain you what that is. I’ll alsobe showing you some examples on my
computer of what you can do to makeAmazon work. So first of all, what doesn’t
work? Selling books, you’re going to makemost products on Amazon. You earn 3
to 5 percent commission on, okay?That’s not a lot of money. You’re not
gonna be a millionaire selling books andearning 30 to 50 cents on. So, no category
goes books, okay?Almost everything under a thousand
dollars actually is not a good choicefor selling as an affiliate on Amazon. So,
what does work? Well, basically anythingover a thousand dollars. And I’ll be
showing you examples of these here. So,things that work over a thousand dollars
or things such as cameras, drones, VR gear,virtual reality gear. Generators, high-end
vacuum cleaners and all sorts of othervery expensive products that you can’t
really find in any other affiliatenetwork. Now, let’s go in my computer and
I’ll show you some examples of theproducts that you can sell on Amazon as
an affiliate and make a lot of money. Okay,so here I am on Amazon.
And if we search for stuff like Nikoncamera, right? We’ll see there’s all sorts
of products here. It’s 649 dollars. Thatmeans if you earn even 5% Commission,
you’re earning 30-some bucks on thiscamera equipment. Now, if any of you are
familiar with the mega YouTuber CaseyNeistat, the way make Casey Neistat
made most of his first money when he wasYouTubing was actually through affiliate
marketing for cameras on Amazon. He putall of the links to his recommended
camera equipment, his drones, his tripod,his gorilla arm stuff. All that stuff. All
of his lenses as affiliate links on hisYouTube channel. And that’s how he made a
lot of money. Because when he began, thereason people were following Casey Neistat was because he was amazing atvideography. The videos he do that he
does or still does are absolutelybeautiful. And he’s really good with his
equipment and editing and all that stuff. So, that’s why people followed him in the
beginning and that’s how he made money. Other things you can sell from high
ticket items on Amazon include stufflike vacuum cleaners. If we look at
vacuum cleaners, I mean this is hundredsof dollars. But you can find vacuum
cleaners for thousands of dollars andlet me show you an example. If we look at
best vacuum cleaners which I just did asearch of here, we’ll see there’s top
five vacuums. The first result is an ADDtop five vacuums of 2019, vacuum buyer’s
guide. Best reviews. And it takes us tothis site and we see there’s a Dyson
vacuum, a Hoover vacuum, a shark vacuum. And all of these you can’t purchase on
amazon. com. Now, these are all affiliatelinks. And what this company is doing is
they are buying ad space. Maybe they’respending about a buck and they’re hoping
that if you’re looking for the bestvacuum cleaner, you’ll buy one of these
and they’ll make let’s say 30 bucks. Because you bought a vacuum cleaner
through them and they made theiraffiliate commissions. So they spend a
buck to make 30. Great idea. The one otherinstance where Amazon affiliate
marketing works is when you haveinsanely high volume.
It can be of cheap items but let me do asearch here in Google for best baby
diapers for a newborn girl. A veryreasonable search probably many people
do everyday. Now, here we get 11 best diapers of 2019.
Now, this is just an average blog, right?They don’t actually sell anything,
they’re not going to profit from you. It’sjust a mom helping a mom, right? Well,
maybe, maybe not. If we go to this site,the first thing we see is our editors
independent, blah, blah, blah, blah. We mayreceive commissions on purchases made
from our chosen links. And if we see here,there’s 11 links from Amazon and guess
what every link has? It has theiraffiliate ID, okay? Right there on every
one of these links is their affiliate ID. And what we can see is their affiliate
ID is very well family – 20. That’s theiraffiliate ID. Amazon affiliate marketing
in summary works in 2 cases. Eitheryou’re selling extremely expensive
products that are generally speakingover $1000 or at least over a couple
hundred. Or in cases where you’re doingmassive volume. You have millions of
mother’s looking on Google for the bestbaby diapers. And in this case, this
person has just hundreds of links toAmazon on her site with all of the best
baby stuff. Look Amazon link, Amazon link. We have Walmart affiliate link, okay? So,
this person who’s using a combination ofAmazon and Walmart affiliate links. So
you have crazy volume or you’re doingselling stuff with crazy prices. Those
are the cases where it works. Hope thiswas helpful. Ooh! I hope you learned
something from this video on whether ifAmazon affiliate marketing works. If you
are looking for more profitableaffiliate programs to join and be a part
of, I suggest you subscribe to my channeland hit that notification icon. And when
you subscribe, you’ll be given instantaccess to a free affiliate marketing
course on YouTube. Totally free that’lltell you more about what I do and how
affiliate marketing works. Also, I suggestyou like this video if you got some
value from it. And leave a comment ofwhat you’d like to see me talk about
nextin my next video. See you later.

Can You Still Make a Living Off Affiliate Marketing in 2019? The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing

– You see all those
people working from homein their underwear making a killing. Don’t you want to be one of ’em?Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel,and today, I’m going to share with youif affiliate marketing
still works in 2019,and the best-kept secret. Before we get started,make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, when I release
more tips like thisand more videos, you’ll get notified. Quick question for you,how many of you have tried
out affiliate marketing?If you have, leave a
comment below with Yes. If you haven’t, leave a
comment below with No. Now here’s the best-kept secret. It does work. Affiliate marketing doesn’t
work as well as it used to,but it still does work. You just have to change the way,and here’s what I mean. Affiliates used to make an arm and a legby just throwing off Facebook
ads, or Google AdWords,driving traffic to landing
page and crushing it. Now, it doesn’t mean you
can’t make more money. It was just easier back then,but there’s a new way to make moneythat most affiliates take for granted. It’s through SEO,and if you optimize your siteand rank really well organically,you can dominate, and you can keep gettingmore and more revenue coming in. And here’s the best part,you don’t have to pay traffic. Sure, it takes longer to
get results than it used to,but your margins, your
profit is way higher. So, let’s go over how you can doreally well as an affiliate in 2019. Step 1, I want you to go to
all the affiliate networkswithin the verticals you’re thinking of. Here’s what I mean, verticals
that you’re thinking of,if you’re being a marketer
to just make money,you’re going to find a
hard time making money. If you’re doing something
you’re passionate about,you’re going to be much better offbecause you’ll put in the time and effortthat’s needed to succeed. So go and think about what you love,and go to any of those affiliate sites,like a ClickBank. com,and you can see what are
the most popular products,what are their payouts in my space?This will give you ideas of whatpeople are selling to make money. If you’re unsure and
you land on these sites,you can also call their support people,and they’ll even walk you
through and give you adviceon what products or
services you should promote. The next thing I want you to do is just dosome Google searches related
to those products or services. You’ll see all the other peoplewho are ranking for those terms. Now, I want you to create
a list of all those URLs. The next thing I want you to do is headon over to Ubersuggest and
put in each of those URLs. This will show you where allof those sites are getting traffic from. That report that you just landed onwhen you put in that URL
is an overview report. It’ll show you someone’s
traffic, their top pages,all the keywords that they’re ranking for. The next thing I want you to dois click on over to Top Pages. This page will show youtheir most popular pieces of content,even their most popular pages,the ones that are ranking on Google,the ones that are
getting the most traffic. When you look at that page,it’ll show you social shares,and it’ll show you estimated trafficand the number of back-links. Click the View All button
under estimated traffic. This will show you all the keywords thatthat page is getting traffic for,show you how many visitors
from each keyword,the ranking positions,
and how competitive it isfor that keyword to rank organically. They keywords you want
to rank for and look forare the ones that have high traffic,the ones that are expensive
in cost-per-click,and have an easy or a low
search difficulty number. The easier it is, the quicker
you’re going to get ranking,and when a keyword is expensive,
higher-cost-per-click,that means it tends to convertmore from a visitor into a customer. Now that you’ve got that out of the way,the next thing you want to do is lookto all the people that have
linked to that article. This will give you data
on how many back-linksthese articles are getting. Now that you’ve done all of that,the next step in the process is to dothis with the rest of the competitors. Once you’ve done that,
you’ll figure out what typesof pieces of content you shouldcreate to get the most traffic’cause not all sites
create the same content. Even though they’re competing,they all have different
spins and variations on it. This will give you the framework
of what you should do last. The last thing you need
to do is go out thereand create the content and promote it. You already have ideas on the
way your competition is doing. You already know what’s
driving them traffic. It’s time for you to one-up themand create better
versions of their content. They have a 2,000-word post. Go make yours four or 5,000 words. Put video in there, put pictures,just one-up and make ’em so much better,everyone’s like, “I don’t need
a check out any other site. “Neil’s done such an amazing job,”or John’s done such an amazing job,”or Jill’s done such a great job. “You need to go above and
beyond so people careabout what you have to say,
and they don’t want to careabout any other site within that space. When you create this content,
you also need to promote it. The way you promote it is you
email all the other peoplewho linked to your
competition and be like,Hey John, I noticed you linked
out to XY and Z article. I have a similar one that just came outbut mine covered 1, 2,
and 3 that theirs didn’t. Cheers, Neil. You send 100, two, 300 of those emails,you’ll start getting back-links. You can do the same
thing with all the peoplewho shared that article from
your competition as well. I put that article into
search. twitter. com,and I see who’s shared that article. I’ll even reach out to those people. When you start doing
that, what you’ll find isyou’ll get traffic to your articles,and just like any other
affiliate marketer,you can’t forget promoting other offers. Remember how step 1 is
going to the networks,finding the other products and servicesin your space that pay out well. Well, you’re driving
traffic to your content nowby promoting some of these pieces,you’ll then start getting
more traffic, more sales,and that’s how you do
affiliate marketing in 2019. If you need help getting
more traffic to your site,check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed watching this video,like it, share it,
subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions,leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. Thank you for watching.

How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links – 7 Tips

– Now I know a lot of youwould like to make more money
with your YouTube videos. Just by putting ads on,a lot of people think,
’cause they’re on YouTube,they see these YouTubers
making money that just byturning ads on that you
can make a bunch of money. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Now, in this video I’m
going to actually show youhow to actually make more
money with your YouTube videos. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big
creator, or a small creator. I’m going to give you some
strategies and tacticsthat’s going to help you understandhow to leverage affiliate linksespecially the Amazon Influencer Program. Let’s do this. – Derraleves. comHello my people of the internet. Derral Eves here. Now if you’re new to me and this channelwe talk about everything YouTube. We talk about tactics, strategies,and helping grow your
audience, getting more views,and ultimately making more money. So, if you haven’t subscribed yetmake sure you hit that subscribe buttonand the bell notifications
so you don’t miss out. Now there’s a lot of
creators here on YouTubethat are only looking to make
money by monetizing the adsand becoming a YouTube partner. Now, don’t get me wrong,I think this is a a great way
to actually get started hereby creating a business
from your YouTube content. I’ve seen a lot of creators
get really focused in oncreating their content and
they actually lose sightand lose focus on things
that would actuallyhelp them make more money. Ad revenue is just a sliverof the amount of money
they can really make. Now there’s a lot of different waysthat you can get multiple
streams of income coming in,and I found the easiest is
actually working with Amazon. Now a couple months ago I
actually released a videowhere I was talking about Amazonlooking for YouTube creatorsto be a part of their new
Amazon Influencer Programand I know a lot of you
actually watched thatvideo and actually filled
out the applicationand haven’t really done much with it. Well today I’m gonna show you some things,some results that’s really
gonna change your mindof how to actually look at
the Amazon Influencer Programand how to leverage it in the right way,and also in the latter part of this videoI’m gonna give you my very best stuff. It is my secret tips. My seven powerful tips to make youan amazing Amazon Influencer
or something like that. Let’s go ahead and jump into
the strategies and tactics nowof how to actually leveragewhen you become an Amazon Influencerand how to actually make money. So how the program actually works is thatyou actually uploaded videothat is either showcasing a product,or in the description, or in the comments,you leave a trackable
link that sends peopleto your custom Amazon landing page. Now this is a page where
you can put any productthat is on Amazon and when
someone buys that producton Amazon then you actually
get paid a commission. You get that referral
fee that’s coming fromthe Influencer Program. Now the great thing about thisis that if they go and buy
something else on Amazonthen you actually get
paid on that as well,so it’s not just the things
that are on your page,but all on the Amazon sitesand I say sites because they
have a lot of different sites. It’s just basically saying
you sent them that trafficand anything they buy you
get a percentage on that. Now a common question that I
know a lot of people are askingis what is the difference between theAmazon Associate Program and
the Amazon Influencer Program?Well, the Amazon Influencer Programis actually an extension of
the Amazon Associate Programso the commissions are literally the same. The only difference is, it’s a lot coolerin the Amazon Influencer
Program because you have a lotmore options to customize what
your visitor actually seesand there’s a lot more things
coming down the pipelinethat you want to be a
part of this program. Now let me give you a strategythat I did for one of my clients. Now my client was actually coming outwith a music video here on
YouTube, and as you know,music videos are very difficult. They were doing a cover songand it was like intertwined
with a Star Wars theme. So I encourage my client toactually become an Amazon Associate,and they gave me some push
back ’cause they’re likehey, the songs only
going to be for a $1. 99and if we’re only getting
a percentage of the $1. 99it’s not worth it, but
what I explain to themand this is the real strategy here,it’s not that first initial
sell, it’s what they buy next. Now where this video
is all about Star Warsyou know you’re going to get
some hardcore geeks, like me that will want to buy other things on thatbecause Amazon is literally notoriousand really good at predicting peopleto buy other things so when
they go download the musicoh they see a costume for Darth Vaderand they buy it even though it’s $700and so you’re actually getting
a percentage on that $700’cause you’re bringing
the traffic into Amazonand it is wonderful. Now that client was super happyand they shifted their
strategy because of thatand ultimately they were making more moneythrough the Amazon Affiliate Programthen they were on, you know, selling musicand I know it’s crazybut hey, it’s all about making money here. Now you’re ready for your power tips?That’s right. The seven powerful tips tomake you an amazing Amazon Influencer. Well here we goTip number one. Now you want to list your
best selling productsat the top of your custom pageand also what you want to do isclick on each specific productand see if there’s any related productsor products that Amazon
is actually recommendingthat you actually add on to the cart. Now the reason why is
because Amazon alreadyhas a ton of data,and they’re able to see
what people are buying,and what they’re more apt to buy,so those are the products that youactually want to put
together on your Amazon page,and now tip number two. Select products that are
actually using Prime shipping. Now this is a big deal for mebecause I have spent a ton of money,don’t tell my wife, on Amazon. I mean way too much money,and one of the deal breakers for me,when I’m like selecting a productis does it come with
prime shipping, or not. I don’t want to pay for shipping. That’s why I have Amazon Prime,and so, you wanna make
sure that when you’reactually selecting products on your page,you are selecting products
with Amazon prime. Now tip number three. You wanna list the products
that you’re actually usingto produce your videos in the descriptionand you also wanna, at
times, in a couple of videos,here or there, just let people know that,hey, in the description below
you can find all my gear. You know, can see literally
everything I’m doingso if you’re a gamerand you’re doing live
streaming somebody might sayoh, man, he’s an amazing gamer,I want to know he’s what
chair he’s sitting on,what type of camera is he using,or what type of microphone,or headphones, whatever it may be. That’s where you want to put
it in the description below. Now a great power tip
from I guess it’s 3. 1,is that you don’t have togo through all your library and add them. If you have TubeBuddy,you can literally add
it to your descriptionby just putting it in there really quicklyand TubeBuddy does the rest. Now tip number four. Don’t always send themto your vanity URL or your shopping page. Now if you’re giving a product review,or you’re getting very specific in a videothat you’re using one specific productthat they need to get and
they can find it on Amazon,don’t send them to your pagewhere it has a million different options. Send them directly to the product. Now I know this is common senseand I think a lot of you were doing thisbut one thing I like to
do is really think ishow can I get that viewer to actually buy. You know, is it something
I need to say in the videoor is it taking away some optionsso it’s only one optionand it’s the best option for
them to actually to purchase. Now tip number five. Niche channels on YouTube, and also DIY,and beauty literally crush it on Amazon. I’m telling you, you don’t needa lot of subscribers or lot of viewsbecause these are hyper localized peoplethat are really interested
in a specific thingespecially if it’s DIY they
want to do it their selfand they want to be able to
learn how to build things. Let me give you a perfect example of this. Now in doing research for
this specific YouTube video,I was reading reaching out
to some of my subscribersthat actually signed up with
the Amazon Influencer Programand I came across Michael Lopezwhich I really liked his content. He was teaching people how to
build their own tiny boats. Now it’s not the little teeny boats. It’s like fishing boats, it’s
like really, really cool. Now he doesn’t have a ton of subscribers,and he doesn’t have a ton of views,however, his fans are literally engaged,and so when he teaches
them how to mod their boator how to build a boatand gives them specific supplieswhere do you think they go to?Of course, they’re going to
go to his custom landing pageand they’re actually
going to buy a product,and more product, and more product,because they’re learning
how to build something. Now in talking with Micheal,
this is really cool,he always says, hey you
know what, my ad rateson YouTube literally fluctuate
it’s always up and downand you never know what
you’re going to getbut with Amazon he is
growing month after month,month after month it’s getting better,where it’s even half of his income. You got to check out Micheal’s channel. I put it in the description down below. He’s doing some pretty cool things. You need to get some ideas from him. Now tip six, that’s right, six. The best type of converting videosare product review videos, that’s right. Product review video
videos really crush it,because people are ready to buy,and what they want is a
little bit more informationabout a specific product,
and what do they do,they either Google it or go on YouTubeto get someone’s review of a
particular product or service. Now in this case,what I would do is, do
6. 1, it’s like that,something like that, 6. 1Make sure the title of
your video is as followseither the product name review,or best product name,or what kind of product name should I get,or product name under $100. I mean the list goes on. Super, super power tip,because if you can get into the headof what people are searching forand how they’re searchingand you have a review,
they’re going to watch it,and then most likely
go to your Amazon pageto actually check out,and tip number seven,and no this is not a gang sign,you do not want to use a URL
shortening service like Bitly,because it doesn’t work with Amazon. You want to make sure
that all those clicksare trackable by Amazon. Now is there a tip that I missed?Go ahead and put that tip
in the comments below. There’s a lot of things that
we can learn as a community,’cause I know there’s
certain things that you dothat might help other people,so go ahead and put those tips in thereand if you want to sign up for
the Amazon Influencer Programwhich you really do,there is a link in the description below. You definitely want to
apply and be a part of itand if you’re not a part of
the Amazon Influencer Program,definitely join the
Amazon Associate Program. It’s a very, very big deal. This is something that
all creators need to do. Guys, thank you so much
for watching this video. If you have not subscribed
yet, hit that subscribe button,because we’re here to help youreally make this a business
and make money here on YouTube.