Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial| A Beginners Step By Step Guide

– Hey, what’s up. Welcome back to another
episode of Boss Tip Thursday,where I share weekly tips and tutorialsto help you get stuff done. And today it’s all about
Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If you’re new to affiliate marketing,if you have no clue how
to even get started,this tutorial is for you. We’re going to be going over:what exactly is this?What is Amazon affiliate marketing?Then I’m going to be showing youhow to create your own
account with Amazon,your own Associate’s account,so you can start getting into this. I’m going to be showing
you an in-depth tutorialon how to read your dashboard,where it shows your sales, your clicks,and exactly what’s going
on with your account. And lastly, we’ll end this video with somefrequently asked questions
about this program. So if you’re ready to learn
about all these things,then keep watching. An Amazon Affiliate is a personwho is partnered up with Amazon. The idea is that you bring
customers to their site,to their store, and if they buy
you get a commission for it. So you’ll be getting special
links for each productthat you want to refer,and Amazon will know when
they click that link,and you’ll get that commission
for the product they buyor anything else that they buyalong with the product you referredas long as they clicked your linkand your referral link
brought them to Amazon,you get paid for anything they buywithin the next twenty four hours,and it doesn’t cost the
customer anything extra,it doesn’t change the buying
experience in any way,you just get a small commissionfor bringing them there to Amazon. And this is a fabulous wayto fund your business in the beginningbecause as you know,
with YouTube and AdSense,it takes a long time
to start making money,and yet these videos take
time and effort and moneyto make them better. So this is a great wayto start funding your business early on,and with the blog as well. The only way to make money on a blogis to do affiliate programs
like this Amazon one,or to create your own
products or services,but out of all those three ways,the easiest thing to get started withis this Amazon Affiliate Program,because everyone knows Amazon,everyone trusts and loves
them, it’s a huge store,it’s known worldwide. And to create your own
products and services,you have to start at the
bottom and build your trust,build your authority,
build your blog with SEOand all this other back stuff. So meanwhile, you work on that. You can supplement your income
with a program like Amazon. Okay, so to create your account,hop onto Amazon. com, scroll
all the way to the bottom. Here you will see this
little section that says,Make Money With Us. And there’s so many different
ways to make money on Amazon. Today we’re gonna be focusing
on becoming an affiliate,so click on that, then click
on this Join Now for Free,and now you can either sign
in with an Amazon accountyou already have, an account
that you use to make purchases,or you can go ahead and
create a new Amazon accountif you want to keep things separate. I already haven’t account,so I’m gonna be creating a new onejust to show you the process. Then you’ll be directed to
the application process. For the top here you want
to put your Payee Nameexactly should appear on your paycheck,or when they direct deposit your money. You should put your address,
along with your city,your state, zip code, your phone number,and who is the main
contact for this account. For most of us it’s gonna
be the payee listed aboveunless you have a VA
who’s doing this for you. So then you’d need to click someone else. The next part you have to fill out,the websites that you own,the websites that you’re going to be usingto promote affiliate links. And this is the part thatit gets a little bit
tricky for some people. Unfortunately you do
need an active websiteor other platform that has
enough high quality contentto be accepted. They just wanna make sure
that you’re going to bepromoting their products properly. Amazon doesn’t say preciselywhat the actual requirements are,so if you do have like, a
website, a YouTube channel,or any other sort of,
like, social media pagewith some content, add all of those here. When I signed up I only had
about four or five blog postson my website with not that
much engagement at all,so I still got accepted. So give it a try. Whatever you have going on
that has some sort of contentwhere you’ll be sharing
the affiliate links,just add it here. You never know, just go ahead and try it. The worst thing that can happenis that they won’t accept
you, they will tell you why,and then you can reapply. And if you happen to
have any sort of apps,you can go ahead and add
the URLs for that here,then let’s click Next. This bottom little portion
basically just says thatyou’re not allowed to use affiliate linkson any websites that are
aimed towards teenagers,13 years and under,
that’s just not allowed. So you just have to
confirm that your websiteisn’t directed towards
13 year olds or younger. So go ahead and click
No if that’s the case. All right, and now we’re
onto this next partof the application, I’m
just gonna go over eachof the fields and explain what they mean. The first field here is
the Amazon Associates ID. This is just the nameyou want to give to
your affiliate account. You can put your real name,
your business name, or nickname. It doesn’t really matter,
it’s not a big deal. Just put any sort of name here. Here’s your websites that you listedat the beginning of the application. And then here you have to explainwhat your website is all about. One word won’t cut it here. This is your chance to explain
why you’re a good candidatefor the Amazon program. So say what you do, who it’s for,what kind of Amazon products
will you be sharing,and stuff like that. Just make it sound convincing. Then after that we’re going
on to the topics that describewhat you’re doing best. So they have a primary
and a secondary topic,so just go through those and
click what describes you,your business, your website, the best. What type of Amazon items
do you intend to liston your websites and mobile apps?Go ahead and click any
and all that apply here. And then next,we’re going to the type of
websites or mobile apps. Our options are comparison
shopping engines,content, or niche websites,
coupon deals, or search. For most of us,it’s going to be just
content and niche websites. Next, Traffic and Monetization section. You have to declare how
you will drive trafficto your website. Will you be driving
traffic to your websitethrough email, maybe through advertising,through other social media, SEO, blogs?Click any and all that apply here. How do you utilize your website and appsto generate income?Here there’s different
other affiliate programsthat you may be part of. So go ahead and click the ones that apply,or if Amazon Associates
will be the only waythat you’re going to
monetize your site for now,just go ahead and click that part. Next, how do you usually build your links?Most of us build our links
through a WordPress website. Not many of us are using
HTML editors or any of that. So I think the best
option for most of us hereis blog editor. Next, how many total unique visitorsdo your websites and apps get per month?So all of the website that
you listed in the beginningthat are here, all of those combined,all your social medias,
all your websites, emails,all of that, how much trafficdo they get per month combined?So make your best estimate,
and select that answer. And then your reason for
joining the Associates program. Do you want to get rich
content for your sight?Maybe you want to make sure
that you’re linking outto products you’re talking about. Or do you want to monetize your site?For many of us it’s both of these answers,so I guess just pick the onethat best describes you right now. Next, how did you hear about us?Just click the one that
makes the most sense for you. Were you searching online?Did you hear by word of mouth?Someone tell you about it?Or did you hear about it
from the Amazon website?And lastly, all you have to
do is type in the characters,and click Next. So let me go ahead and fill this form out,and I’ll be right back. And that’s the end of
the application process. Now all you really have to
do is verify your identityby inputting your phone number here. And make sure that this code up frontis the one that you need to be using. For most of us, I think
it will be this plus one. Just make sure that this is correctso that they will be able to call youand give you your PIN so that
you can access your account. –
This is an automated callfrom Amazon. com. Using the touchpad on your phone,please enter the four digit PIN numberthat is displayed on your screen. – Okay, so now
you just have to agreeto the terms and condense,
and click Finish,and that is everything, you’re all done. The only thing that will be pending nowis your tax information. If you’re from the United States,you’re going to be filling
out your typical tax form. If you’re from a different country,or you’re exempt from paying
taxes for some reason,they do have an exempt form for youwhich I know nothing aboutbecause I do live in the United States. But Amazon is always there to help you,just email them and they will respond,or you can always just
click this Later optionbecause you’re technically not acceptedto the Amazon program yet. You still have to make your first sale,and they have to go review
your application still. So you’re technically not accepted. You may wanna wait to
go through the hassleof doing all this tax
information until later. And a couple things to talk
about from the top box hereis that this is your Amazon Associates ID,so make sure that you
know this and you keep it,’cause you may need it in the future. And as you see down herethat if you have not
made any qualified saleswithin 180 days, your
application will be canceled,and you won’t have access
to the Associate Centralor any of that. So that’s just something to keep in mind. So now I’m just gonna click
Later for this tax information,and show you the dashboard. Here will always be your notifications. If Amazon has something new going on,or their policy changes,they will always let you
know via these notifications,or via email, so make sure
you check your emails. Here in this dropdown menu
below your email addressyou will find all sorts
of important information,like your account settings,
your payment history,managing tracking IDs, which
we’ll get into in a second,and just signing out. In Account sets,you go there to change
stuff about your profile,or if you ever want to
add or delete websites,this is where you will go. For example, if you didn’t
have a Pinterest accountwhen you started your application process,but now you do, and you’re going to besharing affiliate links there,it’s important to come back
here and edit that information. Go ahead and add the website here,because this just keeps you
in good standing with Amazon. This navigation bar is filled
with all sorts of cool links,logs, and discussion
boards, so many cool things. So look through all of thisjust so you know what’s up there. Down here is your overviewof the last 30 days of
your sales, and clicks,and everything that’s
going on with your account. If you want a more detailed reportof exactly what’s going
on with your account,click on View Full Report Here. In this detailed report section,you can customize it however you want. You can have a look at
just today, yesterday,last seven days, last 30
days, or do a custom range. Bounties are a one-time
flat rate that you get paidfor Amazon programs,
such as Baby Registry,Amazon Prime, if someone
signs up via your link,you get paid a one time fee,
and that’s what bounties are. Fees are what you actually get paid,the percentage commission you get paidfor referring Amazon products. And then these summaries,
just both of these combined. Furthermore, down here we
have different summaries. We have clicks, orders, shipped,
conversions, and earnings. So these are just the
clicks you got but no sales,how many people actually ordered,and the things that have been shipped. You don’t get paid for anything
until it’s been shipped. And then the conversions are
just the click to buy ratio,so out of the people who
did click on the link,how many people actually bought?And all this is important informationto keep a close look at so
that you know what’s workingand you can do more of that,
and you know what’s not workingand what you should stop
wasting your time on. And the last thing we’ll
talk about in this dashboardis how to create and
manage your Tracking IDs. So to do that you go under your email,this dropdown menu here, and
click on Manage Tracking IDs. And Tracking IDs are just
a way for you to trackwhere your traffic is coming from. If you’re going to be
promoting affiliate linkson Instagram, Facebook,
your website, YouTube,it’s a good idea to know where
your traffic is coming fromso that you can zero in on what’s working. Click Add Tracking ID, for example,say I wanted to create one for Instagram. So I’ll just go here and click Instagram,click Create, and then
if that one is taken,they’ll give you some
different options here. Now when you come back to your dashboard,you can always see all
of your links together,or you can just see the Instagram one,just see if what sales came
from this link specifically. And the easiest way to create
an Amazon affiliate linkis to log on to Amazon
using the informationthat you used to create
your Associate’s account,look for your product here,and then click on this stripe on top. You can use the affiliate links
in so many different ways. You can share it directly to
Twitter, directly to Facebook,or you can have a text and a imagethat you may wanna embed into a website. You can have just the
image that’s clickablestraight to this product page,
or you can use just text. Here normally, you would see a listof all the tracking ideas
you’ve created in the past. You select the one you wanna usewith this particular
affiliate link, and that’s it. All of that is embedded into this link. When someone clicks on it,Amazon knows that it
came from your account. All you have to do is copy
and paste it wherever. Now I’m going to be answering
frequently asked questionsthat I get all the time. The first one is, how
much money would I makewith Amazon Affiliate Marketing?So you get paid 4%, up to 4%for the products people buy
from your referral links. This percent can go all the way up to 10. I believe it’s just the more you sell,the more percentage you get paid. But a specific number, it’s hard to say. Because it varies from person to person,and it varies from month to month,depending on what you sell. It all comes with different percentages. I will say this. You can use this program
just to make extra money,to supplement your income, as I said. You have other things going on,but this is just a little bit extra. And that’s kind of the way I use it. I just create videos, create blog posts,and share books that I’d recommend anyway. Content that I would create anyway,and link to affiliate links when possible. And that’s the way I’ve been doing it. I just do business as usual,and recommend when possible. Which thank you, by the way,if you use my links to make purchases. I really appreciate your support. But another way to do it is to go all in,like literally create a whole websitearound a specific product from Amazon,say cameras for example. You can do camera reviews
and link to these cameras,and equipment, and everything
you’re using from Amazon,and make a niche website, and
that’s how you can make thisa full time income. But there’s really so much
to do with this program,it’s really up to you. But the more you learn, the
more effort you put into it,the more you will earn. How and when do I get paid?You get paid once a month
towards the end of the month. Once your tax information is filled out,you will get this money in
your bank, direct deposited,or you may get a check,
depending on where you live. They have different
rules for each country,so you’ll have to check on that. But for direct deposit,you do have to meet a
threshold of only $10,and for checks you have to
meet a threshold of $100. So once your tax, and your
threshold is good to go,you will get paid towards
the end of the month. Where can I share my affiliate links?You can share your links
pretty much anywhere. On your website, on most
social media’s will allow it,like Pinterest, and Instagram, Facebook,most of these sites do allow it,but there are a lot of
rules behind all this,so I really recommend that
you read Amazon’s policyand really learn more about itso that you can make sure that
you’re following the rules,and you’re not kicked out of the program. How do I get clicks and sales?It really is going to take time. You can’t just publish two
articles, make two videos,and link up affiliate
products that you’re using,and expect to get a lot of sales. It doesn’t work that way. Like everything else that I talk about,like in the video of Nine
Side Hustle Ideas, it’s easy. Like I just showed youhow to set up your account in minutes. It’s easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Everyone can do it. But it does take time,
and effort, and patience,and testing, and sticking it out, really. So do your best to keep
learning, see what works,and then try to do more of
that, try to experiment,and find different ways. There’s really so much
information out therefor you to continue to
learn about this program. But you really never get
something for nothing. You must put in your time, your effort,great, valuable content
to build an audience. And that’s how you will bring inthe clicks and sales eventually. All right, and that sums up this tutorial. I really do hope that I covered it all. I tried to make it as
condensed as possible,and put in as much information,and answer as much questions as possible. But if you have any more
questions about this,leave it in the comments down below. I will try to answer and help
you out as much as I can. And if you have any other
requests for future tutorials,then make sure to leave thatin the comments down below as well. And if you did find value in this video,do me a favor, and hit
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