How To Set Up a Google Ads Campaign 2019 | High-Ticket Affiliate Promotion Example

Hi, my name’s John and in this video, I’m
going to be leading you through Google Adssetup whether you’re running your own
business or you’re doing marketing foranother business. And I’m going to work on
taking you from beginner to expertthrough the course of this video. So, if
you’ve never advertised on Google Adsbefore, I’m going to lead you through the
process and help you understand thewhole thing. And we’ll also be going over
necessary vocabulary to know in gettingstarted advertising your business.
Whether you are running a local business,a national business or you know, even
just an affiliate marketing business. I’ll be explaining to you the major
terms you need to know and some moreadvanced terms that will help you take
your ad campaigns and make them veryprofitable so that your business gets
more leads, more sales or just moreexposure online using the power of
Google. Now, let’s get into it, stay tuned. Now, real quick. Before I go into the
Google ads set up, a little bit about meis that I’ve been advertising on Google
for over 10 years. And I currently run abusiness in the digital product space
and currently spend about $200,000per month for my business with
Google ads. And Google Ads has been verygood to me. W e make a very good ROI on
our spend on the Google advertisingplatform. And I’m going to be sharing with
you some of the real ninja tricks that Iuse to make sure that money I spend on
Google ends up being very profitable formy business. Now, furthermore my
background I used to work for an adagency. And I’ve managed over 500
accounts. I was the director ofadvertising at 2 separate ad agencies
and the director of e-commerce atanother ad agency. So, I’ve seen hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of ad accountsand trained dozens of people on Google
advertising in person and trained tensof thousands of people in Google
advertisers online. So, I’m coming from aplace of a lot of experience when
and I say that I know what I’m talkingabout. Now,
the first things to understand whenyou’re starting with Google advertising
is you need to understand what acampaign is. Now, a campaign comes from
the kind of war term, like a war campaign. You’re going to attack a village or a
country or a region. And acampaign is basically just the basic
organizational group for youradvertising. And just like war campaigns
go on a particular path. An ad campaignis not exactly a war, you’re really just
trying to get customers attention. Andit’s a particular folder for a type of
advertising that you’re doing whetherthat’s you know search advertising, video
advertising, display advertising, etc. Anad group is the next organizational
element that is within Googleadvertising. And within an ad group,
that’s really where you set thetargeting. You figure out who are you
showing your ads to. Are you showing itto people who are interested in dogs? Are
you showing your ads to people who areinterested in cats? Are you showing your
ads to people who are searching forlaptops? Or you showing your ads to
people who are searching for you know,mobile phones. You know, whatever that is
you set that targeting in the ad grouplevel and then we move on to the ads. Now,
underneath each campaign, you can havemultiple ad groups. And underneath each
ad group, you can have multiple ads. So,just kind of the diagram here, right? It’s
a pyramid scheme guys. It’s a pyramidscheme. Look, its pyramid shaped. That’s a
bad joke. Advertising is not a pyramidscheme. But what this is, is what you have
multiple ads for is you want tocontinually split test which ads work. So,
we could play this game with what markergets more attention? Does the red marker
get more attention or the black markergets more attention? I don’t know. I guess
is the red marker. But the point is whenyou’re doing advertising, you want to do
put up the ad that gets the mostattention. Now, if this ad gets 20% more
attention than this ad, wellwe end up saving 20% effectively when we
go with this adversus this ad. And if you do enough
split testing over and over again, youwin the game.
So, before I jump into the more advancedterminology, let me go into google and
show you some actual campaigns. What’s upguys? Now, to get started with Google Ads
what you want to do I mean it’s it’spretty obvious. You search for Google ads
and you’re going to click here to signup if you aren’t already signed up. But
let’s dive right into the campaigns. Herewe are in the Google advertising
dashboard. Now, what you’ll want to do isyou’ll want to click this little button
right here. That’s the campaign buttonand you’ll click new campaign to setup
your first or maybe you’ve already donethis before ad campaign. So, if you’re
completely new to advertising, you’venever set up a Google Ads campaign
before, if you could please just type inthe comments say, “I’m a total newbie. ” And
you know. . . Or total beginner, that wouldreally help me understand where
everyone’s coming from. And similarly, ifyou’re an expert and you’ve done this
many times before, let me know in thecomments. Type in “Many times before. “
Something like that. Just say like, “Thisain’t my first rodeo, boy. ” To let me know
if you’ve done this before because I’dlike to understand where you’re coming
from when you’re watching this video soI can make future videos better serving
you. So, after I click new campaign, we’llsee we get a bunch of selection. So, we
get sales, leads, product, brandconsideration. We get all these different
options. Now what I prefer to do is Iprefer to actually just create a
campaign without the goals guidance, okay?And after you click that button, you will
get a bunch of different campaignselection types here. Now, one thing to
please know is that Google Ads ischanging their interface basically every
other week. So, what the interface lookslike right now, it may look different
when you’re watching this video. So, whatI’m going to focus on, you see we have
search display shopping video app andsmart ads, okay? So, what we want to focus
on for this is I think Google’s standardadvertising which is search advertising. And I found this to be the most
effective. Then Google will ask you ifyou want to drive website visits phone
calls or app downloads. Now, if you’re abusiness that works primarily off of
phone calls, phone calls are a great wayto get people if you’re a local business
such as a you know, a plumber orsomething like that and you just want
people to call your cell phone or yourbusiness phone or something like that.
Phone calls are a great way and youdon’t even need a website to start
advertising on Google. It’s just click to call. People are
searching on their phone, you know, I needa plumber or pipe burst and you’ll show
up. Now, at this step, that’s asking me fora business website. So, I’m actually just
going to find a link for a company thatI work with called regal assets.
I work with them as an affiliatemarketer. So, I’m just going to go over here
to their dashboard and I’m going to getsome landing pages. Now, this is a company
that pays me a commission every time Irefer them somebody who invests with
their company. This is a investmentcompany that an alternative assets
investment company that I’ve beenworking with for a number of years. And
they pay me to do marketing for them. Ifyou want to learn more about what I do
for a living and how I earn my income,I’m in a space called affiliate
marketing. And you can subscribe to mychannel. Make sure you hit the
notification bell and check out some ofthe other videos on my channel where i
talk about affiliate marketing. And Italked about different business models
that you can make money online. But Ipersonally make my income through
affiliate marketing and I’ve mademillions of dollars a year the last few
years with this business model. So, wehave the website copied and we’re going
to go back to Google where we are goingto input our website. And let me zoom in
a little bit where we pasted the websiteand we’re just going to click continue. So
boom! We just set up our first searchcampaign. Now, we have to set up the ad
group and other information. So, I’ll justcall this you know, YouTube demo, okay?
Just because it’s a demo. Now, inthis,
we only want to advertise on search, okay?One thing to note is you should never
mix search and display advertising. Thereare two completely different types of
advertising and trying to crosspollinate with the same targeting is
going to end up losing you a lot ofmoney. Only select one or the other. Okay,
so now we’re going to scroll down here. There’s nothing that we’ve really care
about to set here if you need to send anend date you can set it right there. But
don’t worry about these settings. Nextwe’re going to go to targeting and
audiences. And this is where we set wherewe want to advertise to. In this case, I’m
going to set the ads to go to United States. So, this targeting is fine. But if you
want to actually you know, targetspecific areas, you can just type in
bahamas. And here we have Bahamas. And Iwould click target, you know. . . Maybe I want
to target Puerto Rico. Click target andAmerican, Samoa. And I just click. . .
Again, just type it in and click targetright there. Cool. Easy stuff. Languages as
you see, we already have English selected. But if you want to target different
languages, you can add in differentlanguages and they will be added in
right there, okay? Now, if we’re doingsearch advertising, I don’t recommend you
actually select any audiences. Audiencesare targeting form that you might use
for display campaign or something likethat. So, we’re going to ignore this
selection right now that’s for moreadvanced types of advertising. We’re
going to focus on search. Now, the budgetwe’re going to set for the day is we’ll
just say $20, okay? So $20is a good budget if you’re a
small business. I generally set my budgets a little
higher but we won’t go into that. Basically $20 right there and we will
set our delivery method for accelerated. Now, the reason we set our delivery
method to accelerate it is because thegoal is not to waste money. So, if we do
our targeting right, if we make sure ourads show up on the right keywords –we
want to show our ads as many as possible. We want to show them as much as possible.
We’renot trying to save money here because
we’re trying to spend money to makemoney. So, if every $20 we spends makes us
$40, we want to spend it as fast aspossible. We don’t care about drip
feeding it. That’s kind of scarcitymentality to advertising. With
advertising, you have to think ofabundance mentality. But at the same time,
we have our daily budgets set at $20. So, she we shouldn’t be spending
more than 20 dollars a day while we’retesting and trying to get that, you know. . .
Get that ROI or that point where we canspend $20 and make back the
business more than that. So, the nextthing we’re going to focus on is we’re
going to focus on the bidding. So, we seeright here is bidding. And let me know in
the comments below if this is a brandnew advertising account. Let me know in
the comments below if this is brand new. If you’re brand new, you won’t have
conversion tracking setup. So, we’re notgoing to go with conversion tracking yet.
Once you get more data in your campaign,you can do that. But we’re going to focus on
clicks for the time being because I’mjust going under the assumption. You
don’t have conversions yet. Now, we’re notgoing to set a maximum CPC bid this is an
optional thing and we don’t need toworry about that right now. By default,
it’s set to maximize bids which is fine. Now, the next thing I’m going to look at is
I’m gonna look at show more settings. Now,if I was advertising a particular
company which only took phone calls,right? Let’s say you are a plumber and
you want to get more leads to you know,people calling you that have broken
pipes or whatever. You’d advertise onburst pipe. And. . . But you’re not going to take
a phone call in the middle of the night. So, what you would do is you would go to
this selection right here add scheduleand you would just say, “Hey, Mondays
through Fridays, I’m only takingcalls from 7 a. m. to let’s say want to
end the day early at 4 p. m. ” So, that’swhat you would set your advertising to.
So, that way your ads only show at thetimes when you’re going to be available to
actually take the call. The next settingis ad rotation. And this is fine. We don’t
need to do anything here. It says preferbest performing ads. Sometimes I will
change this to do not optimize becauseI’m in my advertising accounts every
single day, it’s my business. But we’rejust going to leave it at optimize. Last but
not least our ad extensions. And you’llsee they have a little marketing thing
here. Get up to 15%conversion rate by adding additional
information. And that’s true. But let’snot complicate anything. Let’s just focus
on getting your ad up. And you can comeback in later and add you know these
different call extensions which is thephone number.
Call-out extensions, etc. You can addthese all to your account very easily.
But the most important thing withadvertising, if you’re a small business
is just getting that add up becausethat’s. . . You know, that’s the
first step if you don’t have marketingif adds up. Your competitors probably do.
And they’re getting those customers. So,next thing we do is we click Save and
continue. Whoo! We set up our campaign. Now,we’re moving on to setting up our ad
group where we’re going to set up thesettings to actually determine where our
ad gets shown. Now, there’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of. . . You know, there’s a lot
of little stuff and setting up yourfirst ad. But don’t worry, it gets easier
as time marches forward. So, here we are. As you see, we’re one. . . You know, basically
we’re half of the way done and we’rejust gonna say you know YouTube’s test
group. And I’m going to say you know. . . I don’teven know what this setting is. Google is
adding new stuff all the time. But thisis where we copy or paste our keywords.
Now, in the case of this company whichI’m advertising which is named regal
assets. And you can see their theirwebsite right here and they you know,
request your free metals or crypto kits. They focus on people basically over the
age of 50 who are looking foralternative investments into precious
metal or cryptocurrency . So, they actuallygive me some of the top 20 performing
keywords for their particular niche. Now,what I’m going to do is I’m actually
going to take these keywords and youknow what I could do is I could just
copy them and put them into an ad groupand bid on them.
And save the group. But what I’m goinf ro do isI’m actually going to do research first.
I’m not just gonna go by what thecompany suggests I’m gonna go to what’s
called the Google Keyword tool. Now, tofind the Google Keyword tool I just go
to Google and I’m gonna type in keywordoopsies I’m going to type in keyword tool
right there. And you will see the righthere the second result which is kind of
odd is the Google Keyword research andkeyword planner tool. So, within the
Google Keyword tool, we’re actually goingto . . . There’s two options right now. They
change this tool all the time. It’s sofrustrating. It may look different next
week. So, just bear that in mind. We’re notgoing to click on the discover new
keywords thing we’re actually going toclick on the get search volume and
forecasts right here and what I’m gooing todo is I’m going to paste my keywords and
I’m gonna click this button “get started,. “So, now here we see a bunch of keywords
and you know what does this all mean nowI have a typical rule for how I
advertise and I look for keywords thathave between two thousand to ten
thousand impressions per month in thegiven place that I’m advertising and
then I create a keyword group aroundthem so looking at this grouping we can
see that will just sort this byimpressions and just to help you
understand my reasoning over tenthousand I believe is two untargeted so
you’re you know there’s a better adgroup that you could go after if there’s
so much search volume. And under twothousand, I found is sometimes a little
too targeted. And you’re not going to getenough volume to justify having an ad
group solely devoted to those ads. Mystrategy with advertising has always
been based around efficiency so that oneperson can manage an account that spends
you know a lot of money . So, let’s checkthis out. So, the keywords I would be
interested in creating ad groups aroundare these keywords. And as we can see, “I’m
going to focus on this for right now. ” Goldinvestment.
Now, the way I would do thisad group is I would actually do 3
key words you know as the very basics. So,what I would do is you can see right
here, there are 3 match types. Don’tworry too much about how this works. This
is a much. . . It’s you know, it’s a muchlonger explanation of how match types
work. But you can click this button ifyou really want to learn more about this.
So, the basic structure that I do is Iwill do a 3 key word ad group and I
will do one in exact match, one in phrasematch and one in modified broad. Which is
a special match type that you know, youhave to do research on if you really
want to find it. So, and I would just namethe ad group gold investment. Now, this is
the, I found the best most efficient wayto advertise. I generally try to keep my
ad groups around 8 to 12keywords maybe only one modified broad
keyword which is the. . . What I call theroute keyword of the campaign. And I
always named the ad group the routekeyword which is gold investment in this
case. Don’t worry about that. If this isflying over your head, don’t worry.
Basically just remember, focus onkeywords that are between 10 and 2
thousand searches if you are a nationalbusiness. If you’re a local business, you
can you know. really you’ll only reallyneed one or two ad groups for your
entire business. So, let’s save andcontinue here. Now, and keep in mind too.
There’s so many different examples ofbusinesses here. There’s apt businesses
there’s video businesses. I can’t go overevery single example. If you have some
questions, I’ll try to answer them in thecomments. So, I hope you’ve been getting a
lot of value out of this video so farand learned something about Google
Adwords and how to set up your ads. Now,again. If you’d like to learn more about
this, I recommend you subscribe to mychannel. Make sure you click that
notification bell so that you can getupdated if I’m doing a live Q&A or
something like that. And like this video. On my channel homepage, you will see
there I have free trainings and minicourses I have a section about that
where you can actin a ten-part course about Google
AdWords for small and medium-sizedbusinesses. And this is completely free.
So, you can learn about how to set upGoogle AdWords for your business. If you
want to learn more about what I do as anindependent marketer or what’s called an
affiliate marketer, there are also othervideos and trainings where you can learn
more about all the different ways thatthere are to really make money as an
independent marketer on the Internet. Now, I’m going to go into a few quick terms
that you might need to know and then I’mgoing to end the video. Now, CTR is
something you’ll want to know in orderto optimize your campaign. You can look
up this term but the main other term isconversion rate or C-R. These are how
you’ll optimize your campaigns. Clickthrough rate says which ad gets more
clicks and you’ll want to go with the adthat gets the highest click-through rate
when you’re split testing and you justcontinually do that. That’s marketing.
Same thing with conversion rate. If youare measuring conversions of somebody
buys a product on your site and one ador one keyword is getting more sales is
creating more revenue for your companythen another keyword. You’ll want to put
more of your money into this keyword anddrop the rest of the keywords that
aren’t making you money. And that’s howyou’ll optimize your campaigns. And you
do that over and over and over again andYour marketing gets more targeted. Now,
the way you actually measure if peopleare buying on your site is you use
what’s called a conversion pixel or apixel right there. And again, you can
google these terms. There’s a lot moreinformation on exactly how you can use a
conversion pixel and how you canoptimize data based on CTR and CR. But
I’ll leave that for another video in thefuture. Hopefully you enjoyed this video.
Subscribe to my channel. Give this videoa big like. And let me know, in the chat
or in the comments, what you found themost interesting about this video? Was it
setting up your campaign? Was ittargeting within the
group? Or was it you know putting up adsand split testing and CTR and conversion
rates. Whatever it was, make sure you putit in the comments and let me know what
you’d like to see in future videos thatI shoot because I can make sure to go
even deeper into Google AdWords as it isone of my favorite ways to market online
in the world I absolutely love thisprogram. And I’ve been messing around
with it for 10 years now. It’s like up. . . It’s like like a brother to me. So, talk
to you soon. Hopefully enjoy this andlooking forward to showing you more cool
stuff on my channel. See you soon.

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