Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Tutorial That Makes 1K A Day (Make Money Online)

– How to make money online $1,000 a day or morethrough affiliate marketing. Now, in this video, I’m
gonna be showing youwhy this framework and then
why these little boxes herewould mean building a
$1,000-a-day businessby promoting somebody else’s product. Now, obviously when I
say this, first of all,results not typical. I’ve been doing this
for a really long time. Most people buy stuff online,never really do anything
with it, and, you know,yada yada yada. Side effects might include
headaches, diarrhea,and all these other things. So, with that said,
what does it actually meanto build $1,000-a-day income streamfrom affiliate marketing? Here’s something that I’ve
discovered in the last decadeafter being a top affiliate,and literally generating a lot of moneyand even winning cars promoting
other people’s products,I realized that a successful
model comes down to thisframework over here.
Now, to give you
the backstory of how this
strategy works first,I’ve first got to show you the evolutionof affiliate marketing
and how it’s evolvedover the last decade. Now, when I first started out,it used to be the case
where there was this thingknown as direct linking.
It basically means going to a vendor,somebody who has an affiliate program. This could be on Amazon. This could be on ClickBank. It used to be, like, on eBay,and working with one of these platforms,I’m getting a link from that vendorand sendingyour affiliate link promoting
that product direct. So that means getting a supplement,that’s called Supplement A,and creating an ad that says Supplement A,bidding on the keyword Supplement A,and I’m promoting this product. Now, this was called
the Google Cash method. This was, like, 15 years ago
and was a very popular methodback then, and it worked
really, really well. However, about 10 years
ago, it became obsolete. Many vendors started banning this process. It doesn’t work anymore. It’s become a lot more expensive. And in most cases, they
do not allow you to bidon those brand names anymore
’cause it’s trademarked,and they do not want to
cannibalize their own traffic. So, a decade ago, direct
linking stopped working. And even if it kind of works today,maybe for some offers,first of all, it’s not
gonna work for long. And most importantly, you’re
not really building a businessbecause when you actually
just get an affiliate linkfrom somebody else and
promote that product,what you’re really
doing is it’s arbitrage. You’re trying to buy low, sell high,and it’s not a sustainable business model. An important thing to understand
here is this part here. You might have heard of this before,but ultimately, if you
are not building a list,you are not building a business. This here is the sales process. Here’s the biggest
differentiator right now. So, if you take a look
at today’s big platforms
are things like Facebook,YouTube, Instagram, Google,all these are different platformsthat you could be driving traffic from. Now, depending on where you are,if you’re advanced, you
might have some followingor an audience over here,or you are totally new. That means that you need
to buy traffic, right?It’s either sending traffic to your offerbecause you own it,
because you control it,or because you don’t own
it and you have to buy it. Rather than putting your affiliate linkand linking directly
to the affiliate offer,here’s what needs to happen. What if we could actually buy traffic?What if you could actually buy traffic,especially when you’re just
starting out right now,and you’ve got no audience, no following?And the goal over here
on the left-hand side,the first step, step number one,
is really to pre-sell. Now, what is pre-sell?It means that if the end goal
is for somebody to investin that product, program,
software, or service,how can we pre-sell it
so that the end goalis they want this?So, think about it this way. This is when they buy the drink. In order for them to buy the drink,you got to make them thirsty first. Okay, you might have always
heard teach a man how to fish,and they say you feed him for a lifetime. In this scenario here,
you teach a man to fish,and then you sell him the fishing rod. So, the goal of Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram,and any other platform that you
can use to drive traffic on,is to pre-sell, understanding
that eventually the goalis for them to buy this thing. Now, before we talk about
what this second piece is,it’s important to
understand this next piece. Good affiliate marketing, in
order to build a real businessthat generates a minimum of $1,000 a day,which, by the way, is easy
if you understand this. It’s by understanding that
good affiliate marketingis not about persuading
somebody from a no to a yes. Good affiliate marketing isabout thinking who are the
people that’s already saying yes,and how can I place my
link in front of them–this product, program, or service–that chances are, they
are gonna buy anyway?I don’t want to persuade
a vegan to eat meat. That’s not good affiliate
marketing, right?It’s not about persuading somebody. It’s about thinking these group of people,chances are, what is an easy sellthat they are gonna buy anyway?Let’s take a couple of examples. If, let’s say, I want to
sell some sort of supplement. I got to first pre-sell itby either teaching them how to fishor making them thirsty. The way to pre-sell would be goingon one of these platforms. It would be creating content
that comes from the angleof are you somebody that
constantly strugglesto eat right, especially if
you have a busy schedule?I know personally that’s
one of my biggest issues. I struggle to eat rightand include greens in my daily
diet because, first of all,I hate eating greens, I’ve
got a very busy lifestyle,and ain’t nobody got time for that. So, one of the things that I personally dois I include greens in my supplementsso that rather than trying
to eat a big bowl of salad,I can drink it down in
under seven seconds. If you would like to discoverwhat are the seven
different type of superfoodsthat would really make all
the difference for you,all you need to do is click on
this link and find out more. So, what am I doing now?I am pre-selling them in here. Notice I’m not selling
the supplement just yet. I’m selling them this next thing. It’s basically a sales processsometimes known as a sales funnelwhere it’s just two steps. Step number one over here
is where I want to give thema free gift in order for them to give metheir name and email address,which is basically the opt-in. So, think about what is somethingthat you can give them for freeso that they gladly give
you their name and email?It’s not about giving a free e-book. That’s what most average marketers do. E-book will only get you average results. Why is that the case?It is because, first of all,would you agree that the thoughtof reading a 250-page e-book
isn’t all that exciting?Right, nobody wants to learn. People want to discover,
and people want to get. So, don’t give them a 250-page e-book. First of all, it’s gonna take you monthsto create a 250-page e-book. Here’s two words I want you to remember. Specific. Actionable. If you can give something that
is specific and actionable,that is when people will
gladly give you their nameand email address. So, if I wanted to promote
supplements and healthand weight loss, over
here, it would be somethingalong the lines of free checklist revealsmy personal grocery shopping listthat I use to get six-pack absbecause abs is made in the
kitchen and not at the gym. Rather than saying enter
your name and emailto receive everything you need
to know about losing weightand getting abs, that’s only
gonna get you average results. A much better way would be one pagebecause now it feelsthat even if I don’t
utilize it straight away,it feels that I will get immediate valuejust by giving you my name and emaileven if I don’t utilize it right now. Now, this is when you get
their name and email address. They gladly give it to
you because it’s specific,it’s actionable, and then after that,they are now in your list. And guess what?This is now traffic that you own. This is yours. You own this, right?Even if Facebook or YouTube or Instagram,whenever they have all
these different changesin their algorithm, it
doesn’t matter because now,this is when you have a lead. And if you treat them right,
they will be a lead for life. So, this is when you build
a relationship with them. You give, give, give, give, give, give. Once a while, sell something. Give, give, give, give, give. Once a while, sell something. You see, now, this is when
you can follow up with them,
and this is my badillustration of an
email follow-up sequenceof giving them value, and once in a while,promoting the product. So, rather than just linking directly,what’s gonna happen now is
in your sequence of emails,you’re going to be talking
about different waysto get this person to
teach them how to fishso that you can sell them the fishing rod. Why would a person buy something?A person buys something only reallybecause there are three different angles. Number one is the vision of Heaven Island,how beautiful it is
– Wow!- to get the result. So, vision of Heaven
Island would be thingslike would you like to get six-pack abs?Would you like to lose weight fast?Which, by the way, is the
angle most marketers use,which is also the least effective. You want to have a mixture
of vision of Heaven Islandwith symptomsof Hell Island.
So, the second item is what are
the symptoms of Hell Island?Right now, there are two islands. They are currentlyon Hell Island,
and they know that if they can getto Heaven Island,
they will be better off in life. In this case here,
they would have a healthier life. They would lose weight. So, symptoms of Hell Island
would be do you struggleto eat right, especially
with your busy lifestyle?Do you find it hard to go to the gym?Right, this is symptoms of
hell, and then after that,the only third angle is
basically objections. Why are they not crossing
if they’ve already seenhow beautiful vision of Heaven Island isand if they are reminded
of symptoms of hell,then, and if they’re
still not taking action,what’s wrong with these people?Well, it is because there aresharks in between,
and the sharks are different
objections, things like oh,but eating right is very expensive. Now, think about that. If that is an objection,
you need to address itin your follow-up email
sequence, which says hey,it’s Peng Joon here, and one of the thingsthat people tell me all
the time is eating rightis expensive. While it’s true that you
could go to McDonald’sand eat a meal from the
dollar menu, the truth is,what if I told you that you
are still actually paying?You’re paying with your health,and eventually you got to
decide which is less painful,investing $200 a month on supplements,or an eventual hospital bill?But either way, you will still pay. Right, so now, what I’m really doingis I’m thinking about the
different objections they have. I’m telling a story. I engage them. I give them value. And in these emails,
I’m giving them value,and once a while, I’m
promoting my products. So, I’ll give, give, give,
give, give, sell something. Give, give, give, give,
give, promote something. Now, because you own this opt-in,this person, if you treat them right,if you don’t offend them,this is when you build a relationship,and now you own this traffic. So, notice what you’re
really doing right now. You’re taking traffic from
here that you don’t own,and this could be on
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. But think about the different platformsthat your audience is hanging out in. So, for example, if it’s
business to consumer,Facebook and Instagram are great places. Instagram is great for lifestyle, travel,health and fitness. Google is great for business-to-business. LinkedIn is great for professionals. So, think about where your
audience is hanging out,and create content or ads,so ads is for the short-term game. Content is for a long-term game. And ultimately, you
want to play both gamesso that you can convert
traffic that you don’t ownto traffic that you own. And when you have traffic that you own,that is when you can start promotingother different affiliate products,and that’s exactly what
I did to become oneof the top affiliates on many
of these different platformsto earn $1,000 a day. Hey, there are more videos like these,where I go specifically into
pre-selling, into persuasion,into affiliate marketing and sales. Be sure to subscribe to this channelfor more videos like this,
and more importantly,I would love to hear your biggest takeawayas far as your thoughtsand if there’s any other future videosthat you would like to see,let me know in the comments below. I hope this video has given you value. This is Pen Joon here, and I
will see you in the next video.

Best FREE WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing ⚡ and How to Use it

More than 70% of web traffic on your site
comes from mobile these days. What does this have in common with affiliate
marketing?As you can see on my analytics over here,
less than 2% of the visitors are using tablets,around 20% percent comes from desktop computers,
and more than 70% is mobile traffic. It means that the best WordPress theme for
Affiliate marketing must be mobile responsiveand mobile-friendly. Mobile responsive means that it will adapt
to any screen size and mobile-friendly iswhen users can easily interact with your site
when using a smartphone. The Neve WordPress theme is more than that. Besides the fully responsive content, it gives
you some excellent features to make your headerand footer mobile-friendly. You can build a separate menu for mobile views
with drag and drop functionality which isa unique way to customize your WordPress header
and footer area. In affiliate marketing, your focus must be
on conversions, so use the buttons in yourheader area without coding. You do great content, and you need a solution
to put the offer in front of your blog visitorswherever they are on your site?A button in your header menu can do just that,
and it will drive more clicks to your affiliatelinks. Here comes the best part of Neve which you
can activate by installing the pro addon. Link in description. Product reviews are one of the best ways to
drive sales as an affiliate. So, when you create pages with Elementor,
you can use the Review box to display prosand cons plus ratings beautifully. You can also add an image and use your affiliate
link on the button below. If you write blog posts by using Elementor,
use the same Review box but if you preferthe classic editor or the block editor of
WordPress, use WP Product Review. It’s a great plugin you can install and then
turn your blog posts into product reviewsonce is activated. Another essential feature of a WordPress theme
when it comes to Affiliate Marketing is theblog settings. You should be able to change how the blog
page looksand deactivate info like date of publishing
if you want that. Moreover, it would be interesting to be able
to display the author avatar and reading time. Right?Plus, you may want to change the style of
the button, and the default “read more” text. Good news!When you activate the blog booster of Neve
Pro, you can do just that, and even more onsingle posts. You can activate new things like post navigation,
author biography, related posts, sharing icons,and then edit them below. If you want to display the related posts above
the comments, click and drag that elementto your desired position. What other features are you looking for when
it comes to affiliate marketing?Leave a comment below, and I will check it
out. As an affiliate marketer, you want speed. Right?So make sure you choose a fast WordPress theme. If you want to see how fast is Neve, check
it out on gtmetrix. com or watch the videoabove to see some tests we have done with
and without content. Now that you know some excellent features
you should look for as an affiliate marketer,make sure you choose the right design for
your niche. You can write about real estate and teach
people how to choose the right furniture intheir kitchen. Insert the affiliate link in the blog post
and make a commission when somebody buys furniturethrough your affiliate link. But I think you already know that so I don’t
want to waste your time. However, if you want to see a more detailed
affiliate marketing tutorial, you are welcometo watch the video above. I use Neve and Elementor to make a fitness
blog step by step, so make sure you checkit out. You can follow the same steps in any niche. If you have questions, type them in the comments
section below. I will be happy to help. Check out other videos on our channel. I am sure you will find something interesting. Want a specific video related to WordPress?I’d like to see your request in comments. Subscribe if you are new to the channel and
ring the bell so you can be sure will nevermiss any future videos we publish. See you in the next one. Cheers!

Was Your Amazon Associates (Affiliate) Account was Banned in 2019?

if you’re watching this video odds are
you’ve already had your AmazonAssociates account banned just like me
in 2019 let’s get into itwelcome back to the channel folks my
name’s Shane if you new here don’tforget to subscribe and also click the
bell. So I’ve been a content creator onYouTube now since 2006 on my main
channel but over sixty something millionviews and well over a hundred thousand
subscribers and I am always looking fordifferent ways to diversify and bring in
different revenue streams so one of thethings that I decided on about 8 months
ago so was giving the Amazon affiliatething ago. I did have it prior to 8
months ago but there was some sort oftax thing that came in with Amazon where
they closed all the overseas accountsand you had to reapply awesome! So I did
that I started making a fairly decentincome on there the first month was like
23 US dollars because it was just on thelast edge of that month and then it went
up to about fifty two hundred threehundred dollars a month five seven and
then my last payment would have beeneight hundred and fifty dollars u. s. so
I was doing really really well butwithout warning I wake up to an email
that says my accounts being closed andI’m like what did I do wrong I had no
idea I did anything wrong now I didbreak the rules so I’m gonna put that
out there and I unknowingly did this Ishould have read the Terms of Service
more but if you go through the Terms ofService it’s like 20 odd things
that can get you banned and if youdon’t know that he odds are your accounts
gotta go as well without any warning soone thing I made a huge mistake of was
leaving my payments kind of stack up andstock pile. I sort of put a hold
in my accountsince December of last year so it’s now
March and I had three of just over fourmonths of pay sitting in there and I
would have got a pretty big pay ataround 2500-2600 US dollars and I
am not gonna receive any of that rightand Amazon have made 45000
dollars off that off my work off all ofmy links and the thing that got me
banned personally was the fact that Isaid these are Amazon affiliate links
which you have to declare right that’s apart of the Terms of Service and it
helps support the channel on my mainchannel that intheblues and that
what got me banned so I can’t believethat that’s something that they say “it
encourages people to bookmark thoselinks” I don’t know about that
that’s sort of debatable whether it doesor not there’s so many different people
making and producing content online ifI like to let people know
that they’re supporting the channel byusing those links but that’s against the
Terms of Service now what’s also againstthe Terms of Service I’m just going to
cover a few of these things right nowI’m gonna actually link a video up here
a little bit later that will cover thisin more detail it’s a great video I
highly suggest you check it out so oneof the things that will get you banned
is if you use any images on your websitefrom Amazon that will also get you bad
what will also get you banned as wellanother point you need to make sure of
is if you don’t declare on whatevercontent you’re listing these links that
their affiliate links you’ll also bebanned no kidding
there’s so many YouTube channels thatare doing this without actually
declaring that their Amazon affiliatelinks.
goodbye account! odds are once Amazon doanother sweep they’re gonna clear out
those accounts keep all the money thatyou’ve made them as well as the money
that was yours that’s the way that theyroll I wish they had some sort of
warning system like a strike system muchlike on YouTube where if you upload
something we do something against theTerms of Service you receive an email or
some sort of notification where they sayhey you can’t do this and the next time
you do it you’ll get a strike. I wish they didthat. I would have cleared up those links
and those terms over all of my videos noproblems at all one of the things that
was just brutal and a huge waste of mytime and I hope I can save you guys some
time by mentioning this is the fact thatI called up the helpdesk for the
associate helpline I said hey look myaccounts been terminated how can I
appeal this how can I talk to someonethey go you can only do it over email
it’s like “great”and he goes “odds are it’s not gonna get
you know turned around ads are you justhave to start a new account” so I thought
you know what alright I’ve just losttwenty five hundred US dollars or
something like that that’s not fine butI like to move forward with my life I
don’t like to dwell on stuff that goeswrong so what I did I started a whole
new accountI started generating links and within
hours I could see that it alreadystarted making Amazon more money only to
have that account closed because myprior account was against the Terms of
Service even though this new accountwasn’t my old account was and that
reflected my new associates account andI spent hours and hours – I spent
four hours straight that night from like3:00 in the morning till 7:00 in the
morning generating all these new linksfor all these new products putting them
in spreadsheets and making sure I hadthem for any of the videos and I
produced both currently in all of my oldcontent as well so these were things
that I was like all right this sucks butI can go through you know a thousand
videos and just and basically just readlist all this stuff only to find out
that that account was banned. So I wastedall of my time contacting not only
Amazon Associates helpdesk, I was givenwrong information and then I was banned
a second time around so this totallysucks I finally heard back maybe five
days later about my first appeal andthey said ” if on this new account you
actually generated any legitimate incomewe’ll pay you after 60 days” which would
have been I don’t know like $25 orsomething like that the thing is the
Terms of Service are so ambiguous whenit comes to what you can and cannot do I
highly suggest you check out this videoin the cards here don’t make the same
mistake I made this isn’t the end ofanything either for me personally
it just sucks you know one of theinteresting things is as of right now I
still have my UK and Canadian andAustralian accounts still active which
is interesting I thought they’d be allclosed down I’m tipping maybe at the end
of this month at the end of March thenmaybe they’ll shut them down then and
maybe I’ll get a payout off those I’mnot 100% certain it’s interesting that
they can ban the one that was making themost money and leave up the other ones I
think that’s kind of interesting all ofthe links I was using with the majority
going to the US UK and Canada so whetheror not they ban the other accounts
coming up I’m not 100% certain maybethere’s different rules for those
affiliate programs but just abouteverything you do on Amazon is it has to
be perfect if you make any mistakesthey’ll ban you without warning and also
take your moneyseriously it’s not worth it. If this happens
to you and you get your account banneddon’t reapply it it’s not really worth
your time look atother options and I’ll cover that coming
up in a different video thanks forwatching guys my name’s Shane I know
this is a bit of a different video buthopefully it brings some clarity to some
of the do’s and don’ts on Amazon ifyou’re an associate or affiliate use
their program it’s one of those thingswhere I thought I was doing everything
aboveboard mentioning that they wereaffiliate links and also thanking people
for using it but you can’t do that rightso if you do that you might want to
reword it to just saying “Amazonaffiliate link” done I’ve also had a lot
I’ve also got a lot of websites onlinetoo so I had a lot of these links coming
off tech review sites and and guitarproduct websites and all that kind of
stuff but it was funny because thissmall channel on YouTube its main source
of revenue was actually the affiliatelinks but not anymore so anyway I’m
gonna sort out a different system forthat coming up so if you have any
comments or questions please leave thembelow and I’ll get back to you as soon
as I can let me know has this actuallyhappened to you as well I’m sure it has
theirs they seem to have swept out awhole lot of accounts recently and just
from my knowledge about this from what Iknow now and also about what I already
knew about the Terms of Service I canforesee so many other large YouTube channels
not this one obviously it’s not very bigbut my other channels quite large I can
see a lot of other larger YouTubechannels losing their affiliate status
pretty quickly based on what I see inthe descriptions and if I can lose it
for not really doing anything severeanyone can lose it so this isn’t a piece
to complain about it I’m gonna moveforward and do better things but it’s
definitely worth a discussion pleasepost in the comments let me know your
thoughts enjoyed the video give it athumbs up thanks again for watching
catch you soon see ya

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Q&A with Sean Cannell

– This may be the most comprehensiveaffiliate marketing video
that you’ll find on YouTube’cause in this video,we’re gonna be going
through systematicallythe top questions people have
about affiliate marketing,whether how to get started,how to get your account approved,how to actually make more sales,as well as doing some Q&A live, as well. But if you’re here on the
replay and we’re just meeting,my name’s Sean, and my passionis bringing you the best tips and toolsfor building your influence
with online video. We do a lot of tech
gear and camera reviews,and then we also do a lot of
strategy videos like this oneto help you make money online,build you influence online,
and ultimately go fasterthan ever before building your brand. But just wanna say what’s
up to Heather, Sassy,Zombies are Real, Vera, good
to see you on Boxing Critic. Thanks so much for being here,and let’s dive straight into it. What we’re doing is an
affiliate marketing Q&A,and we’re actually gonna be giving awaya couple of copies of “YouTube Secrets,”and so we recently
launched “YouTube Secrets,”Benji Travis and I co-wrote this book,and we were blessed to
have it hit number onein Social Media and Business on Amazon. And if you wanna be entered to win a copyof “YouTube Secrets,”all you gotta do is just make
sure you Like this video,make sure you’re subscribed
here on THiNK Media,and leave a comment
below with the question,”Have you started
affiliate marketing yet?”Where are you at?Have you started making some money?Are you still trying to
figure out on your journey,let me know if you’ve
started affiliate marketing,and that’ll get you entered to win. Now , this video
you’re watching, excuse me,is Part Four in our
affiliate marketing series. And so I hope you’ve been
enjoying on THiNK Media. If you haven’t, we’re not
gonna really do review. I’m sure we’ll touch on
some of the concepts. But that whole series is free on YouTubefor you to watch at any time. So down below, you can
see that in the commentsor the description, there’s
a link to this playlist. Watch this whole series,
that’ll really help you. But in this video, we’re
actually gonna be talkingabout some general affiliate
marketing marketing questionsthat we’ve been capturing
during the series. We’re gonna talk aboutsome Amazon affiliate marketing questionsas well as social media,share some the results from
people in our community,and we’ve got a lot
more going on, as well. If you have a question,
post it in the LiveChat,and Melissa on the THiNK Media teamis gonna try, will
answer those at the end,and she’ll deconflict themwith all the questions that
have been coming in from youin the THiNK Media community
so far during this series. So Part One, let’s dive straight intosome general affiliate
marketing questions. So before we do, check this out,this is the THiNK Media
crushing, you guys,THiNK Media community
crushing some results. So let’s see what people have been doingwith affiliate marketing. Lester, “Affiliate marketing is definitely”the way to go on YouTube. “I have achieved close to $300 a day”with affiliate marketing using
Facebook and now YouTube. “Great job, Lester. Joshua, “I’m so pumped for this video. “I’ve already made my first sale. “Can’t wait to scale to $100 daily. “Great job, Joshua. Megan, “I made my first 88
cents on Amazon affiliate links”thanks to your tips. “Great job, Megan. And you know, that’s so funnybecause if you remember
in the three-part series,I mentioned my first affiliate commission,which was $1. 60 or so from Amazon. And no matter where you
are on your journey,I wanna encourage you,it’s proof of concept
if you make 88 cents. Because once you’ve made 88 cents,that’s 88 cents more
than your neighbor madeon affiliate marketing last night. You know, that’s 88 cents
more than your brother,who doesn’t even believe
this stuff is real, you know,that’s 88 cents, that’s proof of concept. Your next question,
Megan, is how do I scale?How do I increase my sales, my profits,and the money I’m making,and that’s what this Q&A is all about. So let’s dive into the
first couple of questions. “How many subscribers would you recommend”before trying to use
affiliate marketing?”And, “Do you have to have a certain amount”of subscribers to become an affiliate?”Great question, and doesn’t
have an exact answer,but here’s a few tips. Number one, you do wanna establisha professional online presence. So affiliate marketing with most companiesis most probably being
reviewed by a human. Now, another tip is that a lot of timesto get approved for an affiliate program,it’s best to have a website or a blog. And so you’re like, “Well,
Sean, how would I do that?”Figure it out, Charlie. I’m just making that up, I
don’t know who Charlie is. You know, figure it out, Sarah. Like, just Google it. But think about, you could use Wix,you could use Squarespace,
you could use WordPress. But a lot of times, affiliate programsare more into approving
you if you have a websiteand not just a YouTube channel. Now, I’ve noticed YouTube has evolved,and they approve YouTube channels,but they just love it if you
have a website or a blog,and when I say a
professional online presence,what I mean is one of the
things you wanna think aboutis if someone lands on your channel. Now, let me give you an example. If someone lands on this channel,clearly, this channel is established. But if we were to go to,
like, Growing Your Greens,even when it was just
starting, John Kohler,now his photography and video qualityis not super fancy. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a
professional online presencethat’s like, okay, yeah, this is, like,a gardening channel. Okay, this makes sense, he’s consistent. He’s got some videos up. And when I land on this page,you want the person reviewing your siteto be, like, “Okay, this looks
legit, it’s professional. “I don’t mean it needs to be fancy,but it’s a little bit of likewhen I was doing tech early on,which is how I got started,you saw four videos, Best
Lighting, Best Camera,How to Use a DSLR. And so Amazon approved me early on. So that’s just one tip first and foremost,and that is professional online presence. Number two is you wanna
have some momentum. I will give you a figure,this is kinda arbitrary,
but it’s a good target. I’d recommend 500 subscribersand 50 to 100 views per video. That’s just kind of a range for a baselineto apply for an affiliate program. But the bigger point is momentum. If you’re already getting views,then that way, you know
you can drive some sales,you already have some traffic. And so at some level,
even though we’re talkingabout affiliate marketing
and making money right now,you still may be a month, two months,three months away where you
should focus on getting views,growing your channel,
getting people to your blog,or whatever it is first, momentum. And then you can scale after that. Okay, Million Reflections,
“What are the pros and cons”of affiliate marketing
through your YouTube channel?”Pros, you can make
money, that’s a good one. Help people find good stuff. That’s what I love about
affiliate marketingis a lot of people do it
sketchy online, I’ll admit that. And there’s a lot of, you know,kinda internet marketing typesthat give it kind of a bad name. But affiliate marketing done
right is a very awesome setup. You are essentially meeting somebodyat a point where they have a question,they’re trying to decide
between two products. And you’re hopefully bringing them wisdombecause you’ve tested it. Like look, I need my friend Techno Dadto tell me which TV to buy,’cause I’m not gonna test 40 TVs. He’s a home theater guy,he can lead me right to
the best information,and then, when I click his link,it’s not like the price
is higher on the product. He just gets a cut from
Amazon that goes to him,and I’m glad it doesbecause we need content creatorsthat are supported in their craft. So a pro is you make money,you can help people find
good stuff, it’s free. This is why if I think affiliate
marketing’s the best wayto get started making money,I mentioned it might take a
while to build some momentum,but YouTube ads, gotta get approved first,you gotta get those a
thousand subscribers,4,000 hours of watch time. If you create your own
product, which you should do,but that’s gonna take energy and time. Affiliate marketing you
can start immediately,it doesn’t cost you anything,you don’t have to have any inventory,you don’t have to deal
with customer service,you don’t have to do, you know,and you’re able to monetizeby basically being a
middleman or a middlewomanin the equation. It’s the easiest way to
start making money online. It’s the way that not only I was ableto completely go full time doing this,but even early on, it was the waythat I made the most money,
50 extra dollars a month,150 extra dollars a month. Let’s talk about the cons. Some people may not like it. Like, look, some people might
critique you for doing itor say weird stuff, but that’s life, man. You’re never gonna make everybody happy. So you just have to make a decision, like,hopefully do your best to add valueand put out good videos,but sometimes people will be like,”Oh, here comes the
affiliate marketing guy. “Whatever, man, not everyone’s
gonna like you anyways,so who even cares?You know, like, just gotta do it. Some people may not like it,but I think if you build
your brand with integrity,I don’t see that as a big issue. It’s not as fast as other income streams. So what I mean is, it’s
not as fast to generating$50,000 a year or $100,000 a year. It definitely can start
making you money quickly,but a lot of times, you need
a high volume of traffic,a lot of views, to make,
like, pay-the-rent money. So sometimes in a lot of our
courses in our community,if you wanna go full time faster,affiliate income might just
be one of your income streams. But it might be hard to
build it up to, like,a river that’ll support
you and your family. So it could take some time. And you are potentially
sending people off of YouTubeor wherever, and so that’s the thing. If there is a link in
your YouTube description,we’ll talk more about this later,and someone clicks it, they leave YouTube. YouTube never wants
people to leave YouTube. Makes sense, YouTube’s goal
is to keep people on platformbecause they get more advertisers,
people stay there longer. So we’ll address that later,but that’d be some of the cons. Those are some pros and cons. At the end of the day,
though, to me, it’s all pros. I think it’s totally worth exploringif it fits well with your niche. Jeremy, “Hey, Sean,
question, at one point,”do you recommend starting
affiliate marketing”for someone who’s just starting out,”less than 100 subs, and
trying to build an audience”and community in their niche?”I don’t my audience to get the wrong idea”that I have those affiliate
links in the description”just to,” and then it gets cut off. So again, I don’t think your audiencewill get the wrong idea. You also don’t have to make
a huge commotion about it. Like, you could put affiliate
links in the description. A lot of people dojust in case there’s
that one curious personthat’s wondering what camera you use. 101 that anybody can includein their description is My Gear. What gear do you use on
your YouTube channel?Put affiliate links to thatand make sure to disclose
somewhere in your description,put a disclaimer. And so I think that your audiencewould only get the wrong ideaif you’re oddly pushy to the link,if you got a weird vibe. And again, that one
troll or this guy over,like, who cares about that guy, you know,that’s trolling or being weird. I think just always do it with integrity,and there’s no reason
why you couldn’t startright from the beginning. But another way to put when
you should start is, you know,the tagline of our
channel Video Influencersis helping you build your
influence, your income,and your impact with
YouTube and online video. There’s a reason they’re in that order. They go in that order. Look, you can’t make money
if you don’t have influence,if you don’t have views,
if no one’s following you,if no one’s watching your videos,it doesn’t matter what
income stream you have. You’re not gonna make money. You gotta build your influence first. And even if it’s a
little bit of influence,you need that first because
there’s no way to get income. You’re not gonna get AdSense
if you don’t have views. You’re not gonna get affiliate incomeif no one’s watching. You’re not gonna sell productsif nobody knows it exists, whatever it is. So then income comes next,and then, ultimately, impact,because we believe that life is morethan followers and fame and fortune. We believe it’s about making a difference. Besides impacting the
lives of your communityand the people watching your content,making impact for us, we really,the tribe we’re kinda building is, like,purpose-driven entrepreneurs. So we care about giving to
causes, to nonprofits we support,to giving to our church,to making a difference in the world. Our company, THiNK Media,partners with Compassion Internationalto support 15 kids right now,and we’re trying to move that up to 20. That’s impact, but again, look,if I can’t pay my rent,
and I’m starving today,it’s gonna be hard for
me to impact others. So that’s why we wanna
encourage you on this workflow,focus on building your influence. Get views, get subscribers,
hone your craft. Put out that good content. You know, study YouTube,
master the best practices. Start generating some income,and then ultimately, you
can make a greater impact. So at what point, I
mentioned the 500 subs,get some momentum,but that’s definitely
the workflow at first. And one other thing I’d say is, you know,on Video Influencers,we were blessed to be in a positionwhere it was a side project,and we already had THiNK Media,and Benji already had his
other YouTube channels. So we were in a good positionto not need to monetize right away. But I’ll tell you this,even though we could turn on YouTube ads,we didn’t for, I think, two years. Talked to my friend Lewis Howes,School of Greatness podcast. He did two years of
episodes, valuable content,building an audience,
building his influence,serving people before he
started getting show sponsors. So I don’t know how long that is for you,but I just know this. The longer you hold outon any kind of aggressive
monetization, the better. You wanna build trust first. You want people to know you’re,that’s what you care about first. You have to pay the bills. If you wanna do this full
time, you need money. So never apologize for that,but if you can hold out and
focus on influence first,influence will serve you for life,and impact and income will flow from it. So always just, you know, you
got 98 subscribers, Jeremy,at least at this screenshot. Keep building, keep hustling, and again,if you put some affiliate
links in your description,it’s not like you’re selling hard core. You can scale it up, and then
maybe the right video pops upwhere you’re like, “Man,
this is really synergistic”for affiliate marketing,”and that’s the video that you do. “Neal Fox, “Great video
series, one question. “Obviously, when you review a product,”do you need to have the
product in your possession?”This can get quite expensive. “When you’re reviewing
cameras, for instance,”did you have to buy ’em,
or do you get loaners?”How does that work, thanks. “Great question, number one, I
started with the gear I had. 2010, 2009, I start a company
called Clear Vision Media,and actually, one of my kind
of first YouTube channels,it was actually my second or third. The first YouTube channel I ever managedwas for my church in 2007. Talk about a progressive,
early adoption church,since churches are usually behind. But this is my Clear Vision Media channel,so I shot this video
for Phil Smart Mercedes. I was doing different
stuff with YouTubers. This is back when I met Benji and Judy,so I produced a whole series for them,and I covered events. And so when I started my media company,I was working at Red
Robin to pay the bills,and I actually took out
a loan of about $10,000so I could invest in a Canon 7D camera,the DSLR revolution. So when I started,this is actually one of the
biggest pieces of advice,if you’re a freelancer, a photographeror videographer or a YouTuber,you should be making videos
about your setup regardlessbecause it’s just another opportunityto add other income streams. So I started with what I
had, and it was real organicbecause I just had bought a bunch of gear,and then what I realized wasI’m either gonna pay that offthrough doing video production work,or I’ll just pay it off
through waiting tables,and I’ll chip away at that loanbecause I had a vision that
I was in this thing, man. Come on, let’s grow this, let’s,this isn’t overnight success. This is brick by brick, patience,perseverance, and persistence. And so that’s where I started. Secondly, though, is then as I went,I started leveling out my gear as I went,you know, invested more. But I’ll give you another tip. You don’t need to own the product. You really actually don’t. I’ve seen some great channels that,take around Black Friday. They will go to the leak sites,the sites that have the listof what’s gonna be on Amazon or Newegg,lots of different affiliate programs,Best Buy online has an affiliate program. BH, B&H Photo, Newegg, Amazon. They go to those sites,and maybe they list the top five salescoming up on Black Friday. And all you did was sit here like this. Maybe you could share your
screen, show the website,and then put the links
in the description below. So if you get creative, you
don’t have to own the product. Now, I wouldn’t bank on that foreverbecause at some point, they’d be like,”Okay, well, are you
ever gonna test it out?”But if it’s pure information or if it’s,it’s pure deal spotting,
pew, pew, pew, you’re good. Just go straight to the
deals, so that is one way. There’s, you know, I
reviewed the Canon M50or I did a video about it
from the Canon Rumors websitebefore I had the camera in my possession,and it wasn’t out to link to,but I could definitely link
to it in the description,or link to other videos, as well. So technically, no, you don’t
need to own the product. Number three, you could
rent stuff, borrow stuff,or resell stuff. My friend Dave at Kinetika,he actually just has built up
enough of a little bankrollto buy every new camera that comes out,I mean, a couple grand,use it, review it, test
it, and then flip it. So if you wanted this
to be, like, a system,you could buy it if you
have the margin to do that,use it for a while, and
then flip it on eBay. Now, I would never
recommend you do somethingthat is sketchy. Some people, I don’t agree with this,some people actually just buy
stuff on Amazon and return it. I don’t suggest you do it,but they also just do that,
it’s return it after using it. Borrow it, you know,
who can you get aroundthat has other stuff?I’ve learned because
I’ve done interview showsthat I’ve done whole, like, walkthroughsof someone’s setup, like, you know,show me through your setup on my channelwith my affiliate links the
description about their gear. So you can collab with somebodyand ask ’em what gear they’re using,but then it’s your channel. Link to it with your affiliate links,and then you could also rent the gear. Borrowlenses. com, and
this is just for tech,but ask yourself how you can
get your hands on anything. And then one other deal is, Neal,I even see you got 7,000 subscribers. So once you get going,you should start getting some free stuff. Like even at your size, I
think whatever your niche is,I see a piano, I think a lot of companieswould probably wanna give you software. I have a friend who has a music
site, music YouTube channel. He reviews Ableton Live software. He’s done, like, MIDI keyboards. And it’s also his hobby,so he spends a lot of his own
money on his own home studioand monetizes it by doing videos and tipsaround affiliate marketing. But he’s also got a ton of free software,and sometimes, like,
Ableton is $500 on Amazon. So I don’t know what the commission is. It could be as high as 10%because it’s software, it’s digital,and there’s no reason it
needs to be as low as tech. But, like, if someone watches his video,clicks through, and buys this,boom, that’s a $50
commission at 10% on softwareor whatever it is. So he could get software
and plug-ins for free,so that’s another thing,that once you start
building some influence,products can start flowing to you. And that’s definitely the
case here at THiNK Media. You know, we just borrowed, or
we got a loaner of the a6400. I’m gonna buy it with my own moneyfor those who watch the content here. But we did get our hands on it,we got to borrow it for a while. Some companies send us free gear to keep,sometimes we have to send it back,sometimes we just get to borrow it. We buy a lot of gear. It’s kind of a mix of all the above. So I think that should help. Next question, “What types of affiliate”can someone do in their niche”that doesn’t involve a lot of products?”I’m running a voice acting channel,”and I wish to do affiliate
marketing to earn income,”but I’m not sure what I can look for”that relates to my niche. “So number one, affiliate
marketing may not bean ideal income stream for you. You’re on this training,
you’re like, “I’m ready. “Come on, Sean, give me some good news. “You may not be in an ideal
niche for affiliate marketing. I gotta disclaimer after that,but, like, it’s not all
things that work the same. I’m in a perfect niche
for affiliate marketing. Tech couldn’t be better,highly searched, expensive stuff. Beauty lifestyle, perfect niche. Pets, you know, anything,
there’s different thingswhere maybe people are looking
for different products. You have to determine that for yourself. And on a macro of your
vision for your company,your brand, your personal brand,you’re a hobby YouTuber,you can’t, like, force
something into a nichethat just doesn’t fit there. You might be better off if you really careabout this repositioning
yourself into an ideal positionfor maximizing affiliate marketing. However, every niche
and industry has tools. So the other thing is not every videoneeds to be about affiliate marketing. We’re not talking about,
like, every uploadneeds to be about it. It might only be one a
month, one a quarter. So you might be helping with voice acting,and you do weekly videos two months. You got eight videos
out, but your ninth videois like, hey, people been wondering,”What webcam do I use, what mic do I use,”or what software do I use to improve my,”you know, I don’t know, for voice stuff. And so you either might not be in a,a completely irrelevant niche
for affiliate marketing,which is very unlikely,there’s always probably something. Or it just might not be,
like, a major focus of yours,and you need other income streams. We teach on 10 different ones
here in “YouTube Secrets”and in some of our training. So you always wanna pick the
best monetization strategiesfor your individual nichewhen you’re building out your brand. “As a vlogger, what type
of products would you link?”I don’t see big family vloggers
doing this,” Teddy asks. Andrew, “Do you have
any strategies or ideas”on how vloggers can make
use of affiliate marketing,”maybe a different technique”or a different way of going about it. “I would love to hear your opinion”in regards to vloggers. “So similarly, it’s not
perfect for every niche. You don’t see big family vloggers doingbecause it doesn’t necessarily
work that great, why?Here’s the word I want you to write downif you’re taking notes. Intent, audience intent. And make sure to watch the
three-part series if you haven’tbecause we touch on that. When someone’s watching a vlog, typically,it’s for entertainment. The reason we watch a
daily vlog or a weekly vlogfrom somebody is we sit down,and we love that person,
we love their family,we are there for entertainment. When I go to the search bar and I say,I just did this the other day. In fact, I’ll just show you. So I bought the Viper. It’s a roller that just
vibrates, man, weird. It’s like crazy,
listen to that. So it’s a roller for, I use it for my arms’cause I have RSI,
repetitive stress injury. I use it for different things. This thing was also super expensive. So when I go and I go best,let’s just see, completely
on the fly here. Best roller for workout,so it’d be, like, best
workout roller, maybe. Ab roller, so kinda the same thing, right?But if someone heads out to lookfor the best ab roller workout,they’re not in entertainment mode. They’re in wait, what was that devicethat that person asked,and I learn about this from a friend. Your goal with YouTube is to
be someone’s friend onlineto help them find the
Viper roller review, boom. Now, let’s look at this, using
a little plug-in tool here. You know how many people wanna
see the Viper roller review?Well, let’s see, 10 people a month. Viper roller, 210 searches a month. Viper foam roller, 260 searches a month. So if you rank for this, two years old,this homie right here reviews it,here’s his affiliate links. Boom, he’s got some Geniuslinks in there,takes you over, this is a 200
frickin’ dollar roller, man. You gotta be Paul Lynde
to have this . It really works, though. And so but nevertheless, that guy, then,is that ranked video,and he’s making money
off of whatever it is. This is all related to vlogging. I’m on a mission to find a roller. I’m on a mission to find a camera. I’m on a mission to findwhich is the best-tasting
flavor of a protein shakeor some health food. Whatever it is, a million
things you can do. And so the key thing is that, number one,it might not be the best thing to dofor you as a vlogger. However, the way I would
do it is not all the time,but occasionally, if I’ve
got a devoted audience,I might be vlogging,and one day, I’m, like, in my
kitchen with my wife, Sonia. I’m like, “Hey, guys, we’re
trying to get healthier. “It’s a new year, new
me, you know, come on. “And we just bought a new blender. “And we’re lovin’ it, it’s actually,”we’ve been using it for two weeks now. “If you’re thinking
about getting a blender,”couldn’t recommend this enough. “We actually sent two
back that we tried out. “They sucked, they broke. “I’ll link to it in the description below”if you wanna check it out. “But anyways, what we’ve
been using with the blender,so what we’re talking about
is native integrationswith intentional calls to action
periodically in your vlogs. Hey, if you’re curious what I’m using,or maybe in one episode,we’ve been getting a ton of questionsabout what camera we use,I’ll always link to it
in the description below. Educate your audience about it. What you might learn is thatthat’s never gonna probably
produce life-changing moneybecause the intent is not aligned. But it could create a trickle. On the flip side, if you
really wanna crush itwith affiliate marketing,you wanna reverse
engineer your whole plan. Like, are you in a good niche?Can you have consistent content?That’s why product review
videos, product review channels,are inherently stacked to
perform very, very wellas it pertains to affiliate marketing. Hey, if you’re enjoying this live stream,can you smash Like?We are just getting started, friends,and just wanna say hello,
thanks for being here. And let’s keep jiving right in. All right, “What are a few basic companies”you suggest for starting out?”Thanks again, Sean, for your assistance. “Let’s dive in. Okay, so I took a little screenshot herefrom a different training,
and here’s just a couple. You could go Target Affiliates,did you know that Target
has an affiliate program,Nordstrom, I just Googled these things. The Home Depot Affiliate Program,Cabela’s Affiliate Program. In the middle here, you could
be a reseller of Dropbox,that’s software. Wine. com, come on, somebody. You could be a ButcherBox affiliate. A friend of mine is making
over six figures a yearwith bacon, ButcherBox. As an affiliate, he is profiting,
he’s got a big audience,but he’s profiting selling
bacon through ButcherBox,over six figures profit
a year, it’s insane. So your question is there’s probablyan affiliate marketing
program for everything. The Adobe Affiliate Program,
I use Creative Cloud. That one’s been good for us
because I use Adobe Photoshopand so I think in the
description of this video,a lot of times you’ll see,it’ll say, “This video
was edited on Premiere,”and that’s an affiliate
link to Adobe, right?But then there’s also networks. There’s places like rewardStyle
or ClickBank or FlexOffers. And what those are is, there’s kinda both. You could have the
direct affiliate program,or you could go to, like, a FlexOffers,and what you do is you sign upand you get approved for them. And then you would be a publisher. So there’s 1200 advertise,
you’d be an advertiser. I don’t know which one you’d be. And let’s see if we can
get some screenshots. Nike, eBags, Happy Socks. Look, careers, consumer
electronics, business. Friends, it’s a deep
rabbit hole, it really is. Right now, we are activein about 20 different
profitable affiliate programs. It doesn’t happen overnight. Little by little, we
built up ranked videos,built up other programs,thought about what’s
aligned with our audience. Some do better than others. Whatever it is, but those are
a couple of different onesthat you could get started out with. Here’s a tip, if you wanna go look to seewhat brands might have affiliate programs,here’s the equation. Brand name plus affiliate
marketing programor ambassador program or partner programor referral program,and so what I would do is you might saythe Nike affiliate program. Now, what we just learnedwas that it was a FlexOffers thing. Click this, there’s VigLink,and then here’s all the details,like sign up, which
countries, Austria, Italy,view the project. And VigLink is another network. See, we just typed in brand
name plus affiliate marketing. Now, let me see what else we use. We use Slack for internal communications. So maybe, in fact, mark my wordswe will probably do this in the future. And I would say that we’ll,if we did a series here on THiNK Mediato serve our entrepreneurial audienceabout all the tools we
use in our business,Slack, Dropbox, Google
Docs, not really for sale,or, you know, whatever things,so then let’s just look. Is SlackSocial what it’s called?I don’t know if this
is actually what it is. This is different, yeah. So by the way, it might not
have an affiliate programor I just might wanna keep looking. Oh, here it is. So Let’s Work Together. Slack partners, this
could be the start of it. Apply to be a partner. And so then you just start
filling out this detail. I’ve never even thought about beingan affiliate for Slack. We just have been loving it
over the last couple of months,and it’s how our internal
team communicates. So use that equation,and then, here’s Part Two,is then also maybe search
in the website footerfor where to sign up to be an affiliate. So you could say Walmart
Affiliate Program,and Google that, boom,
affiliates. walmart. com, sign up. Or if you were to just go to Walmart. com,a lot of times you could scroll
to the bottom of the page,insert brand, product you
love, software you love,subscription box you love. Scroll to the bottom,and you might be able to
find the affiliates tab,may or may not be able to find it here. And so I’m not seeing it. And I think actually thingslike subscription boxes are
great, I mentioned that. So we’re gonna keep going in this videowith some crazy ideas,but there’s so many different thingsthat you may not have even considered yet. And so use those
equations to go search outif it has an affiliate program. “So when you start getting ad revenue”and affiliate marketing sales,”do you need a business entity officially”in order to file taxes?”Can someone explain how that works?”It’s a huge barrier in my mind. “I wanna get the idea of how it works. “”Do you need to make a
separate bank account on PayPal”when reviving or receiving your money”from my products that I’m selling”from affiliate marketing
and other sources of income?”All right, couple of things. Number one, you don’t necessarily
need a business entity. Typically, they’re gonna askfor a Social Security Number or an EIN. Second disclaimer, I’m here in Vegas,I live in the United States. Wherever you are watching from the world,in fact, let’s do a roll call. Let me know in the
comments or the LiveChat. Where are you watching in the world?Shout me out, I’ll try to say hello. And so you gotta look at your local laws. The general answer is this, though,that a lot of times, you just
make it as a sole proprietor. You will get 1099’d by
Amazon, 1099’d by Adobeif you’ve made a certain amount of money. Even if you haven’t made
a certain amount of money,technically, the IRS here in America,if you make $300 under the table,they want you to disclose that. So if you made $100 on Amazon,I think 600 is the limit for
getting a 1099 officially. You’re still technically on
the hook for claiming that. I’m not a lawyer, I’m
not a tax professional. But just a couple of things, it’s income. All it is is income. Like if Amazon sends you a check for $100,it doesn’t matter if shot
photography for them,it doesn’t matter if you
spoke at their event. It is because it’s income,so it’s the same as anything else. But in the back end, they
should hold your handand walk you through that process. What’s up, Atlanta Toasty,
what’s up Canada Half Bricked. What’s up, Hex Vision, Fish
in Tokyo, William in Taiwan. Thanks for being here. Fortunate Adventures, Huntington Beach,super great seeing you. Thanks for being here. Tien in California, appreciate you. Do you need a separate bank account, no. The answer is no. Now, some companies
only pay out in PayPal. So I think PayPal is
just a modern account. Like, if you’re doing online
business in 2019 or 2020,you need a PayPal account . I mean, I just, a PayPal is somethingthat is integrated into a
lot of different things. And some companies, that’s
just the easiest way. We actually have an affiliate programfor our own digital courses. We pay people through PayPal. And so but a lot of times on the back end,you’re either gonna
connect a bank account,connect a PayPal account,
or they’ll mail you checks,or you’ll get gift cards or something. And so this is, we’re not gonna
go super deep in this stuff,but pretty much dive in
and read the fine print. I understand that some of that stuffmight be intimidating,and it’s the stuff I hate the most. As a creative, I just wanna make videos. I don’t wanna set up
all the back end stuff,but I did it, I did the
discipline of making sureI crossed my T’s and dotted my I’sbecause I wanted these income streamsto be set up rightand because our passion here
is helping you rank videos,helping you get videos
showing up in searchand suggested videosso you get views while you snooze. So I just wanted this
income to be passive,so I wanted to make that
all the accounts are set up. And I’ve got a big list,so I can always go through
and kinda do maintenanceon making sure everything is set up. And you know, ’cause we’ve moved,we’ve moved over the years. So you gotta change the back
end address and, you know,eventually, we moved from
a Social Security Numberto a business EIN. Just cross your T’s and dot
your I’s on the back end,and you should do great. Online Outdoorsman, “Driving
people away from YouTube”seems to hurt video performance. “So how should I balance that”if you’re more focused
on building an audience?”Or should I put affiliate on pause”until I get a larger base?”Two tips, you don’t need
to do affiliate marketingin every video. So you’re right, but it’s
not like every single videoshould be, like, “So right
now, click the affiliate link,”leave YouTube. “Like, you might do four videosthat have nothing to do
with affiliate marketing,and then that fifth one sends people away,that’s fine, whatever, it’s up to you. Two, second tip, don’t worry too much,because most people won’t leave anyways. Isn’t that the case?I mean, how many, it’s
always the same spielfrom all of us on YouTube. “Hey, by the way, there’s
links in the description. “And I’m like, “Cool, well, I’m
not actually shopping today,”so, like, thanks for the tip. “And I watch the video
and consume the content. So I’ve learned that, like,it’s not like you must mention
links in the description,and everybody leaves, you know, like,there they go, you know. So maybe just don’t
worry about it too much. Don’t give calls to action
away from the platformin every video, and you should be fine. The last thing I would say
is that it’s up to you. I would acknowledge that
maybe my YouTube strategyand my business model is
different than somebodywho just kind of is purely about algorithmsubscribers and growth. But I’m also about business,I’m also about, like,
other projects we haveand live events and things we’re doing. So it’s a trade off. Yes, if you can keep
people on YouTube forever,that is the best strategy if
all you care about is YouTube. And if all you care about
is YouTube and YouTube viewsand maybe brand deals, then
that might be a good idea. Never send people away. It’s my belief, though,that I also don’t want
all my eggs in one basket,so we try to grow our email list. That’s one reason why we give awaya lot of free, valuable stuff
like a YouTube checklist,’cause we also send out
a valuable newsletter. And here’s the thing, if
we, if YouTube’s algorithmjust crashes, you know,
just no longer is favorable,maybe if subscribers no longer see videos,I hope you’re on the
THiNK Media email listso we can stay in touch. So I do like to send people away. I do want people to be on our website,I do want people to be able
to watch trainings elsewhere. That is a strategic decision,and all of us need to make
that decision for ourselves. But you ultimately don’t
need to affiliate marketin every video, and I
wouldn’t worry too muchbecause people, when they leave,they’re leaving ’cause
they’re on a mission. They’re like, “Thank you, good video. “You mention the link,”I wanna make sure I get
the exact right thing,”appreciate it, I’m going now. “But that’s probably only
like one out of 100 people,one out of 1,000, who knows. Let me know what you
think in the comments. “What opportunities are there for channels”without tangible,
purchasable goods to promote,”like movie facts in my case?”Well, if I had a movie facts channel,I would look up the
MoviePass Affiliate Program,which I did. So look, MoviePass Affiliate Program,one-day cookie duration,
what’s a cookie duration?That means when someone
clicks on the link,your affiliate link, for 24
hours if they make a purchase,it’s credited to you. Some people have 365 day cookies. They click on a link one time,and if someone buys
anything on that websitefrom the same device that year,it’d be credited back to you. And Amazon is 24 hours, as well. It’s a one-day cookie duration. One day meaning they click on your link,they saw the yoga mat you
recommended in your video,but they waited four daysand they bought it four days later,you wouldn’t get credit. So it’s within the cookie duration. But if I had a movie channel,I might look into MoviePass. I might look into Netflix. This is older,I’m not sure if they still
allow you to do this,but of course the Netflix
affiliate program,I would look at stuff like My Geek Box. You could do an affiliate there. Or Loot Crate, if it’s related
to kinda like the movies,and so subscription boxes,and almost like adjacent, write this down,adjacent aligned products. So don’t think so literal. You’re not talking about cameras,but what are the things
that your audience are into?Cool, geeky stuff, figurines,
movie paraphernalia,posters, a movie pass,
subscription boxes, you know. Or if it ever turns into physical goods,maybe they want physical 4K Blu-rays. So around Black Friday this next year,you’re like the top five 4K Blu-ray deals,and then again, your
channel might not be perfectfor affiliate marketing
at the highest levels,but I think this should help,showing that there’s definitely
some things you could do,and this is how I want you to be thinking. Now, one thing to, this
is one thing to remember,is affiliate marketing does not
work if you don’t get views. And so all of this stuff is
good for optimizing and helping,but if you’re actually not getting trafficto your YouTube videos or to
wherever your social media is,you’re never gonna get that high of sales. So I just wanted to take a
moment here to remind youthat we just uploaded our
viral video checklist. That’s at viralvideochecklist. com. It’s totally free. You enter your name and email,and we email to you, along with
the three-part video seriesthat includes how to get
more views on your videosso you can get more traffic,how to monetize in a few different ways. And I actually take you with
me in the other room hereto do a deep dive training. I just wanna put this on your radar,viralvideochecklist. com,
link in the description belowbecause again, all the
affiliate marketing strategiesin the world, without
views, are not gonna help. That is our transition from
Part One into Part Two,so let’s do some community love. David, “I just signed up
for Audible on Amazon. “Gonna begin using them
on my podcast,” great job. “I started two weeks ago,
and I already made 81 cents,”ooh, yeah,” way to go, Sarah. Come on, let’s scale that. Josh, “Thanks for this video. “I’ve been already making side income”with affiliate marketing,”but this video pushed
me to want to do more”through my content to build
up everything I possibly can. “So thank you, hey, if
you’re getting value,we just covered Part One of this Q&Awhere we did some general questions. We’re gonna go into some
Amazon questions next,so smash Like to keep my energy high. Water break for Part Two. All right, you ready, I’m ready. Like button smashed, and also,we’re giving away a couple of
copies of “YouTube Secrets. “I’ll put the, I forgot
to put the deadline. I think this’ll go for about two weeks,and then we’ll send these out. All you have to do is just
make sure you’re subscribed,Like the video, and answer the comment”Have you started
affiliate marketing yet?”And we will hit you up,
you’ll be entered to wina copy of “YouTube Secrets. “Part Two, Amazon Affiliate Questions. Here we go. “How to actually get
the money off of Amazon,”’cause I see the money in there,”but I don’t know how to claim it. “So you’re making money
with affiliate marketing,but you want to get it out of the account. Number one, most affiliate programswant you to verify your identity. So typically, when you sign up these days,they might send you a text message. Come on, you know the spiel. You sign up, verify you’re
you, they send you a text,you enter the five-digit code, whatever. That’ll help. Make sure you fill out
your mailing address. They typically want some
sort of a mailing address. Make sure you fill out your tax info,your EIN or a Social Security Number,and then select your payment type,check, PayPal, direct
deposit, or gift cards. Heather Torres, on our team here,she’s making, I feel like
100 to 150 every monthor every couple of monthsjust from her homeschool channel. The way she gets her
money is Amazon Gift Cards’cause she knows she’s
gonna invest back in booksand more homeschool supplies. So you can pick different methods,but what I would encourage youis just go in your back end,make sure everything is filled out. The dots are connected to how
you’re gonna receive payment,and they have all the information. And most affiliate accounts
have, like, a big red thing,like information needed in
order for you to get payment. So just do your due
diligence on the back end,and you should be good to go. Camera sample, “How many
subscribers or views per video”should I try to register
specifically for Amazon”to get approved because
if I get approved,”how many sales do I need to have”because I heard they
can cancel affiliate,”your account if you don’t make it. “So I went into our Video Ranking Academyprivate Facebook group,
and Dennis said this. “When I first applied
last year, I got rejected. “I reapplied three months ago,
and was recently approved. “It took me one month to
get my first three sales. “This is kind of always changing,but that’s what they want. You sign up, you gotta get three sales. Hugh said this, “When I
joined back in August,”I had to drive three
sales in my first 180 days”to stay an affiliate. “So it’s usually something like that. And let me tie that to a strategy. This is why I want you to establisha professional online presence,
one, and two, get momentum. Because if you’ve got a
baseline of your channel,some decent branding,
people like, “Okay, cool,”this is, like, a fitness
channel, so it looks legit. “And then I want you to get some
subscribers and some views,have some momentum,and then maybe think about,all right, over this next 180 daysor this next couple of months,I’m gonna release at least four videosrelated to affiliate marketing. I’m gonna review the hyper Viper roller. I’m gonna review some exercise bands,and I’m gonna review this vegan
protein powder that I love. Maybe not every video,but maybe like over the
next couple of days. So then, then you pull the
trigger, you’re ready to go. You apply for the Amazon
program, and you get to work. Start hustling to get those views,start hustling to promote it out there’cause you wanna get those three salesso that your account gets locked in. And one other thing I would say,and do this, of course, with integrity. But, like, just like
putting out a YouTube videoand linking to it in the
description and saying,”Hey, if you wanna buy this thing,”link in the description below. “And that could drive some sales. You know what else could drive some sales? , Hey, mom, yeah. So I’m, like, trying to get
this affiliate account started,and I know you shop on
Amazon all the time, yeah. So before you ever buy anything on Amazon,could you just do me a favorand stop by one of my YouTube videos?Here, actually, come over,
come over to my house. She walks in, hey, Mom, let me show you. Just open up the
description, see these links?Just click one of those
before you buy something. Or ’cause affiliate marketing,
you need to disclose it. So a friend of yours
needs to buy some gear. So you go, “Hey, friend, I’ll
recommend you some gear,”and you send them links. When I used to work for a church,and I would totally disclose this,people would hit me up all the time. “What camera should I buy,
what microphone should I buy”for our church news?”I made ’em a list of affiliate links,and then I sent it to ’em and said,”This is exactly what I’d recommend. “It was almost like hand-to-hand
affiliate marketing. So when you start thinking out of the box,if you just need to drive sales,you could do it, just be scrappy,and don’t ever be deceptive,
you know, just be transparent. Like, you’re doing the
work of putting together,it’s kinda like a consultant. I was, I was a consultant
of a list of video gearfrom the person who had tested the stuff,sent directly to another churchthat was ready to buy that list,and looking for a shortcut,
looking for a friendto help lead them to the right products. So you start thinking this way,you could send out an
email, put it in your P. S. ,you could send it out on social. We’ll talk about it later,but be careful on social
because you just wanna make sureyou have disclaimers. So I typically like to
send out social linksto YouTube videos with affiliate
links in the descriptionand a disclaimer in the descriptionbecause if you put it on social,you could always put parentheses,
affiliate or something,and that’s what you would do. But I think it’s cleaner,
in my personal opinion,to just go social to YouTubeto affiliate link with disclaimer. And we will do some live
Q&A as we get through this,so please keep posting your questions,Mel is capturing them while you post them. “What happens when someone clicks”on a bunch of different
people’s Amazon affiliate links”and buys something,
who gets the commission?”I also like to know any
affiliate suggestions”you may have for people
focused on film and filmmaking. “Cool, so I did a couple of
the recommendations earlyfor the MoviePass stuff. If it is film and filmmaking,it’s kind of a lot like THiNK Media,although we’re more for
like YouTube creators. We don’t call ourselves filmmakersbecause we’re like,
look, man, this is aboutyou making money, you
growing your small business,you growing your hobby channel. It’s less about color
grading for six hours,and we’re into that, too. But, like, most people don’t need that. But in filmmaking, you could sell LUTs,recommend LUTs and color
grading and softwareand cameras and lenses, if
that’s what you’re doing. But as far as if someone
clicks a bunch of links,I think the most important term to knowin affiliate marketing is
last click, last click. Most affiliate programs
work by giving creditto whoever, whatever link was
the last link they clicked. So when someone clicks a bunch
of different affiliate links,it doesn’t matter, who
did they click on lastbefore they made their purchase?That’s typically the biggest thing. And then you can go deep in
the affiliate marketing world,and sometimes, there’s,
like, sticky clickswhere the first click
is the thing they get. That’s not Amazon,
though, and so it dependson the program you’re a part of. “Hi, Sean, I started affiliate marketing”after watching your
videos, it’s been a month. “Luckily, 11 items sold,” great job. “My question is, does OneLink
work for YouTube videos, too?”I mean, if I add the
link in the description”for amazon. com,”do I have to have UK and CA?”So first of all, what is OneLink?Well, OneLink is cool, but on Amazon,you can now apply for
Canada, Mexico, Japan, UK,I believe Amazon Australia. You get approved, Italy, Germany. You get those affiliated accounts set up,and then you get them
connected through OneLink. Link up your accounts,
link your U. S. accountwith your international Associate account,click there to link. Then you get one code,
and then, you’re right,if you put that OneLink,doesn’t matter if it’s
on YouTube, your blog,social media, they click the OneLink,but then Amazon is smart enough to say,”Oh, that person’s in Japan,”we’re gonna take them to
the Japan Amazon site. “And this works pretty good,but the thing I’ve learned
is that it’s very rarethat products are aligned. Like, a lot of times, that
exact SKU, that exact product,isn’t in Japan, or it
is, but it’s overpriced. However, we get checks. We get checks from Canada, UK,because it’s a little bit different. They’re not even direct deposit,they go through, you know, whatever,so they just come in the mail. That’s the way we have it set up. And so OneLink is really cool,
and I highly recommend it. It just allows you to potentially makea little bit of extra
income when doing that. “I get a lot of clicks,
but not a lot of sales”Also, how do you manage
items that go off Amazon. “One day, they’re available,
next day, they aren’t. “Good question, so if you’re
getting a lot of clicks,hey, first order of business
is great job, you know?Secondly, I would ask, you know,what is your actual percentage of income?And so, you know, on any given day,my click-through rate is around two,and if it’s awesome, it’s at 4%. We’ll look at yesterday on THiNK Media,7,500 clicks, 239 items. Here’s the conversion rate, 3. 9%, okay?I made 476. 38 yesterday off Amazon, cool. So the conversion rate is 3. 9%. So what I would first tell you,getting back to the question on how to,is you need to get 100
clicks based on my mathto get three sales. So I’m not sure how many
clicks you’re getting,but that’s pretty typical. Most online conversion, one, 2% is great,5% is, like, legendary. And if you’re climbing up to
like six, 7%, you are epic. So get more clicks, and if you’re,but if you’re getting
1,000 clicks and no sales,then you got a problem. So that would be the thing
I would manage first. Second thing is I don’t know
what you’re recommending,but if it’s available one day on Amazonand the next day it’s gone,it happens quite a bit on THiNK Mediawhere, again, we put up
a SKU to some lights,video’s out for three months,and then, I’m like, crap,
they changed it around,and now this says product’s
no longer available’cause they rebuilt their store. What that means is I think
you gotta stay on your game. This is, I hope your ambition,in fact, let me know if
one of your ambitionsis to be a full-time content creatorbecause that’s part of our mission. We are here at THiNK Media,we wanna help 10,000 people
create a full-time livingdoing what they love and make a differencewith online video. So if you wanna be a
full-time content creator,and I just wanna encourage you,you gotta stay on your game, man. Eventually, you’d be doing this full-time,you know what I mean?So, like, keep your links updated,and if you’re a side hustle right now,then on the weekends, I’d go back,and some weekends, all I’d dois just go re-optimize old videosto make sure that the
product’s still linked up. Because again, that’s
gonna stop conversions. If someone clicks
through, and they’re like,you can’t even buy it, clearly,
it’s not gonna make a sale. So you wanna make sure you’re
fixing it, you’re working it. King of Yorkie, “Thanks so
much for the super chat. “And so that’s what I would recommend. And then one other thing, and just becauseas I was preparing for this deck,I just am here to answer
questions in the Q&A,but we do have an
affiliate marketing course. It’s called Video Product Review Profits. You can get access to it
at videoreviewprofits. com. It’s actually on sale right now,and so it is normally 67, but
we have it on sale for 27. And that goes into the five elementsof how to make the perfect
product review video. At 27 bucks, great investment. Not even trying to, like, push it hard. I just wanted to put that on your radarbecause that’s probably
the best informationfor how to actually get more sales,and here’s what I mean. A couple of things that I’ve learned. If you do the best video
ever and people trust youand you’ve tested the product,
but they click through,and for some reason, the link on Amazon,the product on Amazon, has
three and a half or less stars,something’s wrong. And it’ll hurt conversion. Now, you might, it’s
just, it’s human nature. You gotta think about the whole workflow. They search for it, they found you,and you’re like, “It’s good,”
but then they click through,and who knows if they got trolled. Does that make sense, though?Once they land on Amazon,
what do they see next?Does it have positive reviews?Does it have, it is congruentall the way through the funnel?That’ll hurt conversion
if, for some reason,even if you discover that it wasn’t as badas people thought it was,
they’re not gonna buy itif there’s a whole bunch
of negative reviews. So I like to audit, before
I even press record,I like to think things through. I don’t even wanna start shooting a videoif I don’t think that it can make itall the way to the end of that funnel,unless there’s some reason
that I want you guysto know about it anyways. But you know what I’m saying?So that would be a tip
to increase conversions. Another tip to increase actual conversionsis actually encouraging
people to go read the reviews. So what you might say is,
towards the end of your video,your product review, you might say:So you saw the pros, you saw the cons. I love this product, but actually,don’t just take my word for it. A lot of other people who are using itin different ways love it, too. And if you click in the link
in the description below,it’ll take you over to
Amazon, and read the reviews. Because don’t just take my word for it. This product’s truly great,and a lot of people love it. See what I did there?You then are sending people over,reinforcing the social proof
of the product being legit. I like to only review
products that are legitunless they’re so bad I want you to knownot to get them, you know?And so those are a couple of things,and that’s a little bit,we actually just go
through a whole frameworkto basically stack your
product review videos. If you wanna figure out how to makeprofitable product reviews,that could be comparisons, how-tos,we cover that in Product Review Profits,link in the description below,just in case you wanna
check out that training. All right, “I’ve tried Amazon
links in the description,”but I’m also using something
like Kit, is it effective?”Should I actually link to
everything in the description?”So a couple of things here. Number one, if you link
in the description,it’s linking the description to Amazon,so it’s a shorter funnel, basically. I like that, excuse me. Link in the description to Amazon. If you link to Kit,
there’s a link on YouTubeto kit. com to Amazon. I like both, and I’ll
show you what kit. com isfor those that are new to it. So I just mixed it up
for a couple of reasons. One, sometimes when I do
a whole, like, list video,as you’ve seen, one
Kit link is much betterbecause there’s like seven thingsin the whole Kit I’m talking about. If I’m ever talking about one product,I don’t need to just go to Kit. I like to just do the one
link directly to Amazon. Additionally, remember when
we talked about the cookie. You click the link,
it’s valid for 24 hours,so one of the best things
you could have going for youis people clicking links, period. What I’ve learned, and you
just saw some of our numbers,you know that we’re doing
multiple six figuresin affiliate marketing a
year, is I’ve learned thatwhen you just have more clicks,
links, out in the world,and if you start building now,like, it’s good you’re
watching this training,you start positioning, ranking videos now,leveling up your game now,you get ready for fourth quarter,and you’ve got ranked videoswith affiliate links in the description. What ends up happening is
people are just researching,they’re looking online. They’re watching videos,
they’re clicking links,and then what they end up doingis just buying other stuffcompletely unrelated to
what you recommended. About 50% of the income we make,it’s not because of a
camera I recommended. It’s like someone bought
some, like, Yu-Gi-Oh! cardsand a shawl, and they
bought, like, a grill,and then they bought some
candy and some digital music. It’s all over the place. They just happened to have
clicked on one of my linksin the last 24 hours. So therefore, my personal favoriteis just Amazon. com, Christopher. Now, I love Kit. Let me just
take you guys over to Kit. It’s a great resource, too,if you ever wanna see my
Kit ’cause we’ve done,we’ve gone to a lot of workto put together great Kits that are,like, for instance,
our recent drone video. So we just did best drones with Aldrin,and he, I don’t know as much as he does,so it was really more
about, like, his expertise. And then there’s all the drones to it,and people can say View on Amazon,and it takes them over to it. Now, one cool thing that I
think you kinda need, like,a level of a pro Kit
account, but watch this. If I go to Edit Pro File
and I go to Monetize,input your affiliate codes,
Amazon, BH, Newegg, eBay. What’s cool is sometimes, when
you link up the other sites,I got my BH, B&H, I
got multiple countries,United Kingdom, U. S. , Canada. Kit gives you one link,and it potentially takes you
either to the right country,or even a different
site like B&H or Newegg. So there are some advantages to Kit. By the way, you keep 100% of the money. You just insert your affiliate codes here. At the same time, I trust
Kit at the highest levels,but I’ll tell you what I trust more,not sending people to Kit. So I do both, that’s
kinda the answer, right?So I like them, you know, our 4K Kit. It’s organized right here,
you can watch the video. It’s a great way. And for some people, by
the way, this will happen. Sometimes a professional business owner,somebody calls us,
they’re like, “Look, man,”just tell me what to get. “What’s cool is, check this out. You could just click one
button, Buy All on Amazon, boom,that’s a gnarly cart right there. And so this complete kit right here,if you were to literally
buy this, would be $7,885. But it’s nice having it out there’cause maybe someone’s like,”I want the exact THiNK Media setup”that you guys are using,”and that’s All in One button on Kit,and it could be even international sites,or maybe they do it on BH or somewhere,B&H or somewhere else. Are you getting some value, man?Are you having fun, I
hope that you’re seeingsome great value, good to see you, Eric,good to see you, Fish Visions. Youth Man, always great
to have you on the stream. Let’s keep going. All right, we’re talking
about Like and Share, hey. If you’re getting value,
sharing is caring,thank you so much. If you haven’t smashed Like yet,I hope you’re, I hope, I’m
trying to bring some fire,so if you got that gratitude,that’s the best attitude, click Like. Viral Video Checklist, if
you wanna scale those views. Community crushing, and we’ll
go into Part Three here. We covered general affiliate
marketing questions. We covered some Amazon questions. We’re getting to your live
questions, as many as we can,but we still got Part Three,and then in Part Four,
we’ll answer your questions. But let’s see how the community’s doing. TJ, “Sean, this rings true. “I made a video last holiday
season for Cyber Monday. “It wasn’t even that good,”but I knew that I
needed it to be out there”before Cyber Monday. “I made $570 in ad revenue
in three hours,” that’s sick,”with 36,000 views,”and over $14,000 of product revenue”from my Amazon affiliate links. “This year, I’m definitely
planning on more content. “TJ, I love it. I wanna encourage you,and one of the reasons we’re sharing thisis ’cause one, they
were shared by you guysin the THiNK Media community. But two, I want you to
see this as possible. It’s not that it’s easy,it’s not that it’s gonna
be a walk in the park. But when you’ve got a good strategy,you’ve got a good plan, you’ve
got the right information,you level up your content game,and you keep workin’ this,
it works if you work it. And it’s not just us at THiNK Media. People around the world are crushing itwith affiliate marketing. So TJ, thanks for sharing your story. Freeley, “I made my first $16
through affiliate marketing. “And I’m super pumped to
see that number grow. “I also wanna encourage youthat not everyone’s gonna
make a million dollarsin affiliate marketing,but would it change your lifeif you just had an extra
$100 a month coming inin passive income, around your hobby,in something you love to doand you’re getting free stuff?Of course, it would. Make an extra $1,000 of income a month. This has practicality at a lot of levels. THiNK Media’s not a get-rich website. It’s not a get-rich-quick brand. It is a website, we believe in hard work,but we do believe in modern marketingin this new era of entrepreneurship. This is not a joke, this is not a scamif you can do this with integrity. But when you put in the work and work it,it’s happening globally, right?It’s a real deal. So I do wanna encourage you, you know,I can relate to years, you
know, I had a side hustle. And I’d upload a video,
and I’d hope it did better,and I hoped I made more,but I was making 50 bucks and 25 bucks. There’s a lot of persistence
that comes along with this. But keep workin’ it, keep
posting, keep grinding,and keep learning about the little nuancesthat’ll help you go further faster,’cause it all definitely matters. Which brings us to Part Three,Social Media Affiliate
Marketing Questions. Here we go, “What’s the easiest way”to do affiliate marketing on Instagram?”And I would like to know it”because I have an Instagram account”with a high amount of followers,”and I’m thinking about
starting affiliate marketing,”and I’d really appreciate
if you answered my question. “Well, The Trailers Factory, happy to. Number one, not every
social media platformis good for affiliate marketing. The easiest way to do it on
Instagram is link in bio. And you do wanna make surethat there’s some level of disclosure. What I like, is that’s why
I like YouTube the bestbecause you have a description,and you can always put that disclaimerin your Instagram caption. But not a lot of people wanna
leave Instagram, you know. Going to link in bio’s kind of hard to do. You could always do a swipe-up on Stories. But what I would recommend, to be honest,is I actually would recommend
you build an email listor some kind of an insider’s communitywhere you could share content
more directly with them. So friends of mine have
done favorites lists. Like, “Do you just wanna be on
my insider’s favorite list?”So if you use your Instagram
to build an email list,then from time to time,one author I like, Ryan Holiday,he built up an email list
of just his favorite books. He’s a great author, and he’s a reader,and massive people wanna
hear the books he recommends. It’s an email newsletter, you
only get it through email. And he recommends usually
five books at a time. And they’re just Amazon affiliate links. But he’s got, like, I think,
100,000 or plus peopleon his email list. So I might try to build
an audience somewhere elsewith a better, more aligned
way of monetizing it. YouTube is the best, in my opinion. And then also realizing that on Instagram,brand deals, kind of sponsored posts,or using your influence there
to send people somewhere else. But the hardest thing is I’m on my phoneand I see your post,but my intent, I’m just not
there, you know, or I see. Here’s the problem. I see a product you
recommend on Instagram,and I’m like, “Cool, set my phone down,”go over to my computer and type it in”’cause I’d prefer to shop that way. “So that’s not trying to discourage you,but it’s just the reality of it. That’s why you wanna reverse engineeryour whole strategy, right,about which platforms
you’re choosing to leverage. But a couple of things, link in bio,build an email list,
send traffic elsewhere. And then look at other monetization. If you got a big audience,
a high amount of followers,you could be selling
sponsored posts, as well. That might be more profitablethan affiliate marketing is for you. Kevin, “Look forward to your next video. “My question is, what
drives the most traffic”and conversion for a sale?”Is it YouTube or other
social media or a website?”YouTube and blogs are the best. So I’ve just learned, you know,yes, you could tweet here and there. I prefer to tweet a YouTube video. A lot of people have good blog followings. Podcast is another one because
you could do your show notes. But again, not a lot of people
are going from listening,and “Hey, I’ll list
everything in the show notes. “Well, how often do you
go to the show notes?I’ve gone a couple of times. I just don’t go all the time. If you have an avid, blogs are hugebecause blogs, you can have embedded,it’s even better because
blogs and websitescan be hyperlinked. YouTube is the actual link. The blog can say, “My favorite mascara,”and the affiliate link
is embedded in that link. Always do your disclaimers
above and below or wherever. And we have a video out
with my friend Tim Schmoyerin our affiliate marketing playlistthat goes into a lot
of the FTC disclaimersand things like that if
you haven’t read that. Even that video, you need to
do your own due diligence. But here’s one of the
things I like to look at. If you just go to somebody
like a Casey Neistat,a lot of times in the
olden days, Casey, MKBHD,they didn’t disclose nothin’, man,and because it was maybe
the early Wild Westto some of this stuff,but now, you can just check. Like, you go to Casey’s websiteor the YouTube channeland look at him talking
about, like, the OSMO,and then, of course, he links to it. Here’s some stuff, a
couple of Amazon links. These are affiliate links. And then he says, “Above
are affiliate links. “So if you click and buy,
I get a small commission. “This video was not
sponsored by DJI or GoPro. “And I’ve actually adopted
some of that languagebecause I want our community
to know a couple of things. These are affiliate links,and people say this
sometimes in the comments. “Oh, man, I bet Sony
paid you a lot of money”for our latest M50 versus a6400. “Well, Frank, I don’t
know who the person was,they didn’t pay us nothin’, bro. We, you know, we care about
our integrity, and so,but I get it, people just, they
just searched and found it. They don’t know us, so
they don’t know our brand. So I like to put in the disclaimer. These are affiliate links. This video is not sponsored. And if it is, this video is sponsored,but all of our opinions are our own. But yeah, take it from Casey,you can see a disclaimer right
there in his description. If you wanna go over the MKBHD,a lot of times what he’ll dois maybe not even disclose
an affiliate link,but what he’ll do is link to his gear. So let’s check it out,
completely raw and spontaneous. Video gear I use, boom,
kit. com, he’s using Kit. So when you get here, you
don’t need to disclosebecause Kit is taking
care of that for you. They probably say it
somewhere, I don’t know where,but you’re safe because
it’s kinda third party. So that’s a link there,
and then check this out. Tech I’m using right now,this is his Amazon Influencers page. Depending on, and look, “MKBHD earns money”from this storefront,”
that’s a disclaimer. “If you click on the
link and buy something,”I’ll earn money. “You know, like, you just wanna
make sure that’s out there. And if you have some influence,apply for the Amazon Influencer program,and you can actually make your own store. You don’t even need a kit. com. You can sign up here, create a storefront,share products, and then that’s cleanerbecause again, they’re doing
the disclaimer for you. That disclaimer is
right there on the page. Plus the person’s already on Amazon,so it might make sense that, you know,it’s commerce or whatever else. That’s a couple of tips
that I think could help you. But saying that, YouTube,
blogs are the best. And you can definitely do this
on other social platforms,but I recommend, I think
YouTube’s the best, period,for a lot of reasons,but it’s the second largest search engine,so many advantages, we’ll talk about that. We talk about it all the time. All right, the community crushing it. “I’m making $50 a week
with affiliate marketing. “This is the best way to
make money,” great job, Amy. Handsome Gadgets, “I’m gonna make it rain”with affiliate marketing. “But honestly, passive
income is where it’s at. “I just made $50 this month”for products that I reviewed last year. “The reviews work for me”even when I’m not working on reviews. “That’s what I love to hear. The reviews are working for meeven when I’m not posting new ones. If you want to learn how to set that upand learn how we’ve done that,check out the Viral Video Checklist. If you’ve known our spiel for a while,we believe in ranked videos. YouTube’s a search engine. Some people critique us. Look at the numbers, man. Like, it’s working, it’s working in 2019. I just got done with the
Stream My Video Influencersshowing it working three days ago. So if you wanna learn
at the highest levelshow to rank videos, get
in search and suggested,Viral Video Checklist, it’s
gonna be a free checklist,link in the description,
that’s gonna help you crush. Three free videos that
you’re absolutely gonna love,and then, “Sean, is there
something for sale at the end?”Yes, our product called
Video Ranking Academy,and I stand behind it
because it’s absolutelythe best training on how
to rank videos on YouTube. It’s world class, but
here’s the cool thing, man. If you go through the whole
training and whatever else,you don’t gotta buy anything. There’s zero pressure in our brand. Zero coercion or manipulation. We give a lot of free
value here on YouTube. We give even more free
value in our master classesand our checklists. Then there’s also products and programsthat you can be a part of so that you havea proven guide with results,so that you have a
step-by-step roadmap to follow. You’re never gonna try
to go through the junglewithout a map. At least, a GPS on your phone. Our courses are just a GPS to help you getto your destination faster. You can go the route of trying
to look for free informationand digging around over hereand looking at a lot of untested stuffby people you don’t really
know if they’re frontingor they’re lying or whatever
it is they’re doing. Or you just go through having
a mentor, having a community’cause we have private
Facebook groups and stuff,so you have a higher level of support,support from our whole team. I’m just laying out our
whole business model for you,so you can just know that, like,we’re completely transparent. We are unapologetically proudof the educational courses
that we make availablebecause we put our heart
and soul into them,and they are just the right
steps in the right orderthat you can follow along,
that anybody can do. And our students, in fact,
let us know in the LiveChator the comments belowif you’re part of one of our programs. We’ve got this stellar reputation onlinebecause we have all these testimonials,all these success stories. And that’s also not to say thatthat’s the only way to do
it. Look, to each his own. Like, we hope you watch this training,and you go take action right now. Download the free checklist,
watch the free video series,take action, and go make 50, 100, $1,000,and then if you wanna reinvest
because you’re gratefuland you wanna even go
faster, then do it, or don’t. Completely up to you, we
give without expectation. Love of the Pets, “I do Amazon affiliates,”and it’s going okay. “My channel is a pet channel,”and one time, someone
bought a $700 mattress”through my link. “Cool, so they have a pet channel,but they sold a mattress. Proof that I mentioned, right,a lot of times, just by
having links out there,you’ll end up getting sales. It reminds me of the $1600 gold coin. I didn’t know Amazon sold gold coins. Back in the day, I woke up
in a tough season of my life. I mean, waiting tables at Red Robin,trying to pay the bills,my wife was going through
some health challenges,we’re losing our house. I’m trying to make side money,and I remember I would wake upand I would look at what
affiliate transactions we’ve made. And I was talking about, like,a point and shoot Canon camera. It was about the only
video I had out there,just a few videos, like gift ideas videos. And I remember I saw this $1600 gold coin,and I was like, “What,
Amazon sells gold coins?”,first thought. Second thought, “My commission was $186?”I’m like, come on, somebody. I was asleep all night,
woke up $186 richerbecause of doing this consistently,doing it, applying the best practices,and doing it over time
and putting out patience’cause then, you’ll sell mattresses, man. You’ll sell gold coins, you’ll
sell, who knows, you know?You just gotta jump out there and do it. All right, we’re at Q&A, Part Four. Melissa’s been pulling the
most relevant questionsthat we haven’t covered. Depending on when you’re joining this,and smash Like if you’re
having a good time. Re-watch it because we’re not
gonna repeat any of these. She’s filtering these for me,and so I’ll tackle these
one by one right now. Kat, “I’ve seen you talk about
Google Trends and tent poles. “I’m curious about how much earlier”you would post an
affiliate marketing video”before it happens?”So let’s look for it. Number one, don’t overthink it. I remember a couple of years ago,I would be, like, man, Black Friday’sone of the best ways to make
money with affiliate marketing. And then it’d be, like,
Thanksgiving, you know?And I’d be with my
family, and I’d be, like,”Can I, shoot,” I’d be, like,”I gotta make a video,
Black Friday’s tomorrow. “I should make a video. “And then sometimes,
I’d set up a light kit,and I shot it, like,
after Thanksgiving dinner. Bad idea, tryptophan,
you’re like sleepin’. Or I’d get up in the morning of,and I’d try to go live. There’s a good way to do things, you know. I a lot of times will
go live just like thisbecause it’s real-time content,and I might build out
the links ahead of time. So what I actually did this last,here’s a great strategy. This last year, I built out
a deck just like this one,organized my best Black Friday deals. This is a good example of
not needing to own the stuff. Now, I do, so or some of the things,so I could speak to it authoritatively. But all I actually did
here was show my screen. I guess I held up a few
cameras and recommended. And then, what I did was I had
the links in the descriptionaround Black Friday, okay?So if you ever are late,
late is better than never. And always do your best to get aheadand, you know, with timing. But if you use Google Trends,go in like this, go to Google Trends,type in Black Friday,and then here is when I would say,whatever the search term is,what, when I would
recommend doing it, okay. So it starts ramping up,
Black Friday, this next year,will probably start
ramping up around October,the last week in October. But it’s a little too early, okay?Even November 4th through the 10th,it’s still too gradual. Here is, right here, though,
you can see the 10th,look, boom, then it shoots up. So right at the shoot-up point,so then here’s the answer. The week of November 11th through the 17thwould be the ideal time to maximizeyour Black Friday traffic and views. Now, you might not have
enough information by then,but that’s when I would
say it’d be a hybrid. So if I didn’t have anything else going onand I wanted to capitalize
on Black Friday,I would jump on this week and say,”Okay, is there enough leaked sales,”is there enough information?”What can I put together to help people?”And then I would try to publish thatbetween the 11th and the 17th. But here’s the answer, too, you know. I guess that’s only one week’s time,and then it’s at its peak on the week of. The 18th, it’d still be fine, too. You’re still gonna be,
like, seven days before it,and then there is too late, though. Too late would be, you know, December 1st,like, that ship has sailed, or whatever. And then you could jump
on Cyber Monday next. And so this is generally true, too,for not even affiliate
marketing-related stuff,or maybe affiliate marketing. Maybe there’s a cool site
that sells Halloween costumes,and so you go Halloween costume,here’s what we’re gonna be able to do. We’re gonna be able to seewhen people are shopping for
their affiliate marketing,or for their costume. So as early as September
or kind of in here,and then it definitely drops here. So I might wanna be
even like mid-September,being like, “Okay, cool, five
Halloween costume ideas. “And if you did that,you also might recommend thrifting,you recommend this,but then, you recommend
a couple of things. You’re like, “Dude, I found
these freaking glasses. “They shoot lasers. “And by the way, if you wanna, these are,I know, everyone needs
a pair of these glasses,link in the description. So maybe like the majority of your videois not even about, it’s not all products. But there’s two or three
things that you’re like,”Dude, everybody, these sick glow sticks”that you should wear at
your Halloween parties. “I’m just making stuff up, right?But that would be what I would sayrelated to maximizing the tent poleof when it blows up,and that website right
there is trends. Google. com. How To Automotive, “Thanks
for the super chat. “I’m getting a lot of free products”from companies to review. “What is your tips to get them to pay me”to review their products?”I think once you get more traffic,I mean, how many subscribers do you have?If you’ve got 5,000,
you could jump straightinto famebit. com. And famebit. com is a good way to start. And then you could also
just go direct to companies. The other thing is, I’ll
give you two answers. Base it on busyness. So here, let’s quick go into FameBit. If you’re in famebit. com,and you are in how-to automotive,we could go to Other. We’re gonna go, hey, look
at this, there we go. All right, so this is a coatthat will last on your car 25 days,up to $10,000, and that’s up to. So depending on the size
of your channel, though,you might say, “Look, I mean,
I’m only gonna charge you”like 300 bucks ’cause I’m just growing. “But that is right here
inside of famebit. com,F-A-M-E-B-I-T, you need 5,000 subscribersto get an account there,but then you can get direct,it connects brands with creators. And they’re gonna give you
that actual product for free. They’re gonna give you money,and then maybe in your video,you’ll probably have a trackable linkthat you’d have to link to for them. But I like to put that link right up topto serve the brand, collect my money,collect my YouTube ads, put
that link right at the top,lower in the description,
put the Amazon linkto that exact product. And you got free product,that’s the four levels of monetizationwhen you do, like, a FameBit video. YouTube ads, paid by the brand,free product if you count
that as an income stream,but it’s cool to get a free product. And then affiliate
marketing for other linksin the description related to that. So I think that would help. The second tip is generally
is just raise your standardsand raise your prices
as your brand elevates. So this has happened for
us to where, in the past,we are inundated now. Like, we’re busier, we’ve
got our Live Event coming up. I hope you can make it, it’s
coming up later this year. Grow With Video Live here in Las Vegas. We’re planning that. We’ve got, you know, a team,we’ve got other things to do. So our prices have had to go up. And it’s a decision, How To Automotive,how busy are you, how much
bandwidth do you have?Right now, it’s almost like,and I say this contextually,but it’s almost like time
is more valuable than money,depending on, that’s,you either have one of
two things, time or money. If you got a lot of time on your hands,hustle to do a lot of
free work and whatever,but then eventually, you have
way less time on your hands,but hopefully more money. So we’ll just say, it’s like, hey, brand,yeah, to do a video. And by the way, I also don’t like doingpaid product reviews. It’s something I personally avoid doing. I like doing tutorial videos,this video is brought to you by Canon. I’m gonna show you how to use a camera. You won’t see a sponsored
Canon video on THiNK Media. You’ll see Canon sponsored,
like, five of our videos,but they were all about
how to shoot photos,how to use the G7X. Just a personal tweakbecause a paid product
review insinuates bias. You can say you’re not biased,but you’re literally being
paid just to review it. So my preference is to do a tutorial,and I like to do product reviews. I’m fine to get the product free,then I just say, “Hey, Rode
sent us out the podcast,”the RODECaster, and we’re reviewing it. “No strings attached, they
didn’t send us a letter,they didn’t give us any,we’re gonna say whatever we want about it. And we’ll link to it as an affiliatebecause you might wanna
check it out, good or bad. But I don’t like doing
paid product reviews. But as you get busier, raise your prices. Therefore, someone’s like,”Can we do, get a video on THiNK Media?”We just might be like,
“Five grand, 10 grand, no. “Okay, well, we got plenty to do anyway,so we don’t even,but then if they’re like, “Yeah,
we can do five,” you know,and we’ll be like, “Does
that fit in our wheelhouse,”okay, cool. “And then maybe, though, it’s
a season that’s not as busy. I’m super pumped, and I wanna get my handson the product anyways,and we do this all the time. We just got a MOZA Air 2 Gimbal. They didn’t pay us any money,but they did hook us up
with the Gimbal for free. Huge blessing, but it ties
into some of the projectswe’re working on right now. And not to, I don’t want this to comefrom an entitled place, but, you know,you get, it’s a blessing to be a YouTuber. You know, right now, technically,us covering a product on our channel,it has real value. I mean, it does for a brand. So if all they give you is a free product,here’s what I’m trying to say. You need to know your worth. If you’re just starting,
you need to hustleand build your credibility,build your worth and build your brand. But once you’re further along,you need to know your worthand know that, like, dang,
MOZA’s getting a good dealeven if they gave us the product for free. I don’t wanna diminish the factthat a $600 gimbal is a huge blessing,but how much marketing
dollars would it cost them?It didn’t cost them $600
to make that gimbal. So it’s a case-by-case basis. I hope some of that adds some valueabout making those decisions for yourselfbased on where you are. 30 Day Reviews, “Thanks
for the super chat. “Can you talk about disclosure
when you’re not paid”but you get a product from a company?”Disclosure 101 is simply disclosingthe material relationship
with the company,whatever it is. So technically, and actually probablyone of the best things to studyis the UK right now in
Europe ’cause it’s mayhem. Article 13, influencers are
getting cracked down on. Their standards are way higher,
right now, than the U. S. ,but I think it’s a picture of
where things could be going. And they just want you
to disclose everythingincluding, you might say,like here’s what happened two weeks ago. I couldn’t go ’cause I
was speaking at an event,so we sent Omar to a Sony event. Nobody got paid, that we
know of, to go to that event. But it was, they flew out
Omar, gave him a hotel room,and they let him use the
Canon, the Sony a6400 for a dayalong with the other creators,and you may have seen
some of that coverage. So technically, a couple of things. One, you would probably be able to say,”I’m just trying out this product today. “Here’s what Europe would say
you need to say right now. You need to say, like,
“Sony flew us out here. “They’re not paying us,”and we’re just gonna be
sharing our honest opinion,”but it is really cool that
they gave us this trip. “And here’s why, because, that again,if they’re wining and dining you,and they didn’t, really,
but you know what I mean. Like, it’s sick, they flew him out. They just wanna know, what
is the material relationshipwith the company?So a lot of times, I’ll just say,”Rode sent out this
product for us to review,”and so I could probably do a better job,’cause what Europe, that’s good
enough, it seems these days. And I’ll put it in the video,”This video’s not sponsored”
in the description. But Rode did give us a
complimentary review unit. In Europe, you need to say,”Rode sent me this product for free,”and I don’t have to send it back,”and I did get to keep it. “But you know what I, like,they want you to literally sayexactly what the relationship is. So as this industry evolves,I think the key is to just
include it in your culture. One of my favorite things
that I love is Phil DeFranco. I love his show. He’s, like, “This episode,
‘Today and Awesome,'”is brought to you by SeatGeek. “He discloses that there’s
that relationship,or he’ll disclose if
there’s not a relationship. And that’s kinda what it is. At the end of the day, you just wanna betransparent and open. I realize some people,
I don’t actually thinkmost influencers or YouTube creators,I don’t think they’re malicious,I don’t think they’re, I
don’t they know this stuff. It’s hard to friggin’ keep up with it all. You know what I’m saying?So at the end of the
day, it’s just disclosingthe material relationship. And then the flip side is kinda weirdbecause a lot of stuff,
if we don’t say anything,we bought it, you know?And then someone’s like,
“I bet somebody paid you,”and you’re like, “No, we
bought the camera, bro. “We bought the lenses, we
invested in the stuff. “And so it’s hard to really know
what’s happening out there,but here’s the punchline. Being transparent and openand literally just doing your best’cause I don’t even
think, I know you guys,you don’t expect perfection,you don’t expect me or anybody
else not to make a mistake. But you do want us to be
transparent, honest, and opento also let you know if
the review could be coloredor biased in any way. Our commitment to you and
what we want and striveto do here on THiNK Mediais always give you the real truth,the raw truth, the full truth. And frankly, it doesn’t matter
if we get paid, not paid,if we got the product free,we just want you to get the information. We’re gonna do our best
to continue to evolve. And let me tell you this. If you wanna be a
professional content creator,a full-time influencer, a
full-time content creator,you need to commit to
studying this continuously. Not like every day, but
you have to stay current. That’s why you should
come to Grow With Video,go to conferences like
VidSummit or VidCon. Because this is your industry,so you should know about
the nuances of your,if you’re just chilling
and this is a hobby, cool. But like, makes sense right?It’s like knowing compliance. My dad does electrical contracting. He’s gotta read guides
and compliance booksand get his newest certificationto do installs in Californiaand new licenses and
all that kind of stuff. For us as influencers, we’re
responsible for that, as well,to stay updated in our industry. The Boston Gamer, “What’s
the biggest risk involved”with affiliate marketing?”You know, the biggest risk could be,the FDC is, like, that’s here in America,is like “You’re doing it wrong. “And here’s probably what could happen. Take the video down. Or your affiliate account gets shut down. If you were doing something
sketchy and black hat,and that does happen,my friend Roberto Blake
got his account shut down,and I’ll tell you one of the
things that I’ve learned. Why, and actually, Video
Influencers got their affiliate,our Video Influencers got our
affiliate account shut down. Here’s one of the reasons why. You are not allowed to say thatif someone clicks on your
links, it supports you. Like, hey, these are affiliate links,and if you click on ’em,
you’ll support the channel. Real weak, dicey, but in
the past, I would say,here’s my disclaimer. “This video and description
contain affiliate links,”which means if you click
on one of the product links,”I’ll receive a small commission. “I used to say, “This
helps support the channel”and helps us keep
making videos like this. “It was never a problem
for me on THiNK Media,but language kind of like
that is where it broke down,and then Roberto got
his account shut down. Same thing happened on Video Influencers. And maybe it was the age of the account. So what they actually want it to beis a little more cold, like,
this is my understanding. “If you click on the link,
I get a small commission. “Not “And it’ll support us and help us. “It’s just, “I get paid if
you click on the link. “Let’s, you know, if we
look at MKBHD’s thing,it was like, “MKBHD makes
money from this storefront. “So it’s being literal,and what Amazon apparently, and it gets,I know it’s kinda nerveracking,but like, “Shoot, am I doing it right?”And I wish they were even
clearer with us, quite frankly,because it was hard to get information. But they don’t want you,
here’s the punchline,kind of trying to incentivize,
that’s the language. They don’t want you to
incentivize viewers to click. You can just educate,
“There are affiliate links. “There are links in the description,there are affiliate links in
the description of this video. I don’t know if there is, but
there’s, for sure, a Kit link. There are affiliate links in
the description of this video. That’s it, not, “Go look at it now,”and if you, that’s, how
you get in the giveaway”of the book,” you know what I mean?So if I incentivize you, somehow push you,not just educate you
and make you aware of. So that’s a couple of things. I don’t wanna cause worry with that,but you gotta stay on your game. Other than that, though, as far as risks,I don’t think you need
to be, have, like, fear,things that could happen. It happened to us, it’s frustrating. Affiliate Video Influencers,affiliate account got shut down. We gotta start a new one. We need to optimize and update our videos. It’s the name of the game, man,it’s the kind of stuff
that potentially happens,and always do your best. And evolve, I’m evolving as I go. So now my description, I’m
trying to do it perfect,according to what they would want. And if you wanna use that,just go to a recent THiNK
Media video, look at that,go to Casey’s videos
about a product, use his. And by the way, nothing in
this video is legal advice. It’s pretty good advice from
someone deeply experienced,but I’m not a lawyer,
I’m not a legal expert. So always do your due diligence. And so Casey probably doesn’t
have the perfect legal copy,nor do I know if I do, either. However, here’s one reason
why I mentioned Casey’cause dude, if you got 10 million subs,you are in the limelight
of being a target. So I like to look at the
big guys to say, hey,if they’re cool, and
if what they’re doing,not that they are the gold standard. Don’t get me wrong what I’m saying here. I’m not saying they’re right. I’m just saying if
someone, when I think risk,if they’re gonna go after somebody,they’re gonna probably
go after somebody bigand probably not you. I don’t think they’re gonna go after me. I feel like MKBHD and Casey
are gonna get in troublebefore I get in trouble,and that helps me sleep at night. So then I say, what are they doing?I wanna be doing it at least
as good as the big guys,or better, as far as in my due diligence. Brain in a Box, “Does Amazon OneLink workin YouTube descriptions,” it does. It’s only one link. It’s in the back end of Amazon,so you still only have
one link, amazon. comif you’re in the U. S. But in the back end, it’s
connected to the OneLink. So it doesn’t matter if it’s
on a blog, a YouTube channel,or anywhere else. Happy Mad Scientist, “Does
Amazon only count links”from sites when you apply?”Like if you put YouTube as my site”but links to another site that
Amazon knows nothing about,”does it count the links?”Yes, so for instance, one
of the original accountsI got approved, back in the day,was actually our blog
for Think International,an old project we used to work on. We got approved, that’s why
I said, professional presenceand establish a blog first,
or a website, if you can,’cause it really helps
with getting approvedfor affiliate programs,especially as you move into other sites. Impact Radius, that’s
an affiliate network. A lot of times, they want
a website and not a URL,so somewhere in your
content creator journey,be thinking about creating a home base. There’s other reasons to do it, too. That should probably be
a future Think video. But be thinking about
having a blog or a website. But then once you have
that affiliate link,I didn’t establish multiple accounts. In our blog posts, we
used the affiliate links. If they were relevant on social media,we used the affiliate links. In YouTube videos, we
used the affiliate links. If someone asked me directly
for a list of products,I sent them the affiliate links, got it?So I only had the one account. I DJ it out, I had my
personal Tumblr at the time. But it got approved for the Think site. Please do your due diligence. You know, I think, my idea,
that’s all under the same brand. And what I say is due diligence is,I don’t know if that was
actually right or wrong,but it was the entity, is
what I’m trying to say. Like, our overall entity was
approved, based off a website,and then the brand, though,distributes content on multiple places. When you sign up for an affiliate account,a lot times, it’ll say, “How
are you gonna get traffic?”Like, if you sign up for FlexOffers,they’ll say, “How do you get traffic?”And there’s usually a huge list. Paid ads, email marketing,
content marketing, whatever. So that’s based on one strategy. The point is, usually, all
of those things are okay. They’re just curious,
which way are you doing it?You know what I’m saying,
’cause there could be,like, 30 different ways to get
traffic to an affiliate link. YouTube just happens to be one of them. Okay, we’re gonna take, like,
a couple more questions,just a few other things
to know about here. Some resources to help
you go further, fasterwith affiliate marketing. Here’s the recap, if you
wanna check out our programVideo Review Profits, you’ll love that. Huge discount right now,and that’s just a great jump
start course if you’re like,”Okay, I’m loving this, I
wanna invest in my future,”invest in my learning. “For the price of a meal at Red Robin,you could, I worked at Red
Robin for 10 years, by the way. Come on, Bottomless
Fries, mm, that mud pie,Royal Burger with the egg on it. Sorry, vegans . Things you say. And so but, great deal if you wanna takeyour affiliate marketing learning,I encourage you, dive into
that, videoreviewprofits. com,link in the description below. And then specifically, this is all abouthow to make that ideal
product review video. There’s some tips in there
about getting free products. It’s worth far more than
you’ll invest in it. And then, of course, everything’s backedby a good return policy,so everything investing
with us is risk freebecause you could dive into itand see if you enjoy it or not,but I know you’ll love it. If you feel like this is somethingyou really wanna go deeper on,so that’s one resource. And then Viral Video Checklist, again,cool, you got a blog, cool,
you got YouTube channels,optimizing everything,
let’s get the views, though. You gotta build your influence first,and then the income can flow after,so let’s grow your audience,
let’s get more views. This is new, updated, fresh for 2019. I know you’ll love it,
and so it’s totally free,viralvideochecklist. com,
enter your name and email. And then report back to usbecause we’ll send you the download,and you’ll get access
to a free video series,and it’s gonna help you, 100%. People are loving it, and
then at the end of it,you’ll learn more about
some of our other things,but even if that’s not right for you,let’s get you some views, man. Let’s get you some, let’s
grow your channel right now,come on, 2019, we’re not sleeping,we’re not resting here. We’re ready to crush it because
we’re living through an eraof massive opportunity
with this stuff, right?This is life changing. I am a small-town kid from
Arlington, Washington,an hour north of Seattle. I grew up with goats, and my horse Littlewho I hated and never
asked for from my parents. One day, they’re like,
“We got you a horse. “”What, I didn’t ask for a horse. “I don’t wanna be ungrateful, Mom,”but why did you get me a horse?”Meanwhile, why did you
get me a discount horse?”Little’s purpose in life
was trying to bite me, A,and B, we had a crab apple tree,trunk, tree branches, those tree brancheswere at the perfect heightof me sitting on the back of Little. So Little could run right under the tree,but I would get clipped
off by the tree branches. That happened, one day,
I’m losing control,the bridle falls off,
and Little just clips meunderneath the crab apple tree. Small-town kid from
Arlington, Washington, right?Boom, I hit the ground. Years later, I don’t have
anybody in Hollywood,I don’t have any connections in media. I don’t know anything about anybody in,even to make money online or, like,really even much of entrepreneurship. I mean, my dad is
definitely a business ownerand entrepreneur, stepdad. What’s my point?Dude, you can make
videos from your bedroomwith a webcam and a smartphone,and you can monetize
them for free . Like, through affiliate marketingfor products you don’t even
necessarily have or touch?Dude, we’re living in a crazy time. And if that doesn’t make,
if that doesn’t light a firethat says, I’m gonna go all-in on this,to learn everything, to
practice, to level up my game,and to figure this thing out,for the guarantee of it working?Maybe not, for the chance?Like, past generations,
our grandparents would killto be sitting in front
of as much opportunityas we have right now. And you might be like, “Oh, Sean,”but like, I’m in this
situation or that situation. “I get it, you maybe aren’t startingwith as many advantages
that somebody else has,but what is, what can you do about that?Complain about it?You can’t change it,
you only have with what,all you have is what you have right now. But you also have the internet. You also have, “Well, I
can’t afford the internet. “Then go to the library,
I’m not even kidding. Guess what I just learned. LinkedIn Learning, Lynda. com
bought LinkedIn Learning,and a lot of libraries have it for free. All right, so there’s that excuse. You could go to the library,you could upload videos
that you edit at Starbucksor somewhere else or at home on a laptop. “Where am I gonna get the laptop?”I don’t know, Joe. Get a job, make the money waiting tableslike I did making tips,and invest it in your
business as an entrepreneur,as a creative, as someone who’s
taking this thing seriously. And then grow your frickin’ thinguntil you can pay for the internet,or pay to finally buy that laptopor get that hand-me-down laptopfrom some other family member. Edit that video, go to
the library and upload it,watch a couple of hours
of LinkedIn Learningto learn the skills of graphic
design and video editingto level up your craft. Watch all of our free videos,and never spend any money
with us, doesn’t matter. You could get really far that way. Or make more money, take the fast track,invest in some of our
courses and whatever else. There’s so many different
ways to go about it. I think the necessary
thing is the mindset,is the relentless spirit that says,”I’m goin’ all in, man,
come hell or high water,”I’m gonna figure out how to do this. “I’m gonna study it, I’m gonna,”Well, I don’t have the on-camera skills. “Neither did I. I started making videos in
2003, Tim , sorry. All these people’s names. Like, I started Affiliate Watch. I started, you know,
making videos years ago,and your first videos
are your worst videos,but I committed to the process. I’ve uploaded over 2,000
videos online right now,and the first 1,600 were
probably pretty bad. They were for my church and other peopleand whatever else. But the last few hundred have been better’cause I practiced a
lot, I put in the work. I know I’m ranting, but I
just wanna encourage you,now is the time to hustle,
go all in with this stuff. And Unique or Enrique
said it best right here. “The best investment is
to invest in yourself. “So keep hustlin’, keep growin’,make sure to get the
Viral Video Checklist. And make sure to enter this contest, too,’cause hey, we wanna hook
you up with some free booksto help you go further, faster. So this contest to be entered,if you love this Q&A, by
the way, can you smash Like?What niche or topic is your channel about?You’ve probably answered that in LiveChat. But come back and put
it in the real comments,and that’ll help us enter,but Mel will see your LiveChat, as well. And we are gonna answer,
like, a couple more questions. Dave, “OneLink is a script,
how does it work on YouTube?”OneLink can be a script,but it is connected in the
back end of your account,and here’s what I mean. When you get a link from Amazon,you can get the full link,which is, like, a gnarly link,or you can get a short link, got it?So when you connect it on the back end,this amz. to, that’s your
shortened affiliate link,is connected to OneLink. The reason I know that
works is ’cause I get checksfrom Canada and UK,and I’ve only ever used those links,or our affiliate code on other sites. I’m willing to be wrong, though,so let me know, Dave, if
you find out something else. But that’s my understanding of OneLink. “Does Amazon only count clicks for sites”where you apply?”Okay, Youth Man, it’s my understandingthat you cannot email affiliate linksand get credit for them. So who knows, maybe that’s true. I don’t believe it’s true,but it depends on the email provider. I used to be on Mailchimp. In a day gone by, a friend
of mine created a course,put it on clickbank. com. I signed up for it as an affiliate,I wanted to educate my
email list about his course. I sent an email, and Mailchimp was like,”Yo, we’re about to
blacklist your account. “I was like, “What?”And they said, “Because
you’re sending out spammy”or promotional type of stuff. “And I was like, “Frig, I’m just trying”to promote my friend’s
course, it’s not spammy at all. “It’s amazing, it’s helpful. “So I changed email providers. So it might depend on
the email provider, A. B, again, this is why
I love YouTube the mostbecause you could send a
link to a YouTube video,and then the YouTube video
is the affiliate link. But see, when we’re sending
out email newsletters,we’ll link to it,and we’ll either put a disclaimer
right next to the link,or in the footer below. So we have a footer on all my emailsthat’s like, look, if
we recommend something,either from Amazon or
even from somebody else,it’s highly likely that we’ll receivean affiliate commission. It’s kinda just like a general blanketto just say, look, assume in our emailsthat if we’re promoting something,and we actually very rarely do. It usually just links
directly to YouTube videos. But if we are, it just says, like, assume. So from my experience,
that has, you’re right,I have seen that happen
with my past issues. But I think some email service
providers are okay with it. And what I’ve also learned
is it depends on the site. Amazon’s pretty chill. Like, not a lot of people are
trippin’ about Amazon links. And I don’t even know if most, like,correct me if I’m wrong,if most email providers
or social media platformsknow the difference between an Amazon linkand an Amazon affiliate link. ‘Cause one is just longer
and has your code in it,and one is just the product
page regardless, as well. But maybe you’re thinking
about kinda what I was doing,ClickBank, to be fair,is known for having some weird,
sketchy internet marketingtype of products. So Mailchimp was probably
taking a conservative stanceby not letting people email those links,and so I would dive into thatand just definitely do your due diligence. Well hey, we’ve had some great
time hanging out, I hope. Really appreciate you being here. LeAya, already got the
book, thank you so much. Red Dread Redemption, love that. I wish I was further, I’m only 60%in the Red Dead Redemption 2. I plan on completing it during Christmas. And 2019 started, man, and
it’s just, we’ve been hustling,and not that you’re
even talking about that,but I like your name. “Right now, I’m in a dreadlock channel,”but eventually in gaming. “Saving up for the PC,” love it. Thank you so much for being here,really, really appreciate you. 30 Day Reviews, Youth Man,and Youth Man said, “I
sent the email to my church”with some affiliate links”because they were wanting
to buy some new camera gear. “Amazon didn’t pay. “So a couple things could
have happened, though. Do you know they clicked
on it and bought itfrom the same device?’Cause they might have
been, like, “Oh, cool,”and they printed it and
walked to another computer. You’re like, “Ah,” you’re
like, “Come on, man. “You need to actually click the link. “That could have happened. Let me know what email provider you use. And they said you can’t send via email. By the way, I’m glad you said that,and this is why you’ve
always gotta be learning. So Amazon doesn’t want you
to send links via email. So that’s something we’ll take note of. But again, nine out of 10 times,my favorite thing to dois turn it into an email or
turn it into a YouTube videoand send people to the YouTube video. Secondly, kit. com would have
solved that problem, Youth Man. You could have said, “Here’s the kit”that I want you to buy,”and you could have sent
them the link to that. I like that we’re kind
of talking about thisat the end of this streambecause those are the nuances. As you learn this stuff,you might be like, okay, cool. Well, I can’t send an
email link through Amazon,but I could do a kit. com link,or maybe I’ll just create a Google doc,and I’ll put the affiliate
links in the Google docand send them one link to the Google doc’cause you live and you learn. Trust me, let me give you a coupleof painful stories to end. We had a blog and a YouTube
channel for over a yearwhere what I was doing
was I didn’t understandthat you needed your code in the link. So I thought that if you wentto this Peak Design bag,I thought that, like, if you could just goto this link right here,which, look, it still works,and I don’t know what I was doing,but I would put the link
in all of our stuff,all of our descriptions. And I just did something wrongwith some weird formatting issue. So I saw, saw we got some traffic,but I was like, “Dude,
no traffic, no sales. “Friends, I did my links
wrong for a year and a half. And I probably would
have, I only missed outon 100 bucks, a few hundred. But I was devastated. And you probably would be, too. You know, you did all that workto send that list to a church,maybe they bought $2,000 of
gear, and you’re like, “Dude. “I wanna encourage you, the
future is forward, you know?The master has failed more timesthan the amateur has even tried. You know what I’m saying?I’ve not made money on affiliate
marketing on more videosprobably than you’ve maybe
even put affiliate linkson videos total in your career. My goal and our goal of our companyis to always help you with the fast track. I want you to learn from my painso you can go further, faster. I want you to get a shortcut,I want you to be subscribed hereso you don’t have to go throughsome of the same mistakes I’ve made. But I hope that also encourages you. Look, fail forward, you know?Like, you’re probably not doing
everything right right now. Small tweaks lead to giant peaks. You live and you learn, this
is a great call, Youth Man. And it’ll never happen again,
you know what I’m saying?Like, now there’s times
where I’m like, okay,we triple check links,
I look in the back end. You always just get sharper
by aggressively divinginto whatever challenge is in front of youand learning as you go. And so hey, I saw Justin
Dow, I see your question. Check out the replay,
man, we answered that. And so there’s a lot of value. It’s pretty rapid fire’cause we went through
a lot of past questionsas well as recent questions. I’m headed to dinner with my wife. It’s 8:22 in Las Vegas. Wherever you are, I
hope you’re doing well. Smash Like to make sure you’re enteredfor “YouTube Secrets. “Our contest will end in about two weeks,and we’ll reach out on
the YouTube commentsto get the winners. Definitely check out the resourcesthat we talked about right now. If you want to, check
out Video Review Profits,link in the description below. You could research that a little bitif you wanna invest in
that limited discountthat we have on it right now. We’ve been running a
special on that course. And then also our free
Viral Video Checklist. Let’s get some views. That’s kinda one of your next things. I hope you got a lot of value
out of affiliate marketing,but download the checklistso you can get more views, more impact. Youth Man, really appreciate the love. Modern Antifederalist,
thanks for being here. Enjoy your night, Tracy. Enjoy your night, The Catalyst,or your morning, wherever you are watchingaround the world. Appreciate you, Stacy,
thanks for being here. Keep crushing it, keep smashing it,and remember, this channel
is all about bringing youreally the best tips and toolsfor building your influence
with online video. And so subscribe if you’re not subscribed. Check out the whole
affiliate marketing serieswith the first three partsas well as some other great
videos on affiliate marketinghere on THiNK Media. And if you wanna check out
another video from THiNK Media,click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, this channel’s
all about bringing youthe best tips and toolsfor building an influence
with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

4 Affiliate Marketing Examples That Generated $25k+ in Commissions

hey guys Spencer from Buildapreneur
here and this video is one I’m just soexcited for because it’s something that
I really wished I could see when I firststarted affiliate marketing. And it’s four
affiliate marketing examples okay andnot only is it for affiliate marketing
examples but it’s examples that eachgenerated twenty five thousand dollars
or more in commissions okay so it’sexamples that worked sometimes you just
got to see itall right we are back thanks so much for
watching a couple things that we want totalk about before we actually start
showing you the examples of thesecampaigns the first one is if you want
to be an affiliate marketer and succeedclick Subscribe I promise you I put up
the best videos I can possibly make onhow you can be a beginning affiliate
marketer and end up an advancedaffiliate marketer. Ok the next thing I
want to talk about is actually two ofthese campaigns specifically the first
and the last one ok so the firstcampaign is one that I’m gonna show you
where I actually had an audience alreadyokay so I already had an audience of
thousands of people an email list youknow I had a YouTube channel that was
successful and things like thatbut the reason I’m showing you that is I
want you to see what you can get to itwhat you can aspire to okay the fourth
one is something that only took me twoand a half hours total to do okay
twenty-five thousand dollars with twoand a half hours total of work so that
one’s really cool you’re definitelygonna want to stay to watch that one now
the other ones something you need tounderstand is it didn’t take me I didn’t
have an audience for that for these onesto work okay those middle two and then
the last one that only took two and ahalf hours
none of these took an audience to work. They happened before I ever had an
audience that I have now and so it meansthat you can do this right now this is
something you can do right now tosuccessfully potentially make twenty
five thousand dollars in affiliatecommissions. Alright the first campaign
we’re gonna look at is with a girl namedKatherine Jones, and strangely
enough she actually turns out to livelike she was like 30 minutes from me so
we live very close – but that’s not whyshe was chosen for me to do this
campaign on – it’s because it was a reallysuccessful campaign for a lot of
different reasons. You can see here justto show you the results
she has three different payment plans soyou can see as an affiliate I made about
eleven thousand off of the singlepayment plan and then those only add up
to about two thousand right now andthat’s because we had about half of the
people you know thirty people choosepayment plans meaning that money is
still coming in right now right we’rebringing in I think most people chose
the seven payment plan so I’ll bebringing in money for the next like few
months from this particular campaignanyway so it’s gonna scrape by here’s
one barely scrape by the twenty fivethousand dollar mark but it didn’t it
did make it even with refunds so we’regonna look at how he from
already here the first thing we did is Ihave a Facebook group and a lot of you
guys are in my Facebook group if you’renot you should be it’s automation nation
and I I’m very active in my Facebookgroup okay very active not selling so I
hadn’t sold for months before this Ijust posting valuable stuff doing lives
doing all kinds of things where I’m nottrying to sell anything to this group
okay I’m just keeping the group engagedI’m building rapport with them and
things like that so that when I have anevent like Katherine Jones it goes well
and we actually see success right andpeople trust that I’m not just trying to
make money off them anyway so he did apost in the group where we invited
people to a live event okay so we had alive event we we started promoting at
about a week before and we said heywe’re gonna have Katherine Jones on
she’s gonna teach us a little bit aboutfunnel design which is her specialty and
I’m having you know make him look goodand how to make money off him you can
see I actually only got 98 comments onthat which you could get with a much
smaller group than mine I didn’t do avery good post and that wasn’t the thing
that really drove people into thiscampaign was that but I did do a post so
I’m gonna be you know disclosure that Idid that probably where I did the most
success was through my email list I hadan email list of about 15,000 to 20,000
people at this time and this should helpyou hopefully see why it’s just so
important to building your email listokay because almost all this success
came from this email list and so I saidthe first email just telling about the
event okay say hey I identified myaudience hey are you an entrepreneur
looking just thing online boom I’ve gotan event that I think you’d like to
attend and then emails it’s reallyreally important to structure your call
to actions okay whether you do a bigbutton or you do something where their
eyes go to it it’s very easy for them tosee what it is and what they need to do
to follow through with that call toaction so you can see I kind of did it
like a little invitation looking thingsaying hey here’s the dates here’s where
it’s happening who it is and you canregister right here okay and they
register via messenger bot and thereason I did that is I wanted to be able
to send them well what I wanted them tosubscribe my bot but I want to send them
via facebook messenger bot right whenthe thing right when are a live you know
goes live I wanted to be able to sendthem a notification and have it show up
in Facebook to just click a link andhave it show up right there and so
that’s why we did that so now I’ve gotyou know I’ve got a lot of my email list
also I’m a messenger bot list which isalways a win the more the more ways you
can reach an audience the better so wedid that first email and then we’ll go
back to herewe did two other emails okay so I did a
second email where I actually did atestimonial of someone who had taken the
live training who’d had seen captain’slife training and had seen some really
good results okay so I said hey I don’tyou saw a last email we’re having this
event but check this out this person wasable to attend Catherine’s training and
he bought her course and here’s whathappened okay so now I’m kind of hyping
up like oh wow look at the results thatI can as well see here’s another person
that did so well with it and then emailnumber three I always do like a short
and the final email before the event isjust like a short um like hey I don’t
know if you saw this but tomorrow thisevent is happening you need to attend
here’s you know here’s the quickbreakdown of it so just three emails I’m
not nothing crazy right just threeemails getting people and then once I
went live I sent an email and I sent amessenger bot blast to people so you can
see I sent an email saying we’re nowlive
everybody should you know hop on rightnow real quick and I usually send that
10 to 15 minutes before because you knowemails aren’t quite the same as
messenger BOTS they show up and a lot oftimes people take time to open them and
they open them at different times so Iusually stand about 10 to 15 minutes
before so that was all we did to getpeople to the event okay we had three
emails and then one live email and wehad the Facebook right here we had a
Facebook post okay and then obviouslyI’d done a lot building up this audience
beforehand then we actually had the liveevent and you can see we did that inside
of my Facebook group it got 410 peoplecommenting or 410 comments it had you
close like just close to a thousand Ibelieve people actually watching the lie
that watched it live or attended later alot of good engagement and then
obviously at the end of the livetraining Katherine made an offer okay
now we’ll look at what we what we kindof did to make it such a good sales
offer cuz we did less than half of thesesales during or after this live okay the
day of the live so the next thing we didis after Katherine introduced her course
and if she was able to show all the coolthings in the course and give some
testimonials then I came in and this isso important as an affiliate and I
offered bonuses and one of the things Ithink really made this campaign do
better than some of my other campaignsis the particular bonuses that I’ve
offered a lot of affiliates offer allkinds of different bonuses and to be –
Frank do you some of the bonuses suckokay they don’t spend time in their
bonuses they just try to whip outas many as they can so they can have a
list of bonuses right hey if you buythrough me I’m gonna give you this this
this this and this and when you actuallygo look at those you’re like that is
doesn’t apply to me that doesn’t applyto me right that has no intrinsic value
and that has very little intrinsic valueI’ll probably never actually use that
but for this one I use I like what Icall the trifecta of bonuses what I
think is the perfect bonus package ifyou’re really wanted to go all-in on
something and that is training that issoftware and that is time sorry you saw
many eyes flick over to my notes here Ifroze up
so training we give them access to somereally good training in my case I made a
traffic so I gave them access to acourse that I’ve been selling for 997
right that they knew they could only getfor 997 it’s called affiliate secrets
and it had a ton of traffic trainingwhere I say hey this relates to you
you’re going to build these funnels butKatherine’s not going to teach you how
to drive traffic to these funnels I’mgonna teach you how to drive track to
these funnels and it’s gonna be for freewhen you buy a Katherine’s course okay
so that was kind of the angle I took sothat was training next I told them that
I was in the middle of building asoftware which by the way I’m still
building it’s almost done these thingstake so much longer than you think
anyway I told him I was building asoftware and I was going to give them
all free access to the software and thiswould be the only way people could get
free access I was gonna sell it for youknow a couple hundred dollars or
something like that once it actuallylaunched I said you’re gonna get free
access to my software and the cool thinglike this is I actually use the money
from this to hire the person that builtmy software okay so I use the money from
this this campaign all these people thatbought to then turn around and get
someone to go to software for me so itworked really well and that’s kind of
the way you can build software withoutactually paying for it up front right as
you say I’m pretty selling this softwareI’m going to build it and then the third
thing was I offered time okay and Idon’t do this very often but if you’re
going all-in on something I promise youpeople love time you give people
training and they know they’re gonnahave to dig through it when they’re
gonna have to watch a lot of stuff thatthey just don’t want to watch that they
already know about right and – they’regonna have questions that just aren’t
answered in that training that are kindof unique to them so time can help them
eliminate you know watching and learningall the stuff they already know about
and it can help themyou’ll get specifically stuff that works
for them so I offered those three thingsafter a coaching call I offered a free
training that had real value and Ioffered a software that obviously had
real valueand um I showed you the results they
kind of spoke to themselves right let’slook at the post campaign though so we
did the live and then I sent out anemail the next day and I might even do
bit date two days later and I said heyhere’s the replay okay here’s a replay
of this live you want to catch it by theway Catherine made an offer at the end
if you’re interested in going with thisfurther like you’re truly interested in
funnel design check out this offer shemade and by the way I’m offering you
know XY and Z bonuses okay and then Ishould have been better at this this
follow-up stuff but I didn’t but you cansee it’s still work and that’s that’s
what I want you to see here’s like Ididn’t do this perfectly this campaign
was not you know months in advanceplanned and done perfectly it was kind
of me just going with the flow andmissing things
so I sent one finally no so only twototal emails post campaign and the final
email said hey last chance to get youknow this for free this for free
dystrophy all my bonuses plus CatherineJones course which has the potential to
change your life if you’re any and allinterested in this you want to take this
and and then I sent a messenger Bob lastright because everybody registered with
a messenger boss and now I’ve goteverybody that it was planning on
attending this in my messenger bot listand that is the whole campaign okay so I
showed you the results here it’ll it’llcome out to about we made about 55 sales
so it’ll come out to somewhere between25 and 30 thousand dollars after all the
refunds come through but this campaignyes this hopes you hopefully helps you
to see why an email list is so importantin an audience is so important is in
affiliate okay if you’re doing affiliatemarketing and you’re not building an
audience that you can remarket to downthe road you’re killing yourself because
a lot you know I built this group andstuff when I built my email list a lot
of times not making money as I built itokay like I wasn’t making a ton of money
as I built the list and making a ton ofmoney as I you know on this group as I’m
building it but I know that once I havethis audience there’s a you know you can
make a lot of money by connecting thisaudience to products that can help them
and so that’s where true affiliatemarketing comes in is once you’ve built
up that list alright the second campaignused my youtube channel now I know my
youtube channel currently has eleventhousand something subscribers it did
not when this started this is 2017 thisis two years ago my channel had I’m
pretty sure it had less than a thousandsubscribers but it may have had a
thousand subscribers at this point okaylet’s talk about my strategy here so
this is for a company called clickfunnels which like I said
almost everyone my audience knows aboutbecause I promote clickfunnels pretty
hard but this company has a reallyunique affiliate program where they
actually offer recurring commissionsevery time someone pays them they paid
you they also offer a drink arm so youwin your free dream car if you get up to
a hundred active users that you referredto the company so it’s an awesome
company I knew I wanted to go all-in onthis one and I needed a good strategy
right and I knew I knew that I waspretty good at youtube I was great at
YouTube at this point but I was okayYouTube and I decided that was me my
strategy and the reason I like this isbecause YouTube is full of really hot
buyers okay you can target people thatare almost ready to buy on YouTube and
the way you do this is you use brandedkeywords okay so for example people that
are looking into clickfunnels will oftengo to youtube to look for a review or
they’ll try to understand the pricingstructure a little better understand
which plan they need to choose rightthey might go to youtube to do that and
so you can target those people withYouTube videos and they’re this close to
buying right they just need a littlemore information so you give them a
little bit more information and then youcan make an offer to them like we talked
about earlier with some bonuses and sayhey you know if you’re sold you’re ready
to roll go ahead and click my link whichis down below and we’ll get you started
and I’ll give you some you know time andsome other coaches coaching and things
like that that can help you along itaway so it works really really well I’m
in closing battle riders these are likepeople that are like on the cusp of
already signing up you’re not having totake somebody brand new and totally
introduce them to clickfunnels and getthem you know totally interested in it
and kind of work them down this thisstuff funnel of its own to try to get
them understanding and wanting to useclick funnels you just take them and
answer the one little question they haveand then send them on their way
so we can go here we can kind of look atsome of the videos that I used here I
did a review video and you can see I gotabout thirty thousand views I don’t know
if you can see that will kind of move memove my screen over or something I’m
sure my face is gonna be in the waythere but thirty thousand views and then
I made a Philly atour view theiraffiliate program that got about six
thousand views my offer I just made avideo about bonuses for people that are
looking for click funnels bonuses okayand that got about three thousand views
which is a lot less but these are reallyreally hot audiences okay like this is
someone that says hey I’m ready to signup for click phones I’m literally ready
to go right now andother than that they’re just saying hey
who’s got the best bonuses until theyhop onto YouTube to see right so yeah
that’s the only 2600 views but these arelike these are spicy hot and then
another review their affiliate programabout 4,000 and then I served you some
kind of how to’s like hey doesclickfunnels offer this it’s good
funnels off for this that got about11,000 a membership area video got about
3,000 affiliate training 40,000 okay andthat was a great one obviously 40,000
views I did some verses videos clickfunnels versus another product like
click funnels that got 16,000 views okayI’m helping people pick the right plan
only a thousand views but still it’spretty hot traffic other click funnels
products because they offer differentclick funnels products right how to use
click funnels to do certain things likereal estate leads got 10,000 views which
is pretty good how to create amembership site 20,000 video so you can
see will go out at the top hereunderstanding click funnels what is
click funnels how to get started withclick funnels so I put out all these
videos right targeting these quickfunnels hot audience now the way I did
that I used a couple different tools forkeyword research just go over my youtube
channel like one of the last few videosthat I put out talks about how I come up
with my ideas for YouTube videos you cango ahead and watch that but but these
are the videos that I used to to totallyone create a lot more those 25,000
dollars in income it actually created a$5,000 a month passive income stream as
well as a thousand dollars at this pointfive hundred dollars a month directly
paid for towards my dream car so you cansee here this is the car that I won
using these these videos right here andthis is my post when I finally got this
kind of like deja I do like well it’sbeen so long back in 2017 when I posted
and said hey I made it you know I got myhundred active click funnels users and I
was really exciting for me the time andso the key to this the key to the way
this one worked is one I did keywordresearch k so I did a lot of keyword
research to figure out what people werelooking for so that I could not waste my
time making videos that no one caredabout and the second thing was every
time I made a video I put two thingsdown below one I put a direct affiliate
link saying hey there’s my link and Imentioned it multiple times in the video
you know and then I also made a bonusoffer and the bonus offer typically
included time andit funnels I wasn’t as adept at bonuses
back then so I didn’t have like myperfect trifecta but I did have some
good bonuses that I offer to people anda lot of people don’t even aware of
bonuses at all right so for those peoplelike anything will worth like oh hey I’m
gonna sign up anyway but look you’reoffering anything it makes it a little
bit of a better deal and so that wasthis campaign okay like as you can tell
it was able it was massively successfulI’ve done a lot since then with
clickfunnels with a bunch of otherthings and these videos the cool thing
with these videos is about half of themare still ranking in YouTube okay so I
bring in I get new quick form ofsubscribers and make new money every
single day from these subscribersbecause YouTube is awesome and it
continues to display my videos whenpeople are searching so that’s why I’ll
talk a little later on about how YouTubeis my favorite traffic source because it
truly is awesomeso confession the third way actually
uses YouTube as well but it’s actuallyvery very different the strategies that
we’re using and the approach we’retaking everything so I consider a
totally different way of doing it but Ido love YouTube so this is actually a
different YouTube channel it’s calledwealth hacks and strangely enough it’s a
YouTube channel that I have with onlyeight videos and it’s got more
subscribers than this build the preneurchannel which kind of drives me nuts
I’ll be honest but what did for this onewas I made this YouTube channel it was
in the finance niche okay and so I’mlooking for topics and things like that
one ways I look for topics is I go to aplace called Google Trends which
basically shows you what’s trending onGoogle right now okay and basically it
shows you how it’s trending todaycompared to a certain time frame so you
can beg how’s it turning today comparedto like 6 months ago right and you can
start to see what’s kind of on theuptick and you want to make videos about
things that are trending now and will betrending in the future so when I would
typed in things I was having things likefinance and it’ll show you just for that
word you can see and then it gives yourelated topics down here and related
things that people are typing in I wastyping in finance and money and like
stock market and things like that and Istarted to see Bitcoin coming up over
and over and over and over again andthis is in 2017 so bitcoins not it’s
like insanely well-known as it is rightnow
so I start to look and I don’t know anyBitcoin don’t know a ton about Bitcoin
but I start to look into it and I sayokay this is like this is hard trending
ok we can even look at it will type inBitcoin
I was like type in Bitcoin and at thetime it was at a hundred which means
it’s the most trending right now thatit’s ever been and it was a very steady
upward graph and so I was like okay thisis definitely a good time to get in if
you look now it was right before thishuge spike in Bitcoin so I was able to
see that spike coming because I couldsee I was like right around here
somewhere I could see it trending upokay and Google Trends is saying hey
this is this is being searched for rightnow more that’s ever been searched it’s
something I’m gonna do some stuff aboutBitcoin well now I need to figure out
what I’m gonna make my videos on aboutBitcoin okay so once again in do keyword
research and this time I’m not I’m nottaking an affiliate program and running
like doing like you know these hotqueries where I’m not trying to run
videos about that to be a particularproduct instead I’m going after what’s
called that called warm traffic insteadof hot traffic it’s warm traffic what
that means is I’m going for people thatare that are searching YouTube with
problems okay so they have a problem andthey want it to be solved and so they’re
heading to YouTube to see how to solveit and I’m gonna help them solve it by
referring them to an affiliate productthat can solve the problem for them okay
and so once again I do a bunch ofkeyword research and I found out people
are looking for how to buy a Bitcointhey’re looking for here we can look at
my videos I only did six or seven ofthem how to buy like coin or a theory
and these are other cryptocurrencies howto get a Bitcoin wallet cables but how
do you store Bitcoin and then peoplelooking for how do you make money with
bitcoin like what did I hear how do Imake money with it right we’ve lost or
something like that how to keep yourBitcoin safe things like that and so I
go and I I now need an affiliate programthat can tie into these right and so I
do a bunch of research and I figure outhow to buy Bitcoin like I’m no expert on
Bitcoin guys and this I’m no expert on alot of things but I doesn’t take that
long to become enough of an expert thatyou can make a five or ten minute video
okay takes a couple hours where you canlearn and become an expert enough to
make a five minute video so the firstvideo was just how to buy Bitcoin that
was the most commonly searched thinglike how do I freaking buy this stuff
that I was talking about Bitcoin and Ifind a product or a program that it’s
really easy to use for beginners and hasan affiliate program I learned to use it
and then I make a video and the productis called coinbase
probably a lot of you have coinbasetrafford coinbase i say hey you’re gonna
buy bitcoin you got a coin base and Ishow them live on the screen just talk
them through it you click this you knowyou click this you click buy you go
through here these steps this is what’sgoing on and that’s all the video was
okaythat video got 330 thousand views and so
coinbase only gives me $10 for a personthat signs up but you can see I’ve got
this traffic that’s pretty warm rightthey’ve got a probably looking to buy a
Bitcoin I’m gonna show them how to do itand and I’m gonna do it easy okay and
naturally there’s gonna be an affiliatelink in there when I say okay to do this
you’re gonna need you know software acoin base click down below you guys can
get access to coins I’m not offeringbonuses or anything because I only make
ten dollars off of it right but but it’sstill natural for that software to come
in there and so the people that watch myvideo you know the way to follow my
video is to click that link open upcoinbase
and then to buy it’s that easy so I’llhop into my coin base and see how it
resulted in okay how these these 1 2 3 45 6 7 videos what they resulted in I
cannot seem to get back in the coin baseis okay so this is January so this is
six months after the video went liveit’s already starting to really good
because bitcoin is starting to trendmore right bigger and bigger and bigger
you can see this is coinbase giving me$10 increments of commissions as you
know someone watches the video clicks mylink in the description to sign up for
coinbase signs up and then makes abitcoin purchase and you can see here
January 24th I did like 50 bucks gender25th I did probably 10 to 15 maybe 15 so
150 dollars I’m getting 26 may be backto a hundred may be back 250
twenty-seventh not so good and you cansee that that time I’m making you know
100 to 150 dollars a day off of thissingle affiliate campaign and the cool
thing is the video just stays thereright the video that I made that’s 15
minutes just hangs out there andcontinues to bring in money for let’s
see we’re in February now lots and lotsand lots of money in February she’s
still in February now we’re in Marchshe’s bringing in all these or $10
increments see $10 $10 $10 $10 Augustand or $10 $10 $10 and this is last year
so we can go keep scrolling scrollingscrolling scrolling scrolling all the
way up to August 14th which is a twodays ago that we got our last you know
Bitcoin from these videos and you cansee August 13th August 12th August 10th
like it’s night so it’s obviously sloweddown as I’ve lost ranking and stuff like
that but but these videos have broughtin well over 25
thousand dollars I don’t really knowexactly how much to be fully honest
because this particular campaign isbeing paid for in Bitcoin and Bitcoin
changes value so much you have no ideathat you’re making at any given point
right I get ten dollars in Bitcoin eachtime it you know someone makes a
purchase so but you can see heredefinitely over twenty five thousand
dollars there and all I did was I helpedpeople okay I found what people are
searching for um that related to anaffiliate product and then I went out
and I made videos that help them andanswer their question and and naturally
use the affiliate product that I wastrying to promote okay
that’s all I did and you can see theresults here are just crazy like this
one is obviously one of most blown awaythings I’ve ever done where I made just
a couple videos and they just explodedand good things happen when you when you
put yourself out thereokay the last way the way we’re all
excited about is called launch jackingbut before you go away cuz I know you’re
awful at marketers and you like waitwhat I know what launch jacking isn’t
and that’s not easy to do what launchjacking is is when a company is coming
out the new product or a new company islaunching typically there’s a lot of
talk that goes on around that right whenthey’re launching a product people are
talking on social media about it to gotry it in person about it there’s a lot
of like hubba but going on online aboutthis product and what that means is that
there’s a lot of people going to searchengines and trying to figure out what
this product is is it a good productworth buying you know things like that
and so launch jacking is capitalizing onthat that sudden spike in search engine
volume from from people as a new productlaunches or a new company launches and
getting people to click your affiliatelink that are kind of trying to figure
out what this product is okay now youcan do that via like Google organic you
know that YouTube organic I’m the wayI’m going to show you right now on the
way that you know the reason it onlytook a couple hours was actually with
Adwords okay so if you’re familiar withGoogle AdWords Google AdWords is where
you actually run an ad at the top of aGoogle search so you tell Google hey
when someone searches this word I wantthis ad to show up okay so for example
we’ll use Apple as an example becauseeveryone uses iPhone and Apple for
example for everything these days whensome types an Apple this ad shows up
right Apple is running an ad that looksjust like this and they’ve told Google
when when this keyword is typed in wewant that ad to show up okay so you can
do that with these brand new productsthat are just launched
and and when someone searches thatproduct right they’re like hey what is
you know what is this or nor they justtype in the word or they type in review
or there’s a lot of things they couldtype in then you can have an ad that
pops up and they go and they click andit takes them to the home page your ad
just takes them to the home page so it’san affiliate link to the home page of
that product and then they you know theyscout around a little bit and a lot of
people sign up because they’re clearlyinterested that’s why they searched it
okay so that’s all we’re doing is we’redoing an ad just like this but we’d be
using our affiliate link now it’s reallyimportant to note a lot of companies are
not fond of this in fact a lot of well alot of companies just don’t allow this
okay as an affiliate and you don’t wantto break the rules or you’ll be shut
down and kicked out but a lot ofcompanies do allow this in particular
there’s kind of this range of likesmaller companies that just aren’t big
enough to have someone that runs theirown Adwords and so there’s no one
running their own ads to do this rightso you’re not competing with them and
and those are kind of the companies thatwe go for because they typically don’t
have rules with affiliates being able torun that because they’re not doing it
themselves so you’re not like competingwith them in any way no like I said the
big Kony’s all have their own averagepeople but the medium-sized and kind of
small and medium-sized companies whohaving a suite there for a minute the
small and medium size companies don’thave these rules because they’re not
running their own AdWords and you’reactually you’re actually helping them
out and I say that’s because if you lookat this search Apple right if Apple
wasn’t running an ad here a competitorcould be running an ad here k so Samsung
or Google they could say hey whensomeone searches Apple put this ad in
front of them and they could have an adthat’s Google right so with Google phone
or something like that and obviouslyApple does not want someone searching
for an Apple iPhone to get an ad for aGoogle phone right there because they’re
gonna lose customers that way and sothese smaller companies that don’t run
their own AdWords it is important tohave AdWords running or your competitors
can come in and own these top spots whenpeople search for your company which is
a bad thing so that’s all we’re doingyou can see right here the company I did
this for was called builder all theylaunched about a year and a half ago and
you can see between requested and paidon this builder account this is the
account I just did that with it’s doneabout 28 almost exactly $25,000 once
again we’re scraping by by the hair ofour hair of our chinny chin chin here
but so we’ve made $25,000 at this andand that’s literally with this with this
campaign that’sall we did okay that’s all we did is we
looked me said hey bill Darrell islaunching right now there’s gonna be a
lot of people trying to figure out whatit is we’ve launched an ad that look
just like thisso it did said you know build our all
and instead of Apple and when peoplewere searching for bill draw but IB had
one for build relevant for Bill drawlpricing we had one for what is build a
raw a couple other keywords that werelike that right
bill drawl versus some things like thatand we put these ads in front of people
and and we’re able to gain with aboutten to fifteen thousand dollars in ad
spend we were able to gain twenty fivethousand dollars plus there’s recurring
commissions with builder all okay sowhen people stay like I’m still making
money each month with builder all asdifferent people as people stay and
continue to pay builder all bettermonthly subscription builder all pays me
a portion of that so you can see thisthe ads you can see an ad like that in
AdWords takes little to no time to setup okay like it’s totally got to type
out about to three hundred words rightyou do need to know AdWords a little bit
and you know I teach AdWords and some ofthe trainings that I do and stuff like
that but it’s really really not crazycomplicated to make that ad right so the
hardest part about this strategy isfinding the right product and doing it
at the right time okay because when acompany it’s big and the product it’s
big they’re gonna run their own AdWordsbut if the company is still small enough
and the product is still new enough thenthere’s often this little gap where no
one’s running Adwords and you can youcan fill that gap okay and and so you’ve
just it takes a lot of research on a lotof different sites and I have other
videos that show you how to find likesites that are launching and things like
that or products they’re launching andthings like that so it does take some
time in that area but then you can seeonce you go to launch it’s very very
very easy and I was luckily on thisproduct that I heard about I didn’t have
to hours and hours of research like Ihave on other products I heard about
this product as it was launching and wasable to jump on and make it all happen
really quick so that’s why I was onlytaken three hours cuz I didn’t spend ten
hours or 20 hours doing research okay sothere are the examples those are for
flip marketing examples if you made itto the end that’s awesome I want to know
which one you like the most okay whichone like a peeled you the most and a lot
of you’re like oh the fourth one did buttrust me the fourth one does take some
time to find the right product okaythere’s only one and it’s got to be a
product that not everyone in the worldis already trying to do that with
becauseyou know like with apple or something
like that because only one person isgonna sit there in that top spot okay
they can’t be a hundred affiliates allsitting there like there’s only one ad
that that’s allowed to be shown byGoogle so it’s not quite as easy as it
sounds but once you find the rightproduct it’s awesome and it is as easy
as it sounds so yeah let me know whatyou like the most remember coming right
up there’s gonna be a free training thatwe can look inside my affiliate
marketing business and kind of get agood idea of what a full-time affiliate
marketing income can look like and howits how its earned and thank you so much
for watching click subscribe now go takeyour life by the horns

How to Track Affiliate Link Clicks with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

– In this video, we’re gonna learnhow you can track your
affiliate links on your websitewith the help of Google Tag
Manager and Google Analytics. Hi there, and welcome to another
video of measureschool. comwhere we teach you the data
driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian. So, today we’re gonna
talk about affiliate linksand how we can track thosewith Google Analytics
and Google Tag Manager. It’s actually pretty easy,I have an example here on this website. I have affiliate product, that
when you click on this buttonwill lead you to amazon. comand we hopefully get
our affiliate commissiononce the user buys this product. Now, we won’t be able to track
the actual Buy on Amazon. com. In this case DE,but we will be able to trackwhether the user click this button. In any interaction that the
user actually takes on our pagecan be tracked with Google Tag
Manager and Google Analyticsand for an affiliate site,this click would be the ultimate goalto actually track within Google Analytics. So, how would we go about this?Now, the first thing that we would dois actually look at the link
that this click points to. We can see it here in
the bottom left corneror if you want at little bit more visual,I’ll go here on the Inspect Elementand, oh, where can we see it?Set this again. Right here we see the “a
href” and this is the linkthat this button points toand the user will be directed to. Now, there’s actually a short linkso when you actually click it,it expands and shows the full URLbut this can be ignored for now. We just need to be able to
recognize the uniquenessabout this linkbecause if you have
other affiliate products,we don’t wanna go through
and track them individually,we actually wanna install one trackingwith Google Tag Managerthat tracks all of our affiliate links. And if you ever worked with
Amazon affiliate links before,you know that this
amzn. to is pretty uniqueto this Amazon affiliate links,at least the short links
could also be amazon. comand you would have
these longer links here,but the amzn. to should do for now. We just gonna remember this
and install our trackingwith Google Tag Manager. So, let’s head over to Google Tag Managerand we’ll start out by
generating a click trigger. So, let’s go over to Triggers
and click on New hereand this will be our
Click Trigger for now. We’re just gonna name this pretty genericbecause we’re gonna change it later. And as the Event, we’re
gonna choose to Clickand specifically,in the second step you
wanna look at Just Linksbecause this is actually link
as we seen in the HTML marker. So, let’s click on Just Linksand let’s keep these
options checked off for now,we’re gonna get back to them later. Let’s continue and let’s
click on All Links for nowand create this trigger. So far, pretty easy. And we’re gonna do now is goingto our preview and debug modewhich we can do under the Publish buttonwhich will put our browser
and only our browserinto a special modethat will deploy our tags and our triggersonly on our browser. So, we can head back to our
page and reload our page here. And we see, we get a little
preview and debug consolethat gives us more information
about what is being deployedby Google Tag Manager. For now, I have a Google
Analytics page view tagthat I’m ready to deploy. Now, we wanna see what happenswhen I click on this Buy product linkand I will do this with
the command key press,so it actually opens up in a new taband keeps this site loaded. So, we do this with
the command key pressedand I clicked and we see a event down herecalled the gtmlinkClick. Once we click on this gtmlinkClick,you see that nothing fired on this eventbut we know that this interactionis actually now being picked
up by Google Tag Managerand we can further work with it. So, if this doesn’t get picked upin your Google Tag Manager account,you might need to change upyour HTML console custom listener. Next thing we can do is
actually check the variables. Now, the variables don’t
tell us too much right nowbecause we haven’t yet activated
our Auto Event Variables,we would need to do that
in our Variables hereand we see here, Built-in Variablesand here’s also a special click variableand the one that I’m interested inis the actual Click Targetso the URL that the user is pointed tobut we can also activate
all the other onesso we get a full information here. So, let’s refresh our preview
and debug mode, very importantand go back to our page, let’s close theseand reload our page. Alright, and I’m gonna click
the Buy product button againwith the command key pressed. We get the event again
and under Variables,I now have all the variables
I have defined beforehandand we see what gets filled
and may not get filled. In our case, the interesting part,I thought was the Click Target
but this doesn’t get filledbecause of the markup of the page,and what gets filled
is the actual Click URLthat features our URL with the amzn. towhich is pretty unique
to our affiliate links,and therefore, we wanna use this Click URLto filter down our
trigger and later our tagto only fire when a user
clicks on this amzn. to link. Now, this might be different
for your affiliate links,maybe Click ID gets filled
and you just need to make surethat you have a unique point
that you can base your filterof your trigger in order to targetthe right links on your page. So, we’ll go with this amzn. to,just gonna copy thishead back over to Google Tag Managerand go back to our Triggersand let’s first of all, click in hereand rename our trigger,this will fire on a click eventand specific to amzn. to linksalso called affiliate links. Alright, now in the second option,if you want to, you can
choose Wait for Linksand Check Validation. This will actually listen back to the sideand see if the user has
actually clicked this linkand he will successfully redirected on. This can be particularly interestingbecause if the user list the site,which he doesn’t now in our case,Google Tag Manager will
delay the redirectingfor two seconds and be
able to fire our event tagthat we want to deploy
via Google Tag Manager. So, this is quite useful for out case. So, let’s continue here,and then, there’s a
new option that pops upwhich will ask us,when do we actually want
to listen for this clicks,and in our case, we want to
listen for it on all pagesso we can just go ahead and
click on Page URL, containsthen our domain, in
our case, demoshop. com. So then listen to all the pages out therethat are tracked. Let’s continue and here we
will now use our knowledgefrom our Variables to
filter down our trigger. So, we go with some clicks hereand choose the right variablethat we just saw in the
preview and debug mode,in our case, that would be click URLwhich should contain amzn. to. Now, you can be all fancy with thisand use RegEx as well. We have a tutorial on this as
well that you can check outbut in our case, we just had Amazon linkson our different products and
they should contain amzn. to. So, this is when I want to Fire On Eventinto Google Analytics and
track our affiliate click. Let’s save this triggerand let’s connect it to our tag. For that we go over to
tag and click on New,you will notice, I have
already a page with tag. This is the normal
Google Analytics trackingthat normal sites have installedand we’ll add another GA tracking,this time, it will be Event Trackingand this is specific
to our Affiliate Links. As a product, we go of
course with Google Analytics,we have Universal Analytics
running on our pageand the tracking ID is
already saved in a variablecalled GoogleAnalyticsid. If you wanna look at it up how
to store in such a variable,then check out our video
on Google Analyticson constant variables. And as a track type, we’ll choose Event. Now, Events has different properties herethat we need to fill
especially Category and Actionand our Category should
always be Affiliate Links,and then the action could
be click for examplebut we wanna get more
relevant information actuallyabout what link was actually clicked. So, in our case,I want to know the actual
link that was clickedso I will go with Click URLand this will simply take our URLand input it here as an actionand then, we’ll go with labeland this is actually one bucket beneaththe Action and the Categoryso you can use that also to
fill in useful informationalthough it’s optional. In our case, I want to
know on which web pagedid this click actually happen. So, I will go with Page Path. Now, for the Configuration
is the Non-Interaction Hitwhich is importantif you don’t wanna
affect your bounce rate,set it to True. Now, in our case, the
interactions on the pagewhich I want to count
towards the bounce rateso I keep this on fault. Let’s continue hereand connect this all to our triggerin the first step which
we already preparedand just choose this,save and create this tag. Let’s Refresh our preview and debug modeand go back to our page. Let’s refresh this as well. Close this tab. And I click on this Buy
product button againwith the command key pressed. And you see that we have our new event,the gtmlinkClick, once we click on it,we see which tags have
fired upon this link clickand we can even look at this link clickand see why this trigger has turned truebecause our Click URL had amzn. to in it,and what information was our Event Action,Category and Label filled with,and these were dynamically
filled with the URLthat this link points towhat the user has left to. The category which we
have to find beforehandwhich was Affiliate Links
and the Event Label. Now, to check this all, we can
also go into Google Analyticsinto the actual Real Time Reportingand on the Events, we should
see our events coming inas somebody clicks on
such and affiliate link. So, we see up here our
Affiliate Links, Event Actionand the Event Label. So, this works as expected
and is now ready for testingso we could also do a negative testand click on another linkthat isn’t an affiliate link,so for example, down here
we have an email linkor on the home page, I think,demo links here, there’s
an Outbound Link Click,this is an outbound link. I’ll click this again with
the command key pressed,you get a gtmlinkClick,but this time, the event didn’t fireand nothing was transferred
to Google Tag Managerbecause of how we set up the filter. So, this works as expectedand is now ready for deployment. So, we can go into our Google Tag Manager,actually turn off our
preview and debug mode. And then publish this as
a version to all our usersthat visits our page. So, we’ll not only be
deployed on our browserbut now on all the browsers. You can again do a little test here,go back to our affiliate productand click on the Buy product button,we have redirected on and now
in our real time reporting,we should see a new event with
our affiliate link clicked. Now, you can also see the data laterin the Behavior and Event Reportwhere you then have access
to all the affiliate linksthat were pressed on your website. Now, this will take a while to populate,so you can check back after a dayand we’ll probably have a lotof different affiliate links clickeddepending on how many users
you have on your websitewho clicked on affiliate links,and of course, if these
clicks are the main goalof your website,I would recommend to also set this upas a goal for your website. So, you can go here to New Goal,choose a custom variation here,should be our Affiliate Click,choose the ID slot and as
type, you would choose Event,and simply the Category would need to bewhatever we filled in as a
Category, Affiliate Links. And we can save thatand we would also have
this saved on our reportsas a goal and we could, for example,look how many people from a given sourcehave clicked on our affiliate links. So, that’s already itwith this week’s video
of measureschool. com. If you liked this video,
please give us a thumbs upand subscribe to our channel,and if you wanna check out more eventsthat you can check with the
help of Google Tag Manager,then head over to our
event tracking courseunder measureschool. com/eventracking. We will show you how to
track more interactionsthat the user can take on your websitewith the help of Google Tag Manager. My name is Julian, ’til next time.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #3: Best Affiliate Programs [2019]

– Hello once again, guys. Welcome back to this miniserieshere on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. I hope you’ve been
enjoying everything so far. So so far in this series
we have talked about,number one, how to find a nicheor how to decide on a niche
that you are passionate aboutand also determine whether or notyou can make any money
in that particular niche. And then in the most recent videowe talked about deciding on your platform,and that is the one platform you’re goingto dominate before you
branch out elsewhere. And what we’re gonna be
talking about in this video,number three, is finding
affiliate programs. Now, the next step after the first two isreally to start producing content,and you can start doing
this at any point in time. But I do recommend at least having a listof affiliate programs ready,and again, you don’t wanna be reachingout to affiliates immediatelybecause if you don’t
have a blog establishedor a YouTube channel,
you do not wanna wastetheir time or burn that potential bridgeby reaching out to them too early. Affiliates are going to
dedicate a good amountof time with you to go
over the affiliate program,so they don’t wanna waste timewith somebody who’s not going to pan out. So you don’t wanna reach out
to these people just yet,but there are some affiliate programsyou could start to explore,and I just wanna show you guyswhat the different options arein this particular video today. And if you guys haven’t had
a chance yet to check outthat free two-hour affiliate
marketing training,that is the top link in
the description below. It’s gonna be a video just
like this where I’m showingyou guys real affiliate
marketing strategies,and I will also be showing
you two affiliate productsthat have earned me over
$50,000 in the last year. I’ll be revealing the
actual products themselves,so you do not wanna miss that. That’s the top link in
the description below. So let’s go ahead and talk about this now,finding affiliate programs out there. I’m going to cover with you
guys four different options. So option number one is
where most people startout with affiliate marketing. This is exactly what I teach my studentsin my course, is to start offwith the Amazon Associates ProgramThat is where I started my
affiliate marketing journey. It is one of the easiest programsto get accepted into
and there are a numberof benefit associated with
being an Amazon Associate,no pun intended there. But there are a number
of these mega retailersthat have affiliate programs that allowyou to recommend any products for saleon their website as long as it’sin a category where you are
allowed to earn commission. So a few examples of this. Walmart has a huge affiliate program. Amazon Associates is probably oneof the largest and most
common ones out there. And then Target also has a
very large affiliate program. Now, the benefits to this is thatthere is a massive amount of trustwith all these mega retailers. People already have their
payment information storedwith most of them, especially Amazon. If they have Amazon
Prime, they’re very loyalto that platform, and so as a result,it converts very well, and it’salso really easy to get
into these platforms. With Amazon Associates, you basicallyjust have to have a pulse
and maybe a website,and they will let you into that program. But they will kick out
out if you aren’t gettingany clicks or any conversions
in a certain amount of time. So I know you might be excited,but you don’t want to apply to be a partof these programs until you havesome traffic to your platformand some proof-of-concept and
you’ve produced some content. So this is option number one,going the route of the mega retailer. There’s a number of different pros to it,but there’s a huge con to it,and that is the fact thatit’s a low-commission environment. Amazon Associates ranges from about 0. 5,or maybe 1%, up to 10%,
but in my experience,it averages around three to 4%. Some categories are better than others,but there’s a lot of categories,like for example, video games. I believe it’s a 1% category. So if you sell a $60 video game,you’re going to earn 60
cents in the process. So you have to sell a lot of thoseto make any reasonable amount of money. But there’s another huge pro
to leveraging these platforms. I can’t speak for Target and Walmart’cause I’ve never used them,but through Amazon Associates,when people click on those Amazon links,they don’t actually have to buywhat you sent them there
for in the first placeand you can earn commissionson a variety of different items. And in that free training
in the description,the top link, I actually go throughand show you guys some
of these crazy thingsI have sold through my
Amazon affiliate linksthat have earned me some
ridiculously high commission. So kind of a comical piece there,but it is funny that they don’t haveto buy what you send them
there for in the first placeand you can still earn commissions. So that’s option number one. That’s where I recommend
most people start out,is with the mega retailers,particularly the Amazon
Associates Program. You can recommend just about
anything for sale on Amazonand most items you can
earn a commission on. The only issue you’re going to run into isit is a low-commission environment. So over time, once you
become more established,you do want to branch out
into other affiliate programs. So moving forward, option number two isto join what you call
an affiliate network. Now, there’s a number of
different examples out there. There is ClickBank. There is CJ Affiliate. There’s JVZoo. And personally I do not use ClickBank. I don’t teach people how to use ClickBank. It has a really bad reputationfor a lot of info products
that are pretty scammyand that is not a method
of affiliate marketingthat I teach or condone. So if that’s what you’re interested in,you are in the wrong place. I do not show people how to use ClickBankjust for my own personal reasons. Not something I want
to be associated with. CJ Affiliate, I’ve joined that networkand poked around a little bit. There are hundreds, if not thousands,of different affiliates
within that network. JVZoo, I have never looked at that before,to be honest with you. But what an affiliate network is,is it’s hundreds, if not thousands,of different affiliate
offers, all in one place. So it’s convenient. Everything’s in one place. But there’s one major con with this,and that is that, because
it’s so convenient,there’s a lot of competition. So it’s pretty easy to
join an affiliate networkand then basically be an affiliatefor any of these different companies,and for that reason, that’s wheremost people are going to go. Most people who do affiliate
marketing are goingto join an affiliate network,and then promote all of those
different affiliate offersthat fit within their niche,and as a result it’s going
to be high competitionor it’s going to be a red ocean affiliate. So because it is high competition,it’s a red ocean, it’s
harder to get trafficand it’s harder to get
clicks onto those linksbecause everybody is
focused on this space. Now, there’s nothing wrong
with most affiliate networks. I’ve already shared my
feedback on ClickBank. But what you may wanna wait a little bit,and this isn’t, in my opinion,the best option for people
who are getting startedbecause it is a very crowded space. Option number three is one
of my favorite options,and that is establishing directaffiliate relationships with companies. So that’s not going through
an affiliate networkand seeing who’s there. That is doing some market
research in your niche,identifying the top brands
or the top influencers,reaching out to them and asking themif they have an affiliate program. Now, this is how I have done thiswith a number of my different affiliates,and this is companies that do not belongto an affiliate network like
CJ Affiliate or as JVZoo,but they still have a
private affiliate programand these are often being heldthrough Impact Radius or Ambassador. So these are private affiliate programsthat don’t belong to an affiliate network,and as a result they are a little bitmore of a pain in the butt. You have to reach out to
the companies directly. It’s not as convenient. But because it’s more work,there’s going to be less competition. People are always going to travel the pathof least resistance. So if you want to have less competition,do things that are a little bitmore difficult or challenging. So obviously the pros to this isbasically less competition,
less crowded space,easier to gain market share. Now, option number four
is what I specialize onand I teach people exactly
how to do this in my course,Steal My Business Model: 6
Figure Affiliate Marketing,and that is finding blue
ocean affiliate opportunities. Now, this is one of my
trade secrets or whatever,so I can’t go into a ton of detail here. I do show you guys,
step-by-step, in my course. But essentially what you’re
doing here is reachingout to a company, an
up-and-coming company,who may not have an
affiliate program just yetand you talk to them about the benefitsof affiliate marketing
and you maybe tell them,hey, this is the type of
traffic I can deliver to you,and you basically are showing themand educating them and convincing themto give you a dedicated affiliate program. I have done this a handful of timesand this has been where most of myhighly successful
affiliates have come from,is these blue ocean
affiliate opportunities. It’s finding a new, up-and-coming companythat may not have an affiliate program,reaching out to them,
educating them a little biton affiliate marketing,
and then convincingthem to create an
affiliate program for me. Because the beauty of that is
that there is no competition. If they make the program for you,that means they haven’t
made it for anyone else,so that is the strategy that I focus on. It is harder to find. It’s gonna be a lot more work thanany of these other three options. But in my experience
this has always been themost profitable method for me,is establishing direct relationshipsor going after these
blue ocean affiliates,these up-and-coming companies,that are looking to gain market share. But anyways, guys, that is gonna wrapup this video here on
finding affiliate platforms. Again, like I said, you don’t wanna reachout to them right away. You don’t wanna burn a bridge right now. You wanna wait until
you are well-establishedand then reach out to
these potential affiliates. Like I said, if you guys
do want to learn more,I do have that two-hour free
affiliate marketing training,the top link in the description below. If you haven’t watched it already,I don’t know what you’re waiting for,because it’s going to be a ton of value,just like the last three videos. As always, if you have any questionsabout affiliate marketing,drop them in the comments section below. I will answer every single one of them,and if not, thank you so much for watchingand I will see you in the next video.

Earn Money Online in Pakistan with the Inspedium Affiliate Program

Now, while sitting at home,via the Internet,you can earn an attractive income,without any investment,Membership Feeor Registration Fee!Doing thisis possible through Affiliate Marketing. Let us learnwhat Affiliate Marketing is. . . Promoting another Companies Productsor Services andEarning Money doing it, is called,Affiliate Marketing. Meaning. . . You choose a goodProduct or Service by another companyand promote it to people whoneed this Product or Service. In doing so,when this Product or Service is sold,you end upearning a portion of the profit as commission. Meaning. . . Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earninga substantial income, without spendingany money or making a financial investment!You must now be wondering how youcan star Affiliate Marketing andwhere to look for such an opportunity?Let’s learn aboutthe Inspedium Affiliate Program!Inspedium is a Web Hosting Companywhich has been providing Small and Medium sized businessesand individuals with great Web Hostingand Email Services for over 15 years!Recently, Inspedium has launched anAffiliate Programthrough which, you can- without making any investment andwhile sitting comfortably at home – canearn substantial income!All you have to do after joining this Affiliate Programis to promote Inspedium’sWeb Hosting Services. Before we get into how tojoin this Affiliate Program,let’s look at some features of the program. As soon as you join the Inspedium Affiliate Program,you are given a signup bonus of Rs. 1,000 !This is one of the very few programs on the Internetwhich offers you a Signup Bonus!You need to promote Inspedium’s Web Hosting Servicesthrough the Inspedium Affiliate Program. Upon the sale of each Web Hosting account,you earn a 30% commission. While having your own Website or Bloghelps a lot in earning money online,but for this particular Affiliate Programyou do not need to have your own Website or Blog!You can use any one of your Social Media accountsto earn money throughthis affiliate program. The most unique feature of this programis that you can also promote the program itself to suchpeople, who do not wish to buy Web Hosting services for themselvesbut instead, are only interested inearning money online!When such peoplejoin this Affiliate Program andearn a commission,you end up earning as well!This means that there is no monthly limitto how much you can earn with the Inspedium Affiliate Program!How much you earn, depends entirely onhow focused and dedicated you are!OK, let’s now seehow we can join the Inspedium Affiliate Program. . . The signup form is quite simple. You need to take care, thoughto fill out the formwith correct information and in its entirety. So that your accountgets approved quicklyand you do not risk rejection. First off, you need to choosea Username and Password for yourself. Please write down this Username and Passwordsomewhere safe,because you will need this informationlater to login to the Affiliate Panel. You then need to type in your Email Address. make sure you type it in correctlybecause all future communication will be viathis Email Address. It therefore, needs to be one which you check regularly. In the fields that follow, you need to provideyour NameAddress, CityPhone Number etc. Once you have filled out this information,you need to choosehow you wish to bepaid your commissions earned. Here, you should take note thatCommissions are only released once you have a balance ofat least Rs. 5,000 in your account. As soon as your account balance reaches Rs. 5,000someone from Inspedium will contact youfor some more information,after which, your commission will be released to you. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the program, carefully. Once you have read them. . . Please add a check mark besides”I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions”Once all that is done. . . Please type in thesecurity code you see at the endand click the button marked”Create My Account”After clicking that button,you will receive an email,informing you that youraccount is currently being reviewed. The review process might take between 1 to 12 hours. You are therefore requested to wait. Once your account has been approved,you will receive another emailin whichyou will be sent sent a link, using whichyou can login to the Affiliate Panel. And so,your journey to earning income onlinethrough the Inspedium Affiliate Programbegins!For more information about the programyou can view the training videosprovided within the Affiliate Interface.

NEW Ad Revenue For Twitch Affiliates – How Much Will You Make?

twitch ad revenue is finally coming to all
affiliate channels on Twitch but is it goingto be the big game changer that you’re hoping
for I’m going to show you how ad Revenue workso that way you can be prepared for it when
it comes to your channel let’s goplay all it’s me it’s wild coming at you for
my streamsupport playlist right help you becomebigger and better and if this is your first
time hearing you want to learn how to growand improve your streams and content make
sure you get that big red tick that fell soyou know when my vehicle goes live for you
and yeah just really quick my voice is prettymuch gone from having a fun time at twitchcon
but that won’t stop me from creating awesomecontent for you so let’s get on to the video
no real quick before we begin there is reallyno publicized way of how ad Revenue will work
for affiliate just yet this is only goingto be a hypothesis or snippet of ideas that
I think will help you grow or be ready forwhen they introduced it because ad revenue
is so unique and I’m assuming that twitchesad revenue for Affiliates will basically be
implemented in a 7-way the biggest companyout there does it which is Google in their
add scent so this will all be based off ofthat road map to help you understand how add
Revenue will goanalytic tools CPM CTR and impressionsfor your ad is that you’ll be serving up to
your community or within your channel nowfor anybody out there that started a YouTube
channel and has been able to monetize thechannel the basic road map for monetization
on YouTube is for every thousand views youget on a video that serves and add you will
earn $1again this is just a road map because depending
on what your Nisha what your focus is on foryour YouTube channel you can have a higher
CPM because you could be more valid for yourparticular type of targeted demographic in
Market out there for exampleyeah because that’s a very targeted Market
that are very interested in watching the videoso people are willing to pay more for that
adds lot to be served up in front of a veryfocused Market know it’s really hard to see
how much will value Aldi of the lights ontheir platform I imagine they’ll keep everybody
the exact same which again leads us back tothat road map on YouTube so for every thousand
dad served on your channel while you’re streamingyou earn 1 USD which part of this video for
all your Affiliates out there that this mostlikely won’t be a game-changer for you so
don’t put all of your eggs in one basket cuzwe do this simple math if you had 10 viewers
in your stream missing out you and all ofyour boss that you might have out there you’re
going to need 10 viewers and you’re goingto need to set up 10 ads for 1 hour that’s
not right now if you have 10 concurrent viewerswithin your channel might have seen you out
and minusing all your box out cuz they won’tcount if you have 10 people that means you
have to serve 100 app with in 1 hour to makeone u. s. dollar that’s not really worth it
because it’s not going to be a good impressionbecause you’re going to be now even though
ad revenue for Affiliates won’t be a game-changermost likely for a lot of you out there it’s
still really cool and it’s probably my favoriteannouncement that they did it to a little
bit of extra cash which is okay somethingbut I love to had but you know you can be
more strategic with the ads when they startbeing introduced to your channel and I’ve
helped a lot of Partners triple their incomeby strategically knowing how to use ads correctly
within their Channel and so when ad Revenuestarts coming out with the Philliesearn more money even if it’s just a few extra
dollars a month which is still something awesometo have so if you haven’t had an opportunity
to make sure you hit that big red subscribebutton okay if you are the type of learning
a little bit more money for your stream sothat way you can help out your creative Adventures
I’m going to do you a favor and put a videoover here on the side that’s going to show
you how to make $100 per month on switchesplatform the really good videos I recommend
checking that out at the end of this videoonce again my name is Wofford games and I
will see you all in my next ring support videocoming up real soon take care All In

How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2019 with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint)

I will also show you how to get a paid affiliate
theme and a caching plugin which combinedcosts $100 for free, so make sure you watch
the video until the end. This is lesson 3 of our free affiliate marketing
mastery course playlist. So if you are new to this video, click on
the “I” button here, to access all thelessons. You should also follow me on Instagram, my
username is “DMANKUR”. I take live sessions almost every alternate
day where I answer all your questions, somake sure you follow me. Starting an affiliate website, was the best
decision of my life. This is all possible because I took the most
important decision of starting a website andlater, monetizing it. It took me many years to learn what works
and what doesn’t. But lucky for you, I have shared all my working
tips and tricks in this affiliate marketingmastery course on YouTube. So that you don’t have to waste any money
or time, so that you can directly apply whatis working. Whenever you are building a site, the first
step is to register a domain name. So what is a domain name?A domain name is an internet address. An address where internet users can access
your website. Like the case of Facebook, “facebook. com”
is the domain name for the company Facebook. And similarly, “google. com” is the domain
name for the company, Google. I know it’s very simple, but still I am
explaining for all the people who don’tknow it. There can be multiple extensions of your domain
name, but the popular one is “. com”. Like “google. COM… facebook. COM… or instagram. COM”. Now “. com” domain extension is more suited
for global audience. But when you’re targeting a specific country,
like the case of India. If you’re targeting the Indian audience,
then instead of going for the “. com” domainextension, you will go for “. in”. Like in my case, my website address is: “ankuraggarwal. in”. Because I’m targeting the Indian audience. So instead of going for a “. com” domain
extension, I went for the “. in” domainextension. Similarly, let’s say if you’re targeting
Brazil. Then your domain extension will be “. br”. So in my case it will be “ankuraggarwal. BR”. Now after a domain name, to start a website,
you need a hosting. So what is a web hosting?A web hosting is a service, where organizations
or individuals can post a website or a webpageon the internet. So just like you have Almira (Indian storage
company) to store all your stuff, your websitealso needs some space to store all the files
and the folders. A website is nothing but a directory of files
and folders that are rendered through a serverof a particular domain name. So whenever you are thinking of starting a
blog, you need 2 things, first is the domainname, and second is the website hosting. So whenever you are buying a website hosting,
you’re actually buying a space on a server. So now there are various companies that sell
website hosting. Like SiteGround, BlueHost, GoDaddy and HostGator. So whenever you are a buying a website hosting,
you are actually buying a server space ofthese companies. So these companies have massive servers. So you’re actually paying a monthly fee,
for access to some space on these servers. So whenever we are talking about a shared
webhosting, you’re actually taking someserver space of the server. Because taking the entire server will be really
expensive, so shared hosting is the solutionfor all the people who want to start their
site at a very cheap price. Now let’s talk about the free hosting. Free is always preferred by people. And they also think why pay for a hosting,
when they can get it for free, right?But you have to understand one thing, there’s
nothing free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist. But they have their limitations. Their drawbacks are honestly, not worth it. Especially when you’re starting an affiliate
website to make money. You need an extra edge to beat your competition. So if you’re starting an affiliate website,
you need to invest in a paid hosting. Free hosting providers like Blogger or Wix
have certain limitations. You cannot customize your website like the
way you want, there will be a subdomain insteadof your primary domain, and the worst of all,
there is no technical support. Since you’re starting out a new website,
sooner or later you will face issues. You will face problems like installing WordPress,
some plugin is not working, or maybe yourwebsite is not rendering. You need someone to talk to, someone who can
help you. This is where the paid hosting companies come
into play. They have support people. You can call them, you can live chat with
them and they will solve your issues withinminutes. But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. So personally, after creating hundreds of
affiliate websites, I will recommend you tostay away from the free hosting and rather
invest a few dollars in a paid hosting plan. Since you are investing time and energy in
this affiliate website, and the ultimate goalis to make money from your website, you need
to invest a few dollars for a paid hostingplan. After my 7+ years of experience in affiliate
marketing, the one recommendation that I cangive you is to invest a few dollars in a paid
hosting plan, so that you can beat your competitionand drive much more traffic so that you can
make much more money for your website. With the paid hosting plan you will be getting
unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. You can drive as many people to your website
as you want. Yes, some hosting gives you an upper limit
of 10 – 20,000 visitors per day. But if you are just starting out, that is
more than enough for you. Also instead of worrying about installing
WordPress or other technical difficulties,which we will be talking about later in the
video, there’s one click installation foreverything. All you have to do is click on a couple of
icons and everything will be installed, automatically. And the most important reason for going for
a paid hosting plan is the support staff. I can’t tell you how important this is. Even today after opening 50+ websites for
myself and for my clients, still we face issues. And the one thing that I have to do is, go
to the support staff. I tell them my issue and within a few minutes,
everything is fixed. There have been multiple instances when my
websites were hacked. And it was the support staff who helped me
out. And also paid hosting plans used to be expensive
earlier. Now, they’re extremely cheap. And if you’re following our affiliate marketing
mastery course and if you are creating anaffiliate website like the way I tell you,
then within few months, you will be makingmoney from your site. So the money that you are investing in your
hosting is not an expense. Rather an investment, that will give benefits
later. So the hosting company that I recommend is
SiteGround. This is the company that I am using and all
my affiliate websites are hosted in the samehosting company. And I have tried almost all hosting companies
out there. Be it GoDaddy, be it BlueHost or HostGator. I have tried them all. But my search ended at SiteGround, this hosting
company is phenomenal. I even wrote a comprehensive article why I
recommend SiteGround, you can click on the“I” button here and check the article. Also, if you’ll be using our affiliate link
to purchase the SiteGround hosting, and sendus the hosting receipt, we will be giving
you a paid theme which is worth $50. I myself use this theme for all my affiliate
websites, because this theme is ultra lightweight,and your website will be loading at a lightning
speed. And Google use preference to fast loading
websites. So ranking number one on Google will be much
more easier for you. Also I will be giving you a $50 plugin called
WP Rocket which will make your website evenfaster. So follow along with me in this video, use
my affiliate links to purchase the hostingto claim the paid theme and plugin for free. So now let’s go into my laptop screen where
I’ll be showing you everything on how topurchase the hosting, how to configure your
theme, how to claim these paid plugins andtheme for free and how to configure your website
like a pro. Hey guys, as I mentioned earlier that if you’re
using my affiliate link to purchase the hostingthen we are giving away 2 amazing things to
you for FREE. So first is this GeneratePress theme, this
theme is already free, but its premium featureis for $49. 95. This is the theme that I use for all my affiliate
websites, the reason is that this theme isultra lightweight and it’s very simple to
use, very user-friendly and also very Googlesearch engine-friendly. So your website will be ranking at a much
higher rate compared to your competitors. So we will be giving you this $50 theme for
free if you are using my affiliate link topurchase the SiteGround hosting and sending
us the hosting receipt. And the second amazing thing that we are giving
is WP Rocket plugin. This plugin will make your website ultrafast
and your website will be loading at lightningspeed. And the best part is this plugin is so easy
to use, you don’t need to have any technicalknowledge on how to make a website fast. All you have to do is just activate the plugin
and your website will instantly be loadingin a very, very fast speed. Now one website license for this plugin is
also for $49. So we will be giving you this plugin, along
with this premium theme for free if you’reusing my affiliate link to purchase the SiteGround
hosting. So to claim this theme and plugin, all you
have to do is click on the “I” button,and also the same link is in the description
section of this YouTube video. So either you click on the “I” button
and then click on the link, or you can openthe description section of this video, and
click the link there. And once you click the link, you will be redirected
towards this page: “ankuraggarwal. in/domain-name/”Now I recommend SiteGround hosting and I also
mentioned multiple reasons why I recommendSiteGround hosting and why all my websites
are hosted at SiteGround hosting, so you cancheck the article here, “My Top 10 Reasons”. Where I have given you a comprehensive reason
why I have recommended SiteGround hosting. And why this is the best hosting for any Amazon
affiliate website. Now in the niche research video of this playlist,
I showed you how to look for the perfect lowcompetition, high-profitable niche. So I have decided to go into the DSLR niche,
just for the test purpose of showing you howto create a website and how to optimize it
in a perfect manner, so I’ll be creatinga DSLR related website. So let’s search for a good domain name for
this. I’m searching for domain name, “bestdslrindia. in”
Let’s see if it’s available or not. Sometimes it takes a little longer to search
for it so just, wait for it for a few seconds. So the “bestdslr…in” is not available,
it’s already taken. So let’s try some other variation. The reason why I’m going with the “. in”
domain extension is because I want to targetthe Indian market. If you go for the “. com” then you will
be targeting the global audience and alsothe US market. So, if you’re targeting the Indian market
go for the “. in” domain extension, ifyou’re targeting the US market then go for
the “. com” extension. You can also go to the “My Tool” section,
where I recommend all the tools that I useto run my online businesses. And the first thing is definitely SiteGround-
you can also click here to visit the SiteGroundhosting, so once you visit SiteGround hosting
all you have to do is… so there are 3 plans. There’s a StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan
and there’s a GoGeek plan. The primary difference between the 3 is that
with the StartUp plan, is the cheapest butonly 1 website can be built on a single hosting. So let’s say after a couple of months you
want to create 2 or 3 more websites. Then for every new website you have to buy
a new hosting. So that’s the drawback of StartUp plan. But if you go with the GrowBig plan, then
you can create unlimited websites on a singlehosting. Like it says, it’s unlimited websites. Also the bandwidth of this hosting is really
high. So the website can easily handle 25,000 visitors
per month. But since I’ll be giving you this amazing
WP Rocket plugin and also this amazing lightweighttheme, and if you’re installing both these
themes on your hosting, then you can easilyhandle 100,000 visitors per month. Because I’ve been using SiteGround for many
years now, I know… and I have used GrowBigplan as well. And my website was easily able to handle 100,000
visitors per month. So the one I recommend is GrowBig. You can go for GoGeek, but it will be too
expensive for you. And also if you’re just a beginner then
GoGeek is not suited for you, rather go withthe GrowBig plan. So click here and get plan. So now you have to find a new domain name,
if you’ve seen my niche video of the affiliatemarketing playlist where I showed you how
to find a low competition high profitableniche for your website, then I showed you
various ways to find a good niche for yourAmazon affiliate website. I have decided to go into the DSLR niche,
because the profitability is really high. Yes, the competition is also high, but I have
a team of people who will be doing SEO forthe website. I have decided to go into the DSLR niche for
the website, just for the test purpose, becauseI won’t be scaling this website rather this
is just to show you how to create an Amazonaffiliate website. So let’s search for a good domain name. “bestdslr…”I’ll go with the “. in” domain extension. Because- since if you’re targeting the Indian
audience then go for the “. in” extensionit will help you in SEO. If you are targeting the US or the global
market then go for the “. com”. But don’t go for “. in” or “. org”
etc. Either go for the country specific domain
extension or go for the global “. com”. So let’s see that- whether it’s available
or not. One recommendation that I can give you is
in your domain name, make sure you have yourcategory or the niche of your website or the
keyword. So my category or the niche of my website
is DSLR, so I’ve added the word “DSLR”on the domain name. Because this will really help in the SEO or
the search engine optimization of your websitelater. So if your website is about guitars, make
sure you have “guitar” in the domain name. Like “bestguitar. in” or something like
that. So now, I’ll fill in all these information
and buy this hosting plan. One thing that you have to keep in mind that
you- there’s an option in SiteGround the“SG Site Scanner”, you don’t need it. And apart from that, for the data center,
take the data center that is closer to yourtarget audience. So our audience will be in India, and Singapore
is the closest data center. This is where all your files are hosted. But if you’re targeting the US audience
then go for the Chicago data center becauseit will be closer to your US audience. Similarly if you are going for Europe or anything
else, then you can select the appropriatedata center. Since we’ll be targeting India, I’ll be
going for Singapore. So what I’ll do is I’ll fill-in all these
information and purchase this hosting, andthen I’ll restart this video. So I purchased the domain name, “bestdslr. in”
So now let’s configure the domain name,configure the website, install WordPress and
set it up like a pro. And I’ll also show you how to claim this
paid theme for free and also this paid pluginfor free. So in the email that you used to purchase
this hosting, you must have received an emailfrom SiteGround, so open that email. So as you can see I have received an email
from SiteGround here, “sales receipt”so you open it. And to claim the paid theme and plugin for
free, all you have to do is forward this emailto my email ID, which is “contact@ankuraggarwal. in”
And just write down, “affiliate hostingreceipt”… or rather also add the word
“Amazon”. Affiliate hosting receipt- and send it to
me. Once we see this hosting receipt and we see
that the sales has been generated from ouraffiliate link, I will give you the paid theme
and the paid plugin and I’ll also show youhow to install both of these on your theme. Go to your SiteGround account, open it. And now, there are three options. “Start a new website” “transfer a website”
“don’t need help now”. So start a new website, we don’t have to. Transfer a website if you’re using- if you
already have a website on a different hostlike GoDaddy Host, HostGater or BlueHost. I highly recommend you guys to transfer to
SiteGround because this will drastically improvethe free traffic of your website, that is
the SEO of your website, and will drive muchmore traffic. I don’t need any help right now because
I will be showing you everything, how to setupmanually. And you don’t need this SG site scanner
it’s not worth it, so confirm, and I confirm…and complete setup. So this is the backend of your SiteGround
hosting so this is how it looks, there’smany options here you can increase more- you
can upgrade the hosting, here’s the billing,here you can access the support tab if you
have any queries and few perks as well. So the first thing is you have to go to “My
Account” section. So here’s the entire detail about your hosting
account and domain name. So I have my domain name “bestdslr. in”
here, and these are the other details regardingmy hosting. Like my IP address, my DNS, etc. So all you have to do is click here “Go
to cPanel”, and “yes, proceed”. Now these are the details of your entire hosting
account. Like the domains you have added, the files-
you can access the files here. You can access any customization that you
need to do on your website on your hosting,you have to do it from this cPanel account. So the first step is- as you can see that
you have purchased the GrowBig plan on SiteGroundand this is the main server of your SiteGround
and the date and other information. Now as you can see that SiteGround hosting
has this lock here. It means that the website is hosted on a “https”
server. Now you must have seen that Google has come
up with various other announcements that theyare preferring https websites compared to
http. So if you want more SEO traffic, more organic
traffic to your website you need to installa “https”. Now other hosting provider sell it for another
monthly charge, but in SiteGround, it comesfor free. So all you have to do is “Ctrl + F” ,
search for “let”… let’s find where’sLet’s Encrypt. Okay, here it is. So… click here on Let’s Encrypt. Here you can see the domain name, “Let’s
Encrypt SSL” So you have to install it. So select the domain name, it is already selected,
then click on “install”. It is added in the installation cue and within
few minutes it will be installed automatically. So let’s go back to the cPanel and now it’s
time to install the WordPress on your domainname. So way to install WordPress is, click here
on WordPress. Click on install… you don’t have to- keep
it on 5. 1. 1 itself and the protocol you wouldwant “https://www. ”Because you just installed the https protocol
on your website. This is the domain name, directory you’ll
keep it empty. For the site name I’ll just add the domain
name as of now “Best DSLR”. For the site description, we can add something
like, “Best camera reviews on the internet”. Enable multisite, no… admin- this is the
admin username and password, you can keepit anything. So I’ll keep it like “test” here. And for the password, I’ll keep it “test
123” Obviously you should have a differentusername. And make the password extremely strong because
WordPress is prone to getting hacked. So make sure your password is really strong
as well. I have just used it for test purpose. And for the admin email, add your main email. Which will be used… so any communication
or any contact form submission from your websitewill be redirected to this particular address. So I’ll be adding my email address- same
that I used to purchase this hosting. Select language, English… limit login attempts
, yes you would want this plugin. And part from that, these are the options
that you have to do. And click on, install. Oh, the password must be- see they reminded
me. So let’s add… test_0709 maybe. Okay, it’s good under 50, it’s good with
50 now. So test_0709, let’s install it now. So now the WordPress is getting installed. So guys, WordPress is installed now, let’s
open the website and see if everything isfine or not. Yes, the website is opening correctly. And also you can see that we have this lock
that means that the https is perfectly installed. So that’s one good benefit of buying the
SiteGround hosting that you get it- that youcan get the https certificate for free. And to install the backend of your website
that is the WordPress backend, the WordPressdashboard, all you have to do is add this
word “wp-admin” in the domain name ofyour website. So I’ll just click here and this is the
backend. So, this is the backend of your website, this
is where you will be customizing your entiretheme, adding plugins, changing the structure
of your website, changing the look of yourwebsite, installing the recommended plugins,
themes etc. and everything else. We will be going through all of that in the
latter part of this video. Now here you clicked on this particular URL
and you were automatically logged into yourWordPress dashboard, but usually the username
and the password that we created to installthe WordPress, you have to enter it. In order to access this particular dashboard. So I’ll just give you an overview of the
dashboard, how it works if you’re new tothis. So click here, “don’t show this again”. Also there are few things that you need to
do, okay, so I’ll just give you a generaloverview. This is the homepage of your dashboard, so
this will- you can customize it if you wantas well. So this is the post section, this is where
you will be adding the articles for your website. So “All Posts” are all the published posts
and the draft posts as well. “Add New” is whenever you’ll be adding
a new article. So you can click here, and you can add a title,
you can add a description and everything elsefor your article. Like this will be title, this is the description
and the text size, color setting, advancecategories, etc. Similarly, you have the categories. You can also segment the categories, like
if- you have- my website is about DSLR, thenI can create multiple categories like camera,
lenses, camera accessories, etc. And whenever I am writing an article I can
assign a particular category to that article. So that the segmentation is proper on the
website. Similarly you can add particular tags as well. Whatever videos you’re uploading, whatever
images you are uploading it will be in themedia section here. In the pages section you will be creating
pages like “About Us” or “Contact Me”etc… the “Terms & Conditions” the disclaimer,
etc. These are the pages that we will be creating. Comment section is where all the comment sections
will show. If anyone comments, you can moderate them
as well. You can approve them, you can delete them,
so all the comments will be showed here. Plugins section, we will be going through
that in a few seconds. I’m just showing you all the recommended
plugins that you have to install. Users is all the users that you want to create
if you want to give access of your WordPressdashboard to multiple people. You can create moderators, you can create
editors, you can create administrators, soall of that…Similarly tools is for- if you already have
some files you want to import or if you wantto export the configuration of your dashboard
you can export it as well. You won’t be using this particular option
very often. Setting part will definitely will be- let’s
start on the setting part here. So there are few things that you need to do
on the setting part. First of all add a proper tagline, your tagline
should have your primary keyword. So let’s say your website is about DSLR
camera review then you must enter “bestcamera review on the internet”. My main keyword “best camera review” or
“best dslr” is already on the site tagline,this helps in the SEO part. This is automatically filled, you don’t
have to worry much about it. So I’ll just save it. Then go into the writing section. Default post category and categorized- just
keep it the way it is. You don’t have to change anything in that. Just change it to “Summary” here and never
check this option, it should always be uncheckedotherwise your website won’t be getting
index. So just change from full text to summary. Click save changes. Go to the discussion tab, you don’t have
to change anything here. In the permalinks section you have to make
sure that the post name is selected. This is extremely important for correct SEO
of your website. So make sure you change it to post name and
save changes. So now that you have saved your settings…
now let’s install the theme that I was recommendingyou earlier. So now that you have saved your setting now
let’s install a beautiful theme on yourwebsite which is lightweight. And as I was saying earlier if you are using
my affiliate link to purchase your SiteGroundhosting and sending us the hosting receipt,
we will be giving you this paid theme forfree, this GeneratePress for free. So all you have to do is, after you send us
the hosting receipt, on the same email I willreply you the files of this theme. So what you have to do is go to themes. Appearance, themes section. Click on “add new”, “upload theme”,
“choose file” and scroll “generatepress”,select, open and install now. I will be giving you the RAR file in the reply
of the email on the hosting receipt that yousent me. Once this theme is installed, click “activate”. Now the theme is active, let’s see how it
looks. Yes, the website theme is active now. And also, to get the premium features of this
theme you also need to install one more thing. So click on plugins, click on add new, upload
plugin, choose file, I will be sending youthis particular RAR file “gp-premium”
click on open and click on install now. And click on activate plugin. After you do this you will also be able to
access the premium features of this pluginlike all the premium modules that come up. So this way you’ll be able to get the $50
theme for free. I’ll also be giving you the license key
of this theme. All you have to do is copy the license key
here and save. And this way you’ll be able to receive the
updates of this theme in the future as well. So I won’t be going through each of the
module that you want to activate or deactivate. Few things that I recommend is definitely
the blog section, activate it. Also activate the copyright- and this depends
on you what kind of functionality you wantfrom your theme. The more modules you activate, the slower
your website will get. So try to keep your modules as low as possible
and only keep the necessary ones. So to check the overall features of the module
all you have to do is go to “generatepress. com”and see the video overview of each module
and see if you want it or not. So now let’s install the WP Rocket that
I was telling you about. How to make your website extremely fast, so
if you are using my affiliate link to purchasethe hosting and sending us the hosting receipt. So we will be giving you the RAR file and
the license key for this particular theme. Along with that I will also be giving you
the license key and the RAR file for the WPRocket plugin. So to install this plugin go to plugins > add
new > upload plugin > choose file…I will be sending you this RAR file, select
it > open > install now > activate plugin. Now the thing is whenever you are buying a
SiteGround hosting, it automatically installsa particular plugin called SG Optimizer, this
helps in making your website faster. But I have seen in my experience that whenever
you are installing WP Rocket, WP Rocket makesyour website much faster than the SG Optimizer. And there’s a clash of interest, so usually
I deactivate the SG Optimizer plugin and onlykeep the WP Rocket. Click on the- click on “clear cache”. Go to WP Rocket, click on settings, so now
let me tell you the perfect settings for thisWP Rocket plugin. Go to cache section, enable caching for mobile
devices, keep it this way. File optimization, select “Minify HTML”
“Remove query strings…”“Minify CSS” activate minify c- “Combine
CSS…”So activate everything. “Minify JavaScript” “Load JavaScript
deferred” “Combine JavaScript”Now these are all the options that will make
your website, extremely fast. Save it, let’s see if the website looks
fine or not, or if there’s an issue- itlooks fine. So no issue on that. Let’s go to media, click enable for images,
enable for iframes and videos, replace YouTubeiframe with preview images, disable- save
changes. Preload, it’s fine. Advanced rules- no we don’t need it. Database, looks fine. CDN etc…image optimization, no you don’t need it. So this is the primary configuration of WP
Rocket. So that’s the best part of using WP Rocket. You just have to press a few buttons and everything
is configured automatically. Whenever you want to increase the website
speed- the website loading speed of your blog,it becomes extremely difficult because you
need to know so many advanced things likethis minify, preload, CSS optimization and
JavaScript optimization and it becomes reallyconfusing for beginners. But whenever you are using a WP Rocket plugin,
all you have to do is just like what we dida few minutes earlier, you just press a few
buttons and everything is perfect. Now our website must be loading at lightning
speed. So let’s see the loading speed of our website
on a good- let’s see the loading speed ofour website. Ctrl + V , I’ll select a server which
is closest to India that is Asia Japan. So Pingdom is currently testing the website. So let’s see how long it takes. So as you can see the website took only 1. 14s
load time and the performance grade was capitalA 98, that’s really, really good. And the page size is only 24. 2KB. So here the website is loading in lightning
speed but this is only because of WP Rocketplugin. So that’s the power of WP Rocket. So now let’s talk about making this website
look nice. All you have to do is go to the appearance
section and go to the customize section. This is where you will be able to access all
the settings related to your website theme. Changing the title, changing the widgets and
all of that. So let’s go to the widget section. Right side bar… so I don’t want the recent
comments section, I’ll remove that. Recent posts, maybe I’ll keep it. Archive I’ll remove. Categories, I’ll remove. Meta, I’ll remove. Search, I’ll keep that. So make sure you publish everything otherwise
it won’t be saved. Let’s go to the footer widget. Whether you want to keep the footer widget
or not. And the best part is you can click anywhere
to access the edit of that particular areaof the theme. So I just click here and I can see that I
am in the copyright area now. Okay, similarly you can configure anything
related to your blog. Now I won’t be gong through each and every
option of the blog otherwise it will takeat least an hour more, just to configure the
website. And I’ll keep this part unto you, on how
to do it. So I want you guys to read the documentation
of this particular theme, and go through eachoption and- like here you can select the logo
of your website and the site icon and everything. The layouts, the color, the typography…I won’t be giving you one specific way to
do it because then all the people watchingthis video course will make the same type
of website, I don’t want that. So I recommend you guys to read the documentation. It’s pretty simple, it’s not that difficult
if you have created a website and- it won’tbe- and also there are a lot of YouTube videos
regarding the GeneratePress theme. So you can watch all of them and configure
your website with the way and the look youwant. And also make sure you share your website
look on the Facebook group. Learn Digital Marketing with Ankur Aggarwal
group, and I’ll give you feedback on yourwebsite and in your articles and everything. So make sure you are active in the group as
well. So apart from that, you’ll also need to
install a couple more plugins which will reallyhelp you in your website. So go to plugins > add new > Yoast SEO. Install this Yoast SEO plugin this is extremely
important, and also activate the plugin. And you also have to add one more plugin,
that is contact form. So click on- “contact form”, and install
this plugin as well. And activate this plugin as well. So go to SEO on the general section here. You don’t want text link counter, XML sitemaps…
you don’t want this “Rye Integration”because it’s not worth it. And apart from that, just click on save changes. Search appearances, so make sure in the post
section- settings for post URLs it looks somethinglike this. Go to the “Tax” section category in the
search results- you don’t want the categoryin the search results. Because that is not good for SEO. Make sure you disable it to “no”. And content URLs, remove the categories prefix…
so just click on save changes. Similarly archives, you don’t want the author
archives to be in the search results. You don’t want that, that’s not good for
your SEO. Data archive, you don’t want that. Special pages…it’s fine. Click on save changes. Similarly, media and the content type… let’s
see, post URL- that’s fine. Media it’s fine, taxonomies don’t want,
archives… breadcrumbs… and general. So this is what you need to do for the search
console. And anything else you don’t need much of
that. So this is the setting of the Yoast SEO. And…Now there are few mandatory webpages that
you need on your website, whenever you arecreating an Amazon affiliate website. So now I’ll just- Oh yeah, guys I have forgotten
to mention one thing. That when you go to the themes customization,
like I mentioned- showed you earlier, go tothe theme customization > widget section > footer
bar and add a widget here. And this widget will be text type. And just write this in your widget. So here it says that BestDslr. in is a participant
in the Amazon Services LCC Associates Program,an affiliate advertising program designed
to provide a means for sites to earn advertisingfees by advertising fees etc. So in this particular- just replace the “BestDslr. in”
here and here, with your domain name, whateveryou choose. So this is a mandatory requirement for Amazon
associate account, so whenever you are creatingan account you need this on all pages of your
website. That is the reason we have added it to our
footer bar. So that it is visible in all the pages. Otherwise your account will be banned. So make sure you do this and click on publish. So now let us go to the pages section here. You also need a few mandatory pages on your
website. So we’ll create a few pages. So the first page is “About (Your Website
Name)”, or you can directly create an “about”page. And write few sentences here like what your
website is about. Like for me the website is about premiere
camera reviews, and how is our research process…like, what makes us different. So a little story about yourself. And you can also check other Amazon affiliate
website on the internet and see what kindof permission they have about the “about”
section. Apart from that you also need a “terms of
service” page. You’ll need a “privacy policy” page,
and a disclaimer page, right?And the line that we copied earlier in the
customized section, also make sure that thisparticular line is also added here in the
disclaimer section as well. So all these pages like about section, terms
of service this- terms of service, privacypolicy and disclaimer, you can create it after
looking at the various other- because almostall websites have it. So just look at the various pages of various
websites, and just get an idea and createthese three pages but make sure that the line
that you have added here is also here in thedisclaimer section because this really helps
from not getting your Amazon account bannedfrom the Amazon Associate account. And also make sure all the links of these
pages are publicly shown on the footer barof your theme. Because these pages should be directly accessible
because whenever your account is getting approved,the Amazon Associate center will be checking
whether these pages are available or not. So make sure these pages are also available
in the footer menu. So this is what you need to do to configure
your website. So these are the few pages that you need to
create. Now you need some menu items, so go to the
menu section here. And here you can create multiple menus. So I can create the top menu here. So you can create it to be the primary menu…
so let’s first create some categories. So let’s say you have a category name like
DSLR. So create new category, you might also have
DSLR accessories. I’m not sure whether the spelling is correct
or not. But I’ll just keep it right now. And then you’ll have some Lenses, right. So add this category. So this way you’ll have multiple categories
to segment your content, with these categories,you can create multiple menu items. So we have- I have created this Top Menu,
and I’ll add this to primary menu. I will select the categories that I have created. I’ll add DSLR, accessories- and add to menu. This way you can create a menu item. You can also create a home menu item. Like, I can create a home menu item, and add
the URL here. Okay… then add to menu. And keep it to the top. Once you save the menu, and now when you’ll
visit your website, you’ll have these menuitems. Like Home, DSLR, DSLR Accessories and Lenses,
etc. You can create many more items and if you’re
using GeneratPress then you’ll also havethe option for submenu if you enable that
particular element, right?So guys for the customization of the theme,
I have kept it for yourself, because I wantyou guys to know your themes from in and out. And this is why I recommend you guys to read
the documentation of GeneratePress. Because you are creating an Amazon affiliate
site you need to know everything about yourtheme. So I really request you guys to go through
the entire documentation, all the elements,how they work… what is the function of each
element. And share the look of your website that you
have created in our Facebook group so thatI can give you feedback as well. So this is how you create the menu items. Again I’ll show you how to make changes
to your website, all you have to do is goto themes in the customize section, here you
can have all the options you can change aboutyour theme. And everything is live preview, you can click
here and I highly recommend you guys to watchsome GeneratePress YouTube tutorials. There are some really good tutorials out there
which will show you exactly how to customizeyour theme. So guys, apart from this the only part left
is how to write an article. And we will be covering that in a different
separate video, where I will be showing youhow to write a perfect SEO-friendly Amazon
associate affiliate article so that you generatethe maximum revenue. So we have a separate video on that. Where I’ll be showing you the entire process. So guys, this was it about how to purchase
the hosting, how to customize your dashboard,WordPress dashboard and how to claim your
2 paid offers that we are promoting rightnow. The theme and WP Rocket. Your website is already loading at lightning
speed. And the only task for you guys is to customize
your theme and make it really amazing. The best recommendation that I can give you
is watch the tutorials and also check thewebsites of your competitor, get some ideas
and replicate that. So what are your next steps?Click here to watch the next lesson, and click
to watch our complete affiliate marketingplaylist where I show you how to scale an
Amazon affiliate website from $0 – $1,000per month.