Obama on masculinity: ‘You don’t need eight women around you twerking’

Being a man is, first and foremost,
being a good human. And that means being responsible,
being reliable, working hard,being kind, being respectful,
being compassionate. The notion that somehow defining
yourself as a man is dependent onare you able to put someone else down
instead of lifting them up,are you able to dominate
as opposed to support,that is an old view. And a view that, thankfully, I see
a lot of young people rejecting. If you are very confident about
your sexuality,you don’t have to have
eight women around you twerking. I mean, why are you all like you
seem stressed that you’ve got to beacting that way. Because I’ve got one woman
who I’m very happy with. Right? So . . .
And she’s a strong woman.

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