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There are many debates in life
that don’t really have answers. Could LeBron have beaten
Michael Jordan?Could Mike Tyson have beaten
Muhammad Ali?Could Bert beat Ernie?I know they’re friends,but there’s real anger there,
folks. And, of course, one
of the biggest questions of all:could Donald Trump
have beaten Obama in a race?Not a footrace. We know
the answer to that question. A campaign race. And we’ll never really know. But thanks to this year’s
midterm elections,we get to see what
a race between the two of themmight have been like. Because this weekend,
with just eight days. . . with just eight weeks. Not eight days. You guys
are like, “Eight days away?It’s not eight days away. “Yeah. Because this weekend,with just eight weeks
until voting day,the former president decidedit was time
to get back in the ring. Tonight, Trump versus Obama. The former president
blasting his successor by namein a rare and fiery
midterm message. By the time I left office,household income
was near its all-time high,and the uninsured rate
had hit an all-time low,and wages were rising,
and poverty rates were falling. I mention all this
just so when you hearhow great the economy’s doing
right now,let’s just remember
when this recovery started. Oh!You guys. . . you guys realize
what this means, right?It’s on. President Obama
versus President Trump. The leader versus the tweeter. Yes We Can versus way too tan. And you know Donald Trump’s
not gonna stand byand let someone take credit
for their own achievements. No, no, no.
He’s gonna push back,and he’s gonna do it with flair. So. . . I have a list,and the list goes on and on. It’s four pages of things
that the Trump administrationhas accomplished
in a short period of time. Each dot is a thing, okay?And some of those things
are very big things. And then I have
three more pages,two more pages just like this. Look. Okay?But isn’t this much. . . isn’t this much more excitingthan listening
to President Obama speak?Yeah, I guess. I guess this is exciting–the same way
I’m sure it was excitingto be on the plane that Sully
landed on the Hudson River. It was like,
“I think we’re all gonna be die,but it’s gonna be a movie!”Because seeing Trump and Obama
back-to-backreally shows the contrast
between these two. Right? They couldn’t
be more different. It’s like night and day,
like ebony and anarchy. I mean, listen. . . listen to how they each talked
about health care. Their sabotage
of the Affordable Care Acthas already cost more
than three million Americanstheir health insurance. And if they’re still in power
next fall,you better believe
they’re coming at it again. “What happens,” I said,
“if the entire world”decides to go to California”because they get
free health care,free medical care
and free education?”California
has just increased in sizeto 500 million people. California has just become
one really large person. What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?I’ve heard a lot of criticisms
about Obamacare,but I can safely say
I’ve never heardthat it’s gonna morph a stateinto a very giant person. -Like. . .
– like, what does that even mean?And. . . and while,while most people
would prefer a presidentwho’s articulate
and has a command of the issues,there are times
when you have to admitit’s definitely more fun
to watch Trump. Each time we painstakingly pull
ourselves closerto our founding ideals,that all of us
are created equal,the status quo pushes back. Sometimes the backlash
comes from peoplewho are genuinely,if wrongly, fearful of change. He said, uh,”What’d you think
of President Obama’s speech?”And I said,
“I-I’m sorry. I watched it,but I fell asleep. ” I found he’s very good,very good for sleeping. I-I hate to say it,
but Donald Trump is right. Obama is great for sleeping. Because when he was president,we all slept so good. -So good.
– But now,
now that Trump’s in charge,we all lie in bed awake
every night trying to figure outhow the California
turned into a giant man. Does he get one vote
in the Senate?All the people inside of him,did they leave
before it happened?So many questions!
I can’t sleep!And, now, look,
Trump may have beaten Obamaon the entertainment part,
but when both men commentedon last week’s secret house–
White House op-edin The New York Times,
it is safe to saythat Obama beat Trump
on the English part. There are people
inside the White Housewho secretly aren’t following
the president’s orders. That is not a check. They’re not doing us a serviceby actively promoting 90%
of the crazy stuffthat’s coming out of this
White House and then saying,”Don’t worry, we’re preventing
the other ten percent. “The latest act of resistanceis the op-ed published
in the failing New York Timesby an anomish,really, an anomynish,gutless coward. Yo. Yo. I can honestly listen
to Trump try to say “anomynish”for the rest of my life. It sounds look
a dope new Migos track. Just like. . .
♪ Monymish ♪♪ Mamaminin, amonymish ♪♪ Amonamymish,
anomamonamymish. ♪And, please, please, don’t get
me wrong, don’t get me wrong. Obama’s not always
in professor mode, right?When he needs to, he knows
how to hit Trump where it hurts. We’re supposed to stand up
to discrimination. And we’re sure as heck
supposed to stand up clearlyand unequivocally
to Nazi sympathizers. How hard can that be,saying that Nazis are bad? Yeah! Obama’s got a good point. Just say it, Trump.
Nashis are– Sorry. Nashis are– I guess there’s
fine people on both sides. Look, I’ll be honest.
I don’t knowwhy Obama’s wasting
his intellect on Trump. Like, we’re living
in Trump’s world now, right?This is not the time
for some well-crafted speechthat appeals
to our higher nature. This is time for a roast, Obama. Obama should just be
on the campaign traildissing Trump every day.
’Cause Trump knows how to dealwith nerds. But what
he can’t handle is swag. Yeah. Obama should just be
out there, like,”Uh, this guy, uh,
can’t even say ’anonymous. ’”Uh, I remember when presidents
could speak the languageof the countries
they were from. ” He should just roast him! He should–
he should just be like, be like,”Uh, Trump-Trump’s presidency,
uh, such a disaster,”it makes me glad I still have
my Kenyan citizenship. “Uh, and, uh,”and did you folks,
uh, read the op-ed?”Uh, nobody respects this guy. “Uh, I bet they don’t
even take his orders”at the McDonald’s
drive-through. “Uh, he says, ’Uh, I’ll have
the Chicken McNuggets. ’They say, ’Bitch,
you’re getting the salad. ’”

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