Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration

♪ ♪Narrator: Ladies and
gentleman the President ofthe United States and
Mrs. Michelle Obama. The President:
Hello, hello, hello. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody have a seat. Well, you can tell what
kind of night this is. That was not the usual
ruffles and flourishes. That was not John Philip
Sousa right there. This must be a BET event. Hello, everybody. Audience Members: Hello. The President: Welcome
to the White House. Female Speaker:
We love you. The President:
I love you back. That’s why we’re
having this concert. So, over the past eight
years Michelle and I haveset aside nights like this
to honor and celebrate themusic that has
shaped America. And it’s with a little bit
of bitter sweetness thatthis is our final musical
evening as Presidentand First Lady. I know. It’s going to
be all right. It’s going to
be all right. And I want to thank BET
for helping us out tonightto throw a great party. It’s no secret that
Michelle and I love music,and we try to share our
passion with therest of the country. But it is important to
note we are not the firstoccupants of this house
to fill it with music. The truth is that
throughout history, theWhite House has celebrated
the new and innovative. It’s even been a little
edgy once in a while. President Chester A. Arthur was ahead of his
time in inviting theall-black Fisk
Jubilee Singers. And their performance
moved him to tears. Teddy Roosevelt welcomed
Scott Joplin because hisdaughter wanted to
hear that new jazz. And then, guests of the
Kennedys apparently didthe twist in the East
Room, which may not soundlike a big deal to you,
but that was sort of thetwerking of their time. It was — — it was bold. There will also be
no twerking tonight. At least, not by me. I don’t know about Usher. But it makes sense because
this is the people’shouse, and it ought to
reflect the amazingdiversity, and the
imagination, and theincredible ingenuity that
defines the American people. And while much of the
music that you will hearthis evening — gospel,
R&B, rap, is rooted in theAfrican American
experience, it’s notjust black music. This is an essential
part of theAmerican experience. It’s a mirror to who we
are, and a reminderof who we can be. So, with that, I’m
going to stop talking. Are you ready
to get started? If so, give it up for
our first performer theamazing, the
lovely Jill Scott. Jill Scott: This song I’m
about to do is dedicatedto all the working
mothers, working wives. Working women
of the world. Hello, ladies
and gentlemen! Baby, Mama be back in a
minute/Gotta hustle andhandle my business/I’ll be
right back when I’m done/Igotta run run run run/I’m
superwoman/Flying throughthe city/There’s only one
way to make baby go andget it/Overworked. Underpaid. /Lord
knows I need a raiseBut when I walk by the
guys say/Baby, do youwanna go for a ride?/You can cruise on down
405/cause it looks likeyou could be the one. /I
gotta run run runrun/Baby, Gotta put food
on the table/Mama’sworkin’ and you know
mama’s able/I’ll be rightback when I’m done/I
gotta run run run runMe, oh my/Me, myself and
I/And my baby/I tell nolie/I try for my
baby/Every night/I prayfor my baby Oh. I swim the deepest sea. /I
climb the highest mountainfor you,
baby/Anything, oh –Somebody just put your
hands together, would you now?Mama’s gonna be there when
you’re. . . /Mama’s gonna bethere when you’re down/I
love you, baby/But now, Igotta run run run run run
run run run run run runrun/Baby . Thank you, ladies
and gentlemen. Can I get one more?Okay. Now, we get loose. I’m taking my
freedom,/Pulling it offthe shelf,/Putting it on
my chain,/Wear it aroundmy neck,/I’m taking my
freedom,/Putting it in mycar,/Wherever I choose to
go,/It will take me far/I’m livin’ my life like
it’s golden/Livin’ my lifelike it’s golden/Livin’
my life like it’sgolden/Livin’ my life like
it’s golden/Livin’ mylife, my life, my lifeI’m holding onto my own
freedom/Putting it in mysong,/Singing loud and
strong,/Grooving all daylong,/I’m taking my
freedom,/Putting it in mystroll/I’ll be
high-steppin’ y’all/Livin’ my life like it’s
golden/Freedom/Livin’ mylife like it’s
golden/Livin’ my life likeit’s important/like it
matters/ life get’sbetter/ life get’s better/
Livin’ my life my lifelike it is golden/ Like
it’s golden/like it’simportant/ like it
matters/ life getsblessed/ livin’ life
like it’s golden, goldenFreedom. / I’m freedom/
livin’ my life like it’sgolden/ like it’s
important/ like itmatters/ life get’s
blessed/ like it’s my own. Narrator: BET presents
Love and Happiness: AnObama Celebration. We will return with our
hosts, Regina Hall andTerence Jade as they take
us through a night ofspectacular performances,
from Common, Usher, theRoots, Leslie Odom Jr. ,
Janelle Monae, De La Soul,Jill Scott, Yolanda Adams,
BBD, Michelle Williams,and Kierra Sheard, plus
special moments fromSamuel L. Jackson,Jesse Williams,
Bradley Cooper,and Angela Bassett. It’s a celebration you
don’t want to miss. From the White House South
Lawn, BET presents Loveand Happiness: An
Obama Celebration. And now, please welcome
your hosts, Regina Halland Terence Jade. Terence Jade: Thank you
for having us as yourhosts for this most
important evening. Love and Happiness, a
musical experience. You look amazing, Regina. Regina Hall: Thank
you, Terence. Terence Jade: Thank you. Regina Hall: We are so
honored to be here. Everything about this
first family is historic. And the BET Network felt
that you deserve an eventto celebrate you for
everything that you havegiven us the
last eight years. And of course, for
your love of music. Terence Jade: Being able
to call you Mr. Presidentfor two terms, I think I
can speak for everyone. It’s filled us with
enormous pride. As I stand here with
everyone, you can feel it. This standing ovation
takes me back, and remindsme of some words I heard
back in the day, from thelate great Tupac who said
“We ain’t ready for ablack president. “Regina Hall: Eight years
later, there are childrenwho have only known
a black man — — as President of
the United States. Terence Jade: We were
talking about that backin the dressing room. That’s no small thing. You know, these children
— no matter where theyare on the planet, have a
radically different ideaof what you a world leader
can be, and that’sbecause of you, sir. It’s kind of a
bittersweet occasion. Regina Hall: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Terence Jade: We’re
really going to miss you. I mean, this is worse
than — like, this is –Regina Hall: Well, this is
actually worse than whenBET replaced Free and AJ. That was devastating. Terence Jade: Whoa –Regina Hall: That
was devastating. Terence Jade: No,
Regina, that –Regina Hall: Devastating. Terence Jade: Regina, you
know, if I can recall, youknow, the people that came
after, they werepretty awesome, too. You remember –Regina Hall: Nah. No, no, no. I love you, Terence. Terence Jade: I love
you, too, Regina. I love you, too. But seriously, Mr.
President, you enteredthe White House a dreamer,
and unbelievably, afterall you’ve seen, you’re
leaving the office moreoptimistic than you
were when you entered. Regina Hall: For you, sir,
hope was never a slogan,but a fundamental
philosophy. A world view. And we are stronger as a
nation becauseof your leadership. Thank you. Terence Jade:
What a night. What a room. Time to jump
into the show. As you could see –Regina Hall: Yeah. Terence Jade: — tonight
will be anevening like none other. Please welcome to the
stage — he wanted me tointroduce him this way. Regina Hall: Okay. Terence Jade: The highest
grossing box officemovie star of all
time, Samuel L. Jackson. ♪ ♪Samuel L. Jackson: Well, well, well. So, you want
to leave, huh? Just can’t take
it no more?I get it. You’re a better
man than me, sir. You really care about us
and the American people,and we applaud
you for that. You have been through a
lot, and you’ve alwaysremained so cool. See, I once played a
character named Jules — — in a little movie
called Pulp Fiction. Now, that was a man
with ice in his veins. But after your time in
the White House, sir?You put Jules to shame. Ain’t nobody
cooler than you. You been through
the wringer. We watched. Conspiracy theories. Birth certificates. Congressional obstruction. They even criticized
you for swatting a fly. A fly!A fly. But even as they got mad,
you just kept at it. And for eight years, you
kept your word, and your calm. You are the
epitome of cool. Our next performer is
another cool cat, and alsothe first rapper that ever
performed on televisionfrom the White House. Please welcome Common. Common: The President and
the First Lady are theleaders of the people. We have no President that
stood up for the peoplethe way our President has. This is street radio for
unsung heroes/Ridin’ inthey Regal, tryin’ to stay
legal/My daughter foundNemo, I found the new
Primo/Yeah, you know howwe do – we do it
for the peopleFrom Englewood to a single
hood in Botswana/I see the”I” in “We,” yours is my
drama/Standin’ in front ofthe judge with no
honor/Barack stick, knightthe people like Obama/The
karma of the streets isneeds and takes/Sometimes
we find peace in beats andbreaks/Put the bang in
the back so the seats canshake/Rebel Cadillac music
for the people’s sakeNow I’m on the rise,
doin’ business with myguys/Visions realized,
music affected lives/Agift from the skies to be
recognized/I’m keeping myeyes on the people:
that’s the prizeYeah, yeah. You know the days have
come/Because of you, youknow that we are one/Yeah. Just take your time,
everybody just take yourtime. /You da bomb/Your
light will shine. I get down. Go ladies. I get down. Go ladies. I never knew a luh,
luh-luh, a love likethis/Gotta be something
for me to writethis/Queen, I ain’t seen
you in a minute/Wrote thisletter, and finally decide
to send it/Signed, sealed,delivered, for us to grow
together/Love has nolimit, let’s spend it slow
forever/I know your heartis weathered by what studs
did to you/I ain’t gon’assault them, I did it
too/Because of you,feelings I handle with
care/Brothers recognizethe light/But they can’t
handle the glare/Hey, Iain’t the type to walk
around with matchingshirts/If relationship is
effort I will match yourwork/I want to be the one
to make you happiest/Andhurt you the most/They
say the end is near, comeclose/To the most
high/Regardless of whathappen, on Him let’s rely. Chorus: There are times –Common: Yeah,
sing it, you all. Chorus: — when
you need someone. Common: Everybody sing. Chorus: I will
be by your side. Common: Yeah, yeah. Let them know about
the light White House. Chorus: There is a
light that shines –Common: How it shines. Chorus: —
special for you. Common: Hey,
break it down. Break it down so
they can do it. I need you all to sing. Audience Members: There
are times whenyou need someone. I will be by your side. Common: Yeah, yeah. Let them know about
the lights, you all. Come on. Audience Members: There
is a light that shines –Common: How it shines?Audience Members: —
special for you and me. Common: God bless. Yolanda Adams: One day
when the glory comes/Itwill be ours, it will be
ours/Oh one day when thewar is won/We will be
sure, we will be sure/Oh glory Oh Common: Hands to the
Heavens, no man, noweapon/Formed against, yes
glory is destined/Everyday women and men become
legends/Sins that goagainst our skin become
blessings/The movement isa rhythm to us/Freedom
is like religion tous/Justice is
juxtapositionin’us/Justice for all just
ain’t specific enough/Oneson died, his spirit is
revisitin’ us/Truantlivin’ livin’ in us,
resistance is us/That’swhy Rosa sat on the
bus/That’s why we walkthrough Ferguson with our
hands up/When it go downwe woman and man up/They
say, “Stay down”, and westand up/Shots, we on the
ground, the camera pannedup/King pointed to the
mountain top and we ran upYolanda Adams: One day
when the glory comes/Itwill be ours, it will be
ours/Oh one day when thewar is won/We will be
sure, we will be sure/Oh glory Oh Now the war is not over,
and the victory isn’twon/But we’ll fight on to
the finish, and when it’sall said and done/We’ll
cry glory, oh glory Oh /We’ll cry glory, oh gloryCommon: Selma’s now for
every man, woman andchild/Even Jesus got
his crown in front of acrowd/They marched with
the torch, we gon’ runwith it now/Never look
back, we done gonehundreds of miles/From
dark roads he rose, tobecome a hero/Facin’ the
league of justice, hispower was the people/Enemy
is lethal, a king becameregal/Saw the face of
Jim Crow under a baldeagle/The biggest weapon
is to stay peaceful/Wesing, our music is the
cuts that we bleedthrough/Somewhere in
the dream we had anepiphany/Now we right the
wrongs in history/No onecan win the war
individually/It takes thewisdom of the elders
and young people’senergy/Welcome to the
story we call victory/Thecomin’ of the Lord, my
eyes have seen the gloryYolanda Adams: One day
when the glory comes/Itwill be ours, it will be
ours/One day when theglory comes/It will
be ours, it will beGlory, glory, glory,
glory, glory, glory. One day. Common: Yolanda Adams. Yolanda Adams: Common. Narrator: You’re watching
BET’s Love and Happiness:An Obama Celebration. Up next: Jesse Williams
shares some importantwords, and Janelle Monae
gives anelectrifying performance. Regina Hall: Ladies and
gentlemen, from the hitshow, Grey’s Anatomy, or
you probably remember himas the humanitarian
recipient from the BETAwards, please
welcome Jesse L. Williams. Jesse L. Williams: And
another thing. All right, not tonight. I’m not going to
do anything crazy. Tonight is an incredible
night for all of us. It’s a big deal. It’s an opportunity for
all of us to be thankfulfor a few things
in our lives. Take a break, share
some gratitude. And in these last few
months, with you guys inthe White House, I’d just
like to publicly thank theObamas for being such a
great and lasting sourceof pride for all of us. Now, we live in a country
so long committed todictating our potential
based on trivialities,like skin color, and
gender, and orientation,and faith. And we just want to tell
you that we get it. We know. We know, all too well,
that despite arguablyirrational hope and
patriotism and pledges ofallegiance, we understand
what you endure, and weappreciate the model that
you set, and the ceilingsthat you break — — demonstrating the
value of leadership, ofpreparation, of
fatherhood, anddignity — uphill. Well, now, while none of
us can be expected toagree with everything a
leader does, we alwayshave been inspired by your
intelligence and yourgrace throughout, and that
you brought directlyto this office. Now, your legacy is still
being written, and I, forone, believe that you may
have an even greater pathahead of you, reaching
back into the communitieswhere you began, pounding
the pavement for workingpeople in this country. Our young folks are
watching, and they aresetting their
goals accordingly. Toughness and temerity. Calm and collected,
intellectual, daring, anddecency — the examples
that we set, they matter,and we thank
you for yours. Our next performer, one of
the few beautiful peoplewho made it onto the
President’s officialplaylist — my mix tape
hadn’t dropped yet, so Imissed the deadline
— technicality. Please welcome the one,
the only, Miss Janelle Monae. Janelle Monae:
Mr. President. At this point,
we’re family. I love you, First Lady. I remember singing this
song, and you’ve given mehope, like the hope you
had in your eyes when youbecame the President of
the United States of America. You saw the future. Thank you. Smile, though your heart
is aching, smile/Eventhough it’s breaking/When
there are clouds, in thesky you’ll get by/If you
smile, through all fearand sorrow/Smile and may
be tomorrow/You’ll findthe sun come shining
through for youLight up your face, with
gladness/Hide everytrace of sadnessAlthough a tear may be
ever so near/’Cause that’sthe time you must keep on
trying/Smile, what’s theuse of crying/You’ll find
that life is still worthwhile/If you, my
darling, smile, smile, smile But you didn’t
just stay here. You were on the camping
trails, and I remember yousaying these words. “You can’t get too high. You can’t get too low. “So, I wrote a song about
it, and it’s called Tightrope. Are you all ready
for the Tightrope? Are you ready?One, two, three. Whoa/Another day/I
take your pain awaySome people talk about
ya/Like they know allabout ya/When you get down
they doubt ya/And when youtippin’ on the scene/Yeah
they talkin’ boutit/’Cause they can’t tip
all on the scene withya/Talk about
it/T-t-t-talk bout it/Whenyou get elevated/They love
it or they hate it/Youdance up on them
haters/Keep getting funkyon the scene/While they
jumpin’ round ya/Theytrying to take all your
dreams/But you can’t allow it’Cause baby whether I’m
high or low/Baby, whetherI’m high or low/I
gotta tip on thetightrope/T-t-t-tip
on the tightropetightrope/Baby, baby,
whether I’m high orlow/Baby, whether I’m
high or low/Tip on thetightrope/Now let me see
you do the tightrope/AndI’m still tippin’ on itSee I’m not walkin’ on
it/Or tryin’ to run aroundit/This ain’t no
acrobatics/You eitherfollow or you lead,
yeah/I’m talkin’ boutyou/Or keep on blaming the
machine, yeah I’m talkin’bout it/T-t-t-talkin’ bout
it/I can’t complain aboutit/I gotta keep my
balance/And just keepdancin’ on it/We gettin’
funky on the scene/Yeahyou know about it/Like a
star on the screen/Watchme tip all on itBecause baby whether I’m
high or low/Whether I’mhigh or low, I gotta tip
on the tightrope, yeah,yeah, yeah/Baby, whether
I’m high or low/I’m gonnatip on the tightrope/Now
watch me tip on the tightropeYou can’t get too high/I
said you can’t get toolow/’Cause you get too
high/No you’ll surely below/Now, now, now, shut upYeah, yeah, yeah/Now, you
shut up, yeah/Ladies andgentlemen the funkiest
horn sectionin/The White House And we call that
classy brass/♪ ♪you got to stay on the
scene/One more time/Onemore one more one more
time/One more time/Onemore time/One more
time/One more time Tightrope, oh, yeah♪ ♪I said I said♪ ♪/ I said he always stayed
on the scene/He stayed onthat tightrope,y’all Narrator: Our celebration
is just getting started. When we return, Hamilton’s
Leslie Odom Junior gives aspecial tribute
to the President. Plus, a show-stopping
performance from BBD. It’s BET’s Love and
Happiness:An Obama Celebration. Terence Jade: Ladies and
gentlemen, from the hitBroadway musical,
Hamilton, please welcomeLeslie Odom Jr. Leslie Odom
Junior: Thank you. Mr. President, Mrs. Obama,
on behalf of the entireBroadway company of
Hamilton, thank you somuch for your
support of our show. Your legacy, I’m sure,
will warrant a musical inthe next 100 years. I’m positive about that. Now, I may not be around
to perform it then, so isit cool if I try
some of it now?Okay. I wrote a little
something. Adam, okay. Barack Obama: The Musical. He is the son of an
immigrant from Kenya/andthe woman from Wichita
dropped in the middle of aphenomenon in the
spot/State 50, swiftyshifty, lifting trees
upon cool debris ofcalm/Organizing the
senator, he went throughthe door and whoa/Is that
great speech in 2004/Andwhoa, world began to
really pay attention tothe top spot could be
his/The people started tomention/And then there’s
Michelle, she’s ride ordie/An amazing woman,
right there by hisside/And we watched as his
hope grew/And in two andtwo for the office of the
President/Uh-oh, guesswho/Barack Hussein Obama,
Barack Hussein Obama/ lifefilled with drama/But man,
we love you like a mama –Okay, I’m still
working on it. I’m going to get Lin to
punch it up, I promise. It will be better. It will be
better than that. But in all sincerity,
if I could, I think thehallmark of your
presidency has been grace,and this song
speaks to that. May God’s bless and keep
you always/May your wishesall come true/May you
always do for others/Andlet others do for you/May
you build a ladder to thestars/And climb on every
rung/May you stay/Foreveryoung/And may you
stay forever youngMay your hands always be
busy/May your feet alwaysbe swift/May you have a
strong foundation/When thewinds of changes shift/May
your heart always bejoyful/May your song
always be sung/And may youstay/Forever young/And may
you stay forever young Terence Jade:
Unbelievable. And please, give it up for
our musical director, AdamBlackstone and the
BBE all-star band. Amazing job. All right. We’re going to
take things back. Now, the first movie date. Do the right thing, right?And then, shortly
thereafter, I’m sure therewas a night of
dancing, right?The turn up started
early, right?Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to stage some guysthat get down
like no other. Ricky Bell, Michael
Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe,otherwise known as BBD. BBD: It’s driving me out
of my mind That’s why it’shard for me to find Can’t
get it outta my head Missher, kiss her, love
her, wrong move you’redead/That girl is poisonPump your fists,
like this. Here we go. Pump your fists,
like this. What’s the name of
this jam, you all?Poison, yeah. It’s♪ ♪at the White
House, you all. Michael Bivins:
You ready, Ron?Ronnie DeVoe: I’m ready. Michael Bivins:
You ready, Rick?Ricky Bell: I
think I’m ready. I’m over here like –Girl I must warn you I
sense something strange inmy mind/Situation is
serious/Let’s cure it’cause we’re running out
of time/Mm mm tell ’emRick it’s all so
beautiful/Relationshipsthey seem from the
start/Yeah mm mm it’s allso deadly/When love is not
together from the heartIt’s driving me out of my
mind/That’s why it’s hardfor me to find/Can’t get
it outta my head/Miss her,kiss her, love her, wrong
move you’re dead/That girlis poison/Never trust a
big butt andsmile/That girl is poisonIf I were you I’d take
precaution/Before I startto leave fly girl/You
know ’cause in someportions/You’ll think
she’s the bestthing in the worldShe’s so fly, she’ll drive
you right out of yourmind/Steal your heart when
you’re blind/Beware she’sschemin’, she’ll
make you think you’redreamin’/You’ll fall
in love and you’ll bescreamin’ dreamin’/Poison
deadly moving itslow/Looking for a mellow
fellow like DeVoe/Gettingpaid laid so better lay
low/Schemin’ on hots myend the pro show/The low
pro hot should be cut likean afro/See what you’re
sayin’ huh/She’s weighin’but I know she’s a loserGive it up, you all. You all, pump your fists. Pump your fists like this. Pump your fists. Are you all
ready to dance?Come on. Ricky Bell: Hey, yo, Adam. You got that baseline?I was at the bar shake
shakin’ takin’ ’em off/Andthat night I played the
wall/Checkin’ out thefellas the highs the
lows/Keepin’ one eye openstill clockin’ ’em/Still
one particular girl thatstood out from the
rest/Poison as can be howhow is she/Michael me and
see and I’m runnin’ the show. Audience Members:
Bell Biv DeVoe. BBD: Say what, you all?Hands up, you all. Help me sing this song. It’s driving me
out of my mind. Sing it, you all. Audience Members: That’s
why it’s hard for me to find. BBD: Can’t get it outta my
head/Miss her, kiss her,love her. Thank you so much
for having us. Thank you, guys. Thank you, all. We love you all. Narrator: BET’s Love
and Happiness: An ObamaCelebration will return
with some beautiful wordsfrom Angela Bassett, plus
Kierra Sheard, MichelleWilliams, and Yolanda
Adams take usto Sunday service. Don’t move. And now, please welcome
Angela Bassett. Angela Bassett: I kind of
know what it’s like to bemarried to a man who’s a
big deal when you’re apretty big deal yourself. To be married to a man
who’s dedicated his lifeto something bigger than
himself, who’s committedto making the world a
better place, is to live alife that looks beyond
your own love for eachother, and to imagine a
future beyond yourown lives together,
Mrs. Obama. You have been a beacon of
light these past eight years. You have been a paragon of
dignity in the face of theworst kind of politics —
in the face of a tax onobstruction, you have been
a steady reminder that thehigh road is the only
road worth taking. Your marriage, your
out-loud love for oneanother has inspired young
people to look to oneanother, even as they look
out at the challenges thatthey must face, and the
world that theymust transform. I don’t have the words to
say how much I’m going tomiss the elegance, the
glamour, the easy intimacywith which you have
faced challenges. I am comforted by the
knowledge that you willbelong to us as much as
you belong to eachother for all time. And here, now, to
celebrate the blessing oflove in this absolutely
highest form, accompaniedby the Reginald Golden
Singers, please welcomeKierra Sheard, Michelle
Williams, and Yolanda Adams. ♪ ♪Michelle Williams:
Come on, everybody up. If you need a blessing,
praise the Lord/ /If you need an answer,
praise the Lord/ When you praise him
everything must change/Formy God inhabits the praiseYolanda Adams: With that
free I’m going to clap myhands because He’s been
good/I’m going to do mydance because
He’s been amazing. I’m gonna live my
life with his Lord. Glorious, God is
glorious/Wonderful, yes,He’s wonderful/Marvelous,
yes, He’s marvelousPraise the lord. Kierra Sheard: Don’t stop
praising/Keep on singing♪ ♪, oh glory/ oh what a
mighty God/ He saves/♪ ♪/ Prince of peace/
Praise the LordYolanda Adams: Put your
hands together/Put yourhands togetherWe’re going to go to
Chicago right about now. Is that okay?Michelle is going to tell
us how Jesus can work it out. Michelle Williams:
Yes, ma’am. Yolanda Adams: You ready?Michelle Williams: Yes. Yolanda Adams: Come on. Michelle Williams: Jesus/ If you let Him,
follow Jesus That problem that I had/I
just couldn’t seem tosolve, I tried and I
tried, But I kept gettin’deeper involvedSo I turned it over to
Jesus, And I stoppedworryin’ about it, Gave
it over to the Lord, Oh, Jesus, oh, Jesus,That
habit that I had, I just couldn’t
seem to break I prayed and I prayed/ But I thought
it’d be too late So I turned it
over to Jesus And I stopped
worryin’ about it And I stopped
worryin’ about it And I stopped
worryin’ about it Oh yeah, he worked it outYolanda Adams: Oh, Jesus
can if you let him, Can ifyou let him/But
you’ve got to let him Jesus what are you trying to figure out, He’s already worked itout, He’s the one
that can work it♪ ♪He’s already worked
it out already –Hey, come on. Already. Come on. Come on. Already. Come on. Already. Come on, come on. Already. Work it out. ♪ ♪Narrator: When we return,
Bradley Cooper reminds usof some special moments
during the Obamapresidency, and the
legendary Roots crew teamup with hip-hop
veterans De La Soul. Plus, Usher performs. You’re watching BET’s Love
and Happiness:An Obama Celebration. Regina Hall: Ladies and
gentlemen, introducing oneof our favorite actors –Terence Jade: Please
welcome Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper: Where were
you when Barack Obama waselected President in 2008?Because there was an
infectious magic that madeits way around the
world and the country. I remember, I was with
you two in Missouri, in afootball field, in a
tent two daysbefore the election. It was an honor. On the actual day, I was
shooting Hangover one. We were in a hospital in
Los Angeles, and then ZachGalifianakis and I walked
around Venice afterwards. And we just watched
everybody get out of thehouse, and honking
horns, and celebrating. Where were you in 2012?We were shooting
Hangover three. I’m not kidding. In Las Vegas, it was
Mr. Chow’s suite, and hewas having a party when
the results were comingin, and we kept rushing in
to look at the television. So, if we make Hangover
four, you’ll stay?Because I’ll get the wolf
pack back together rightnow, and make it happen. That moment —
many other moments. There are so many moments
that have marked yourpresidency — moments that
are etched into my mindand all of your minds. And I could say, I
remember where I was,what was happening when
that moment happened. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. And on that note, it’s
my honor to introducehometown heroes, Philly’s
legendary the Roots crew. Roots: ♪ ♪sounds of the legendary
hardworking, foundation,roots crew from
Philadelphia P. A. please stand. Here comes the hot
music/the hot music/thehot music/the
hot hot music. Listen. You go one, two. One, two. One, two. That’s how we usually
start, once again it’s thethought, It’s the Philly
Dalai Lama of the mic, theprime minister
thought, This directed towhoever in listening
range, The whole state ofthings in the world bout
to change Black rainfallin’ from the sky look
strange, The ghetto is redhot, we steppin’ on
flames, Yo, it’s inflationon the price for fame, and
it was all the same, butthen the antidote came, The
Black Thought, illsyllablist, out the
Fifth, This heavyweight rapshit I’m about to
lift, Like a phylum lift upits seed to sunlight,When
I plug in the mic, drawlike a gunfight,But I
never use a cordless, orstand applaudless,Sippin’
cholorophyll out of illsilver goblets,I’m like
a faucet, monopoly’s theobject,Ain’t no way to cut
this tap, you got to getwet,Your head is throbbin’
but I ain’t said shityet,The Roots crew,
the next movement♪ ♪Stop what you’re doin’
and, set it in motion, it’sthe next movement, You
listeners, stop whatyou’re doin’ and, set it
in motion, it’s the nextmovement we deliver this
stop what your ding andset it off and we go here
come the hot music, thehot music, the hot hot
music, hot music, Hey yo,for real, for real, Listen,
the formation of words tofit, That’s what I usually
disturb you with, You allnever heard of this, I
know half the time itis, You doubt the
Illa-Fifth, whatcould you accomplish?Whether they skywriting
your name, or youanonymous, You be
speechless, with stingingsinuses, The Roots royal
highnesses throughyour monitors♪ ♪Shinin’ like a rugged
amethyst, At your musicconference, I’m
the panelist♪ ♪jamming like an analsytSee if you can
hand this off. You got the cool M. C. boo yeahWhite House Boogey, yeah, WHite House Boogey, uh huh,White House Boogey, yeah, White House Boogey uh getdown, White House Boogey, White House Boogey, Pickit up, White House Boogey Daddy DaddyLadies and gentlemen. Please put your hands
together for my goodfriends and brothers. This is De La Soul. Hello, Mr. Soul♪ ♪with the whole control –Hold up. Wait a minute. Oh, hey. Check it out. It’s like this y’all, it’s
like that, See,this is the way. This is the way. This is the
way we organizeYo, I speak divine of God
theories, no need to behigh, Always exhale the
facts cause I don’t inhalelie, Play the greater man’s
game, to bounce off myloss, So I can earn the
acres the houses and thehorses, Of course it’s much
greater than your Benx oryour Lex, The engine to my
comprehension this is toocomplex, uh-huh, Much too
complex, effects be livelike Das, Making moves
down South, to avoid thebull, And never, flaunt the
coin ’cause dime-gettersbe gazin’, They call me
Luther Van, they say mystyle is so amazin’, Fazin’
those who’re supposed tohave the last laugh, Even
when I’m gone I’mreappearin’ in the af’, I
have to, send respects toreal money makers, Do not
connect us with thosechampagne hoes, Taste the
quarter pound from here toNew York, Don’t swine,
don’t eat no pork Who am you?The D to the A the V to
the E and can’t nobodykick it like these three
MCs I’m the B-L-U the G tothe 1 I walk around the
planet making moneymoney having fun. And I’m the C to the O
double M – O -N I see andthink with a drink about
how I am going to win. The C to O double M-O-N
I’m from the city of winy’all Now, now, now You
wanna be an MC, but do youwant to serve, do
you wanna be dope or do you want to♪ ♪king of the crillit, I
feel it, I’m the style,♪ ♪, we have self control of
our destiny, and the best of,♪ ♪Take it down like rec Lou
Gainess, whether be at theWhite House than at the♪ ♪At one point in time
I thought I lost mydirection, then I
got it back withthe resurrection,♪ ♪I am the C to the
O double M- O-NCome on, President
Obama, do it again. I’m the C to the
O, double M-O-N. Where I come from y’all
it’s the city of win . The C to the O
double M-O-N. I wish you could
do it again. Let’s do it, you all. Hey, listen. All right, you all. We’re about to
party, you all. ♪ ♪It’s just me, myself, and
I, I want to hear you,♪ ♪it’s just me,
myself, and I. ♪ ♪Hey, it’s just
me, myself, and I. I want to hear
you all singing. It’s just me, myself,
and I, you all. Everybody. Hey, it’s just
me, myself, and I. ♪ ♪Me, myself, and I. It’s just me,
myself, and I. It’s just me,
myself, and I. ♪ ♪I point to everybody in
the crowd and whatyou’re going to say?Black is beautiful. Mirror Mirror on the wall♪ ♪just me, myself, and I. One last time. Sing with us, you all. ♪ ♪Terence Jade: Give it up
ladies and gentlemenfor De La Soul. We love you Mr.
President, Mrs. President, first
family, we love you. Narrator: BET’s Love
and Happiness: An ObamaCelebration will return
with more from the Rootsand Jill Scott, plus
Usher takes the stage. Welcome back to BET’s Love
and Happiness:An Obama Celebration. And now, a look back at
the remarkablePresidency of Barack Obama. The President: Generations
of Americans haveresponded with
a simple creed. Audience Members: Male Speaker: An African
American has broken thebarrier as old as the
republic, an astonishingcandidate, an astonishing
campaign, a seismic shiftin American politics. Audience Members: Female Speaker: It is my
great personal honor topresent the 44th President
of these United States,Barack Obama. Audience Members: The President: You took
this campaign and you madeit your own and you
organized yourselvesstarting a movement that
spread across the country;a movement made up of
young and old, and richand poor, and black and
white, Latino, Asian,Native American, gay,
straight, democrats,republicans who believe
we’ve all got somethingto contribute. Audience Members: The President: Black
history has beenAmerican history. African American culture
has profoundly shapedAmerican culture –Audience Members: The President: —
and music, and art,literature, and sports. Be confident in
your heritage. Audience Members: The President: Be
confident in your blackness. Past couple months I’ve
had lunch with the Queenof England and hosted
Kendrick Lamar inthe Oval Office. Mrs. Obama: But it’s
important for us toremember that this White
House is committed tomaintaining this openness,
and making this place aplace where all
voices can be heard. The President: We
are one people. We are one nation. Mrs. Obama: It’s never
been each personfor themselves. No, we’re all in
this together. We always have been. Audience Members: The President: We
liberate ourselves when weliberate others. We give ourselves
opportunity when we giveother people
opportunities. Audience Members: The President: We benefit
when we seeother people prosper. Today’s leaders are
building a new, inclusivemovement that’s mobilizing
people of all backgroundsto stand up for change. And with that, I just have
two more words to say,”Obama out. “Audience Members: Regina Hall:
Oh, God y’all. We’ll never
see this again. Audience Members: Regina Hall: It
hurts a little bit. Audience Members: Regina Hall: Okay –Audience Members: Regina Hall: You saw her
a little earlier when sheopened our show like
no one else could. Here to perform with
Philly’s legendary Rootscrew, are Jill
Scott and Usher. The Roots: Yeah, yeah. Jill Scott, start feeling. Jill Scott: And you
arrived at last. No matter who I saw, oh. Walk on my way
to my homies. If you were
worried about that♪ ♪The Roots: Somebody told
me that I just playingwith smoke, we used to
live in the same buildingon the same floor, We
never member throwing♪ ♪she in my world like hip hop. Jill Scott: If you were
worried about that, Nomatter who I saw oh,
Walking my way towith my homiesIf you were worried bout
that, No matter who I sawor, Walking my to with
homies, Baby don’t worry,You know that you got meThe Roots: ♪ ♪Like I was talking to my
sister from New York City,She says she knows this
ball player and hethink i’m pretty. ♪ ♪Jill Scott: If you are
worried about that, Nomatter who I saw or,♪ ♪don’t worry
baby you got me. If you are worried bout
that, No matter who I sawor, Walking my way to with
my homies, youknow you got me. The Roots: ♪ ♪it’d be like. Usher: If you were worried
bout that, No matter who Isaw or, Walking my way to
with my homies, baby don’tworry, you know
that you got meIf you were worried bout
that, no matter who I sawoh, Walking –Male Speaker: Yeah, yeah. Male Speaker: Put your
hands together, ladies andgentlemen, for Usher. Audience Members: Usher: Somebody feeling
good right now?If you’re feeling good,
let me hear youmake some noise. Audience Members: Usher: Yeah. Love and happiness. We love love
and happiness. We love it, yeah. Listen call anything
that came between us. You were like
my best friend. The one I used to run and
talk to with me and my girl. Listen, she used to
say it’ll be okay. Suggested little nice
things that I should do. And when I go home at
night and lay my head downall seem to think
about was you. And now you make me wanna
be the one with, start anew relationship with you
that’s just what you do girl. You make, you make. Relationship with you
that’s just what you do, girl. Now what’s bad is you’re
the one that hooked us upknowing it should
have been you. What’s sad is
that I love a♪ ♪Tell me what should I do. Should I — tell
my baby bye-bye. Should I- Do exactly
what I feel inside. Don’t wanna go, don’t need
to stay, but I really needto get it together. You make me. Relationship that’s
just what you do. OH no, no. Baby, you make me. With you that’s just
what you do girl. At this point the
situations outof control baby. Never meant to hurt ya,
but I got to let it go. She may not understand it,
while all thethings is going on. Baby I tried, I tried to
fight it, but the feelingsjust too strong. She make me. You make me. You make me wanna be the
one with a relationshipwith you that’s
just what you girl. ♪ ♪Audience Members: Narrator: Don’t move. We have more
Usher on the way. And President Obama
takes the stage. It’s BET’s Love and
Happiness:An Obama Celebration. Audience Members: Terence Jade: You know
what ladies and gentlemen?BBD said they want to
hear some more Usher. So let’s get right to it. Give it up one more
time for Usher. Audience Members: ♪ ♪Audience Members: Usher: let me hear itI’m the kind of
brother, Who been doing itmy way, getting my way for
years In my career Andevery lover, In and out my
life, I’ve hit, love andleft the tears
Without a careUntil I met this girl who
turned the tables aroundShe caught me by surprise
I never thought I’d be theone breaking down, I can’t
figure it out, why. . . I’m so Got me feeling it I don’t know what it
is, But it seems she’s gotme twisted I’m so Got me feeling it I’m losing control, This
girl’s got a hold on meMy mama told me Be careful
who you do ’cause karmacomes back around Same old
song But I was so sureThat it wouldn’t happen to
me ’cause I know how toput it down, But
I was so wrongThis girl was mean, she
really turned me out Herbody was so tight, I’m
looking for her in thedaytime with a flashlight
My homies say this girl iscramping my style, And
I can’t figure it out, but. . . I’m so Got me feeling it I don’t know what it
is, But it seems she’s gotme twisted I’m so Got me feeling it I’m losing control, This
girl’s got a holdI’m so Really feeling it I don’t know what it
is, But it seems she’s gotme twisted I’m so Really feeling it I’m losing control, This
girl’s got a hold on meUsher: Sing it loud, I’m
black and I’m proud. Say it loud Doing it in the park,
doing it after dark. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Come on, Come on. Yeah. Come on. Come on y’all. Oh yeah. Let me hear ya. Oh yeah. One more time. Oh yeah. Sing it out. Up in the club with my
homies, tryna get a lil’V-I, but keep it down on
the low key, ’cause youknow how it feels. I saw shorty she was
checkin’ up on me, fromthe game she was spittin’
in my ear you would thinkthat she knew me. So we decided to chillConversation got heavy,
she had me feelin’ likeshe’s ready to blow!Oh!She’s saying,
“Come get me!Come get me. ” So I got up
and followed her to thefloor, she said, “Baby,
let’s go. ” That’s when Itold her I saidYeah shorty got down low and
said come and get me Yeah I got so caught up I
forgot she told me Yeah her and my girl used to
be the best of homies Yeah next thing I knew
she was all upon me screaming:Yeah, yeah, yeah!Yeah, yeah!Yeah!Yeah, yeah, yeah!Yeah, yeah!Yeah!So she’s all up in my head
now, got me thinking thatit might be a good idea to
take her with me, ‘Causeshe’s ready to leave But I gotta keep it real
now, ’cause on a one toten she’s a certified
twenty, but thatjust ain’t me. Hey. Because I don’t know if
I take that chance justwhere is it gonna lead,
But what I do know is theway she dance makes
shorty alright with me. The way she I’m like yeah, just
work that out for me. She asked for one more
dance and I’m Like yeah,how the hell am I
supposed to leave?And I saidYeah shorty got down low and
said come and get me Yeah I got so caught up I
forgot she told me Yeah her and my girl used to
be the best of homies Yeah next thing I knew
she was all upon me screaming:Yeah, yeah, yeah!Yeah, yeah!Yeah!Yeah, yeah, yeah!Yeah, yeah!Yeah!Take that and rewind it
back, Ursher got the voiceto make ya booty go Take back and rewind it
back Roots Crew got thebeat that make
your booty go Take back rewind it back
you ain’t even left yet,but we need you back Take back rewind it
back, rewind it backAudience Members: Usher: We love you. Narrator: When our
celebration continues,First Lady, Michelle
Obama, joins the manhimself, President Obama,
as we say our finalgood-byes to the nation’s
first black president. Its BET’s Love and
Happiness:An Obama Celebration. Audience Members: Terence Jade: It’s hard
to put into words andarticulate what your
presidency has meant to us. You stood up for farmers, for our universities, forour outraged youth, for
our LGBT community, forall of our brothers and
sisters across the nation,thank you so much. Your accomplishments mean
a better future for allof us for generations
to come. Audience Members: Regina Hall: We know that
you are not finished withyour legacy, that your
next chapter, mentoringvulnerable youth,
may be your greatest. Terence Jade: Ladies and
gentlemen, please welcomePresident Barack Obama,
and First Lady Michelle Obama. Audience Members: Terence Jade: Guys,
President Barack Obama!Audience Members: The President: Well, on
behalf of Michelle andmyself, this was
spectacular. Audience Members: Yes. The President: And I
want to thank BET –Male Speaker: Yes. The President: — for
agreeing to film, BarackObama’s block party. Audience Members: The President:
Where’s Dave?You got your block party;
I’ve got my block party. Audience Members: The President: Could
everybody please give ahuge round of applause to
this incrediblecollection of artists. Audience Members: The President: On behalf
of both of us, anythingthat we’ve accomplished,
it was because there werepeople lifting us
up all the time. And we’ve just got such
an incredible group offriends here who have had
our backs from day one. And for that we will
always be grateful. So thank you very much –Audience Members: The President:
— we love you. God bless you. ♪ ♪Audience Members: ♪ ♪Audience Members: The President: Thank
you, everybody. God bless you. Regina Hall: Ladies and
gentlemen, the Roots. ♪ ♪

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