Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? I
am going to answer that question in thisvideo. And I’m going to show you what does
work. And I’ll be showing you a fewexamples of products you can sell and
make insane Commission’s using Amazonaffiliate marketing. Let’s get it. Amazon
affiliate marketing it’s the biggestaffiliate network out there. It’s also
one of the ones that offers the lowestcommissions. Now, I personally advise
people get started with affiliatemarketing on Amazon just to understand
how it works. But you might be wondering,”Does it actually work to make you a lot
of money?” Most cases, no. Okay? And I’mgoing to go over what does not work in
Amazon affiliate marketing. But it doeswork and there are people earning
full-time substantial millions ofdollars a year income from Amazon and
I’ll explain you what that is. I’ll alsobe showing you some examples on my
computer of what you can do to makeAmazon work. So first of all, what doesn’t
work? Selling books, you’re going to makemost products on Amazon. You earn 3
to 5 percent commission on, okay?That’s not a lot of money. You’re not
gonna be a millionaire selling books andearning 30 to 50 cents on. So, no category
goes books, okay?Almost everything under a thousand
dollars actually is not a good choicefor selling as an affiliate on Amazon. So,
what does work? Well, basically anythingover a thousand dollars. And I’ll be
showing you examples of these here. So,things that work over a thousand dollars
or things such as cameras, drones, VR gear,virtual reality gear. Generators, high-end
vacuum cleaners and all sorts of othervery expensive products that you can’t
really find in any other affiliatenetwork. Now, let’s go in my computer and
I’ll show you some examples of theproducts that you can sell on Amazon as
an affiliate and make a lot of money. Okay,so here I am on Amazon.
And if we search for stuff like Nikoncamera, right? We’ll see there’s all sorts
of products here. It’s 649 dollars. Thatmeans if you earn even 5% Commission,
you’re earning 30-some bucks on thiscamera equipment. Now, if any of you are
familiar with the mega YouTuber CaseyNeistat, the way make Casey Neistat
made most of his first money when he wasYouTubing was actually through affiliate
marketing for cameras on Amazon. He putall of the links to his recommended
camera equipment, his drones, his tripod,his gorilla arm stuff. All that stuff. All
of his lenses as affiliate links on hisYouTube channel. And that’s how he made a
lot of money. Because when he began, thereason people were following Casey Neistat was because he was amazing atvideography. The videos he do that he
does or still does are absolutelybeautiful. And he’s really good with his
equipment and editing and all that stuff. So, that’s why people followed him in the
beginning and that’s how he made money. Other things you can sell from high
ticket items on Amazon include stufflike vacuum cleaners. If we look at
vacuum cleaners, I mean this is hundredsof dollars. But you can find vacuum
cleaners for thousands of dollars andlet me show you an example. If we look at
best vacuum cleaners which I just did asearch of here, we’ll see there’s top
five vacuums. The first result is an ADDtop five vacuums of 2019, vacuum buyer’s
guide. Best reviews. And it takes us tothis site and we see there’s a Dyson
vacuum, a Hoover vacuum, a shark vacuum. And all of these you can’t purchase on
amazon. com. Now, these are all affiliatelinks. And what this company is doing is
they are buying ad space. Maybe they’respending about a buck and they’re hoping
that if you’re looking for the bestvacuum cleaner, you’ll buy one of these
and they’ll make let’s say 30 bucks. Because you bought a vacuum cleaner
through them and they made theiraffiliate commissions. So they spend a
buck to make 30. Great idea. The one otherinstance where Amazon affiliate
marketing works is when you haveinsanely high volume.
It can be of cheap items but let me do asearch here in Google for best baby
diapers for a newborn girl. A veryreasonable search probably many people
do everyday. Now, here we get 11 best diapers of 2019.
Now, this is just an average blog, right?They don’t actually sell anything,
they’re not going to profit from you. It’sjust a mom helping a mom, right? Well,
maybe, maybe not. If we go to this site,the first thing we see is our editors
independent, blah, blah, blah, blah. We mayreceive commissions on purchases made
from our chosen links. And if we see here,there’s 11 links from Amazon and guess
what every link has? It has theiraffiliate ID, okay? Right there on every
one of these links is their affiliate ID. And what we can see is their affiliate
ID is very well family – 20. That’s theiraffiliate ID. Amazon affiliate marketing
in summary works in 2 cases. Eitheryou’re selling extremely expensive
products that are generally speakingover $1000 or at least over a couple
hundred. Or in cases where you’re doingmassive volume. You have millions of
mother’s looking on Google for the bestbaby diapers. And in this case, this
person has just hundreds of links toAmazon on her site with all of the best
baby stuff. Look Amazon link, Amazon link. We have Walmart affiliate link, okay? So,
this person who’s using a combination ofAmazon and Walmart affiliate links. So
you have crazy volume or you’re doingselling stuff with crazy prices. Those
are the cases where it works. Hope thiswas helpful. Ooh! I hope you learned
something from this video on whether ifAmazon affiliate marketing works. If you
are looking for more profitableaffiliate programs to join and be a part
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